Answer to the Master Chapter Fifteen


AttM 15

Coffin Builder

Russell felt jubilation at the stirrings in their even more developed bond. It was only the second night, and his child was rising. Russell sat on the bed near his Princess to await her awakening.

Sookie could sense him near her, his blood calling to her, demanding she wake. Her eyes slowly began to open, adjusting to their improved sight. “Russell?” she called softly.

“I’m here Princess,” he said softly. He recalled the awkwardness and need to adjust to increased sight, sound, touch, and taste.

Sookie reached out for him needing that reassurance. Her body was healed from the abuse of the Weres but her mind was still scarred. She could still feel them, forcing their way into her body and hear Debbie’s laughter as she screamed in pain and the cheering of the others.

Russell leaned to her, letting her touch his arm. He lay down beside her, as he had rested during the day, and wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. “It’s okay, Sunshine,” Russell said, stroking her arms gently.

Sookie relaxed against him, her eyes finally opening fully. “Hey,” she said softly. “I knew you wouldn’t leave me.”

“Never,” he said softly. “They’ll never hurt you again.”

“Are they all dead?” she asked.

Yes, dear and Petey apologized.”

“How thoughtful . . .” Sookie snorted as she sat up. “Was that between screams?”

“And sobs,” Russell said. He sat up as well and helped her stand. “Can you see now?” he asked, making sure everything was okay.

“I can,” Sookie nodded as she took a look around. “Everything is so much clearer.”

“Everything will be more acute,” Russell added.

Turning to face Russell, Sookie dropped her eyes to the floor as she recalled some of the things the Weres had said and done to her. “They said you wouldn’t come for me, that you didn’t care,” she told him.

“And you know that’s false. I still have your surprise that I was travelling to get. I thankfully managed to obtain it early.”

Sookie smiled as she heard about her surprise; he had been teasing her about it for weeks and she couldn’t wait to see what it was, but first they had some business to take care of.

“Are you hungry?” Russell asked.

Sookie nodded as she felt her hunger well up in her. “Very.”

“Would you like someone before Debbie? If you go right for her, you might not be able to take your time.”

Sookie growled at the mention of the Werebitch’s name. She was looking forward to tearing into the bitches flesh and hearing her scream. “Someone first, please.”

Nodding Russell led to her the kitchens, where he had procured a few humans for her consumption.

Sookie licked her lips as she ran her eyes over them, she could feel her hunger growing as the sound of the blood pumping through their veins reached her ears. “Who are they?” she asked, not recognizing any of them.

“Tourists, stupid idiots; why they’d come at the end of winter I couldn’t guess.”

Stepping towards them, Sookie eyed them hungrily, her gums itched as her fangs pressed painfully against them. “Show me how.”

“Your fangs will automatically extend.” His fangs came out with a snick. “You will learn to control them with time. You will also probably speak with a lisp at first. Again, all that’s perfectly normal.”

He stepped up to the first young man. “Lick the pulse point first. Your saliva now has numbing and healing properties.” His tongue gently stroked over the pulse that was becoming faster. “When your meal is ready, slip your fangs in. You do not need to press hard. They should part the skin like a hot knife through butter,” he said the expression he had once heard her use with an exaggerated southern twang. “You might find it difficult to stop at first, but if you want I will keep you from killing them. Pay attention to the strength of their heartbeats. Fear speeds it, so try to calm them unless you want them dead. Once the strength wanes slightly — five or six mouthfuls at most for a fully grown man — withdraw.” He demonstrated sinking his fangs in, pulling a mouthful, and pulling away. “The saliva you left will slightly heal the wound, but you may need to apply more if you want them to feel no discomfort.” He licked the wound clean and stepped back.

Sookie let out a gasp as she felt her fangs drop for the first time “Oh.” Stepping towards one of the donors, she did as Russell instructed and licked his neck before sinking her fangs in. She moaned low in her throat as the first drop of blood touched her tongue and pulled on the wound harder. She was counting the mouthfuls of blood, she was taking when she felt the man’s hands reach out to touch her. “Don’t touch me,” she screamed, as she jumped back.

Russell’s arms went around her as the man stepped back. “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“He touched me!” Sookie growled. “I didn’t give him permission.” She could feel the hands of the Weres and the humans Debbie had brought to the house on her, assessing the merchandise. “Not allowed to touch me.”

“Alright,” Russell said with a nod. He grabbed the eyes of all three of the humans. “You will keep your hands and bodies to yourselves.” He stroked her hair gently. “You did so well, Sookie,” he praised.

Sookie flicked her eyes from Russell back to the glamored men as she took a step towards them. Grabbing the one who had touched her, she sank her fangs back into his neck hard, uncaring of whether or not she hurt him.

He shrieked in pain, eyes clenched and afraid. Russell just watched. If Sookie wanted him to keep her from killing him, she hadn’t said so.

Sookie drank deep, punishing the man for the actions of others. She didn’t care he was innocent or that he hadn’t been one of the ones to hurt her. She needed to assert some control and unluckily for the man he was her way of doing it.

Russell heard the man’s heart losing strength. He placed his hand on Sookie’s shoulder, neither encouraging nor dissuading her from pulling more blood. “He did not hurt you like they did. But we can easily glamour his disappearance to his friends. However, if you do not want to kill him you should stop.” His speech was in the language of the Romanian village near their home. Once he had stopped his torture of her, he began teaching her the language; since the village was isolated, they spoke a version of Romanian that was unique to themselves.

It wasn’t easy, but Sookie managed to pull back before she completely drained the man. Russell was right; he hadn’t hurt her and the Werebitch was waiting for her in the guard house. She would suffer for her actions, not the men in front of her.

“Good girl,” Russell praised. “Have some from the rest now. If you want to teach Debbie without losing control you need to be fully sated if not over full.”

Sookie nodded as she moved to the next man and repeated the actions, his blood didn’t taste as nice as the first and she wrinkled her nose as she pulled back, “I don’t like him as much.”

Russell licked some of the still healing wound from the first man before going over and licking the second. “Blood type, my dear. You don’t seem to like A-positive, but you do like O-negative. Try the third and we’ll see if it’s a penchant for O-neg or a dislike of A-pos.”

Moving towards the third Sookie tilted his head to the side and licked his neck before sinking her fangs in, she moaned at the first taste and pulled harder on the wound.

“Better than the first?” Russell asked with a smirk. He wanted to see if it would turn sexual for her as with most newborns or if she was too traumatized; as hinted by her earlier outburst.

Sookie nodded “He tastes sweeter,” she said, as she licked the last drop of blood of her lips. She flicked a finger at the man, dismissing him as she stepped closer to her maker.

Again, Russell licked the man’s wound and smiled down at his child. “You have good taste, my dear. AB-negative is the rarest, purest, and sweetest blood when it is not marred with drugs. Well done, Sunshine. I did not need to restrain you once. You have remarkable control.”

A smile lit up Sookie’s face at Russell’s praise “I had something to focus on,” she admitted; her mind going back to Debbie.

“Would you like your time with her now? Or we could see your surprise first.”

“My surprise,” Sookie replied with a small smile.

“Close your eyes,” Russell said, leading her out of the kitchen after he glamoured the men to forget the instance and enjoy the rest of their vacation.

He brought Sookie into the music room and stood her in front of the gift. “Open,” he said happily. Before her was a beautiful piano. “It’s an Erard original,” he said “Made in Paris for Louis XVI in 1775. This particular piano was thought to be destroyed in the French Revolution, but a Vampire had actually taken it and hidden it. And now Princess, this piano made for a king, is yours.”

Sookie took a step towards the piano and carefully ran her finger over the top “It’s beautiful,” she said her voice filled with emotion. “Thank you.”

“Most of that era are destroyed or so decayed now that they are worth little. This, however, is not.”

“It’s priceless to me,” Sookie said as she played a few notes.

“It will still be here when you finish with the Bitch,” he said, giving her something to look forward to.

A dark glint entered Sookie’s eyes at the thought of Debbie and she moved back towards Russell. “I think I’ve made her wait long enough.”

“Petey met his end in the dungeon; any preference for your location?” Russell asked, guiding Sookie towards the guard house where Debbie was still stored.

“My old room,” Sookie growled, her vampire side emerging as her anger grew. Debbie had raped her in that room and Sookie wanted to spill her blood where she had committed her worse crime.

He gestured her towards the door content to follow and see how she’d do.

Stepping inside the room Sookie groaned; the scent of death was heavy in the air and she found she liked it, especially considering whose death it was. Spying Debbie sleeping in the corner, Sookie strolled towards her; each step she took a memory popped into her head.

Debbie laughing as she screamed in pain as one Were after another fucked her up the ass.

Debbie’s hands on her body, her teeth sinking into her breasts.

Debbie ordering Petey to hold her still while she fucked her.

Crouching down beside the Werebitch Sookie twisted her fingers in her hair and yanked her head back hard. “Wakey-wakey.”

Debbie shouted awake and in pain. She cracked her eyes and then smiled “Good morning, Sunshine.” It was her usual greeting.

“Not this time,” Sookie replied darkly as she yanked Debbie to her feet with ease. “At least not for you.”

“And never again for you, I see,” Debbie said smartly, grunting with the pull on her body to stand.

Sookie smiled and ran her tongue over her new fangs, “I’ve traded the sun for the moon and stars,” she said, as she started to drag Debbie out of the guard room.

Debbie let herself be pulled, not fighting at all. “Where are you taking me?” she asked.

“To where it all began,” Sookie replied cryptically “to where you sealed your fate.”

Debbie relaxed as much as she could into Sookie’s hold. She knew to save her energy for when it mattered.

Sookie dragged Debbie through the gardens back to the main house and towards her old room throwing her inside. “Fitting don’t you think, that it will all end where it started?” she said.

Debbie looked around. “I recall it started in Jackson; this still looks like this frozen shithole.”

“True,” Sookie admitted, as she took a step back. “It did start in Mississippi, but here is where our story really started. Before here all you really were was the junkie whore Alcide had the misfortune to once love but it all changed here.”

“No. Before here you were the bitch who killed Coot and who fucked Alcide when he wanted me back; don’t try to simplify it. You’re all pissed, but if you kill me, you’re still one up. You killed my fia — my future husband. To save a vamp you plan on offing anyways.”

A cruel laugh spilled from Sookie’s lips as she stalked towards Debbie, “You really are delusional, aren’t you? I know you don’t believe it, but I never killed that poor excuse for a Were you called a fiancee. That was all your precious Alcide’s doing.” Looking over her shoulder to Russell she added, “Best thing he ever did if you ask me. He wasn’t a very good Were.”

“You’re full of shit, you stupid bitch!” Debbie shouted. Her Alcide wouldn’t do that. Unless it was a fight to death for her in a traditional challenge and they were naked. And whoever won fucked her in front of everyone; the Were way.

“Shot him right in the head,” Sookie taunted. “It was a beautiful thing to see, you should’ve been there.”

Debbie shifted and lunged at Sookie, her jaws snapping at her legs as drool and some foam flowed from between her snarling teeth.

Sookie didn’t hesitate the second Debbie lunged for her leg, she pulled her foot back and swung it at the wolf, kicking her clear across the room. She smiled as she watched her crash into the wall hard.

Debbie yelped and whimpered with the impact. But she remained in wolf form. She knew well that there was only one door and no windows that would lead her out. So she needed to get through Sookie. She snarled, snapping her teeth towards the vampire, watching her movements carefully.

Sookie hissed at Debbie as she crouched down ready to attack, there was no way that bitch was getting by her. Sookie hadn’t had her fun yet.

Debbie tried to move to the side, hoping Sookie would do the proper fighting move and circle with her to retain her position.

Sookie cocked her head to the side as she watched Debbie. “Do you think Alcide will be upset when I mail him your heart?” she taunted.

Debbie couldn’t respond in wolf form, so instead she feinted left and ran towards the right, ready to leave.

Sookie threw herself forward, tackling Debbie before she had a chance to make it to the door. She grabbed hold of her jaw and crushed it under her hand, her new vampire strength coming in handy. “It’s not time to leave yet.”

Debbie yelped as she was crushed to the floor and her jaw was held shut with a punishing hand. She shifted back, trying to dislodge herself from the baby vampire’s grip. “Get off me!” she shouted.

“Why would I want to do that?” Sookie asked, as she hauled Debbie to her feet. “We are just getting started.”

Debbie grunted as she was lifted again. “Sookie – imagine what this’ll do to Alcide! He wants me. He needs me. I was going to go back to him as soon as Russell released me.”

“Then I’ll be doing him a favor,” Sookie replied, as she threw the Werebitch to the other side of the room.

Debbie cried out as she hit the ground. “He’ll be devastated!”

“He’ll get over it,” Sookie replied dismissively.

“I’ll get off the V, Sookie!” Debbie cried. “I’ll change — for him.”

“And do what? Settle down, get married, and have his pups?” Sookie asked.

“Yes! He wanted my pups. And I want to give them to him. I wasn’t ready then, but now I am,” Debbie said, hope exploding through her.

“Then I really am doing the world a favor,” Sookie replied. Looking over her shoulder at Russell she added, “Can you imagine how fucked up her pups would be?” Russell nodded and let out a laugh but watched their interaction intently.

“Sookie it’ll kill him,” she cried.

“You seem to be under the impression I care,” Sookie said. Slowly she started to advance on the Werebitch. She could read her easily and she knew Debbie was trying to play on her weaknesses; she couldn’t wait to show her just how fucked she was.

“You don’t care about your friend? He rescued you from that vamp. You’re gonna do somethin’ that’ll destroy him without a care?”

“Yes,” Sookie replied simply.

Debbie stalled unsure of how to reply. She knew Sookie to be weak, to do what her friends’ desired. To follow a vampire who was sent to take her and save him; mainly to be a dumb shit.

“No Debbie, I did dumb shit, but not anymore,” Sookie said, dipping into the Werebitch’s mind. “But please, tell me how you’re going to return to Alcide and have his pups. It’s amusing me.”

Debbie snarled at her lunging again as she shifted once more — it would be the last time she’d be able and she needed to make it count. She bound towards Sookie but switched to run towards the door; hopefully before the baby vamp noticed.

Before she realized what was happening, Sookie was in front of Debbie cutting her off. “Did you really think that was going to work?” she asked.

Debbie lunged trying to sink her teeth into Sookie’s calf.

Sookie balled her hand into a fist and brought it down hard on the Wolf’s head, her anger getting worse with each passing second.

Debbie yelped, a headache exploding suddenly, but she didn’t stop. Her head still whipped up and her teeth snapped at Sookie’s abdomen.

Sookie lifted her hand again and brought it down harder, she heard the crack of bones breaking and smiled.

The wolf yelped out in pain as her ribs shattered. She couldn’t keep her form and shifted back, crying in pain when she did.

“Now that’s much better,” Sookie said, as she bent down and yanked Debbie back up. “I told you, you wouldn’t get away with it.”

“Away with what?” Debbie wheezed. Even in pain, she was going to fight this cunt.

Wrapping her hand around Debbie’s neck, Sookie lifted her into the air effortlessly, “Raping me,” Sookie said bluntly. “By my hand or Russell’s you will die.”

Debbie’s airflow was cut off and she couldn’t respond as Sookie’s hand held her. Her legs kicked uselessly as she struggled to be released.

Loosening her hold, Sookie threw her backwards as her eyes landed on some of Debbie’s toys. “You’re the only one left now, the others all paid for their crimes.”

“And you moaned like a whore,” Debbie said once she caught her breath. She laughed. “You actually came a few times. So don’t pretend you didn’t love it.”

“You’re sick,” Sookie spat. “You actually think I enjoyed that? You think I enjoyed being raped for days on end?”

“If the way you were writhing there in pleasure was any indicator, you certainly liked parts,” Debbie said with a sadistic smile.

Sookie shook her head in disgust. There were no parts of it she had liked, she had screamed and begged them all to stop and they had laughed at her. The louder she screamed in pain the more they hurt her. It was like a game to them.

“And we all certainly liked it, Sunshine,” Debbie giggled.

“You’re a sick bitch,” Sookie snarled. “And you need to be put down.”

“At least I won’t die a blood sucking fanger. Actually, wanna give me some of your blood? I bet your V tastes as sweet as your pussy did.”

Sookie advanced on Debbie slowly; her words were just spurring her on. Sookie knew it was Debbie’s last night; she would die that night. She could say all she wanted it didn’t matter anymore. She had survived. Debbie wouldn’t.

Debbie smirked. “Come on, Sunshine; just open a vein. I can take it straight from the source.” She licked her lips lewdly.

Sookie said nothing as she continued to advance on the Werebitch, backing her up with each step she took.

When Debbie hit the wall by Sookie’s old blanket/bed, she stood and faced the baby Vampire. “What, want to eat me again?” she asked. She grabbed her bare breasts, having torn her clothes when she shifted, and held them to Sookie.

Sookie still said nothing as she stared at her. She refused to let Debbie’s words get to her. Everything she had done, she had been forced to do, none of it was by choice.

“Want one last lick? Is that it?” Debbie asked. “I’ll lay back for you. That tongue worked wonders.”

Russell watched from the door as his child advanced on the Werebitch, he wasn’t sure how Sookie was able to keep her calm, he was ready to rip Debbie’s head off for the things she was saying to his girl. The bitch felt no remorse for what she had done and she was probably lucky it was Sookie who was dealing with her as she would have been in pieces already if it would have been him.

Debbie tweaked her own nipples and licked her lips taunting Sookie.

Sookie smiled cruelly as she caged Debbie in. “I’m going to ask you the same question you asked me,” she said, recalling the word Debbie had said to her before she raped her for the first time. “Fast or slow?”

“You know I like it all ways, Sunshine,” Debbie said as her eyes trained on Sookie.

“Yes, I seem to remember you bending over and letting Betsy fuck you with a strap on.” She ran her tongue over her fangs, the need for blood rising in her.

Oh, did you like that? Did you get off watching it?” Debbie asked, taunting.

“Nobody could get off looking at your emancipated ass,” Sookie replied finally backing the Werebitch up as far as she could.

Debbie was pressed into a corner but stood up to her. “Jealous of Bets? Wanted the taste yourself?”

Sookie laughed darkly as she ran her eyes over Debbie. “I can see why Alcide moved on so quickly,” she said suddenly. “Sure, he pretended to be hung up on you, but you had to have known he was fucking half the Werebitches at the bar. They loved that hurt puppy act of his.”

Anger flared up in her. “Satisfied knowing you were just another cunt in the line of Bitches he fucked, are you?” Debbie asked.

“The best he said,” Sookie retorted. “Last time we spoke, he was looking forward to introducing me to Jackson. He said I was the kind of woman he could take home to meet the family.”

Debbie laughed in her face. “Well have fun there, Sunshine. Jackson is a drunk and an addict. He would sooner grope your tits than invite you to dinner.”

Sookie tilted her head to the side as she regarded Debbie. “Didn’t Alcide tell you?” she questioned, a smile taking over her face.

“Please, you were just an available pussy. Don’t think that I’ll believe a word you say,” Debbie said a growl coming from her throat.

“He didn’t,” Sookie laughed, amusement clear in her eyes. “Alcide was so happy when he told me. He said things were finally looking up for him, for them.”

“And I’m sure Jackson moved out of his trailer into a three-bedroom house with Alcide. Where he no longer hires prostitutes, and he’s even gonna be Packmaster!” Debbie replied with an eye roll.

“I wouldn’t go that far,” Sookie chortled, toying with her. “One bedroom flat and a job, thanks to some woman called…” Sookie trailed off as she pretended to try to recall the name, “Caroline… No, Christine, that’s it; Christine Larrabee.”

Debbie laughed again. “Yeah, he’s probably fucking his Packmaster’s wife. That’s why she’s helping him; doesn’t make him any better than you or me.”

“Her husband’s dead,” Sookie replied with a frown. “Didn’t anyone tell you that? For a Were you don’t know very much, do you?”

“Not my pack, sweetheart,” Debbie said.

“No, but it’s Alcide’s, or it is now, he was joining them,” Sookie said. “He stated he was ready to step up to the challenge.”

“And if I can go back there I’ll join him,” Debbie responded.

“But sweetheart . . . you’re not going back there,” Sookie said. “Alcide will settle down, marry and have a litter of pups with some other Bitch.”

“And I’ll die knowing I had you on your back, moaning like a whore. Like a Bitch in heat, waiting for the next cock to fill your hole.”

“No, Debbie, you will die screaming in agonizing pain, begging for your mommy, like the pathetic little bitch you are,” Sookie countered.

“But it won’t change the fact you were a whore. Won’t alter that you have been fucked by dozens of men . . . including Compton; who was only there to take you to his queen.”

“Being taken against your will is not being a whore,” Sookie said simply. “You, Debbie, who spread your legs for every member of your now dead pack, are a whore.”

“Last I knew selling or being sold for sex is a whore. And I made a pretty penny off your three holes,” Debbie taunted.

“Shame you won’t get to spend it,” Sookie shrugged, refusing to let her words get to her. “You don’t have to worry about us doing the same to you, no one would buy what you’ve got. It’s damaged goods.”

“And my goods made you moan Sookie. Never forget that. And now you’ll have a long time to remember.”

“You keep telling yourself that but now . . . I’m gonna make you scream.” Before Debbie had a chance to reply, Sookie lunged at her and sank her fangs painfully into her neck, tearing into her flesh.

Debbie did scream at the bite; shoving against Sookie.

Sookie twisted her hand in Debbie’s hair and yanked her head back hard. She twisted her fangs in the Werebitch’s neck; widening the bite mark and making it hurt even more.

Debbie struggled, her nails clawing against her captor. Her broken ribs did not help her struggles to breathe as her neck was being torn open.

Blood dripped from Sookie’s chin as she pulled back, “Were blood is revolting,” she groaned.

Russell laughed at the messy eater that his child was being. “Never had a good fullblood Were.” He laughed again and pulled out a synthetic blood. “Make sure she doesn’t bleed out.”

“We wouldn’t want this to end too soon, would we?” Sookie grinned, as she took the bottle of blood and forced Debbie to drink it.

Debbie coughed as the bottle was shoved in her mouth and partly down her throat. She spit up some of the blood as she coughed.

“Much better,” Sookie said. “But I think we need a change of scenery. Let see how she fairs in the old playroom, shall we?”

“You’d know more than me about that location,” Debbie snarled, ignoring that the question wasn’t addressed to her.

“How long do you think she’ll last?” Sookie asked, ignoring Debbie’s words as she dragged her out the room and down the hallway.

Russell shrugged, “It depends on what your plan entails.”

“Can I play with your knives?” Sookie asked, as she stuck her bottom lip out. “Please.”

“Of course Princess; you can use whatever you’d like. Just be careful. And I will tell you which are silver. If you use those, you must handle them with gloves.”

Dragging Debbie into the room, she threw her on the table, happy to see Petey’s body had been removed, “Now, where should we begin?”

Debbie kicked at her and tried to scramble off of the table. “Do not forget to secure the Bitch,” Russell reminded unnecessarily.

Fisting her hands in Debbie’s hair, Sookie slammed her head hard against the table before placing the restraints over her arms and legs.

Debbie screamed loudly, if nothing else hoping to agitate the sensitive hearing of the new vampire.

Grabbing one of Russell’s knives, Sookie gripped Debbie’s jaw hard and snarled “You’re making too much noise.” Pinching Debbie’s tongue between her fingers, Sookie smirked as she raised the knife and swiped, cutting it off in one smooth movement.

Debbie was choking on her blood at the same time as she was trying to scream without her tongue. The result was a goat’s bleat, punctuated by the sounds of someone drowning in their blood. “Make sure to cauterize that with something hot or you could just spit in her mouth to close the wound,” Russell said, “or she’ll just die from that.”

“I could always use my curling iron,” Sookie mused before spitting into Debbie’s mouth. “But I don’t have them handy.”

The blood stopped seeping from where her tongue used to be. She continued bleating, but couldn’t do much more than that and struggle.

Picking up the knife again, Sookie slowly moved it over Debbie’s chest, the blade nicking the skin. Sookie watched as blood bubbled to the surface; she used the knife as a paintbrush and spread the blood around, digging into the Werebitch’s flesh when she needed more red.

Debbie bleated her pain while Russell gave tips and pointers when he felt necessary. “If you don’t want to cut, stroke with the dull edge of the knife. Then you could jab upwards to pierce with the tip of the blade.”

Sookie did as he suggested and grinned at the result. “She’s never looked so good.”

“You’re doing beautiful work there,” Russell praised.

Sookie smiled at the praise as she turned the knife over and started carving patterns in Debbie’s bloody flesh.

Debbie was bleating and struggling best she could. “Dear, she’s still so noisy. Would you like a gag?” Russell asked, gesturing to various gags he had in the room.

“Please,” Sookie nodded.

He grabbed two kinds: a ball gag and one with a phallus instead. He held them both out to her, letting his child choose.

Sookie eyed the gags before deciding to use the ball gag, the other reminded her of having things stuffed in her mouth, and she wasn’t going to go there. Shoving the gag in Debbie’s mouth, Sookie fastened it so she couldn’t spit it out, “Now that’s much better,” she said, as she reached for a pair of pliers and moved to Debbie’s hand. “You’re not going to need your fingernails anymore.”

Debbie clenched her hands in a fist and shook her head side to side. She twisted her wrist, trying to make it as hard to get to her nails as possible.

“I supposed I could just break your hands first,” Sookie mused, as she laid her hand over Debbie’s fist and started squeezing it.

Debbie didn’t care; she wouldn’t unclench her fist. A muffled cry was heard as the bones in her hand broke and her fingers loosened.

“Maybe I should take the whole finger instead, what do you think?” Sookie asked.

Debbie shook her head hard, but Russell smirked and said, “Now you’re getting there!”

“Will these work for that?” Sookie asked, holding up in the pliers.

“Anything can work, Princess. You just need the right force and leverage.”

Sookie grinned as she closed the pliers around one of Debbie’s fingers, “If I don’t get it right first time I’ve got another seven fingers to practice on.”

“And ten toes,” Russell said, listening to the crunch the pliers made as Sookie held them too tight and crushed the bone. “Now what you’re doing there will just destroy the finger, bone and all. You can remove it that way, just crushing the bone and ripping the skin off. However, you need to take more care if you want to have a whole bone ripped from the joint in which it sits.”

“Show me,” Sookie requested with a pout.

Russell took the pliers from her hand and smirked when he saw Debbie’s eyes go wide. He put the pliers back where Sookie had gripped too tightly. He gripped just as hard and pulled, ripping the skin and bone away, but leaving a bloody nub at the bottom. “See, that’s the section you missed by crushing the bone.” He took a scalpel and cut away Debbie’s skin from the bottom knuckle to the second. “See the kind of joint we have here. It’s different than a thumb, It only moves one way: up and down. If you take the pliers too hard, you’ll crush the bone. If you pull to the side, you’ll crack it still. The trick to removing the finger is separating it exactly where the phalange meets the metacarpal — those are both of the bones.” He took the pliers to the exposed bone and pulled, with just enough force, to separate Debbie’s entire finger from her hand.

Taking the pliers back from Russell, Sookie tried to do as she showed. She was hit or miss, crushing some fingers before she learned how to apply just the right amount of pressure and rip the finger off.

“Excellent!” Russell praised after she had gotten it right twice in a row. “You’re getting better.  However; I think with that last one, your Were passed out.” He looked to Debbie who was breathing shallowly and was no longer conscious.

“She’s no fun,” Sookie complained with a smile.

“When they pass out you have two options: continue and have them wake up later or stop to wake them up so they can rejoin the fun. Petey passed out twice. One time I could slap him awake. The other I needed to toss cold water on him.”

“It’s not as much fun if she doesn’t know what’s happening. Let’s wake her up,” Sookie said.

He gestured to her to go ahead. He planned on observing and teaching more than any real participation. It was Sookie’s revenge to take.

Leaning over Debbie, Sookie pulled her hand back and slapped her hard. “Oops,” she said, as she heard something crack. “I might have hit her a little too hard.”

“That’s okay,” Russell said as he looked at Debbie. “It was just her cheek bone. I don’t think you snapped her neck or anything. But that is part of this lesson, Sookie. You are a vampire, so you need to be always conscious of your strength.”

Sookie nodded as she slapped Debbie again; this time not as hard. She grinned as she saw the Werebitch start to wake. “We thought we lost you there for a second.” Debbie’s eyes blinked to orient herself before the waves of pain hit her. Her hand, her ribs, her mouth, and now her face were all in pain.

“Aren’t you enjoying yourself?” Sookie asked, remembering how Debbie would ask her the same question at certain points.

Debbie looked at her defiantly and with the finger that hadn’t been removed, told her to fuck off.

“Silly me, I forgot one,” Sookie said, as she grabbed the finger. This time she intentionally used too much strength and crushed the finger; she twisted the pliers as she tugged, taking the finger a little bit at a time.

Debbie bleated mutely behind the gag.

“All gone,” Sookie said, as she threw the twisted mess of a finger to the ground. Debbie lay there, panting through the pain. Her chest was heaving, only making her ribs hurt more.

Dropping the pliers Sookie placed her hand on Debbie’s chest and pressed down hard, making even harder for her to breathe.

A strangled cry erupted from Debbie’s throat. Her head flailed from side to side in pain.

Picking up her knife again, Sookie pressed it between the valley of Debbie’s breasts and slowly dragged it down her body, adding more pressure as she went.

Debbie thrashed again when she felt her skin being split, the farther down Sookie went.

Sookie flicked the knife over Debbie’s stomach, with each slash she made a memory would rise to the surface.

Debbie forcing her to lick her cunt while – Betsy fucked her from behind.

Debbie bringing in her first customer; holding her down and allowing him to fuck her.

Debbie tying her up bent over a table and leaving her like that so the Weres could fuck her whenever they wanted.

“That’s it Princess. It’s her fault. Take it out on her,” Russell said, placing a hand on her shoulder.

Sookie slammed the knife into Debbie’s stomach with force as she recalled everything the Werebitch had done to her. The physical abuse, the emotional, and the sexual; it all came out in a flurry of violence.

Debbie thrashed and a gurgling came from her throat as blood seeped out of the wound. “Keep going, Sunshine. Let it out, all out on her,” Russell said gently.

Dropping the knife Sookie tore into Debbie’s flesh with her bare hands. She could hear Debbie’s laughter in her head as Petey made good on his promise and raped her with her baseball bat, her cheers encouraging him.

Russell watched as Sookie literally tore Debbie apart. She used her fingers, teeth, everything available to rip into Debbie’s flesh. Sookie didn’t realize it, but she was shouting at Debbie. And when she was done, Russell wrapped his arms around his bloody child. “That will never happen to you again. You are safe now,” he assured her.

Sookie sagged into his arms, her anger spent at having torn Debbie apart. “They hurt me,” she cried.

“And this is a part of healing,” Russell assured. “You will heal. You will move on. They will not. They are all gone and cannot hurt you again.”

“You promise?” Sookie asked, as she lifted her head.

“For you, Princess, anything. I promise,” Russell said with a gentle smile.

Wrapping her arms around his waist, Sookie rested her head against his chest as she let the tension and unease flow out of her. Unlike almost everyone else in her life, Russell had never lied to her or broken a promise.

Russell lifted her up, carrying her as he did after a session when she was human. He took her into one of the various showers and, not undressing either of them, stepped under the water once it heated to wash away the blood and every other toxic thing Sookie needed to wash away.

Sookie stood under the spray of hot water and let the filth be washed away. She watched as the blood circled the drain, her eyes fixed on it. Everything was different now, she was different.

Russell pulled his own shirt off his body before shedding the rest of his clothes and went to strip her as well, but asking first “May I?” He had seen her naked plenty, stripped her without consent before. But now he knew she needed to give it.

Sookie paused for a second as she thought about it. She knew there was nothing sexual in it with him, neither of them saw the other one that way and he was gay and proved by the fact that he had seen her naked hundreds of times. “Yes,” she finally vocalized while nodding her consent.

Russell, with care, gently undressed her, hardly able to see anything due to the steam rising around them. He used some shampoo, massaging her scalp and getting blood and other parts of Debbie out to flow down the drain.

Sookie let Russell take care of her, her mind hardly processing it as he cleaned her of all the blood. She couldn’t remember the last time she had had a shower, The Weres refused to let her bathe.

He didn’t need to condition her hair, since her Vampire hair would look perfect, and the shampoo was just to get the stray Debbie out. After washing his own hair, he moved to clean her body. He used a gentle soap with a slight vanilla scent. Even still she smelled like sunshine; Russell didn’t want to wash that away. He ran the loofah over her body making sure all was clean. Nothing was sexual with him, and he knew; she knew it as well. So when he ensured nothing had healed wrong between her legs, he was happy to note, for her sake, that his blood had done its job. He quickly washed himself and turned off the water. Large warmed towels were there for him, and he wrapped his waist first, before lifting her out of the shower and gently towel drying her hair and then her body. He then wrapped her in the warm towel and hugged her closely.

“I’ll be okay,” Sookie said softly, seeking to reassure him. “I’m not a victim.”

“I know Princess,” Russell said with a gentle stroke of her hair. “Would you play your new piano for me?” he asked.

Sookie smiled her first real smile since she had walked into her old cell. “Yes,” she said. The light returning to her eyes as she grabbed his hand and dragged him towards the door.


14 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Fifteen

  1. nancy517 says:

    Brilliant!!! Debbie’s torture was perfect!! I love how attentive Russell is with Sookie. I bet he is going to spoil her from now on. Sookie will always be his princess. Russell can’t be killed now that he’s Sookie’s maker. Thank you for an awesome chapter! 🙂

  2. msbuffy says:

    I agree with you. lostinspace33. I’m glad Debbie’s torture is over & perhaps we won’t read of the horrors of Sookie’s terrible ordeal anymore. I think it may have been cathartic for her, at least the first step anyway. Surely she will need more. This was a terrifically written chapter.

  3. Carol Abramson says:

    She is a tremendous student of “Torture 101” but then again I suppose she is an advanced student. I love how understanding Russell is with Sookie, maybe he’s the father figure she never had? Well at least since he stopped torturing her he could fill that role. I liked your very realistic first feeding scene where one of the men tried to touch her. I’m looking forward to the surprise of where your taking this story and can’t wait to see what’s happening with Eric. He must have been Fairy whammied to have been so close to Sookie’s scent and then go off to fuck instead of pursuing the lead. It was also weird that they they killed all their leads. So thanks for the update, I’m looking forward to much more!

  4. duckbutt60 says:

    Hope the torture of Debbie was the BEGINNING of her therapy –she still has a long way to go to heal –and I do hope that Russell will be there for her. amazing relationship they’ve seemed to have developed…

  5. MistressCinder says:

    OH. MY. GODDESS!! This story is so heartbreaking, painful and yet well written. I am compelled to read and I am beyond intrigued with where the plot is going. Sookie by killing Debbie showed her more mercy than she deserved. Debbie was such an unrepentant & unredeemable cunt. Hopefully, killing Debbie helped her release at least some of her anger. Sookie is going to have a long recovery ahead. Still trying to figure out what Claudette’s game is. Was she incapacitating Eric to trade him to Russell for Sookie? I hope we will get to the bottom of it soon…

  6. Adriana says:

    Ah!! that was very satisfying to read. That horrible bitch deserved to be taken out and Sookie did a fine job. I am intrigued how being Russell’s child will factor into Eric’s search. (He’s still searching, yes?) Ooooh, I just thought of something…I can’t wait for Sookie to kick Pam’s ass!

    Lovely work, ladies! You are both brilliant!

  7. Rebecca says:

    I have to say that if in the summary you had said that Russell would turn Sookie then I never would have gone near this story. But to my surprise I really am enjoying this story. I am anxious to see Eric’s reaction to knowing that Russell is her maker now

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    I think that was good for her soul. It was the perfect release to start fresh, start new and know that she will never be a victim again. Knowing that Russell will never hurt her again like that will be a plus in her mind. I am assuming Russell heard her scream every filthy thing they did to her including the bat. But i am sure there are more Weres out there that need handled in the same way as Russell handled the first group or i wonder if Eric and Claudette got the rest.. looking forward to more. KY

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