Outtake: The Next Step

AttM Outtake The Next Step

The Next Step

Flashback 2: Year 4: Rome, Italy

Sookie moaned, her head thrown back in pleasure as the young man sucked on her clit. She threaded her fingers into his hair, guiding his movements as she lifted one of her legs over his shoulder.

He was speaking Italian: “So beautiful. So wet.” His mouth licked her hungrily and sweetly.

“Stop speaking and eat me,” Sookie ordered as she arched her back.

The Italian man groaned at the order and dove in, sucking her clit enthusiastically. He flicked his tongue over her nub of nerves, his moans vibrating his mouth, and thus her pussy.

“Ahh!” Sookie cried, her arousal flooding out of her. “That’s it.”

The man had a long thick tongue that slipped between her folds. He licked up between her lips, teasing her clit as he licked to the top each time.

“Oh God!” Sookie cried, nearing her peak. His tongue slipped inside her, fucking her pussy. While it occasionally flicked out to caress her clit, it would always return to fuck her. He would swirl it around her entrance, caressing her lips. He would thrust it in and out like a cock. He would put it inside her and circle it, licking all sides of her pussy, inside and out.

Sookie screamed out as he drove her to an orgasm, her hands tightening in his hair as she broke apart. She sighed as she came back down and ran her eyes over her entertainment for the evening. He was stunningly attractive with dark hair, eyes and a strong jaw.

He smiled roguishly at her as he kissed her inner thigh gently.

Sookie flicked her eyes to the clock that sat upon the large mantel in the hotel room. She worried her lips between her teeth as she tried to work out if she had time for some more fun before Russell came for her. He was down the hall in another room enjoying his own brand of entertainment, but knowing her Maker he could be an hour or four.

“Did you want some blood?” The man asked. “Or anything else?”

Sookie licked her lips as she let her fangs drop, “I’ll start with the blood,” She said as she crooked her finger and beckoned him forward.

He crawled toward her, unsure of where she would want to bite. He made sure his neck, wrist, and femoral artery were all exposed. The latter was only visible due to the tightness of his underwear and his dismissal of his pants by her door as she instructed.

Sookie stroked a finger over his neck before lowering her head and flicking her tongue over the vein. She numbed the area before sliding her fangs in. She moaned as his spicy blood exploded on her tongue and felt her arousal rising again.

He unconsciously rubbed his hard cock against her groaning as she drank. Her cool lips felt so good in the hot summer. Sookie took another mouthful before pulling back and licking her bite mark to seal it. Her eyes were filled with lust as she dropped her gaze to the impressive sized bulge in his boxers.

“Sookie!” Russell called with a hard rap on the door before he opened it. “I know you’re not fucking him yet, so don’t get annoyed with me like that,” he scolded teasingly, using the bond against her as he felt a shot of annoyance directed at him.

Sookie smiled ruefully as she flicked her finger and dismissed the donor. “Thirty more seconds,” She said playfully as she pushed down her dress and stood up.

“Well he certainly looks delicious,” Russell said, eyeing the donor’s bulge as he pulled on his pants. “We have an appointment. If we are going to meet with the Sheriff to inform him of our departure, we must go.” They were going, as Sookie had requested, to Greece, to see where he was from originally and view the temples he spoke of occasionally.

Sookie smiled as she slipped on her shoes; she couldn’t wait to see where Russell was from originally. She had enjoyed her time in Italy, but she was ready to move on. They walked through the streets, to the outskirts of what used to be the Santa Croce area, now known as Gavinana/Galluzzo. They walked into a church, the church of Santa Lucia, where the Sheriff had set up in a back office. As they stepped into her space Russell nodded at her, almost friendly, but not quite.

Sookie followed suit and offered the Sheriff a respectful nod. Russell had taught her all about the vampire hierarchy and the rules that the Authority enforced and she refused to do anything that would embarrass her Maker.

“We’re going to leave your fair city in the next few nights, Lucia,” Russell said.

“I hope you have enjoyed your stay,” Lucia replied, her accent thick.

“As always when I’m here. Your men are so delightful and hospitable here. Ready to cater to one’s desires,” He said with a guffaw.

“Ah, they do love you, Russell, and your Sookie too,” Lucia said with mirth.

“We’ll have to return soon then! Wouldn’t want to disappoint,” He replied.

“My city is always open to you,” Lucia said with a small nod. “You are amongst friends here.”

Russell nodded his thanks. “We will settle in Greece. While I’m sure there won’t be a need for references with my connections there, would you be opposed if required?”

“Of course not,” Lucia replied with a wave of her hand.

“Any other business, Sheriff, or are my child and I all settled?”

“That is all. I wish you both a fond farewell and happy journey,” Lucia said.

Russell smiled before leading his child out of the church. “Excellent work in there, dear. Though next time I would like to see you speak more. Just because they’re your elders and in charge of the Area or the state, that does not mean they are better. You are one of the best, between my bloodline and your abilities. Always be respectful, but do not let anyone talk over or ignore you.”
“Make my voice heard,” Sookie replied. “I’m young, not unimportant.”

“Good girl,” Russell praised her.

“I’m gonna miss it here, but it’s time to move on.”

“You can return whenever you wish,” He said. “You have forever to do so.”

“I want to see everywhere else first.”

“Whatever you want, Princess.”

5 thoughts on “Outtake: The Next Step

  1. msbuffy says:

    I love these little outtakes. They add so much insight to the vampire that Sookie came to be along with the strong Maker/Childe bond between her & Russell. It seems she was able to somewhat soothe the monster dwelling inside of him as he raised, taught, and showed her all he knew about being vampire without the usual conniving & deception that is very much a part of it…although I’m sure he made certain to share those things with her as well. Great little side story!

  2. murgatroid98 says:

    As awful and terrifying as the kidnapping and torture were for Sookie, I love how Russell came to care for her, then love her. I hate that he couldn’t protect her from the Weres, but he expected them to obey him. Still, he has been a wonderful maker for her.

  3. jules3677 says:

    Its interesting. I enjoy reading everything in this universe but I still expect Russell to return to the grieving monster he was when he kidnapped & tortured Sookie. So reading these little snippets of their maker/child relationship provides insight into Russell & the damaged Sookie.

  4. eaaustin85 says:

    While I’m on the fence about sookie have Stockholm syndrome, I can understand n love that Russell has come to care for n respect sookie….I really like that she has grew as a person n matured n accepted that she is different n special n powerful

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