Outtake: Postponed

AttM Outtake- Postponed


Flashback 1: Year 1; Shreveport, LA

Eric threw his phone against the wall as he let out a string of curses. The fae were still causing trouble and Alcide and his pack were of no fucking use. He walked out to the bar, looking for Thalia. Pam was working behind the bar, and as his eyes passed over her she shot him a scathing look. He spied Thalia, his second at her typical table for display with her normal fanboys gawking at her over her aloofness. Each one was hoping to be the next one struck by her hand that often flailed out to whack them if they got too close. He caught her eyes and nodded.

Shoving her fans out of the way, Thalia rose from her table and made her way over to Eric.

He gestured for her to follow him back into the office, which she had essentially taken over since he was at Nora’s so often.

“It might be the pushing point now, Thalia. What vampires can we trust to assemble here in case the fae attack?”

“Marcus has a nest ready and is awaiting your call,” Thalia replied. “As does Celeste.”

Eric nodded, thinking of who he could mobilize. Roman had plenty of vampires in Mississippi now that he was King. Nora’s Queendom was also growing. Potentially every vampire that owed the two monarchs fealty could be in Area 5 in two nights. There were also allied states: Texas, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Georgia. There were also a number of potential vampires that could be called from there as well. “We’ll need them here. Immediately,” Eric said with a nod for her to make the calls.

Thalia pulled her out phone without hesitation and made the calls. She spoke quickly, barking orders to one, and then the other before putting her phone away again. “They’ll both be here an hour after sunset tomorrow. Celeste has managed to gather an additional ten vampires, all of whom are loyal to her and she is willing to follow your lead.”

Eric acknowledged her while conversing with Nora on his own phone. “You heard that?” He asked into the phone. “The sooner the better. I don’t know how long it will take for Niall or another faery to snap.”

“I spoke with Roman and he is ready as soon as we need him,” Nora replied. “The wolf still refusing to help?”

“Of course. He wants to keep the Pack out of it; he claims there’s nothing for him to personally gain so he won’t participate,” Eric said with an annoyed, gravelled tone in his speech.

“I take it he is still blaming you for everything that has gone wrong?” Nora replied.

“Somehow I’m even responsible for his ex-bitch’s association with Russell.”

“Of course, I’m sure you opened her mouth and let Russell pour his blood down it,” Nora snorted.

“I’m surprised he’s not blaming me for his father incurring more debt,” Eric said with a roll of his eyes. He realized they were getting off-topic. “I’d take Roman and his vampires along with anyone from Texas, Missouri, Georgia, and New Mexico that can be spared to the city as soon as possible; tomorrow if possible.”

“I’ll make it happen, brother,” Nora assured him.


When Eric awoke, he was in Bon Temps; Sookie’s former house. He was well fed and ready to fight. He had many notifications from dozens of vampires that would be arriving tonight in his area. All he could do now was wait. He didn’t know when or where the Fae would attack. They had the element of surprise.

He got up and went upstairs to heat another blood from the blood bank. When he was in the kitchen, the window was open and a breeze was flowing through. There was a sweet smell emanating from his garden, but it wasn’t from the flowers. Eric groaned as the scent tickled his nose; he would know that scent anywhere.


He picked up the sword that had been by his side since last night, a nice long iron one, broad like the sword from his youth though this one would slice through a faery with ease. His fangs slid out, and he resolved not to breathe again. The scent wouldn’t distract him this time. Slipping out the back door, Eric tracked the faery through the woods surrounding the property. He could sense he was getting closer and he prepared to strike.

The faery was a beautiful man with rippling black hair and piercing, but soft brown eyes. Though his ears were round, Eric still knew he was fae. They were running toward the outskirts of the woods when Eric suddenly flew up, accelerated quickly, and landed in front of the faery.

The faery was startled when Eric landed in front of him, and his eyes darted to the large sword in Eric’s hands. He knew who this vampire was. He was the North man, the vampire Claudette had fucked.

In the faery’s hand was a long silver sword. Eric kept his eyes on his opponent’s face, his stance and movements perfected after 1000 years of fighting.

“Claudette sends her regards,” The faery said, a cruel smile forming on his lips as he tried to throw Eric off balance.

“I’m sure she does,” Eric responded, not willing to be thrown off. Focus. Eyes on your enemy. Anything to distract your attention could get you killed. Lessons from his father, his Maker, and others he had learned from throughout the years were prominent in his mind.

“She said you begged for it like a whore,” the faery taunted as he took a step back.

“Yet she’s the one who jumped me. What is she? Your wife? Jealous or something?” Eric asked.

“Hardly,” He scoffed arrogantly. “No vampire could compare with a faery.”

“Your mother?” He asked.

The faery snarled at Eric, his teeth bared in anger, “You dare insult someone of the Royal house?”

Eric smirked, knowing he was getting closer. “Sister?”

“My sister is a lady, unlike yours,” He sneered.

Eric laughed, “Your sister is a whore.”

“It is your sister who fucks her own brother,” The faery sneered, “and anyone else who will have her. My sister is a true lady; refined, and dignified.”

“And willing to be a blood whore. Or did she not fuck me just for my blood? Sounds to me like you’d like your own piece of your sister. Just give her some blood. I’m sure she’s desperate by now.”

“We do not lie with our kin like you filthy vampires,” He growled.

“But you’ve thought about it,” Eric said with a laugh.

“Never!” He denied, anger leaking through at the mere thought of it. The House of Brigant did not share flesh with each other.

“So it’s okay for her to be a blood whore, no better than a filthy Were?”

The faery glared at Eric but remained silent. He knew the real reason she had taken the disgusting vampire’s blood; his sister was no blood whore.

Eric stepped forward and slightly to the side, trying to gauge the faery’s footwork. The faery took a step back, backing himself up and heading in the direction of the cemetery. Eric followed cautiously, his sword at the ready.

The faery continued to walk backwards; his feet steady on the ground. He was nearly there.

Eric lunged with his sword aiming across the faery’s body. If he wasn’t paying close enough attention, it could cleave him in two. If he was, all the faery could do is parry.

He brought his sword up and blocked the blow, defending himself the best he could. He knew of the North man’s skill with a blade and doubted he could best him, but he didn’t need to. All he needed was a few more minutes.

The faery’s swordsmanship was sloppy. Eric was being aggressive yet controlled with his swings, but each time he attacked, the faeboy managed to parry. The faery danced backwards, evading Eric’s swing. He could feel a shift in the air and he knew it was almost time.

“Perhaps next time I will fuck your sister instead,” He goaded. “I’m sure she’d like my cock up her ass.”

Eric snorted, “Probably would.”

“Yes, I heard your sister is quite the whore,” He said, trying to buy himself some time.

Eric swung his sword, “Only for a select few.” Before he could speak again, Eric attacked quickly letting out a shrill cry.

The faery fell backward barely missing the blade as it swung at his head. He scrambled to his feet and made a run for it, his feet carrying him as quickly as they could.

Eric, however, was faster. He was in front of Claude before he could get too far. His fangs were itching to dive into the faery’s vein and bathe in his blood.

Claude’s eyes darted around wildly as he looked for an escape route. He was not going to die here, not today.

Eric was almost on him, his hands about to grab him, fangs about to pierce his skin, and drink all of that warm blood when the faery suddenly disappeared. Eric cursed as he spun around in search of the faery.

“What the hell is going on?!” He cried out.

The ringing of his cell phone drew his attention; he pulled it out of his pocket, and lifted it to his ear.

“Brother,” Nora’s voice came through almost frantically. “What is going on? I felt your frustration.”

“A faery,” He growled into his phone, eyes still searching. He was using his other senses too, trying to hear if the faery was nearby and had just teleported, trying to smell if he was lurking somewhere.

“Did you kill it?” Nora asked excitedly.

“No, he disappeared. No one else has seen any? He was trying to engage me.”

“No, everything is quiet,” Nora replied. “I spoke with Roman before I went to your bar and he says everything is quiet.”

“He had a fucking silver sword, Nora!” Eric yelled into the phone, speeding back into his home.

“Could he have been after you?” Nora asked as she moved around Eric’s office.

“Or working as a forward surveillance,” Eric supplied.

“I fucking hate those bastards,” Nora swore as she dropped herself into Eric’s chair behind his desk.

“Any ideas, Queen?” he asked trying to provoke her.

“Kill them all,” Nora growled. “The Prince and his two whore granddaughters. Rip their throats out and fuck in their blood.”

“Sounds hot,” Eric said, relaxing slightly in his empty home. “Let me know when you catch one,” He groaned into the phone. “I almost had him, Nora, and his smell. Mmmmm.”

“Don’t tease me, brother,” Nora moaned.

“It was like ambrosia. I just wanted to feed and fuck and roll around in him but by then he was gone.”

“Stop it, Eric, you’re making me wet,” Nora complained good-naturedly.

Eric smirked. “No phone sex then?” He teased. “I have notice of all the vampires in the Area now. Do you think this faery, Claudine and Claudette’s brother by the way; was the only bit we’ll see? I’ll be so disappointed if we did all this work and there is no fight.”

“It could be,” Nora mused. “It’s strange he was on his own and then just disappeared. I was looking forward to sinking my fangs into one of them.”

“Let me know if you or Roman hears anything from them.”

“You know I will,” Nora assured him.


Roman raised his eyebrows at the identification of his caller. He picked up the line in his office and heard, “Transferring you now.” He rolled his eyes. Of course, Niall would call and then have him wait before he could speak.

“Vampire,” Niall growled as he picked up his phone.

“Faery,” Roman said, rolling his eyes. “What do you want? You called me.”

“I am calling to inform you the debt has been cleared,” Niall said. “You are all safe for now.”

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me?” Roman said harshly. “You pull all of this shit; send a faery to attack a notable sheriff, and then all of a sudden it’s done?”

“No one attacked a sheriff,” Niall replied dismissively. “But yes, it is done. I will bid you a good night.”

Roman was about to snarl a reply when the phone disconnected. “Mother fucker,” He growled, immediately dialing Nora.

“Yes,” Nora answered on the first ring.

“Apparently the Prince is done with aggressive maneuvers. I was told the debt is cleared and he said we are safe for now,” Roman’s voice displayed his agitation.

“Just like that?” Nora scoffed. “The bastard’s been threatening us for years and now he decides the debt is cleared.”

“Apparently,” He replied, no less put off.

“So that’s it? I should ring Eric and tell him,” Nora said, annoyance clear in her voice.

“Unless you know more than me, Nora. Seriously, fucking fae.” He groaned in frustration. “I want to know what the hell they got or did that cleared the damn debt.”

“I’ll talk to Eric and see what he knows,” Nora replied. “I was looking forward to dining on faery blood.”

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