Answer to the Master Chapter Eleven


AttM 11

Price of Freedom

One and a half years since Sookie was taken.

Eric watched, almost with satisfaction as the hole was uncovered. The ropes were still seated around the casket and just needed to be connected to the pulley so it could be hoisted up. Pam was to be released. It was only a matter of seeing if she would have truly repented or just stewed in her resentment.

Pam could feel her maker near, finally at the end of her punishment he came to her. It was about time. She couldn’t wait to be free and take her place at his side again. They could forget all the silliness between them and continue on like they should have done from the beginning.

Eric watched as the coffin was pulled up and the silver was unchained. Warm blood was available for his child. Now that her punishment was over, the Authority let it all go and treated her as they would any other vampire.

“It’s about time,” Pam groused, as the lid of the coffin was opened.

Eric arched an eyebrow at the immediate rudeness, but looked over his child. She was obviously in need of blood. Her body almost seemed emaciated. Her hair was limp and seemed to have faded in color. Her skin was so pale; it had a translucent look to it. She looked sickly. And instead of bitching she should be grateful for the copious amounts of warm blood she was offered.

“No donors?” Pam asked, as she struggled to climb out of her coffin. “I would love a tasty little blonde right about now.”

Eric’s fangs snicked down in anger. “You will drink what is offered.”

Pam rolled her eyes as she reached for the first bag of blood; she sank her fangs, quickly draining it before reaching for a second and then a third. She moaned as the blood filled her, healing some of her pain.

Eric watched his child eat and gladly noted how some of her color was restored. It would take a lot more blood and a bit of time, but she would heal.

Pam licked her lips as she drained the last bag, she still wasn’t completely healed, but it was a start, a nice live donor would go a long way in helping her regain her strength and she couldn’t wait to sink her fangs into one.

“Better?” Eric asked, gently. He needed to make sure she was lucid. Stronger vampires had gone nuts confined for that duration.

“Much,” Pam purred, believing Eric had finally seen the light and realized she hadn’t done anything wrong. “I’m ready to put it all behind me and move on.”

Eric nodded. “Good. When we return to Area 5, you need to check in with Thalia. Then we can settle your residence and figure out your schedule for working at Fangtasia.”

Pam stared at Eric in confusion, “Why would I need to check in with Thalia? Or my residence? I live with you.”

“Thalia is second in Area 5 and in charge of new check-ins. She expects you’re coming and was instructed not to give any issue with references. Just speak with her and arrange your schedule with her. Every vampire puts time in at Fangtasia still in lieu of monetary contribution. You may stay with me for tonight, but your own residence would be the best idea, since I am often between Fangtasia, the Queen’s home, and my own.”

“Why is Thalia your second in Area 5?” Pam asked. That was her role. She was always Eric’s second since she was turned. “And why can’t I travel with you. I will put up with Nora if I have to.”

“Thalia is my second because she is trustworthy and an excellent vampire. For eighteen months she has been assisting with the search and practically running the area. I handle major disputes, but the majority of the work has been done extremely well by her,” Eric said, responding to the first question. “You cannot travel because my travel is on state business, and you have no authority in Louisiana.”

“But…” Pam trailed off, unsure of what to say. “I’m free now.”

“And I’m glad you are,” Eric said with a nod. “We will get you settled back in with the new restructuring.”

“Why is that necessary?” Pam asked, a slight edge to her voice. “I’m capable of taking over my old duties. I will heal fully once I’ve fed more.”

“Your old duties are no longer your responsibility. Thalia has been an excellent and loyal second,” Eric responded, anger in his voice.

“You’re not still angry with me?” Pam asked, disbelief clear in her voice.

“I will never forgive you for what you did, Pam. And you are clueless to the ramifications of your actions.”

“What ramifications?” Pam questioned. She couldn’t think of any.

“There is an international lookout for Sookie and Russell. The Fae are at odds with us and the situation is on the precipice of war. Because of you, many vampires might die at their hands.” Eric was speaking in Swedish so not everyone would listen in on the chastisement.

“Because of Sookie? They would go to war over her?” Pam asked, clearly not believing it. Sookie was just a waitress from a town in the middle of nowhere. She wasn’t that important.

“She is the great-granddaughter of the Prince. And he had enabled a plan to rescue her.”

Pam was aware that the Prince claimed Sookie as his kin, but she still didn’t understand why they would go to war for her. He had more family; Sookie was just one in a number of probably hundreds. “Are you still looking for her?”

“Of course.”

“Why?” Pam growled, unable to believe he was still looking for the bitch after eighteen months.

“Because I’m sure she is still alive. I’m certain she is too valuable for Russell to have just killed her. And no matter what I am going to find Russell and kill him.”

“He will kill you,” Pam replied, her anger leaking through into her voice. He hadn’t learned anything; he was still obsessed with the fairy cunt.

“Do not presume to tell me what to do, child. I am your maker; I am the lieutenant of Louisiana, and I am the Sheriff of Area 5. You are lucky I am not burying you for another year in a hole I dig myself,” Eric said harshly.

Pam snapped her mouth shut at that. She couldn’t believe he was still angry with her, she had hoped the time would have cooled him off and made him realize she had done the right thing.

“When we return to Shreveport, you will continue subsisting on synthetic blood. You will also refrain from any sex. Both of these are until I say otherwise.”

“Haven’t I suffered enough?” Pam argued foolishly.

Eric stared at her. She truly believed that. She still did not understand the gravity of her actions. She didn’t care about the ramifications on anyone other than herself. “No.”

Pam glared at Eric, but said nothing. He might as well put her back in the coffin if he was going to treat her as he was. She was his child, his first, his only; he should have been begging for her forgiveness not punishing her still.

“Now come. You need to check in with Thalia, and she has other responsibilities tonight as well.”

Pam fell into line beside Eric, silently fuming. She couldn’t believe she had to check in with Thalia. A few years ago, the vampires had to check in with her.

“I have to go meet with our Queen about a meeting we have in a few days. Once you’ve checked in with Thalia, come to Nora’s and I can get you settled in one of my houses.”

“Fine,” Pam replied. She would check in with Thalia and then go and see their bitch of a Queen.

“And you will be respectful of Thalia and Nora,” Eric warned. “If I hear otherwise, I might make you some fang earrings. With your own fangs.”

Pam stared at Eric in horror, he wouldn’t do that, he couldn’t. A vampire’s fangs were almost as special as their blood. Eric glanced at her and nodded, his message well taken. “I suggest you do as you are told.”

Pam nodded, but said nothing. What could she say? Her maker had just threatened to remove her fangs.

“I will see you in a few hours,” Eric said with a nod. And he flew off.

“Well, this is just fucking great,” Pam huffed, as she made her way to the bar. Eric could have at least flown her there first.


12 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Eleven

  1. msbuffy says:

    Pam truly is a petulant child; severe punishment has taught her nothing about her misdeeds, nor does she ask Eric’s forgiveness or even pretend redemption. It’s likely she’ll end up in Fangtasia’s basement dungeon or perhaps back in the silvered coffin? Terrific chapter! That Pam!

  2. MistressCinder says:

    Wow! She has learned nothing & cares for no one besides herself & a distant 2nd Eric. She seems to think she has been punished for no reason & she knows better than all of her elders. She is going to continue to be an issue… 1 & 1/2 yrs. What is Sookie like now??

  3. duckbutt60 says:

    Talk about a hard headed woman! Pam has learned nothing by her imprisonment. Nothing…nada…zilch….. She thinks ERIC owes HER an apology for her punishment? Wow! And she still doesn’t acknowledge that she almost started, and things are still “hot” between the Fae and Vamps for what she did. I’m surprised Naill has not asked for Pam to be turned over to him for punishment –that would seem right as far as I’m concerned. Naill treats her to his “tender mercies” until Sookie is returned whole.

    Great update lady!

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