The End!

Answer to the Master


Well, this is it. The epilogue of Answer to the Master. It has been a hell of a journey, and we want to thank you all for coming along on it with us. It doesn’t seem possible that it was 16 months ago that we posted the prologue of the story. I don’t believe either of us had any idea that it would end up being as big as it did.

I still remember how the whole thing came about. I (Queen of Area Five) was chatting with Ashensunset one night on Facebook messenger when I asked her, “How far do you think Pam would go to protect Eric?” I told her about the idea I had, Pam handing Sookie over to Russell, and asked her, “Do you think she would do it?” Ashensunset replied, “Yes.” and the idea was born. It was originally just going go be a single story, meaning I was only going to write it, and I wrote out the prologue and the story of the Tuatha de Danann, and sent them to Ashensunset to see what she thought. She liked them. But then I was having trouble writing the next part, so I put it to one side and moved on to something else.

A while later we were having another chat, honestly, we talk via messenger multiple times a day, and if I remember correctly I joked about us writing something together. We began throwing ideas back and forth, and eventually we remembered the idea for Answer to the Master and decided to write that together. We split up the characters. I wrote Sookie, Nora, Pam, while Ashensunset wrote Eric, Russell, Roman. That first month of writing was unbelievable. The words simply flowed out of us. We wrote about 20 chapters in a little over a month.

Of course from there, we started writing other stories, and we hope you’ll stick around for when we post them. We have a side story to Answer to the Master in the works as I type this. Sins of the Past will deal with some of the things that took place during the twelve years Sookie was away, and tie up any loose ends from the main story.

We would also like to take the time to thank Gyllene and msbuffy for all their hard work in editing the story for us. Your help and friendship has been greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed. Your comments have made writing it all the more worth while.

The Epilogue

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