Answer to the Master Chapter Fifty-Nine

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Master of my Destiny

The vampires spread out as they waited, refusing to let the Danann surround them. They already had the disadvantage of being in their realm; they wouldn’t let them cage them in as well. Sookie stood in the center of the field, Eric and Russell flanking her from either side. She gripped the blade Eric had provided for her tightly in her hands as she waited for Warlow to show. She knew he wouldn’t hang back and let his warriors fight in his place. Despite his less than stellar attitude, Warlow was a warrior at heart. He lived for the fight, hungered for it. He would know by now vampires had breached his realm and wouldn’t shy away from the battle. He believed himself to be the fierce and best warrior there was; it was that belief that was his greatest weakness.

Warlow arrogantly thought he was better than everyone else. He believed he was smarter, stronger, and always one-step ahead of his enemies. It was that arrogance that had led Sookie to be able to give him the run around for the last God knows how many years. She swore she must have aged, mentally and emotionally, at least a hundred years. It felt like that long to her.

When he had her kidnapped and brought to the Danann realm, he never once thought it was he who was being setup and played. He never even entertained the idea that Sookie had discovered his plan and whom the real traitors were within their midst. He never imagined that she had simply played along with his little plan. Sookie had been betrayed and kidnapped once before, so she understood that not everything was what it appeared. She had learned from what Pam had done to her, and used that knowledge to her advantage.

The minute Sookie had realized what was going on, she had set her own plan into motion. Hers was a plan she knew she would no doubt get into trouble with once everything was over, but she didn’t regret it. She had done the right thing, the only thing that could be done. The second she had identified the threat, she had sprung into action. She had told Thalia to take Jason and Susie somewhere safe where no one could reach them. She had to tell the ancient Greek vampire why, and was thankful that Thalia agreed with her and had done as ordered.

Upon arriving in Danann, Warlow had expected her to fall at his feet, to beg and plead to be let go; instead, he had gotten a smack in the mouth, a few choice insults, and a fairy-vampire that couldn’t be controlled and had actually escaped with the help of her cousin. Sookie knew she could’ve escaped the realm at any time, thanks to the gift Fintan had given her when they first met, but instead she had chosen to wait, knowing her vampires would come for her. However, she hadn’t realized it would take so long. That bit she regretted as well as the pain she had no doubt caused Eric and Russell, but she would answer to that later. Sookie had spent years running and being hunted by Warlow and his people, but she always managed to stay one-step ahead of them. She knew that while they were hunting her, they were leaving her vampires and Susie alone, giving Eric and Russell the time to come up with a plan and mount a rescue.

“Show time,” Sookie whispered as Warlow came into view. This was it. There would be no more running or hiding. It was fight or die time… Maybe even fight and die time.

“There you are, my pet,” Warlow said from across the field. There was maybe twenty feet between them, but they both knew that wouldn’t remain. “Have you finally finished running and realized your place is at my side?” he added, completely ignoring the vampires at her side. As far as he was concerned, they were unimportant and no threat to him. The left side of his face still bore Sookie’s mark. Her light had burned a scar into his face, and it was one of the few scars anyone could claim to have given him. The flesh was pinker with small pockmarks that bore into his skin.

“That’ll never happen and you know it,” Sookie replied. “I’ll never be yours. I’m Eric’s.”

“If we destroy Eric, that will no longer be an issue,” Warlow taunted.

“No!” Sookie growled, incensed at the mere thought. “I’ll kill you before you ever hurt him.”

Warlow chuckled. “That’s funny, pet. You are, I must say, impressive, but no one is that good.” He took out a small vial with a bright red liquid. “Does it call to you my sweet?” he asked, holding out the vial.

Sookie eyed the vial with caution. “No,” she replied. “Should it?”

He uncorked it, letting the smell waft towards her on the breeze. “Is it at all familiar?”

Sookie wrinkled her nose as the scent reached her. There was something about it that was familiar, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what.

Warlow smirked as he saw the confusion on her face. He put the vial to his lips and drank it down. “Your Eric is delicious,” he told her.

Sookie’s eyes flashed with anger at the meaning of his words, and she tightened her grip on her blade. Having talked in length with Eric about the years she was missing, Sookie knew where that blood had come from. She knew how he had gotten it. “Claudette,” she growled.

“She was such a helpful fairy. A good lay too, though your vampire would know that, and the stasis spells she used were just right. They preserved the blood so its drinkers wouldn’t experience the high like a V-addict. No, we would only get the benefits, and knowing whose blood that was, I saved it for just the right time.”

“I’ll fucking kill you,” Sookie swore, her anger at its peak. Knowing that he was drinking Eric’s blood was like silver to her skin.

“Listen little fairy, you will be at my heel or under it and I’ll leash you if I must,” Warlow replied.

“Vampire!” Sookie snarled. “I’m a fucking vampire, you arrogant prick.”

“Of course you are, little fairy,” Warlow goaded her.

“Can we kill them already?” Ailis asked, interjecting herself into the little argument.

“Shut the fuck up, you Irish cunt, until you’re spoken to,” Warlow growled.

“Well, that’s rude,” Ailis sniffed, feigning upset.

Nathaniel snarled, flinging himself towards the closest warrior. “He always did have a short fuse,” Nora said as she watched her eldest attack.

The fight was suddenly upon them. The sound of steel on steel filled the air as the vampires went on the offensive. For too long now, they had been forced to take on a defensive role, waiting for the Danann to attack and then hoping they would be able to defend themselves adequately, but no more. They were all done waiting. One way or another, this war would end tonight.

The blood of vampire and Danann alike quickly soaked the ground as both parties battled with a fierceness neither had experienced before. There was no gracefulness about their movements, no showy blade work, just hard and brutal attacks. Neither group was willing to let up; their goals were all but the same, death and destruction.

Warlow had instructed his warriors to kill every vampire except his pet. His once desire to take some of the females as concubines was no longer a factor. As much as he would have liked to have worked out his frustration on some of their bodies, it was no longer a viable option. He would have to make do with his pet for now.

Eric used brute force as he brought his broadsword down, slicing one of the Danann’s warrior’s arms off before driving it deep into his chest, killing him. He let out a battle cry that echoed through the air as he took his first life. His bloodlust was rising as the battle raged around him, but this time he let it work for him instead of against him. He had failed Sookie once before when he let Pam hand her over to Russell, and he wouldn’t fail her again.

As Eric used his strength, Sookie used her speed, weaving around her opponent and slashing at his body with her blade. His armor was protecting him some, but her time in Danann had taught her where the armor was at its weakest and she focused her attack on those parts, reducing the hulking man to a bloody mess. She knew it wouldn’t be as easy to defeat Warlow. She had seen him fight and he was impressive, but she wouldn’t give up. She hadn’t given up when Russell had kidnapped her. She hadn’t given up when she had been raped, and she hadn’t given up when those fucking fairies had cursed her. She was a fighter, a survivor.

There was no letting up in the battle as each side threw everything they had at the other. The younger vampires were easily picked off by the unbelievable strength of the Danann. Their inexperience no match for the skill of Warlow’s warriors.

Working in tandem like they had done for centuries, Ailis and Nathaniel struck down anyone that stood in their way as they cut a bloody swath through the Danann ranks, Nathaniel’s strength worked beautifully with Ailis’ speed. They were almost unstoppable as they worked, slicing and slashing. No one survived their onslaught.

Warlow stood back and watched as the battle raged. He struck down anyone who got too close to him, but for the most part, he was content to let his warriors fight so he could observe their opponents. He watched as they fought, searching out their weakness. He was suitably impressed by the Irish cunt who had dared to interrupt him, she was more than she looked, and with the dark-skinned vampire, she was deadly. A cruel smirk lit up Warlow’s face as his eyes landed on the blonde he had heard all about… Northman’s child.

He had to admit, Eric had taught her well. She was impressive with a blade, but when it came to him, she was way out of her league.

Gripping his sword tighter, Warlow strolled casually toward Pam, as if he didn’t have a care in the world. The battle around him was insignificant as he believed he already knew the outcome. Victory. He would settle for nothing less. Raising his blade, he cut down the vampire fighting at Pam’s side with ease, separating his head from his shoulders. Warlow grinned ferally at Pam, his teeth bared as he saw the hesitation in her eyes. Like all the other vampires, she knew who he was. He was a legend among them now; the warrior that had wiped out ten states in six of the human realms months.

“I can see why Northman turned you,” Warlow said, eyeing calculatingly. “You have reasonable talent with a blade, and I also hear you were quite the whore in your human days. I’m sure Northman got quite his fill of you… until he bored of you and moved onto better things. Like Sookie…” Warlow chuckled darkly as he saw a look of anger flash across Pam’s face. It seemed his Intel was right, and the century old vampire still hated his promised. “Now, you know I speak the truth. She is better than you in every single way, and everyone thinks so. Is that not the reason you handed her over to Edgington so many years ago? You knew your Maker loved her more than you. So you gave her to Edgington hoping he would kill her.”

“I did it to protect my Maker,” Pam snarled, falling back on her old reasoning.

“Come now, pet, there is no need to lie to me,” Warlow replied, a wicked smile curling his lips. “I won’t blame you for what you did. Admit it, you wanted her to suffer. She took your place in your Maker’s heart. It was Sookie he wanted, and you hated that. Tell the truth, you wanted her to suffer; you wanted her to die painfully.”

Pam tried to deny his accusations again, but the words got stuck in her throat. For over thirteen years, she claimed she did it for Eric, to protect her Maker, and while that was true, it wasn’t the only reason. She could admit to herself, but no one else that Warlow was right. She did want Sookie to suffer, and she wanted Russell to kill her. She knew Russell would torture her before he killed her, although she never even imagined what the Weres would do to her. That she did regret. She wouldn’t have wished that on anyone, but she did want Sookie to hurt. The fairy cunt had taken her place in Eric’s affections, and she hated it. She hated that her Maker loved Sookie more than her. Pam knew even before Eric did that he loved her, that he was in love with her. She knew Eric loved her, or he did before all of that went down, but Eric had never been in love with her. He had never given her his heart or his trust blindly as he had Sookie. It had taken Pam years to earn Eric’s trust. Being his child hadn’t made him trust her; he had made her earn it. It had taken thirty years before Eric had told Pam who his Maker was and then another twenty for him to introduce her to him. But it had only taken him six weeks to tell Sookie. Oh Pam knew that part of the reason he told Sookie was because Godric had gone missing and he needed her help, but revealing who Godric was to him hadn’t been necessary. She didn’t need to know, but he had told her because of his feelings for her. From the moment Sookie had walked into Fangtasia, Eric had been besotted by her. Pam knew it would have only been a matter of time before Eric claimed her for himself, and she didn’t want that. She didn’t want a mistress, or worse still, a sister. She wanted to be the only woman in his life. His only child. Those feelings had been a part of the reason she made the deal with Russell. She had foolishly believed with Sookie out the way, things would go back to normal and she would have her Maker back to herself. How wrong she had been.

“Finally, she admits the truth, even if it’s only to herself,” Warlow continued, thoroughly enjoying himself at her expense. His little spy had told him all about Pam’s hatred of Sookie, and it was amusing to witness it firsthand. He could tell even now she still believed she did the right thing, even with admitting to herself that her reasons had not been just for her Maker as she claimed. The vampire was ruthless and he could respect that, but he could never respect her disloyalty. He could, however, use it to his advantage. “You would do anything for your Maker, even protect him from himself. That is an admirable trait and one that should be rewarded, not punished…”

Pam nodded in agreement, happy that someone finally saw that. She had done it all, almost all, for Eric. She should have been rewarded for it.

“Would you still do anything for him?” Warlow asked. “Or, are you now his obedient pet, waiting for him to crawl out from between my Sookie’s thighs to give you a pat on the head? Are you still just another vampire to him?”

A growl of anger spilled from Pam’s lips at his questions. As much as she hated to admit it, he wasn’t far off the mark. Since she had been back, Eric had all but ignored her, while the others had ordered her around like a pet. He had been too wrapped up in that fairy cunt to even pay his only child any attention. He had treated her as if she was a nobody while fawning over Sookie.

I should’ve killed the gash myself.

“Would you still do anything for him?” Warlow repeated, tempting her with the thing she wanted most. Sookie out of Eric’s life and her Maker hers again.

Before Pam had a chance to reply she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head and she tumbled to the ground. Pam could feel blood dripping down her neck and she lifted her head up and stared at her attacker. White-hot fury spread through her as she saw Russell towering over her, his lips pulled back in a snarl.

“Fucking traitor,” Russell spat at Pam before throwing himself forward and attacking Warlow.

Warlow laughed as he raised his blade and blocked Russell’s attack, the thrill of the battle making his heart beat faster. Finally, he had an opponent worth fighting. He spared Pam not a second glance as he threw himself into his fight with Russell. There was no showmanship about their fight; it was hard, brutal, and ugly. They held nothing back as their blades clashed.

Russell fought with the skill of his three thousand years as he attacked the man that wanted to enslave his beloved child. He knew he had made many mistakes when it came to Sookie, and he deeply regretted them, but he loved her more than anything now, and he’d be damned if he’d let this child take her for his own. No one would ever take her against her will again.

Warlow grunted as the force of Russell’s blade coming down, forced him to back up. He had never faced anyone as strong as the ancient vampire before and it took all his skill to keep Russell from taking his head.

Pam moaned as she felt her head start to knit itself back together. She couldn’t believe Russell had attacked her. What the hell was he thinking? He’s thinking about that fairy gash, she snarled silently. Everything always came down to her. Pressing her hand to the back of her head, Pam shook away the pain and gingerly climbed to her feet. The battle was still raging and no one seemed to be paying any attention to her, much to her chagrin. The Danann weren’t even attacking her.

Turning her head, her eyes narrowed in anger as they landed on Russell. Suddenly, in Pam’s mind, everything was his fault. If he had killed Sookie when she handed him over to her, none of this would’ve happened. Anger swelled up in her and she reacted without thinking. Racing forward, she threw herself at Russell, jumping onto his back and clawing at his face.

Pam’s sudden and unexpected attack caused Russell to lose his grip on his blade and he cursed aloud as it fell from his fingers. He lifted his hand to reach behind him, intending to pull Pam off him, and separate her head from her shoulders, when a flash of movement caught his eyes. A cry of horror spilled from his lips as he saw Warlow twirl a six-foot wooden staff, and he tried desperately to avoid the blow that he knew was coming. But the bitch on his back was making it difficult as she continued to dig her nails into his face.

Warlow grinned as he saw the treacherous blonde vampire claw at Russell’s face, the stupid bitch had no idea what she was doing, too caught up in her own silly little drama. Swinging the staff around, Warlow used it to attack Russell’s legs, taking them out from under him. He could barely contain his delight as the ancient vampire fell to the ground, Pam trapped beneath him. “You would have been a worthy opponent,” he taunted before raising the staff again and driving it hard into Russell’s chest, piercing his heart and moving him back into Pam’s chest.

“NO!” Sookie screamed, feeling the hum inside that was her Maker fade away. Blood tears streamed from her eyes as she realized what it meant. He was gone. Russell was gone.

Eric felt a similar pain as Pam’s life was snuffed out, and he couldn’t help but mourn for her. He had loved her once, but her selfish behavior had overridden that. He knew he would mourn for her later, but he also knew she had more than likely brought it on herself. He had seen her talking to Warlow, but was too busy fighting one of the Danann warriors to do anything about it. He had seen Russell from the corner of his eye make his way toward them, and he’d realized there was a good chance of her dying. He could have tried to stop it, but that would have meant leaving Sookie alone, and that was something he would never do. He had made a choice, and that choice was Sookie. It would always be Sookie.

The death of her Maker was the breaking point for Sookie and she let out a soul-piercing scream as she searched for the person responsible. Her eyes blazed with fire as they landed on a crowing Warlow. Hatred like nothing she had ever felt before bubbled up inside her, and she felt her whole body come alive as her fae powers thrummed inside her. Stalking forward, she had a single goal in mind… Kill the bastard that had taken her Maker away from her. She spared the people around her no mind as she approached the arrogant Danann. She could tell from his stance he saw her as no threat, but she would show him just how wrong he was.

“Are you coming to me at last, my….” Warlow trailed off as he saw Sookie raise her hands, and before he had a chance to move he felt a searing pain spread through his body. It felt like his very blood was boiling inside him. He could hear a pain filled scream in what sounded like the distance, and he was shocked to realize it was his own. He was screaming in pain. His mate, his promised was hurting him like no one had ever before.

The vampires moved in around Sookie, watching her back as she took the fight to Warlow. They held back the Danann, preventing them from going to the aid of their leader.

Warlow’s screams were like music to her ears, and Sookie sent another blast at his body. She could smell the scent of burning flesh and she revelled in it. This was it. The end. She could stop running and finally be with Eric. A gleam of metal caught her eye and she felt her anger grow hotter as she saw Russell’s sword lying discarded on the ground. An idea popped into her head and with one final blast of fairy light at Warlow, Sookie let her power drop, danced to the side, and snatched the heavy blade up. Twirling round, she swung the blade and let out a battle cry as she felt it slice through Warlow’s neck, taking his head clean off.

While the Danann were stunned at the loss of their leader, the vampires were able to cut down the majority of them. The mercury salve did its job.

Once she was satisfied he was dead, Sookie dropped the blade and walked over to where her Maker’s bloody remains were. Blood tears stained her face as she knelt down beside them.

Eric similarly glanced at Pam, but moved behind Sookie instead, to gently touch her shoulder.

“He’s gone,” Sookie whispered dejectedly.

“I know,” Eric said. “But I assume it is how he would have wanted to die. A warrior’s death. Protecting his child.”

Sookie nodded, knowing if Russell had to die, that’s how he would have wanted to go. “I’m sorry about Pam,” she said.

“If Warlow didn’t Russell would have,” Roman told them, one arm missing, but the other wrapped around Nora. “She was going to try to sell you out again, Sookie.”

“What?” Sookie said, looking up at Roman.

“Warlow,” Roman supplied.

Rising to her feet, Sookie leaned into Eric, needing his strength and support. “Let me guess, she was gonna do it to save Eric.”

Roman nodded with a sigh. “I think it’s time for us to return home. He looked to Dermot, who was standing on the edge of the vampires. He had fought viciously as his race was known for, and did not even have a scratch.

“Take me home, Eric,” Sookie said softly as she bent down and picked Russell’s sword up. With one last glance at Pam’s remains, he wrapped his arms around Sookie once more and looked to Dermot to open the portal to take them home.


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  1. suzyq591suzy says:

    I had hoped that Russell would not be killed and with Pam well you know how I felt about her. Bye Bye skank — even if Russell had lived would he had left Eric alone? I would like to think so. Next chapter is the last and this has been a wonderful journey thank you both Queenofarea5 and Ashensunset.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      We kept going back and forth on Russell dying. When we started writing we decided he had to die for his torture of Sookie; then when we got to the chapters where Sookie was cursed and he was so loving, we changed our minds and wanted him to live. The final call came as we were writing the chapter. It was sad to kill him off.

  2. jules3677 says:

    I never imagined that Russell would die. As it was the catalyst for Sookie ending Warlow I can’t be too devastated, but Russell was someone who supported & adored Sookie & would have been proud to go defending his child. Pam. Pam was a spiteful jealous piece of work. Eric was not too upset that she was no longer part of him. Now Sookie & Eric can strive for their HEA.

  3. tj6james6 says:

    I grew to like this Russell. It took some time, and many chapters, but I did like him in the end.
    He may not have apologized for what he did to Eric’s family but vampires don’t generally apologize any way. I think he may have regretted it in the long run because the vendetta Eric finally laid aside FOR Sookie could have gone so much differently. Eric could have not made a conscious effort to lay aside his right to vengeance so Sookie could be happy, and she wouldn’t have been, and neither would he, if he had managed to kill Russell.
    I can’t decide how I feel about Pam. I never have liked TB Pam but I think I was hoping she would have turned her attitude around. She didn’t have to like Sookie, and things had gone way to far for that to even be feasible, but I was hoping she would be able to see that her Maker was happy so she should have been happy for him.
    It saddens me though that he didn’t go to try to defend her in the end and that he made a conscious decision to mourn her loss later.
    It kind of makes me wonder, and this could be an awesome story for you guys to write at some point, just how attached he was to her. Yes, he made her but was he as loyal to her as she was to him at some point; as he was to Godric.
    Hmmm, I think Godric would have been disappointed in both Eric and Pam. Pam for the obvious reasons. He would have been disappointed in Eric because Eric knew about loyalty from his human years and how much more loyal a vampire should be to their blood. He would have expected Eric to teach Pam about that loyalty, and train and expect her to perform loyally but she didn’t act with honor which falls squarely on Eric’s shoulders.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Russell was one of those characters who made you change you opinion of him over the course of the story. First you hated him, then it was loved to hate, ending up with liking him.

      We were going to originally redeem Pam, but as we were writing she just kept getting worse, so we made the call to kill her.

      I think one of her biggest problems was that she was blinded by loyalty. She had put Eric as the centre of her world, and couldn’t see anything but him. She was loyal to him, but it was a blind loyalty and not good. She had no loyalty to anyone else, and that included Nora, Ailis, Nathaniel, etc. Those were from the same bloodline, thanks to Godric. Whereas Eric was loyal to Godric, Nora, etc, and held affections for them.

      Part of that is undoubtably down to Eric. He should’ve taught her about respecting the bloodline and being loyal. But ultimately, it came down to Pam not wanting to share her maker with anyone. She was almost obsessive in her desire to be the only woman in his life. She didn’t care about the fangbangers, they meant nothing to him. But she couldn’t handle him caring about other people.

      I think Godric would’ve been disappointed. I also think he would’ve come down a lot harder on Pam.

      • tj6james6 says:

        Yes, Eric should have taught Pam about being loyal to the bloodline, not just her Maker BUT he shouldn’t have spoiled her either. She should have been made to pay for all those designer clothes, etc. from her own pocket rather than just going into his accounts and doing it.
        That’s not the only way he spoiled her though. She DID have his undivided attention for more than half her life as a vampire. Yes, she had to divide her attention with Sylvie for a while but that wasn’t all consuming for him. It was more of an ideal that he was striving for without forfeiting other things LIKE Pam.
        Pam should have been punished more severely right from the get-go for her treatment of both Eric and Sookie but he loved his progeny and didn’t want to hurt her any more than she was already hurting; especially after the spectacle outside Moon Goddess Emporium. He shouldn’t have simply banished her from his sight; he should have physically punished her/humiliated her.
        His pursuit of Sookie was an obsession until right near the end of their official time together. It wasn’t just about getting her away from Bill or feeling her through the blood. It was about getting her to come to him all on her own with no influence from him—similar to Sylvie—but it was also about the all-consuming love he developed for her in a very short time frame.
        Pam: the jealous, self-serving twat who thought she was better than everyone else except Eric got what she deserved right up until her death. I think her death was anti-climactic and that’s why I’m so-so about it. Even if she had turned around and started fighting their side (rather than just jumping on Russell’s back) it wouldn’t have been such a let-down and I wouldn’t feel as though Eric is once again ignoring her, and himself, for Sookie.
        I like to think that Godric would have taken Eric to task for the way he treated Pam AND Sookie through-out all of this.

      • sunsetqueens says:

        Oh, I agree. Eric’s spoiling off her went a long way to turning her into the brat she became. The Moon Goddess thing didn’t happen in this, but I agree she should’ve been punished for it in the show.

        Eric did start punishing Pam, but it was too little, too late. The damage had been done by then. I don’t think Pam really recovered from her time chained in silver, and then buried. She felt let down by Eric, and that just fostered her resentment. She wasn’t expecting any kind of punishment, and that was down to Eric’s spoiling of her.

      • tj6james6 says:

        I know *sigh*
        He’s one of those parents we HATE when we’re out and about somewhere who gives into the whiny brat’s demands for a candy bar even though it’s 30 minutes to dinner simply because the parent wants 5 minutes of peace and quiet.
        I don’t think Pam ever recovered from the fact Sookie had all that attention from not one but four vampires (counting Russell and QSA) and she couldn’t even get the attention of the one who mattered the most to her.

  4. Mindy781 says:

    Wow, what an exciting chapter. I guess Pam never changed. She was easily toyed with, Warlow said all the right things. Great chapter.

  5. ericluver says:

    Wonderful chapter. I kinda got to like this Russell. At least he admitted he made so many mistakes with Sookie. Sad for her to lose someone else she loved.
    As for Pam? She got what she had coming but I’m sorry that Eric feels he has to mourn her.
    Maybe Eric and Sookie can finally have their HEA.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. I think in the end death was the only thing that would make Pam leave Eric and Sookie along. I don’t think she would’ve ever really let go of her hatred and jealousy.

  6. mom2goalies says:

    Glad Pam is dead, and not really sorry about Russell cause I don’t think he would have really forgiven Eric even for Sookie’s sake

  7. Tlynnson says:

    Pam was a stupid silly byatch til the end. Warlow played her like a drum and she fell for his crap, lapped it up and came for seconds. They should have left her on Earth in a silver coffin. Russell should have killed her when he had the chance. His death is in him.

    Unfortunate loss of Russell but his cruelty to Sookie can be understood but never forgiven. His death is a small penance for the horrors which befell her under his watch.

    I do love Nora’s children and hope to see them in future stories. Dermont has been very helpful but there is still a trailor to be uncovered.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. I think Russell came full circle in this story. He went from hating and hurting Sookie to loving and protecting her. But that doesn’t excuse what happened to her at his hands. He did carry that guilt around and he should have. While Russell did change, Pam didn’t. She couldn’t accept that she did anything wrong. She was blinded by jealousy and hatred.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Forgot to add. You’ll definitely be seeing more of Nora’s children. The two of them are so much fun to write. You didn’t get to see a lot of them in this story, but Ailis plays a big role in a AttM side story we are working on.

      • Tlynnson says:

        Just wanted to say a big Thank you!

        I started and put this story aside at least three times due to the physical and sexual abuse and brutality. It was very tough to read, I hated it. What drew me in and kept me returning was how you wrote Eric. His sorrow, devotion and mourning for what might have been was touching and heartfelt.

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      • sunsetqueens says:

        I’m glad you stuck with it. Those early chapters were hard to write. And truthfully we could’ve glossed over them, but writing it/reading it went a long way to explaining Sookie’s change in attitude and the strength she developed. I doubt we’ll ever write anything quite like that again though.

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    This chapter is so awesome!Everything so great and I feel bad about Russell’s death .It’s gonna be tough for Sookie.As for Pam, I feel sorry for her too!! She really thought that she was doing the best to save her master,her father,her eveyrthing..her jealousy was her weakness… now Eric and Sookie can have their HEA

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. That’s the thing with Pam, she did think she was doing the right thing, but she was incredibly short sighted in her actions, and she let jealousy and hatred cloud her mind. I think things would have gone a lot different if she would have just accepted she did wrong. If she would’ve shown remorse, Eric might have been more inclined to forgive her.

  9. suzi44ky says:

    Pam’s jealousy was eating her alive and resulted in Russell’s and her own ending. I think it was best for her to be ended since she would never give up on trying to get rid of Sookie. Great job on writing this story. Its one of the best..

  10. murgatroid98 says:

    Russell came a long way from the monster who murdered Eric’s family and an enraged lunatice after Eric killed Talbott. For all that happened when he took Sookie, they ended up having a loving relationship and he was a good maker. I hoped Pam would developed some sense but that didn’t happen either. I also hope they get Hunter out. I wonder what happened to Hadley. I can’t remember if she died or not. Warlow’s death was justly deserved. That it was at Sookie’s hands was even better. Excellent chapter.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Russell did come along way. His relationship with Sookie did a lot to heal the hurt and anger in him. We toyed with redeeming Pam, but in the end we decided to leave her as the bitter and jealous brat she was. She clung to her hatred and jealousy of Sookie for thirteen years. She let cloud her mind and refused to accept she was wrong.

      Hadley is dead. Niall gave her and Hunter to Warlow. She died not long after.mim not sure if we ever mentioned that in the story though.

      Thank you. I’m glad you liked it.

  11. duckbutt60 says:

    Great battle! Not broken up about the loss of Pam at all, but I had developed a likeness for Russell. So sorry that this will be ending –sigh, a great run! Will go and re-read just to make sure i didn’t miss anything –you gals rock!

  12. ncmiss12 says:

    Awesome chapter! I loved that Warlows so called “pet” killed him! Loved it! Pam got what was coming to her with her learning nothing and betraying Sookie and Eric again. What a horrible and selfish person she was. I am sad that Russel had died, he had been good to Sookie, once he saw the error of his ways. What happens to the rest of the Danon? are the Vamps going to kill them all or leave them alone since Warlow is gone. Did someone get Hunter out in time? I guess that Sookie and Eric are going to live on happily ever after now? Is there another chapter left?

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. Pam was a selfish brat right up until the end. The Danann will be left alone now. They’re a dying breed, and without Warlow I doubt they’ll survive much longer. There is one more chapter left. The epilogue. It’ll be going up after True Blood tonight.

  13. kleannhouse says:

    damn Pam sure is selfish, but Russell to go because of Pam , she needs to die again. NOw that Warlow is gone the rest of the Danann should die out, hopefully they retrieve Hunter before they go. KY

  14. mandersdawn says:

    Sigh. I’ve been reading this today and I’ve gone from hating Russell to liking him even though I didn’t want to, and finally loving him (and some more in between emotions as well). I am so sad he died because of Pam but I am glad he went out fighting for his child. Very, very captivating and sad chapter and story!

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