Outtake: I Put A Spell On You

I Put A Spell On You

I Put A Spell On You

Bill knocked on the door to Nora’s office, knowing full well the blood he had in his hands would both tempt Nora like none other and hopefully put Bill in control of the vampire. With any luck, he would be king. And get laid at the same time. He placed his most handsome genuine smile on his face as the door opened.

Nora frowned as she saw Bill enter her office. She wondered what the poor excuse for a vampire wanted this time. Ever since she took the rule of Louisiana and he started working for the AVL, he had found the most ridiculous reasons to visit her on official business.

“Nora!” he declared, excited to see her. “It is so nice to be a guest in your home again.”

“To be a guest you would have to be wanted or invited,” Nora replied. “You are neither.”

“Really? So crass, Nora. No I came across some blood at the AVL headquarters, and I immediately thought of you when trying to figure out who to share it with.”

Arching a brow, Nora ran her eyes over the two faced vampire. “I’m touched,” she sneered. “But not interested.” Tapping a nail to the wine glass on her desk, she added, “As you can see I already have my own.”

Bill smirked, trying to emulate Northman’s panty-dropping expression. “Oh but Nora, certainly that’s not fairy in your glass.” He uncorked the blood he had and wafted the smell towards her.

Nora’s fangs dropped down as she got the first whiff of the fairy blood, her eyes dilated as the scent grew stronger. She could feel her hunger for the blood growing but she tried to shake it off. She wasn’t interested in sharing anything with Bill, no matter how good it smelled.

He stepped forward, watching her expression shift. He looked over to her current glass of blood — mostly empty. And as long as the spy he had in her kitchens did his job, Nora should be feeling very compliant at this point. He should have been able to slip in the bit of potion that Clara had made for that purpose. Bill pulled out the glasses he had brought for the fae blood — one coated with more of the potion. He placed them on her desk and slowly poured two glasses. Picking up the untainted one, he sipped it and moaned. Though he had a program set up — a way for him to search our fairy descendants — the blood always was orgasmic.

Nora could practically feel the blood calling to her. Her hands itched to reach out and grab the glass and drink down the delicious smelling blood. She dug her nails into her hand hard as her mind warred with her senses. The vampire in her demanded she drink, the blood was for her. Before Nora could stop herself her hand closed around the glass and she lifted it to her lips and swallowed it all.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Would you like some more?” He didn’t wait for her response, but poured more into her glass, and just to be sure, emptied more of the potion Clara had given for him into the remaining blood in the decanter. She had said something about only needed a certain amount, but he really didn’t care. As long as there was enough to get her naked on her back, that was good for him.

Nora couldn’t resist the pull of the blood and eagerly drank the rest of it. A warmth spread through her body as the bewitched blood spread through her.

He stepped up to her, pressing his body to hers, the back of the desk was against her legs. “Nora. . .” he said, feeling her out.

Nora shook her head as she tried to clear her mind of the fog that had filled it. Her body felt like it was on fire, burning for a release she desperately wanted, but she still had the presence of mind to know she didn’t want Bill.

His hand went to her, pulling her against his waist and grinding his hard cock against her. Bill trailed his hand up her waist to stroke the side of her breast. “You have no idea, Nora. No idea how much I loathe you. And how much I want you on your knees before me. Both praising me as your king and swallowing my load.”

“You’re not a king,” Nora replied, her speech coming out slightly slurred.

“I could be your king, Nora,” he said breathily. His free hand wrapped around her waist as he ripped open her shirt. “I can show you why.” He humped against her. He knew his massive prick would be impressive.

“No,” Nora hissed, at a loss of why she was denying it. Her body craved it, but her mind still told her no.

No what, sweetheart?” he asked, ripping Nora’s bra so he could roughly grab her bare breasts. His fangs sprang down at the feel of them and he groaned as he ran his nose up the side of her neck.

“You’ll never be my king,” Nora managed to grit out before another wave of arousal spread through her. She could feel her panties getting soaked as her nipples harden.

“But I can still get you on your knees. That will come later. First, I want your legs around my waist and you screaming my name.” He pulled up her skirt and ripped off her panties. He ran his fingers through her dripping folds and reached his mouth down to suck a nipple between his lips.

A moan tore from Nora’s lips, her body sucumbing to the power of the magic he had used. Her legs parted before she could stop them and she ground herself against his hand. Her mind screamed at her to stop, but she was powerless to listen. Whatever was in that blood had reduced her to her basic vampire needs. She had fed and now she needed to fuck.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Cum on my fingers!” He slammed three fingers inside her and roughly began fucking her with them.

Despite how wet she was the sudden penetration of Bill’s fingers caused Nora some discomfort and she tried to pull back.

Bill let her push him away. He moved back slightly, lifted her up on the desk and quickly pushed his pants to his knees. “I’ll make you scream.”

Nora shook her head as she tried to back away, but her body had a mind of its own and she spread her legs wider in invitation. “What did you do?” she slurred, realizing something was wrong.

“I did nothing, Nora. You just finally realized how irresistible I am,” Bill replied, pinching her nipple with one hand as he began stroking his hard cock.

The door opened. “What the fuck is going on here?!”

“Eric!” Nora cried, out of her mind with lust.

Eric ignored Bill, small protrusion from his groin and all. He sped to her caressing her cheek. “Nora are you okay?”

Nora’s eyes darkened as she saw her brother, lust spread through her body and she licked her lips as she raked her eyes over him. “Brother, please…”

“Can’t you see you’re not needed here, Eric? Don’t worry. She’ll be able to take it all,” Bill laughed haughtily.

Eric’s fangs distended in anger. “Get away from her,” he growled.

Nora reached for Eric as she tried to push Bill away. Now that he was there he was all she could see. Her body needed him, “Brother…”

Eric sped around to the opposite side of the desk and pulled Nora into his arms. He batted away her hands as she tried to caress his cock. “What the fuck did you do to her?”

“Watch your tone! You are speaking to a spokesvampire for the AVL!”

“Fuck off,” Nora spat at Bill, as she pressed herself to Eric and started rubbing her her body against his. “I’m so horny, brother. Fuck me.”

“Not now, Nora. Why don’t you sit at your desk?” he gently pushed her into her chair. Hopefully, she would let him deal with Bill.

Nora pouted but did as she was told. She fidgeted in her chair, her arousal still at an all time high thanks to whatever Bill had given her.

“Good girl,” he praised before turning his attention to the fuckstain. “What the fuck did you do to her?” he growled.

“Nothing,” Bill denied with a sneer. “The bitch was begging me to fuck her and I thought it was time to give into her and show her what a real vampire fucks like. Now if you’ll excuse us, your sister wants my superior cock in her.”

Eric launched himself at Bill punching him in the head. Nora cheered as she watched Eric attack Bill, the violence turning her on more. She slipped a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit as she watched Eric punch Bill hard in the face again.

“You will not touch her,” Eric growled, throwing him across the room.

Bill let out a grunt as he slammed into the wall hard. He shook his head as he staggered to his feet and faced the fuming Viking. “The whore wants me. She begged me to fuck her up the ass like a dirty slut,” Bill spat. “She said she wants to be fucked good for a change.”

“Eric,” Nora moaned, as she pushed two fingers into her dripping cunt. “I need you.”

Eric ignored his sister. He flew once again at Compton. His hand wrapped around Bill’s neck, ready to rip his head off.

“They’ll kill you,” Bill gritted out, as pain washed over him. He cursed Eric and his timing. Five more minutes and he would have been fucking the whore until she screamed.

Nora watched Eric with heated eyes, she didn’t know why, but her body craved him, she needed him, she needed sex. She wanted to be fucked harder than she’d ever been before. Her body demanded it.

“Eric, it hurts. Make it better,” she begged, as she climbed onto her desk and spread her legs wide in invitation. “I want your big, hard cock in my tight, wet cunt.”

Eric growled at the spokesvampire, grabbed Bill’s cock, still hanging there while his pants were around his ankles. He ripped it and Bill’s ball’s off in one rough pull.

Bill screamed in pain as he dropped to the floor. Blood pooled beneath him, his vampire healing working at a reduced pace due to the beating he had taken.

“You’ll pay for this Northman!” Bill screamed, his voice filled with pain.

Nora hissed in pleasure as she watched her brother incapacitate the much younger vampire. She tore at her skirt that was bunched around her waist, ripping the material to shreds before sliding her hand back between her parted legs.

“Look, brother,” she purred, as she spread her lower lips with her fingers. “I’m so wet for you. Come and fuck me. I’ll let you fuck me anyway you want. Anywhere you want.”

Eric growled to his sister, ignoring her still. He grasped Bill’s neck and physically threw him from Nora’s office. Bill needed to get away from him. He couldn’t kill Bill. Bill was a member of the AVL. He repeated that to himself as he stood in the door watching Bill lay prone in the hall.

Nora pouted as Eric continued to ignore her. Her body burned with desire and she felt like she’d go mad if she wasn’t fucked soon. Arousal dripped from her swollen sex, coating her legs. “Eric,” she moaned, as she thrust two fingers deep inside herself. “Your Queen needs you.”

He turned to her, evaluating both her body and their bond to see if he could tell what was done to her. Was it magic? Something in the blood? He couldn’t be sure. But he could see her desperation. He pulled off his shirt and unbuttoned his pants. He started over to her, licking his lips as his bloodlust from the one-sided fight with Bill came upon him.

Nora’s eyes lit up as Eric finally started to pay attention to her. She slammed her fingers into her pussy hard as he walked towards her, mewls of pleasure escaping her lips. “Do you want to fuck me, brother?”

His eyes were trained on her pussy as she pleasured herself. He gave her a fangy grin, licking his lips at her. “More to the point, you want me to fuck you.”

“I do,” Nora admitted with a moan. “I need it so bad. I’ll do anything.”

Eric stepped up to her as he heard Bill getting up in the hall.

Removing her fingers from between her legs, Nora held them up, “Do you want it?”

Eric stepped up and stood over her. His hand took her wrist and he opened his mouth. He slid her fingers between his lips. His mouth closed around them as he sucked slowly. His tongue swirled around them, tasting her. His cock was straining against the zipper of his pants.

Nora whimpered as she felt Eric’s lips close around her fingers, another flood of arousal swept through her body, and she clenched her legs together in a futile attempt to ease the burning inside her. “Brother, please,” she begged. “I’ll let you do anything.”

“Suck me,” he said, freeing her hand.

Nora grinned at his words, “How’d you want me?” she asked.

“On your knees,” he prompted, leaning back against her desk.

Climbing off her desk, Nora dropped to her knees and stared up at Eric as she slowly lowered the zipper of his pants and pulled his pants down. She licked her lips as she wrapped her small hand around his hard cock. Darting her tongue out, she lapped at the small bead of precum leaking from his tip before taking him into her mouth.

He grunted and slapped her hand away. “No hands. Use your mouth like a good girl.”

“Brother,” Nora purred, as she pulled her head back slightly. “When am I ever good? You want my mouth? Fuck it.”

He growled, gently slapping her cheek as he grabbed her hair to hold her head still. He thrust his cock into her mouth, pressing it against the back of her throat before he pulled back. He thrust forward again, angling her head back so his cock would slip down her throat. His thrust were shallow so his cockhead would remain in the tight wet confines of her throat. A human would gag and spasm. Nora, however, was used to this treatment and loved it.

Nora slipped a hand back between her legs as Eric fucked her face. Her fingers easily glided through her wet sex and she pushed three fingers deep inside herself as she hollowed her cheeks and sucked hard on her brother’s cock.

Eric thrust hard bottoming out against Nora’s lips. He moaned as her tongue snaked out to lick his balls. “Yes,” he hissed.

Bill crept quietly back towards the open office door, pain still wracking his body. He sneered as he peeked inside, a deep seated hatred welled up in him as he saw the whore queen on her knees sucking that bastard Northman’s cock. That was supposed to be him. He was supposed to be his cock Nora was sucking. He had fantasized about it so many times. He would have his little whore Clara dress up as Nora so he could fuck her and make her scream.

Eric growled, hearing Bill enter the room. Compton was seriously fucking stupid. He didn’t pause, choosing instead to put on a show. He began roughly fucking Nora’s face as he was sure Compton imagined doing. He pulled her roughly off his length forcing her to look up at him. He teased her lips with the head of his cock. “Beg me, Nora. Beg me to fuck your pretty little mouth.”

“Please, brother,” Nora begged. “Fuck my mouth with your big, hard cock. It feels so good when you thrust into my mouth hard.” He did just that, fucking her mouth hard. Between his thrusting hips and how he used his hold on her hair, he was slamming the full length of his cock in and out of her throat.

Nora moaned around his cock as she gave completely control to Eric. She fucked herself on her fingers as Eric fucked her mouth.

Bill paused by the doorway as he watched the two of them. His anger grew by the second as he heard the noises they were making. This was not right; it was his night to do whatever he desired to the whore. A cruel smile curled his lips as he noticed a splintered piece of wood on the floor in front of him. Maybe if could still be his night after all; he might not be able to fuck the whorish queen thanks to Northman ripping off his cock, but he could fuck with her. His little witch was extremely talented, she had seen to it that the blood would hold Nora under it’s thrall for several hours. If he could get Northman out the way, he could have her at his mercy again.

Eric was fully aware of Bill’s movements. He knew Bill grabbed something, but not what. His muscles tensed to act, even as he made a show of not paying attention to the vampire and only focusing on Nora’s mouth on his dick.

Bill crept closer, his makeshift stake clutched tightly in his hand. If he still had a cock it would be hard at that moment as he envisioned driving the stake deep into Eric’s back before fucking Nora with it. He’d make her scream as he fucked her with the same piece of wood that killed her brother.

Before Bill could get close to him or his sister, Eric pushed her off his cock, spun around and grabbed forearm connected to the hand that held the wood. With a dangerous growl Eric snapped Bill’s radius and ulna, folding his forearm in half. In less than a blink, he grabbed Bill’s neck, holding him off the ground.

Bill screamed in pain as once again Eric showed him who was the better vampire. He struggled ineffectively in Eric’s grasp as he began to realize just how fucked he was.

With a flick of his wrist, Eric broke Bill’s neck and tossed him into a corner. He didn’t care if Bill landed so he would be able to watch. It didn’t matter to the Viking. Instead, Eric picked Nora off the floor where she was moaning, fingers thrusting into her soaking wet pussy as she got off on the violence and sheer power displayed by her Lieutenant. He lay her on her stomach across her desk, positioned himself behind her and thrust into her pussy with a grunt.

“Yes!” Nora screamed, as she finally got what her body so desperately needed. She gripped the edge of her desk as she gave up full control to Eric, trusting that he knew what she needed.

His balls were slapping against her clit as he fucked Nora hard. He gathered her pussy juice on two of his fingers before roughly slipping them in her ass. When his cock pushed in, his fingers pulled out and vice versa.

“More…” Nora begged, as she pushed her hips back and met his thrusts.

He grabbed her hair and pulled, extending her neck and angling her head back. He held her hair taut as he fucked her harder.

“Oh fuck,” Nora cried. She could feel her first release building as she felt Eric slam into her harder. “Fuck my pussy, brother.”

Eric pulled harder on her hair, forcing Nora to lift her torso from the desk and press her back against his chest. His hand held her throat to keep her from flopping back on the desk. “Cum, Nora.” he growled into her ear. He was close to his own edge and wanted her pussy to milk his cum from him.

Nora moaned at the forcefulness of his tone. Slipping a hand between her legs she rubbed her clit as her pleasure built. She squeezed her muscles around his cock as the first wave of her release washed over her.

Eric groaned as he felt his cum well up. His balls tightened and he felt his cock get even thicker as it shot his cum deep inside Nora’s pussy.

Nora placed her hands on her desk as she held herself up, her body calming slightly after her release.

“Are you okay, sister?” Eric asked, pulling out of her.

“I feel calmer,” Nora replied as she straightened herself up and turned to face Eric.

He pulled up his pants and fastened them. “What did he do?”

Nora shook her head as she took a minute to center herself. “I’m not sure,” she admitted. “He showed up claiming he had some fairy blood he wanted to share. I told him I wasn’t interested that I had my own blood and then before I knew what I was doing I was drinking it.”

“Which glass held your blood?

“That one,” Nora answered, flicking a finger to the glass that had been knocked to the floor.

Eric daintily grabbed the stem of it and lifted it up. “Ludwig,” he said, letting her know what he planned to do with it.

Nora nodded in reply, “It is a good thing you showed up when you did, brother,” she said, as she leaned back against her desk.

Eric glanced at the pile of Bill that had begun twitching as his neck righted itself and his nerve stem began sending pulses. “That needs to be out of the state or I can’t guarantee he won’t be ended.”

“I wouldn’t ask you to promise that,” Nora shrugged. She honestly didn’t care if Compton met his end. He had just drugged her in an attempt to rape her. Death was too good for him.

Eric gestured to the glass. “I need to get this to Ludwig. Should I send the guards in on my way out?”

“Please,” Nora replied. “I want that out of my state before sunrise.”

Eric stepped up to his sister, catching her chin in his hand. “Once I get the glass to Ludwig I’ll come back so we can talk. Are you okay?”

“I will be,” Nora replied. Her eyes were still glassy from the bewitched blood she had drank, but the need to fuck had lessened to a certain degree. She was no longer in danger of fucking just anybody to sate her lust. If she had to, she would grab one of her donors.

He kissed her forehead before speeding out of the room.


Bill was gone when Eric got back to Nora’s. Ludwig needed extra time to analyze the glass and what was in it. So for now, they would wait and monitor Nora.

Nora had retired to her bedroom as soon as her guards had forcibly escorted Bill out of her house. The bewitched blood was still affecting her and she had decided to take things into her own hands.

Eric felt through their bond, searching Nora out. He opened the door as she screamed with an orgasm.

Nora flopped back on the bed as she rode out her orgasm. She grinned at Eric as she turned off her vibrator and placed it on the bed beside her.

“Still not as big as Nan’s cock,” Eric teased. “If you’re that desperate, I bet she’d pick up her phone for you…”

“Not while I still have the use of my hands, dear brother,” Nora snorted.

“Have you seen Godric at all, Nora?” Eric said, stepping into her room and closing the door behind him.

Nora arched a brow at Eric’s strange question. She knew as well as he did that their maker had met the sun many years ago. “The last time I saw Godric would’ve been shortly after the war. You were there, Eric. Remember?”

“No — I mean yes, I remember. But I don’t mean that. I mean has the image of him, his ghost or — never mind,” he replied.

Nora frowned as she stared at her brother. She’d never seen him like that before. Climbing to her knees, Nora crawled across the bed towards, “Eric, what is it?” she asked, as she reached for his hands.

“I’ve been seeing him, Nora. At random times, his ghost or spectre or maybe I’m just fucking hallucinating him appearing.”

Nora opened her mouth and then closed it, for once at a loss of what to say. “Does… Does he talk to you?” she finally asked.

Eric nodded and sat down in a chair. He stretched his long legs before him.

Climbing off the bed, Nora walked towards him, “What does he say?” she asked, as she perched herself on the arm of the chair.

“Sometimes he talks about how I am doing the wrong things. Often he gives advice.”

“That sounds like father,” Nora said with a smile. “When was the last time you saw him?”

“Earlier….it’s why I came. This time he came with a warning,” Eric explained.

“Father sent you here tonight?” Nora said, her voice filled with emotion. Eric nodded, unsure of what to add.

“So you haven’t seen him at all?” he asked.

“No,” Nora replied with a shake of her head. “But I’m glad you have. I hate to think what would’ve happened if you hadn’t shown up when you did.” Nora shuddered as she recalled the feel of Compton’s hands on her body.

“Am I crazy, Nora?”

Sliding off the arm of the chair, Nora straddled Eric as she took his face in her hands. “No,” she said firmly. “Brother, you came here tonight because father appeared and warned you. If he hadn’t, if you hadn’t Compton would’ve raped me. You saved me. Father saved me. He is still looking out for us.”

He slowly nodded, slipping his arms around to hold her to him. She was the only one recently who saw his softer side. She was probably the only vampire in existence who saw him vulnerable.

Threading her fingers into his hair, Nora pressed Eric’s head against her chest as she held him. “Thank you, brother.”

9 thoughts on “Outtake: I Put A Spell On You

  1. MistressCinder says:

    Great Outake! I loved it! Bloody Amazing Stuff! The love between Eric & Nora is real & obvious by his actions. I like the idea of Godric still looking out for them.Compton has become an even bigger tool.

  2. redjane12 says:

    Great outtake! It definitely shows what a rat Bill is and his sick attitude to women in spite of his self proclaimed southern gentleman persona. I love the Eric-Nora relationship in this story because it feels so genuine and, in spite of the explosive sex, it has a real sibling quality to it. Also, love how it shows the positive influence of Godric in both.
    The mention of Godric appearing to Eric is something I haven’t seen in the regular chapters (but I did skip the violent ones) and I wonder if that is going to recur in the story. This Eric is haunted by the Sookie debacle so perhaps Godric can sooth his soul

  3. kleannhouse says:

    thank you for taking the almost-rape of Nora one step further so we could she what Compton truly did. he cannot get anyone to fuck him unless he rapes them or glamours them… that says a lot about him as a lover. YUCK… KY

  4. duckbutt60 says:

    Just read this! Not sure how I overlooked this outtake. I hope you lovely ladies will continue your collaboration –I know the fandom is winding down –but there are still boatloads of die hard fans out there that just adore your writing! Please consider……

    All the best! Pat

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