Answer to the Master Chapter Fifty-Eight

AttM 58

Break on Through (to the Other Side)

The vampire snarled at the one who spoke. He was not only large, but he was carrying a massive weapon. Her fingers tensed claw-like.

“Sookie. As you Maker, I command you to kneel where you are,” Russell’s voice was sharp, but gentle in its tone.

The vampire growled as she felt her body move without her permission and she hissed as she was forced to her knees.

“Sookie, look at me,” Russell continued his command. “Relax your body.”

Sookie fought against his command, thrashing wildly as her eyes darted around, seeking an escape. She needed to keep running, that was the only thing on her mind. Run.

“Sookie,” Russell said, slowly stepping towards her. He stopped a moment and bit his wrists, letting the blood flow in hopes she would recognize her scent as his.

Sookie’s eyes darted to his wrist as the scent of his blood hit the air. She canted her head and mewled in confusion as his blood registered with her. She knew that scent; it was like hers, only different. Stronger.

Russell also sank to his knees before her. “Come here, Sookie,” he asked her. “I will not harm you. I will protect you.”

“Run,” Sookie grunted as she eyed her Maker.

“You don’t need to run anymore,” Russell told her. He extended his hand to her.

Sookie eyed his hand cautiously, unsure if she should take it. She had been running for so long that she no longer knew how to do anything but run. Lifting her head, she cast her eyes over the other people present, snarling at them in warning until her eyes landed on Eric.

Eric looked at her. She was the same woman who had been captive years before. Now she needed his help in a different way than he did before. He handed his sword to Nora before walking slowly up to her. “Sookie,” he said softly. His palms were up, showing her he had nothing to harm her with.

Sookie eyed Eric suspiciously, but made no move to run. Something deep inside her told her he meant her no harm. It was like there was something in her that she had forgotten that was calling out to him.

Once he was right in front of her, Eric stopped and extended his hand. “You’re safe, Sookie,” he told her.

Sookie frowned as she stared at his hands, a memory tickled at her mind of those same hands on her body, bringing her pleasure. “Er…ic?”

“Yes,” he replied. “Yes, Sookie. I’m here.”

Sookie’s hand shook as she lifted it and slipped it into Eric’s. “Eric,” she repeated.

Eric fell to his knees, pulling Sookie into his arms and holding her tightly.

Sookie clung to him, breathing in his scent. She was still so confused, but being in his arms felt right. It felt good.

“Sookie, we’re here to help you,” he said to her. He leaned back a little, not releasing her, but looking in her eyes.

“Eric,” Sookie said again, her voice coming in even stronger. “Run, hunt.”

“You don’t need to run anymore,” he told her. “I’ve got you. When was the last time you ate?”

“Run… Hunt,” Sookie repeated, trying to make him understand.

“I think they’ve been huntin‘ her,” Ailis said, stepping out from behind Nathaniel. “That’s what she’s tryin‘ to tell you. I think she’s been leadin‘ them ’round by their noses.”

“Is that it, Sookie? Have they been chasing you?” Eric asked softly while simultaneously telling everyone to prepare for an attack.

Sookie nodded. “Want me for his own, but can’t catch me,” she said, regaining some of her speech.

“He won’t get you. Not with us here. You need to tell me, Sookie. When was the last time you fed?”

Sookie tried to think back on how long it had been. She could remember a black haired woman whose blood was bitter but nourishing. Time moved so different there that she couldn’t remember exactly how long it had been, but if she had to guess. ‘Eight months.”

“You need to eat,” Eric told her. “Will you feed from me? From your Maker?”

Sookie flicked her eyes between the two before nodding. She knew she needed blood, but she hadn’t been able to get near any of the small villages to grab anyone.

Eric extended his wrist to her, watching to see how weak she was.

Sookie’s mouth practically watered at the thought of fresh blood, and she reached for Eric’s wrist and brought it to her mouth. Her fangs slipped down into place, and she pierced Eric’s skin, moaning as she got her first taste of blood in months.

“That’s it,” he told her, monitoring how much she took.

Sookie could feel her body reenergizing as she drank Eric’s blood, the fatigue that had been plaguing her for months slowly fading away.

“Let Russell help,” he told her, gently pulling his arm away as her Maker stepped forward, extending his wrist as well.

Sookie didn’t even hesitate as she sank her fangs into her Maker’s wrist. This was what she needed. What she had been craving.

Roman and Nora also stepped up. “If you need more, we will help,” Roman spoke for them.

“I think she will be fine with just us,” Russell said, seeing his child health return to her. “I can feel our blood working its way inside her.”

“We need to be ready in case they come,” Eric warned. If they were chasing Sookie and Sookie had stopped, they needed to be prepared to fight.

“They’ll come,” Sookie said, looking up at them all. Eric and Russell’s blood had gone a long way to repairing the damage her body had sustained through not feeding.

“Set some lookouts,” Nora ordered, turning to Nathaniel. “We want to know the minute they find us.”

Vampires were set out along a perimeter, watching for any approaching. “How long before they find us, do you think?” Nora asked no one in particular.

“About eight minutes, forty-seven seconds,” Dermot replied, looking at the horizon.

“That’s… That’s just weird,” Ailis said, eyeing the fairy.

“What? You can’t do that?” Dermot asked.

“No,” Ailis said, shaking her head. “Not down to the second… or at all.”

“Well,” he smirked at her boyishly, “You’re lucky I’m here.”

“I’m countinme blessins’,” Ailis replied with a flirtatious smile.

“Is that an Irish accent I hear?” Dermot asked, his eyes shining.

“Aye, I’m Irish born and bred,” Ailis said with a nod.

“As am I, lass,” Dermot told her, playing up his old accent. “Though I wager it was well before you were born.” He looked around as the vampires coated their weapons with mercury. “We should be doing the same,” he gestured with a nod.

“And how old would you be?” Ailis asked as she grabbed the small pouch of mercury she had gotten from Jesus and started to coat her blades.

Dermot does the same, replying, “About 700. I’m not entirely sure, but it was before the Black Death. That’s what took my mum from my brother and me, though the English invaders suffered more.”

Ailis frowned at his words. She could’ve sworn Fintan told them his mother was killed by the fairies that had tortured her Maker. “You’re definitely older than me then,” she said, refusing to mention what Fintan had told them yet. There’d be time for that later, if they all survived.

“Well, dear, you’ll have to let me know if you like older men.” He laughed at his joke. “Five minutes twenty-one seconds,” he says softly.

“I usually do,” Ailis replied seriously. “I find they’re better lovers.”

“Are you two really flirting right now?” Nora asked, rolling her eyes. Her child could find dick in a convent.

“Let me guess. You’re English,” Dermot replied scowling at her.

“Yeah, you got a problem with that?” Nora asked unfazed.

Dermot shook his head. “Just confirming a suspicion.” He winked at Ailis before watching as Russell and Eric helped Sookie up, arming her with a sword and going through the plan.

“I can see them,” Nathaniel called, spying a small band of Danann approaching from the left. “They’re heavily armed.”

“Is Warlow with them?” Russell asked.

“No,” Nathaniel answered. “I believe this is just a scouting party. They are probably only tasked with locating her.”

“We need to make sure they don’t get word back,” Eric growled.

“There is only four of them, and they’re coming straight at us,” Nathaniel informed them.

There were over twenty vampires with them, so it was no problem for them to surround the Danann, easily cutting them down with the deadly mercury.

“Others will come looking for them soon,” Nathaniel said as he wiped his blade down, cleaning off the blood before coating it in mercury again. “And, I would guess Warlow will be with them.”

“Sookie, do you know where your cousin is?”

“In the main village,” Sookie replied, her sense having returned. “He was helping me stay one step ahead of Warlow.”

“So he is on your side. Do we need to get him out?” Eric asked.

“We will if Warlow finds out he’s been helping me,” Sookie said. “Hunter actually likes it here. He’s the stud of the moment,” Sookie grimaced as she said the words, finding the whole thing disgusting.

“Once Warlow and the other fighters are gone, Danann will fall into chaos. I’ve seen it before. We’ll need to get him out,” Dermot told them. “If you are specific, Sookie, I can get him and return.”

“Jason?” Sookie questioned confused, having just noticed him.

“Uncle Dermot,” the fairy told her. “I look like a Jason?”

“Yeah, Fintan warned us you did,” Sookie replied slightly suspicious. “Where is Fintan?”

Dermot’s face fell. He knew he was on his way to fulfilling his promise to his brother. “My brother left our world for the Summerlands. Our father killed him. I swore to him I would help and protect you, Sookie.”

Fintan’s dead?” Sookie said, turning to Eric, wanting him to tell her it wasn’t true.

“He is,” Eric replied.

“I was there,” Russell told her. “He died a warrior’s death.”

“And, Niall?” Sookie questioned, wanting to know he was dead as well. She would mourn for her grandfather later.

“He’s dead,” Eric told her.

“Good,” Sookie growled, not feeling an ounce of sorrow. She only hoped it was painful.

“Are you ready to take on Warlow?” Eric asked her.

“I am,” Sookie said firmly. “I’m ready to end this, one way or another.”

“I will protect you, Sookie,” Eric told her, cupping her cheek.

Sookie leaned into his touch, allowing herself to take comfort in him. She had missed him more than she could ever describe. Her time in Danann had been lengthy and painful. She had no idea time moved so slowly there when she allowed herself to be taken, and she hated it. A day felt like forever there. It felt like it had been several lifetimes since she had last laid eyes on her Viking lover.

“Just one more fight, Lover,” Eric told her. “And then we’ll go home. We’ll leave Louisiana. Spend month’s just fucking and enjoying life.”

“You promise?” Sookie asked, smiling up at him as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

“I do,” he pressed his lips to hers.

Sookie smiled against his lips, sending a burst of love through the bond they had formed. “Just you and me?”

“Whatever you want, Lover.”

“Oh please,” Pam sneered, rolling her eyes. She would’ve thought by now her Maker would’ve gotten over his silly infatuation with Sookie. He had fucked her it should be done with.

Russell reached over and smacked the back of her head. He gripped her by her shirt collar and dragged Pam over to the other side of the group of vampires.

“We’ve got incoming,” Nathaniel called out again, seeing another party of Danann heading their way. “Warlow is with them.”

Russell gripped Pam’s neck. “You will cut out this bratty shit, or I will have no qualms for ripping off your head and shoving it up your spoiled, over privileged and honestly tacky ass.”

Pam felt real fear grip her heart at his threat and she darted her eyes over toward her Maker to see if he was going to say anything. Seeing that he wasn’t, Pam nodded, silently telling Russell she would behave. She knew if pushed he would follow through in his threat and she wasn’t ready to die yet.

He left her there, returning to Sookie’s side with his mercury-slathered sword in his hand. Sookie smiled at Russell, silently thanking him. She had enough to deal with without Pam being her usual bitchy self.

“They’re here…”


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  1. Tlynnson says:

    Well looky here, another chapter update, yeah! My reward for moseying over to your site tonight. You are just too good to me. Warm hugs and puppy kisses. That’s how I roll. Lol 🙂

  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    Yes I told you a survivor now it is time to vote Warlow off the island and get to the month long love fest and Pams head being shoved up her and I quote “Spoiled, over privileged and honestly tacky ass” — Russell yes 😉 I noticed when she mouths off and gets punished she looks for Eric to stop them. Since he has not interfered you think she would wise up LOL However there would go our fun if she grew up and stopped being an ass.

  3. msbuffy says:

    That was excellent, Your Majesties. Sookie was able to outsmart Warlow after all was said & almost done… Love the title.
    (I promise to fix the typos & recuse myself from editing after the next surgery.)

  4. ericluver says:

    The showdown is about to happen. I hope they finally get Warlow so that Sookie and Eric can live in peace. Thanks for another chapter 🙂

  5. jules3677 says:

    Any chance Pam dies a painful death? Or is bartered for Sookie? Just hoping. 😉 Looking forward to the next marvellous chapter.

  6. murgatroid98 says:

    I love they could never catch Sookie and she gave them hell. Poor things been in hell. I hope Hunter can adjust to not being the stud of the moment. He must be thirty years old or more. I’m glad he’s been helping Sookie. Yay, Russell for telling Pam they way things are. I hope she gets a clue, because I think it would hurt Eric to put her down. I would like to know Sookie’s story about being in that place. What did they do to her? Did she kill any of them? How did she escape? Great chapter. I’m glad they found each other so quickly.

  7. Jackie69 says:

    Good for Sookie that she knew how to mislead them!! But I feel sorry that every day felt like a decade, hopefully they will kill Warlow and get back Hunter… I wonder if Dermot knew that his mother was actually killed by the evil fairies and he was lying.!?

  8. duckbutt60 says:

    Seems like this version of Pam just won’t learn. So….I agree….barter her for Sookie? Or, maybe she dies a hero’s death defending Eric, proving one last time she can be a good child? Hmmm…..
    Will be so sorry to see this story end! One of the best out there….

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