Outtake: First Time

AttM First Time

First Time

Flashback: Agincourt, France 1415

Eric opened the door, excited to see his maker for the first time in over fifty years. While Eric had been happy to come and go as he wished, he did like having more time with Godric. Their bond had been indicating he was coming closer and closer for a while. But he still looked with excitement to where Godric was approaching. Eric had been following the long war between England and France closely. He had left Godric in England fifty years before to come to Northern France, where he currently was. The battles kept evidence of his feedings secret and the recent battle in Agincourt provided him with a hoard of French soldiers he kept glamoured and silent.

Godric held Nora’s hand in his as they approached the house his eldest child was living in. He could sense her apprehension as they grew nearer. He had told Nora about Eric, but Eric didn’t know about Nora. He wondered how his son would take the news that he had a sister; he hoped it was well, but knowing his Eric like he did, Godric suspected there would be some anger to go with it as well.

Eric sped out to meet his maker. “Broder!” he called out, but stopped short when he saw his maker had another vampire with him.

Nora hung back as she watched her maker, their maker embrace his first child. “It is good to see you again, my child.” Godric said, as he pulled back.

“And you, Godric,” he replied. “It’s been too long,” he said, switching to Swedish.

Godric patted Eric on the back before pulling back and holding his hand out for Nora “I have much to tell you, Eric.” he said continuing in Swedish, as he felt Nora slip her hand into his. “Perhaps we should take this inside away from prying eyes and ears.”

Eric led the way to his home and opened the door wearily. He did not trust other vampires easily; this one his maker had with him was not an exception. He would be on the defensive until he decided otherwise.

“You are doing well for yourself,” Godric remarked, as he looked around the house.

“War is always profitable,” Eric said gesturing to a few of the soldiers in offering. “Feel free.”

“Maybe later” Godric replied, “we have already eaten.”

Eric nodded and leaned against the wall. “Are you staying long, Godric?”

“I am afraid not,” Godric replied apologetically. “I have some business to take care of further north. I just stopped by so I can leave Nora with you until I return. Unfortunately she cannot come with me and I am not ready to leave her on her own yet.”

“Who is she?” Eric asked, thinking Nora could not understand the language.

“She is your sister,” Godric replied proudly. “Come here, child,” he added addressing his newest child. “Eric, meet your sister Nora Gainesborough.”

Eric didn’t know how to react. He didn’t want to disrespect Godric, but Eric wasn’t a babysitter. Still ignoring Nora he asked “Is she house trained?”

“Probably better than you I would wager,” Nora said joining the conversation for the first time. Casting her eyes towards the evidence of Eric’s recent meal, she added, “I at least know how to clean up after myself.”

Eric eyed her angrily; “This is my house and I’ll live as I please. If you do not like it or understand why bodies can’t be dumped left and right, then you should beg your maker to find you somewhere else to stay.”

“I would gladly do that,” Nora retorted, “but father seems to think I would be better of with you while he takes care of his business.”

“I can see you two will get along just fine,” Godric chuckled, as he watched them argue.

“Godric, you cannot be serious,” Eric said in French, hoping to find a language Nora wouldn’t understand.

“He is,” Nora answered for him, a smile curling her lips as she switched to French effortlessly.

“Both of you behave,” Godric ordered. “I have to leave, Eric, I have no choice. I cannot take Nora with me for security reasons. I expect you to keep her safe. She is family.”

“I do not have a child because I do not want to worry about raising one now.” Eric scrunched his eyes closed and sighed. “But for you, sire, I will ensure her safety.”

“Thank you, Eric,” Godric said with a small nod of his head. Turning to Nora, he cupped her face as he placed a kiss on her cheek. “He will keep you safe, child.”

Eric waited for his affection from Godric, yearning to know his place wasn’t usurped; she had called him father.

Godric smiled as he turned to his first child, he could sense the uncertainty in their bond and wanted to reassure his son of his place. “You are my first,” he told Eric, switching to Old Norse. “My chosen. She has not replaced you, my son. No one ever can.”

Eric nodded and wrapped his arms around his maker, but his eyes focused on Nora and wouldn’t leave her face.

Nora watched Eric carefully as he embraced their maker. She wasn’t sure what to make of him, he was certainly attractive, she wouldn’t deny that, but it took more than just good looks to turn her eye. Since Godric had turned her she had been spoiled for choice in bed partners, so she was no longer easily distracted.

Eric didn’t know what to say to Godric. He may have been first, but it didn’t change the fact that nothing would be the same between them again. Maybe when Nora was old enough to leave him they could spend some time together, alone, but who knew how long that would take.

“As soon as I return we will spend some time together,” Godric promised, as he pulled Eric’s head down and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

Eric’s attention was then fully on his maker, on his lips, on the hand holding his head in place. He returned the kiss gently, lovingly. He pulled Godric’s lower lip between his own to suckle on it for a moment. “I look forward to our time,” Eric said, making sure his innuendo was known.

Nora cocked her head to the side and licked her lips as she watched them together. She knew Godric liked men as well as women they had shared many lovers in the last ten years, both male and female, but the sight of Eric and Godric sharing a kiss was more erotic to her than watching him fucking a man up the ass while he pleasured her.

“Do you have to leave yet?” Eric asked a pleading edge to his voice. He did not want Godric to go, especially if he would leave him with her.

“I am afraid I must,” Godric told him reluctantly. “The Queen has sent for me and you know how she hates to be kept waiting.”

“So do I,” Eric growled in his ear.

Sliding his hand between them, Godric rubbed it over Eric’s rapidly hardening cock, “All in good time, my child.”

Eric groaned, thrusting into his maker’s hand. His teeth nipped at Godric’s ear.

“I must go, child,” Godric said regretfully, as he took a step back. “Be nice to your sister.”

“I said I’d keep her safe. I never said anything about being nice,” Eric replied with a grin.

Godric shook his head at his child, a rueful smile tugging at his lips, “Just don’t hurt her,” he warned.

“No permanent damage,” Eric promised jokingly. Beyond true death, there was no permanent damage to a vampire.

“No damage at all,” Godric said his tone firm.

“Don’t brothers and sisters fight sometimes?” Eric asked, running his fangs out.

“And fathers punish their disobedient sons.”

“I won’t hurt her,” he said with a nod to his fader.

“Good,” Godric said. “Nora, for the most is well behaved. She knows when to stop drinking and she hasn’t drained anyone in almost eight years, at least not accidentally. I am leaving you in charge and if she needs punishing, if, then you have permission to spank her and nothing else. Understood?”

He grinned, “Of course, Godric.”

“Only if she needs punishing,” Godric reiterated before turning back to Nora. “You will be fine, little one.” He said, brushing a soft kiss over her lips as well. “Be good, both of you.” Before either of them had a chance to reply; he was out of the door and gone.

Eric watched Godric leave before turning to Nora. “Listen, this is my home. And I was told to keep you safe, not happy. You will remain here until Godric returns. You will not leave the house or I will punish you. You will be a good little girl and do as you’re told. Understood?”

Nora arched a brow at his forceful tone, “Would you like me to call you daddy as well?” she asked, thinking he sounded a lot like her human father.

“If that means you’ll do as I say, Pumpkin.”

“But you’re not my daddy,” Nora pouted, actually enjoying herself. “And only daddy is allowed to punish me.”

“And our fader told me I could. So think of me as your surrogate daddy until Godric returns.” Hopefully that wouldn’t be too long. He grabbed one of the humans by the back of the neck and lifted it up. Godric had gotten him all riled up, so if he wasn’t going to get to cum with his maker, he at least needed to satiate his lust with blood.

The soldier was limp from glamour, but Eric liked a bit of fun with his food, so he dropped it and listened to the human scream when it saw what had happened to its fellow soldier. Without any prep, Eric sunk his fangs into the man. He restrained his prey, feeling the muscles in it tense and release as it fought his hold. He drew deeply, messily, letting blood cascade down the soldier. He bit repeatedly, just liking the feeling of his teeth spearing the flesh. “You said you didn’t want one, so I won’t offer again,” Eric said after he had finished and dropped the corpse at his feet. He was licking his lips. “I do need to bathe now though,” he said with a waggle of his eyebrows. Nora was decent looking enough. “Want to join me?”

“I think I’ll pass,” Nora replied with a sneer. If he thought he was going to punish her, he had another thought coming. “I’ll just wait here.”

He laughed, as that had been what he wanted in the first place. He left for the lake to bathe under the moonlight.

When he returned he was only in his pants, having washed his shirt in the water as well. He let out a growl as he noticed the empty room; his sister had seemed to have disappeared.

He went to the other rooms quickly, his anger growing with every empty room. He had forbidden her from leaving and she had disobeyed him. He would not be punished by Godric because she couldn’t do as she was told.

Now he had to waste part of the night finding her. She couldn’t have the ability to fly yet, so he could at least cover ground faster than her. Eric swore when he found her he would punish her. She didn’t know the area or who to avoid, the silly bitch was going to get herself killed.

He went out his back door and looked around quickly before immediately taking to the sky. It didn’t take him long to find her, she was just a mile down the road from the lake he had been bathing in, tending to her own needs.

Eric swooped down and grabbed her by the back of the head. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Cleaning myself up after taking care of your mess,” Nora growled, as she pushed him off her.

“I told you not to leave the house!” he snarled, grabbing the top of her arm and roughly dragging her away.

Nora fought against him as best she could, but he was too strong. He had four hundred years on her and she was still an infant. “Let go of me,” she hissed.

“I was told to control you by our maker. I was told I could punish you if you disobey. And believe me I will,” Eric said, flying in the air with just his grip on her bicep keeping her from falling.

Nora ceased her struggles as she felt them flying through the air, the last thing she wanted Eric to do was drop her. It only took seconds for them to be back at the house and before she knew what was happening, Eric was dragging her inside.

He sat down on his bed and pulled her skirt up. His hand whacked her ass hard. “I was told I could only spank you, so that’s all I do. But don’t expect this means it’ll be easy.”

Nora squirmed as she felt Eric’s hand connect with her ass. Godric had spanked her quite a few times in the beginning, but she hadn’t warranted a punishment like that in a few years, “Get off me.”

“I said to remain here,” he said with a smack punctuating each word. “Did you stay here?”

“I was cleaning up your mess,” Nora snarled, as she tried to push her skirt down.

“Did you remain in the house?” he asked smacking her at her not answering his question.

“No, now let me go.”

He smacked her again. “Were you told to remain in the house?”

“Yes,” Nora growled fuming at him. She was only thankfully he hadn’t stripped her like their maker did during punishments. Although right about then she would have happily take one of Godric’s punishments, at least he never got pleasure from it.

Eric gently rubbed Nora’s ass where he had hit her. “And you did not do as you were told?” he asked with a smack, again rubbing where he hit. Her breasts were pressed against his other leg. His hands were rubbing her ass. He was definitely starting to harden in his pants…again.

Nora stilled as she felt his cock hardening under her, “Is this turning you on?”

He spanked her again. “Irrelevant. We’re discussing you not doing as you’re told.”

“We discussed it, I’m sorry, it’s over,” Nora replied, not meaning a word of it. “Now let me up.” She shifted slightly, trying to find a more comfortable position.

He smacked her some more, his hits lighter these times. “So irreverent. I am your elder,” he scolded.

“Fine, I won’t do it again. I’m sorry. Now be a good elder and kiss it better,” she snarked without an ounce of shame. She had been hurt a lot worse and a few slaps wasn’t going to silence her.

Eric grinned and pulled her ass up in the air. He nibbled on her ass, his tongue licking her ass. He then planted a wet kiss on each cheek, ending the second one with a gentle bite.

Nora gasped, not quite believing he had actually done it. She couldn’t help the slight twinge of pleasure she got at the feeling of his tongue on her.

Once more he slapped her ass and released her. “Beyond everything, this is not the safest area. We are right near the war, and soldiers are not the nicest of men.”

Climbing off him, Nora stood up and pushed her skirts down, “I’m not the nicest of women,” she replied, flashing him her fangs. “Godric has taught me how to take care of myself.”

“And you are being foolish if you try to underestimate them. I am forty times your senior, but I’m still cautious. Besides, you and I could just stay here,” he said palming her ass.

“And do what?” Nora asked her lips quirking into a half smile as she took a small step back.

“I could spank you some more,” Eric suggested, “but we could do it naked.”

“Only if you do kiss and make it better after,” Nora replied only half joking. Given the right situation, she loved being spanked.

“What if I fuck it better?”

“Kiss it better first,” Nora bargained. “I want to see just how talented that mouth is.”

Eric pulled her around and pulled off her skirts after quickly untying them.

Nora stood before him in her underwear and waited to see what he was going to do next. Godric had told her Eric was highly sexual and she was curious to see just what he was like.

Eric looked at her underwear and raised an eyebrow. Not many women wore undergarments, and if they did, it was only the wealthy. Nora obviously didn’t have womanly issues to consider, but Eric was surprised Godric spared the expense.

“Not to your liking, brother?” Nora said, as she turned around slowly.

“No wonder you weren’t more repentant,” Eric said, rubbing his hands over the material.

“It is probably why Godric would always make me take my clothes off when he would spank me…and have me bend over a table,” Nora replied helpfully. Hooking her fingers in the waistband, she toyed with it as she smiled at Eric. “Would you like to try again?”

“I prefer the lap. It makes grinding into you so much easier. But yes, take it off. We can see if you’ve learned your lesson.”

“And if I haven’t?” Nora asked, pushing the front of her knickers down an inch.

“Well, maybe I’ll have to be creative with your punishment. Like no orgasms.”

Nora pouted playfully as she pushed them off her hips and down her legs before kicking them behind her. “I’ll be good.”

Eric ran his hand over her ass and spanked her lightly. He stood up as well, pulling off his own clothes. “Your top,” he instructed, watching as she pulled it off and exposed her breasts. “Beautiful tits,” he said with a wolfish grin.

“What would you like me to do now?” Nora asked with a cheeky grin.

“Oh I think your ass has suffered enough. Now I want to punish that pussy,” Eric said. “Lay on the table — on your back.”

Nora swung her hips as she walked towards the table. Climbing on it, she laid back like instructed and waited to see what he had in mind next.

Not waiting for her to get settled, Eric drove his tongue into her pussy.

“Oh God!” Nora screamed, her back arching off the table as she felt him enter her with his tongue.

He licked, sucked, nibbled on her lips. His tongue slipped inside her to taste her juices. He moaned at their flavor before sucking on her clit and occasionally flicking his tongue over it.

Nora fought the urge to wrap her legs around his head as she moaned loudly. She cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples as she felt him work her up.

He sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, licking them slowly. He would occasionally slip his tongue between her lips as he fucked her with his mouth.

“Please,” Nora begged, unsure of what she was actually begging for. She slid her hand down her belly and tried to touch herself.

Eric grabbed her hands and gently flicked his tongue over her clit. “What do you want, Nora? Tell me.”

Nora tried to pull her hand free as she raised her hips silently telling him what she wanted. She wanted to cum, she wanted to be fucked, and she wanted to be punished.

He pulled away and held onto her hips so she couldn’t rub herself against him. “What do you want?”

“I want it all,” Nora pleaded.

“I take it you want to cum?” Eric asked, flicking his tongue over her clit again. He sucked it in his mouth, releasing it with a pop. “You want my face in your pussy eating you until you scream?”

“Yes,” Nora moaned, as she tried to rub herself against him. “I need it.”

“From now on are you going to do as I say?” he asked, turning to suck on her inner thigh.

“Yes,” Nora promised, trying to move her hand between her legs again. “I’ll do anything you say.”

He pinned her hands to the table. “If you keep to your word, I’m happy to make you cum over and over. But if you don’t I’ll keep you on the edge.” He punctuated it with a lick of her lips, “And you won’t get to cum at all.

“But for now, you said you’d listen,” Eric said with a grin. So he dove in, licking her lips, sucking her clit, fucking her with his tongue.

“Oh God!” Nora screamed, as she felt him press his tongue into her. She could feel how wet she was and she knew his face must have been a mess. “More.”

He fucked his tongue in and out of her pussy, rubbing his nose against her clit. His lips moved at the same time, caressing her pussy lips.

“So close,” Nora cried, as she bucked her hips. “Please…”

“Should I bite you?” he asked, sucking on her clit hard.

“Bite me,” Nora begged, willing to let him anything he pleased as long as he didn’t stop.

His tongue made one long lick from her asshole to her clit before he sucked her clit in his mouth. His teeth sunk in quickly, on either side of her bundle of nerves. And he fucked two fingers into her pussy, feeling it clench and unclench.

“Fuck!” Nora screamed loudly, the pain of his bite making her pleasure all the more exquisite. “Don’t stop.”

Eric sucked on her clit, drawing on the wounds at the same time. He fucked her hard, with his fingers, slipping another one in with his first two.

Nora thrashed wildly as she came, Eric’s name screamed from her lips. Eric stilled his movements, letting her ride out her orgasm. When she was done, he pulled away, rubbing his hard cock as he helped her sit up.

Nora dropped her gaze to his cock as she sat up, sparks of pleasure were still going through her and she shuddered slightly. “What’s next?”

Eric smirked and walked away, back to his bedroom. His ass was magnificent as he looked over his shoulder for her to follow him.

Nora slid off the table and followed him on unsteady legs, her eyes locked on his ass.

When he reached his bed, Eric lay down on it, wanting Nora to do the work this time.

Nora ran her eyes over him as he climbed on the bed and kneeled by his feet. Licking her lips, she dragged her eyes to his. “What would you like me to do, elder?”

“That pussy, that’s dripping down your legs now from how I made it cum, I want it around my cock. And I want you riding me. I’m sure you know how to do that.”

Nora grinned as she crawled up his body; she dipped her head and ran her tongue over his cock before moving higher. Throwing her leg over his hips, she reached between them and wrapped her hand around his thick cock. Teasing the head over her dripping pussy, “Do you want it here?” she asked.

“Yes,” Eric responded, grabbing her hips and trying to force her down on his length.

Nora rotated her hips, teasing him, “Say please.” as she lowered herself down slowly until just the head of his cock was inside her.

Eric growled at her; “Do as I say. Now fuck me.”

“Make me,” Nora taunted, lifting her hips and letting him fall out of her.

He growled, rolling on top of her and thrusting in hard. He began fucking her hard, his dull teeth biting into her shoulder. He’ll tie her to the fucking bed to keep her there if he needed to.

Nora laughed as he rolled her over, her eyes dancing with amusement, “Something I said?” she asked before letting out a loud moan.

“You will do as I say, Nora. Or you will not cum. You will not get fucked. And you will be confined to a coffin.” Eric was angry as he fucked her roughly. “This is for your safety. If you want to live to be Godric’s age, you will listen to me,” he growled. He was fucking her hard as he spoke, not caring how distracted she might be. “Otherwise, you may as well stake yourself now.”

Nora lifted her legs and wrapped them around Eric’s waist as he fucked her hard, she could hear the bed banging against the wall and she loved every minute of it. “I will listen,” she gasped, as she scratched her nails down his back. Godric had never taken her so roughly and she found she loved it.

Eric looked in her eyes and nodded, flipping them again so she could do as he damn well said and ride him. “Now fuck yourself on me.”

Pressing her hands to his chest, Nora lifted her hips and slammed herself down hard on his cock. “Oh fuck!” she cried, throwing her head back.

He held her hips gently, just helping guide her. He met each of her thrusts with one of his own. Nora rode him with abandon, her pussy clenching around his hard shaft with each downward stroke. “Never had it this hard,” she moaned.

Eric’s hands slipped up her body to her breasts, roughly grabbing them and pinching her nipples. “But you love it,” Eric replied with a hard upward thrust. “You love riding my cock.”

“Yes,” Nora agreed, twisting her hips. “Want it hard. So hard.”

Eric pinched her nipples hard. “Play with your clit.”

Nora slid her hand between her legs and slowly rubbed her clit like instructed. A moan spilled from her lips as her pleasure intensified.

“Not like that. You said you liked it hard. So go hard,” Eric instructed, placing one hand on hers. He used her fingers to pinch her clit, helping her ride him hard. He helped her rub it roughly and pinch some more. His other hand was tweaking her nipple before it jumped over to gently slap her other breasts.

“Oh!” Nora moaned, the slight pain adding to her pleasure. “More, I want more,” she begged, as she bit her lip.

He smirked, leaving her to punish her clit. He smacked her tit again with the one hand, while his other slipped around back. He quickly slipped a finger up her ass, fucking her with it as she fucked herself on his cock.

Nora’s eyes widened as she felt Eric’s finger enter her ass. She had only ever allowed Godric to play back there and she was both curious and hesitant. She pinched her clit again as she squeezed her muscles around Eric’s cock.

“Do you like that, Nora? Are you gonna cum all over my cock? If you like it, I’ll show you how fun it can be when I fuck you there too. Would you want my hard cock up in your ass? Thrusting into you?”

“Want it all,” Nora moaned, as she rubbed her clit faster, putting a little pressure on it. She could feel the coils tightening in her stomach and she ground herself against him, desperate to come. She stiffened briefly as she felt Eric work a second finger into her ass. She wanted that, she wanted his finger in her, his tongue, his cock. She wanted him to punish her and please her. She wanted it all.

“Fuck yourself on my cock and fingers, Nora. Make yourself cum.”

Nora raised her hips and slammed herself down on his cock, fucking herself like he ordered. Her pleasure mounted with each passing second and she could feel herself getting closer to the edge. Her finger sped up on her clit, pinching the swollen bundle of nerves “Oh God!”

One hand smacked her ass hard and the other joined her hand, pinching her clit harder. “My, my Little sister is a masochist.” he said thrusting up hard as she began to cum.

Nora threw her head back and let out a cry as she felt the first wave of her orgasm wash over her. “Don’t stop,” she pleaded.

He fucked her harder as she moaned. Her body shook as she began cuming. He thrust through the orgasm, propelling her orgasm higher, extending it.

Nora dug her nails into Eric’s chest as she screamed out in delight, her body awash with pleasure. She had never felt so good and she never wanted it to end.

Eric flipped them quick and started pumping into her as she writhed.

“Eric!” Nora screamed, as he drove her into another orgasm. Her body was a slave to him and she could do nothing to fight it, nor did she want to.

He fucked into her harder, getting closer to his own orgasm. He reached between them and pinched her clit again, as his teeth bit into her breast around her nipple. He thrust hard and came with a groan as her blood filled up his mouth.

Nora sagged against the bed as she felt Eric spill his cool seed inside her, “Mmm,” she moaned, a dozy smile curling her lips.

“And if you ever disregard what I say again while you are under my care, do not expect to ever do that again,” Eric scolded, pulling out of her and flopping beside her on his side.

“I’ll be good,” Nora said with a small pout. If it meant she would get fucked like that, she would be a fucking angel.

“Good girl,” Eric said with a smirk. “Now suck me hard again.”

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  1. jade012 says:

    My ears were burning and I had to stop to turn on the ceiling fan for this. Whew! Good stuff. I like dominant, vampire Eric. Happy writing. Keep ’em coming!

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