Answer to the Master: Chapter Fifty


AttM 50

Vampire’s Lament

Molly was in her own personal heaven. She knew her lover and Maker were close, and the blood in the air just smelled so good. The taste in her mouth was even better than the smell she thought as she quickly gulped down the fairy blood.

Warlow bared his teeth as he brought the blade down, the anticipation of spilling his first drop of blood that night caused the blood in his veins to sing. He swore he could taste it already on his tongue, metallic and oh, so rich.

Just as he swung down, a blur of a vampire came rushing toward him and Molly. The vampire crashed, not into Warlow but into Molly. His blade, with what would have been a killing shot, only sliced off her arm just below her elbow.

A scream tore from Molly’s throat as she felt the pain of the blade slicing cleanly through her arm. Blood tears sprang to her eyes as she clutched what was left of her arm. However, that pain delivered her from her fairy blood-induced haze as she looked to the vampire who had pushed her. He was standing over her defensively, steadily holding his sword. “Dieter,” she whimpered.

Dieter didn’t dare look down at his child as he stood over her protectively and faced down Warlow. Nothing had ever scared the Magister more than seeing the crazy Danann looming over his child, his blade held high. Dieter had reacted on instinct when he had thrown himself forward and tackled his child, moving her out of the direct line of the blade.

Warlow sneered as he stared down Dieter, not impressed in the slightest. If he would’ve been any type of good Maker, he would have conditioned his Child to resist and ignore the smell of fairy blood. Clutching his sword in his hand, Warlow rotated his wrist as he stepped to the side, and while his eyes never left Dieter, he was keenly aware of the others only feet away. A true warrior knew his surroundings, even when he couldn’t see them, he remembered his father telling him when he was but a child.

Deciding to show the pitiful vampires what a true warrior was, Warlow lunged forward taking the offensive. His sword clashed with Dieter’s and the sound of steel on steel once again sent the birds scurrying. Warlow moved with a skill rarely seen as he weaved and evaded Dieter’s attempted strikes.

Dieter was forced to take a defensive role as he blocked Warlow’s forceful attacks. He was pushed backward as Warlow’s blade struck his once again and he cursed the situation in which he found himself. He wasn’t used to taking a defensive position. He was the Magister for fuck’s sake! He was the one who intimidated other vampires! Ducking to his right, Dieter swore in pain as Warlow’s blade sliced his back. Fear spread through his body as he felt his blood dripping down his legs.

A vicious grin spread across Warlow’s handsome face when he felt his blade slice through flesh; his eyes darkened as the scent of Dieter’s blood reached his nose. Advancing forward, Warlow unleashed a flurry of blows on the injured vampire, every one precise in his aim. There was a swagger to Warlow’s step as he backed Dieter up even further, his blade continuing to slice into Dieter’s flesh, taking him piece by piece.

“You should have just let her die,” he taunted, his voice booming over the area. “It would have been less painful.” He laughed when he saw Dieter’s eyes flash over to where his child still lay injured. “She is special to you… precious even. Then maybe I will take her as a spoil of war,” he mocked, grinning as Dieter lurched forward and attempted to stab him. Dodging the blow easily, Warlow brought his blade down and sliced through the Magister’s arm, cutting it off clean. “You were an unworthy opponent,” he sneered watching Dieter fall to his knees. “Your death will have no honor.”


The scream tore through the battlefield temporarily disturbing the fairy high. Sookie lifted her head when she heard the scream, her eyes widening in horror as Warlow raised his blade and cut Dieter’s head clean off his shoulders.

Once Sookie returned to a cleared mind, Eric did too. They were truly fortunate that no one else had been attacked while in their stupor. Russell, it seemed, had been working overtime to protect everyone; Dieter having assured him he would handle caring for Molly. “Sookie!” Russell scolded, indicating with his tone that she damn well needed to do more than fuck Eric in the fucking field!

Sookie felt shame shoot through her as she realized just what she had been doing and quickly jumped to her feet. She couldn’t believe she had lost control as she had. It wasn’t the first time she had smelled fairy blood; hell, she had dined on it not long ago! Casting her gaze over the field, Sookie felt her heart ache when she saw the broken look on Molly’s face. She couldn’t begin to imagine the pain the geeky young vampire was going through.

Molly hadn’t moved from her knees, and Russell, disappointed, noted Sookie was not doing anything but looking. He shoved that feeling toward her through their bond as best as he could before zipping over to Warlow to grab Molly and pull her away from the Danann.

Sookie shook away the haze before taking a step forward. Lifting her blade, she cut through a fairy who had dared to get too close to her, this time managing to resist the allure of the sweet blood. Her eyes widened in shock as she noticed Warlow making his way over to the still-intoxicated Nora and Roman.

Eric was doing fine against a few Danann who tried to approach them as soon as Russell left their side, so Sookie knew she needed to act. Dropping her blade, Sookie summoned her fairy light and threw a burst at Warlow. She had no idea what kind of effect it would have on him, if any, but she knew at that point a sword would be no good. She put everything she had into the blast and could feel her hands tingling as the light shot from them, slammed into Warlow, and caught him on the side of his face.

Everyone froze in place when they heard the soul splitting scream echo through the night, and shock filled the Danann’s faces as they realized it was their leader who had screamed. Eric was able to cut down his opponents easily when they turned. He then looked to Warlow, surprised to see the warrior’s face aflame, his expression a myriad of pain and anger. Eric looked over to Sookie who was sprinting toward the Danann leader. Her light hadn’t worked the last time. What was different?

Warlow stared at Sookie, shocked and unable to comprehend that she, of all people, had managed to hurt him. His face felt as if it was on fire and he could feel his skin peeling away. How was that possible? She didn’t possess the full power of the Fae, and the Fae light usually had little to no effect on him.

His numbers were being decreased and he was injured. Though he could remain and continue, this was just a test, and it was strategically better to leave. He needed to figure out what had been different. Why had her light worked this time? He disappeared from the field to Danann.

With Warlow’s retreat, the rest of the Danann fell back as well, disappearing and leaving only the Fae to fight. The Fae died quickly, and Roman indicated to a few vampires to glamour any humans who may have seen the battle.

Sookie let out a sigh as she stared at the carnage the short battle had caused. “Well, that didn’t go like we planned,” she said, talking to no one in particular.

Molly was sitting on her heels, staring at Dieter’s remains. She hadn’t moved.

Sookie watched as Nora approached the inconsolable young vampire and whispered something to her before pulling her to her feet, leading her away.

Eric approached her, “Everything okay?”

“Not really,” Sookie admitted as she turned and wrapped her arms around him, seeking his comfort.

Roman had left the field with Russell after the elder vampire had checked in with him to go ensure Susie’s safety.

“We should probably get back to Nora’s,” Sookie said as she lifted her head.

Eric took her hand, pulling her body against his. They were still nude, but that bothered neither of them as he gently ran his fingers through her hair.

Sookie closed her eyes and leaned into him, her arms going around his waist once again. She let herself take comfort in his embrace as she held herself tightly to him.

Holding her gently, he flew them up above the few clouds in the sky to land softly in Nora’s backyard.

Nora’s palace was a flurry of activity; vampires and donors running all over at Roman’s barking orders while Nora continued consoling a distraught Molly.

Eric was busy checking Sookie over. Though he felt she had no major injuries, a few nicks had healed immediately, but he needed the visual.

“I’m fine,” Sookie whispered, trying to reassure him. Eric nodded before directing her attention toward a quietly sobbing girl. Russell had taken over where Roman left off, speaking softly with Susie and Jason. While Roman had immediately entered the house and checked on the young girl, he had needed to contact other vampires and coordinate everyone on site. Nora tossed them two robes that they slipped on, just enough to not worry Susie.

Squeezing his hand, Sookie flashed Eric a quick smile before crossing the small distance to where her Maker, brother, and niece were sitting. Eric went over to discuss the events, repercussions, and next steps with Roman while Susie looked up at her aunt.

Russell stood up, and spoke more quietly than Susie or Jason could hear, but loud enough for Sookie. “I am disappointed with you, Sookie,” He said using her name, her real name, not Princess, nor any other pet name he had always called her.

“I know,” Sookie replied, not even feigning confusion. She knew he was disappointed in her and she knew why. He had every right; she had allowed herself to be overcome with the scent of the fairy blood and had lost all ability to think clearly.

He looked at her plainly, “We will speak before the day.”

Sookie nodded in reply. It was the first time in a long time she had disappointed him and she hated it.

He leaned down, whispering something quietly to Susie. Sookie was so focused in her head that she didn’t hear, but it caused the young fairy to smile slightly and nod her head. Russell stepped away, leaving Sookie with her brother and niece.

“You alright, Sook?” Jason asked as he pulled Susie onto his lap and wrapped her up in his arms. He could hear Molly wailing from the other room, and, even though he knew it was pointless, he wanted to shelter Susie from the young vampire’s grief.

“Sookie?” Susie asked quietly, snuggling into her daddy’s chest.

“Yes, sweetie,” Sookie replied, smiling at her young niece.

“Daddy asked if you were okay.”

“Oh… Yeah, Jas, I’m fine,” Sookie said absentmindedly. Susie looked at her aunt and, making a split decision, pushed into Sookie’s mind. She gasped at the blood, the gore, and the emotions that went along with it. She cringed at the violence, and then recognized an overwhelming feeling.

Feeling Susie in her mind, Sookie quickly pushed her niece out and slammed down her shields, locking up her mind tight. “Stay outta my head, Susie!” she ordered. Susie didn’t need to see that. She didn’t need to feel the pleasure she got at killing the few people she had, and she certainly didn’t need to know that if given the chance she and Eric would’ve fucked in the blood of their enemies in the middle of the park.

A look of hurt flashed across Susie’s face before she hid it behind stoicism. “Whoa, Sook,” Jason said. “You used to get all peeved when I’d say that. ‘S like a flashback.”

Sookie felt a wave of guilt shoot through her at Jason’s words and took a deep unneeded breath. “You’re right, Jason. I’m sorry, Susie, I shouldn’t have snapped at you, but you don’t need to see what happened out there. I know you’re curious,” she pressed when she saw Susie open her mouth to interrupt her, “but you don’t need to see the death and destruction that was caused…  What I caused.” She directed the last part to Jason trying to get him to understand just what Susie was seeing in her head. She knew she couldn’t protect Susie from everything, nor did she want to, but her niece did not need to see her all but fucking Eric while people were getting killed all around them. Adults didn’t need to see it.

Susie scowled. “I wasn’t just being nosy!” she snapped. “You’re not all yourself so I was making sure you were okay, which you’re not, and I can notice things in your memories you missed. If you can, try to recreate what you remember, I might be able to see things, like while you were killing that one fairy, did you notice her magic?”

Jason frowned as he cast his eyes between her sister and daughter. He knew Susie wanted to help and given her gift, she could, but he also understood Sookie’s words and knew the truth of them. Regardless of the circumstances, there were some things seven-year-old girls just didn’t need to see. He thought this might be one. The evidence of the battle was all around them, the cries of the heartbroken Molly, the barking orders of Roman, and the injuries to the Weres. Seeing the battle in Sookie’s mind while emotions were still high wasn’t a good idea. Regardless of who Sookie was to him and Susie, she was a vampire, and still a young one. Having been around Jessica during the early years of her turning had shown him just how quickly they could lose control in some circumstances, and bloodshed was most always the result.

“Later, Susie,” he said. “Your aunt needs time to shower and change first.” Susie shut her mouth and crossed her arms. She gave a very good impression of an angry Adele, something Jason had seen on more than one occasion.

Sookie smiled at the angry young girl, seeing the same thing as Jason. She hadn’t been on the receiving end of her angry Gran too often, but she never forgot the look. “Susie, I…” Sookie stopped abruptly as a loud growl tore from the room. Spinning around, her eyes narrowed on the landing at the angry face of one of the Were pack’s bitches. Sookie could see the intent in the Were’s face before she even spoke, and she stepped forward, placing herself in front of Jason and Susie nearer to the wolf.

“This is all your fault!” The Were bitch screamed, spit flying from her mouth as she advanced on Sookie. “They’re all dead because of you, and none of these fucking vamps will do anything about it. Is your cunt so magical that you’ve got them all pussy whipped? Debbie was right yo…”

A wave of fury swept through Sookie at the mention of Debbie, and her fangs snapped down into place.

Susie scrambled back against Jason, who picked her up quickly. Her eyes wide, she looked back and forth between the cursing Were and her aunt who, now, looked very much the vampire she was.

Sookie bared her teeth in a snarl, crouching down in preparation for the attack. The mention of Debbie brought up old wounds that she thought she had put behind her once and for all. She eyed the Were as she advanced, the very sight of her disgusted Sookie, and she wanted nothing more than to tear her apart with her bare hands.

The Were became even more bristled. “She told me about you, the fairy cunt she had to deal with,” she sneered, her body seeming to shake as her anger was almost forcing her to shift.

“Had to deal with?!” Sookie growled, curling her fingers into claws. “Having to deal with me is what got her killed…  Do you want to deal with me?”

Susie’s breath caught in her throat, not only at Sookie’s words and demeanor, but also at the Were jumping at her aunt, shifting mid-leap. Jason pressed her against the wall trying to keep her away from the fighting Supes.

Sookie grinned when she saw the Were shift mid-leap, and threw herself forward, colliding with the Were bitch in the air. Tackling the bitch midair, Sookie forced her backward knocking her into the wall hard. Angry growls tore from Sookie’s throat and she drove her fist into the Were’s side. As strong as the Were was, she was no match for a seriously pissed off Sookie, and it wasn’t long before Sookie had forced her to change back into her human form.

Susie cried out, pressing her face against her daddy’s shoulder. Jason’s mouth was in a tight line, shielding his daughter with his body. As the Were shifted back, he slipped out of the room with Susie. “Look at me, Susie,” he said to her. Once her tear-filled eyes locked on his he told her, “Look in my mind.” If she was occupied looking through the memory he had focused upon in his head, she wouldn’t be in Sookie or the Were’s. He thought about her, focusing on how happy he was when she was born. He had been in the hospital with her mom for hours. Even while Michele, or whoever, tried to get some sleep, he stayed up just watching the monitor that showed Susie’s heartbeat. He didn’t know if she would be like his sister so he focused on thinking about her and whispering to her. He had been so excited to become her daddy.

Susie stared at her daddy through tear-filled eyes as she did as he asked. She slipped into his mind and ignored everything else around them. She lost herself in the safety of Jason’s mind, letting him protect and love her like only he could. His mind continued to milestones in her life; her first words (“Dadadadadada!”), her first steps (to him), their discovery of her telepathy, her first day at preschool, and then big girl school. He was purposely ignoring memories of her mother in addition to the cries of pain and various other noises (cracking, tearing, screaming, growling, snarling, choking, and gasping) coming from the next room. Susie relaxed against him, her eyes still on his and her mind still witnessing his proudest moments.

“That’s it, Pumpkin,” Jason said softly, playing other memories over in his head. He breathed in and out slowly, helping her match his breathing. She had been having a panic attack in the room, seeing her aunt change so drastically.

Suddenly, the sounds in the room stopped. Sookie’s fangs were still out as she vamped over to her family. Blood seemed to be dripping from every inch of her. It had turned parts of her hair red, her skin seemed coated, and her thin robe was covered.

As Jason’s eyes involuntarily flicked to his sister, Susie whimpered when she saw her auntie, and Sookie felt shame well up in her. She couldn’t believe she had lost control in front of her brother and niece in such a way. She could see the anger and disgust on Jason’s face and the fear on Susie’s.

Susie pressed her face against her daddy’s chest, trying to get the image of the fresh blood dripping from the corner of her aunt’s mouth out of her head. She breathed in Jason’s scent, something with the woods, his cologne, and just Daddy. Her fingers tightened, clutching his shirt in her hands as her knuckles turned white. He would protect her. He and Thalia would protect her.

“I…” Sookie trailed off, unsure of what to say. Nothing could make it better she realized.

“Just go, Sook,” Jason ordered harshly.

Sookie ran her eyes over them quickly before speeding away at vampire speed.



12 thoughts on “Answer to the Master: Chapter Fifty

  1. ericluver says:

    Sookie’s making some serious mistakes. Wonder why she seems so out of control? Was Susie trying to tell her about some magic one of the Fae had?

  2. Shyann2 says:

    Poor Sookie. She is having trouble controlling herself. I am sure Susie will be able to help finding the answers to their problems fighting Warlow. If they will listen to her.

  3. suzyq591suzy says:

    I think she may have a spell on her (hope so) and while is was bad to fight around Jason and Susie — the were should not brought up Debbie and what she did to Sookie. Hopefully next chapter we can find out what happened.

  4. Jackie69 says:

    Wow great chapter the battle and poor Molly she lost her maker! I feel sorry for Sookie losing control in front of Susie but the were bitch brought up Debbies’ name and we all know what she did to Sookie!..looking forward for more and I’m sad this awesome story is coming to an end..Take care

  5. jules3677 says:

    The were did that deliberately, goad Sookie. Yay Jason for being able to bring Susie down from a panic attack. This is what Warlow was aiming for; dissension. The amount of violence today may have Jason reconsidering if he & his daughter should stay there. Waiting to read what Russell will say to Sookie about her behaviour during the battle. This one of my favourite stories. 🙂 Always excited to read a new chapter.

  6. murgatroid98 says:

    That’s tough for a child to see. Sookie’s is right to try to protect Susie from. The situation they are in makes that very hard though. And poor Molly-I’m glad she wasn’t killed, even though she lost her maker.

  7. Tlynnson says:

    While Jason and Susie need the protection of the vamps, Sookie seems out of control. Lots of great action and fight scenes. Excellent update.

  8. ncmiss12 says:

    Awesome chapter! Well at least Sookie seems to be able to hand Warlow his ass! To bad she wasn’t closer when she did it and cut off his head! I feel bad for Molly! Poor Girl! And Sarah. I hope that Jason is not to upset with Sookie and can talk to Sarah about what she saw. Poor Girl! I can’t wait for more!

  9. redjane12 says:

    Very tough chapter! Poor Dieter and Molly… And Sookie too… tough scene with that nasty wolf and then Susie who as a 7 year old can hardly be blamed…. But she can be listened to!!! Esp when she mentions magic… It would make sense that there’s been magic at play by Warlow or the fairies or some ally of them… Did the magic affect Eric? Because he should not have lost control even if Sookie did as he is so old… The lust between them two reminded me of when Eric was date-raped by Claudette back when he was trying to find Sookie… Bloody Warlow and his nasty ideas about accumulating concubines… I hope he dies in a very painful manner…

    • sunsetqueens says:

      When it comes to Susie it’s quite tricky. Does you have information that is important? Yes. Do they need to hear it? Yes. But, Susie also needs to understand when Jason and Sookie say later, they mean later. Emotions were running high and they were surrounded by a lot of people who weren’t aware of Susie’s abilities. I think Jason said in best in the next chapter, just because she thinks it’s right doesn’t mean it is. She needed to understand that something’s do have to wait.

  10. kleannhouse says:

    damn poor Susie didn’t need to see that but i think it put it into perspective for Jason. But for him to say Thalia name too to protect Susie was a good sign. But for Sookie she disappointed her maker and her brother… all in one night… not good. KY

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