Answer to the Master Chapter Forty-Eight


AttM 48

In This Moment

The following day flowers of all sorts with Sookie’s name on them were delivered. The day people placed them all in the kitchen for when she rose. By the time sundown came, every countertop was covered with vases. Susie came downstairs wearing a huge grin. She saw all the flowers were for her aunt, and she just knew Eric was trying to make Sookie feel better.

“You hungry, pumpkin?” Jason asked, happy to see her smiling again after all that had happened.

“Yeah! Look at all the flowers. They’re so pretty!” Susie said.

“They are,” Jason agreed with a nod. “Let’s get you somethin’ to eat.”

“Can I have a turkey sandwich?”

“Sure, pumpkin,” Jason said before clearing a space on the counter where she could eat.

“Did Uncle Eric buy all these flowers for Aunt Sookie?”

“I don’t know, baby. You’ll have to ask him when he gets up,” Jason replied as he made Susie her sandwich.

“I hope one day I’ll meet a boy like Uncle Eric and he’ll buy me flowers,” Susie said with a giggle.

Jason froze at her words; the image she had innocently painted was his worst nightmare. He didn’t want no boy anywhere near his baby girl. “Not until you’re thirty.”

Susie frowned slightly. “That’s a long time away. My boyfriend in school says he can’t buy me flowers. His mom said they’re too expensive.”

“Boyfriend?” Jason choked.

Susie giggled. “Tommy. He holds my hand and plays with me at recess. Mommy knew.”

“That’s all he better do,” Jason grumbled beneath his breath.

“He’s cute,” Susie said with a giggle.

“Boys ain’t cute,” Jason complained good-naturedly. “They’re horrible. We don’t like boys.”

Susie smiled up at Jason placatingly. “Okay, Daddy.”

“I’m tellin’ Eric,” Jason mumbled as he pushed a turkey sandwich toward her.

“Thank you!” Susie replied politely. “Tellin’ Eric what?” Susie asked before taking a bite of her sandwich and smiling. “It’s good, Daddy!”

“You’re welcome, baby,” Jason said with a smile. “I’m tellin’ Eric that you’ve got a boyfriend.”

Susie stopped eating her sandwich midair, her mouth open ready for her next bite. Her lips slammed closed and she vigorously shook her head. “No! Don’t do that!”

Jason grinned at his daughter. “Don’t ya want your Uncle Eric to know ’bout ya boyfriend?”

“No, Daddy! He’ll get really mad and overprotective and I just don’t know what he’d do to Tommy, but I know it wouldn’t be good. And Tommy’s too much fun to play with to have Uncle Eric scare him. He can scare Tommy’s sister, though. She’s mean.”

“Mmm, okay, I won’t tell Uncle Eric,” Jason promised. “And what’d ya mean his sister is mean? Is she pickin’ on ya?”

“Yeah, well, kinda. She thinks mean things and doesn’t like me bein’ near her brother. She pushed me off the swings once.”

“Baby, why didn’t ya tell me?” Jason asked, coming round the counter and sitting down beside her.

“I told Mommy but she didn’t care,” Susie replied.

“I care, pumpkin,” Jason told his daughter. “If anything like that happens again, you tell me.”

“But I just did,” Susie replied.

“I know, baby, but if happens again, you tell me straight away.”

“Okay, I will,” Susie replied, returning her attention to her sandwich.

“Good girl.”

It was not too much later when Susie cried, “Sookie’s up! Sookie’s up!”

“Don’t go barging in on her,” Jason warned. “Wait till she comes down.”

Susie nodded her agreement, knowing exactly what her aunt and Eric might be doing even though her daddy didn’t want to think she understood it.


Sookie rose to Eric once again leaning over and watching her. She smiled up at her Viking and whispered, “Hey.”

“Hi,” Eric said, lowering his nose to breathe in her scent. His nose brushed her neck and ear to get as much of her scent as possible.

Sookie giggled as she felt his nose brush against her neck. She lifted her arms and wrapped them around him. “Mmmm,” Eric murmured, “you smell like me.”

“Should I shower then?” Sookie asked teasingly.

“No,” Eric growled. “You should finish what you started last night before dying for the day.”

“Mmm, you might have to refresh my memory, Eric. What was I doing?”

“Leaving me alone while you were out for the day. Do you know how awkward it is to die and wake with a hard on?” he teased.

“Oh, my poor Viking,” Sookie said as she snaked a hand between them and wrapped it around Eric’s hard cock.

“You should make it up to me,” he replied earnestly.

“And just how would you like me to do that, darling?” Sookie asked, stroking him slowly.

“Well, considering the problem I rested with is still here… ” He ran his hands up the side of her body, feeling every curve.

“Mmm, so it is,” Sookie purred. “I think I have an idea…” She trailed off as she turned her body and knelt over Eric. Snaking out her tongue, she flicked it over the head of his cock, tasting him before wrapping her lips around him.

Eric gently palmed her head, caressing her hair while groaning as her tongue slid over the sensitive rim of his cockhead.

Sookie smiled around his cock before taking more of him into her willing mouth. Eric hissed, wanting… needing…Gods! More!

Sookie hummed around his cock as she stroked the base with her hand. She could feel her own juices dripping down her legs, and she wanted nothing more than to impale herself upon him. His hand held her, trying to get her to take him more deeply. The times she swallowed him whole just sucking, and sucking, until he exploded were some of the best orgasms of his life.

Moving a hand under him, Sookie cupped his balls before moving her hand lower to rub a finger over the puckered opening of his ass. She grinned around his cock before hollowing her cheeks and sucking even harder.

“Yessss,” he hissed, groaned, loving the feel of her mouth on him.

Sookie pressed her finger more firmly against his ass as she bobbed her head. It was the first time she had played back there, but she had seen enough over the years, making her confident that her actions were pleasing Eric. He groaned, knowing his lover was experimenting with his body and he loved it, and would be thrilled for her to explore as she wished.

Sookie scraped her teeth over his cock as she pushed a finger up his ass. Eric grunted at the feeling. Her mouth was a wet vacuum suctioning his hard cock as she bobbed her head. Her small finger was teasing him, brushing against his prostate, causing him to buck his hips.

Sookie smiled around Eric’s cock before swallowing around him and taking him even further than ever into her mouth. “Fuck!” he murmured, hardly realizing he was speaking.

Sookie scraped her teeth over the underside of his cock as she wrapped her free hand around the base and pumped him.

Eric growled. He didn’t want to cum down her throat. He wanted to fuck her. He wanted to feel his cock pulsing in her clenching pussy. He moved to push himself up.

Sookie pouted, but moved back slightly. Her eyes shone with desire as she raked them over the naked body of her lover.

Eric pushed her back forcefully, his passion, his need controlling him more than his rational mind.

A soft laugh escaped her lips as her back hit the mattress, and she gazed up at Eric as he loomed over her. The overwhelming love she felt but could not yet describe in words was clearly evident on her face.

He ran his nose slowly up the side of her neck, once again breathing in her scent. Their scents combined on her skin as well as something deep within him was extremely satisfied that she smelled of him. As his nose traveled up toward her ear, he nipped at her lobe, just missing as he pushed himself upward to impale her on his rigid cock.

A scream tore from her throat at the sudden penetration; her body felt as if it was on fire as she clung to Eric, desperately needing him. Sookie raised her legs and wrapped them around him, pulling him even closer in her desire wanting to feel every inch.

Eric growled again, claiming her as his own in their physical demonstration. His thrusts were powerful and purposeful as he stroked only more vigorously into her wet sheath.

“Oh God… Eric!” Sookie screamed as she clawed at his back, her nails ripping into his pale flesh and staining it with his blood.

Eric looked down at her, lost in her pleasure. “Sookie,” he groaned, locking his eyes with hers.

Sookie moaned in pleasure as she stared back at him, her soul bared for him. She hid nothing, showing him all she had to offer as they moved in time as one. Her body was his to consume, to own.

“Take my blood,” he said to her, wanting to share of himself, and, in turn, gain her within him. By taking his blood, he would be able to sense her emotions, locations, and be certain she was safe. Their bond would not be one as that of a Maker, nor of a vampire and human. It would be far deeper.

Sookie darted her tongue out and wet her lips before giving Eric a small nod, signaling her consent. Russell’s blood was the only vampire blood she’d had in thirteen years. Now that was all going to change, and, this time, it was by her consent. No trickery or hidden agenda involved; only pure honesty and trust between she and her Viking.

Eric gave her the choice of where she wanted to bite, and, while she contemplated, he slowed his strokes until he was still inside her. He knew once she bit him all his control would be lost, he was going to fuck her until they came undone; still, he wanted to watch.

Sookie ran her hands over his back; mapping every inch of his magnificence, and delighting in the feel of him under her small hands. Raising her head slightly, Sookie pressed her lips to his neck, darting her tongue out, and tasting him before letting her fangs slide down to bury them deeply in his throat.

Eric shouted out uncontrollably. His hips alone began moving while somehow keeping his neck at her lips, his cock thrusting with powerful, rhythmic strokes. Her eyes were possessive before she angled his head to her liking as, once again, her teeth slid smoothly as butter through his skin…similarly to the way his cock was sliding into her pussy.

Sookie drank deeply as she feasted on his blood. She felt it sliding down her throat as she moaned, both in lust and hunger. The last time she had tasted Eric’s blood, she hadn’t really been aware of what she was experiencing, but oh…how this time was different. Her vampire nature told her all she needed to know. His blood tasted as if it was the oldest fine wine; rich, full, and completely intoxicating.

He cried out as he lost all control, fucking her with impassioned strokes. The entire length of his cock slid out of her until only his head was nestled between her lips; he then thrust fast, fully seating himself against her, his pubic bone pressing against her clit, grinding against it as he came deep inside her. Spurt after spurt coated her internally as he nearly collapsed on Sookie’s body, held up only by pressing his weight on his elbows.

Blood dripped from Sookie’s lips as she pulled her fangs from his throat. Her eyes blazed with passion as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him closer. Eric was breathing unnecessarily as he felt her inside of him, taking her in with all of his senses. Her emotions swirled within his mind. The hum of satisfaction, leaving his throat couldn’t be disguised as anything else.

Sookie clung to Eric, wrapping herself around him until not even an inch of space was left between them. When Fintan had asked her if she loved Eric she had been unsure, but no longer. In that very moment, she knew without a shadow of a doubt she loved him. Part of her had always loved him, seeing him with Godric had opened her heart to him, and now it was different. Now she wasn’t fighting. Now, it only felt right.

Eric buried his face in her hair, feeling her love for him flow through their bond. He nuzzled her neck as his fangs elongated. He rubbed their sensitive tips against her soft flesh. “Do you want to feel me?” He asked, knowing she would understand. She certainly could feel him above, against, and still inside of her; if he were to take her blood now, they would be connected.

“Yes,” Sookie whispered, not even needing a moment to consider it. Even though Eric knew she would agree based on their bond, a look of relief quickly passed across Eric’s face before it was replaced by anticipation. He felt his cock hardening within her and thrust a few times. His fingers tweaked her nipples before one slid down to manipulate her clit.

Sookie’s eyes widened as she felt Eric play her body as only he could. Mewls of pleasure spilled from her lips and she turned her head in offering to Eric for her blood, for her, and for their bond. Eric prepared her neck, suckling where her pulse once beat.

“Please…” Sookie pleaded, arching into him needing to feel his bite. His fangs slid in slowly. He groaned at the feeling of them parting her cool skin and the rush of her blood as it entered his mouth. He knew she was suddenly feeling everything he felt, and their pleasure was multiplying within one another furthering their combined heights. He felt her pussy flutter, clenching and unclenching rapidly around his cock as he thrust again and again, so overwhelmed by the taste of her vitality in his mouth and running down his throat.

Sookie’s eyes fluttered closed as she felt her blood flow in Eric. Nothing she had ever experienced before compared to what she was feeling now and she was enraptured. Her entire world was reduced to just that one moment; the moment where she willingly gave herself to Eric fully. Mind, body, soul, and, most importantly, her blood were now his.

When Sookie had climaxed — though it was far, far more than that – so many, many times, Eric also exploded within her. Coming down from his euphoria, Eric bit his tongue unnecessarily healing her neck. He collapsed to her side, pulling her with him and feeling the pinging emotions racing back and forth between them.

Sookie curled up beside him and played with their new connection, sending bursts of emotions at him. Eric, too, experimented with their new connection, sending various emotions to her.

Sookie giggled as she felt his humor soon followed up by a shudder as he sent her a spike of his lust. She lost herself in the feelings he was sending her. Her Maker/Child bond with Russell had not prepared her for the multitude of emotions Eric was evoking.

Eric didn’t want to disturb the bubble they found themselves in but the night was wearing on and knew Sookie was concerned for both her young cousin and her niece.

“I wish we could stay here like this forever,” Sookie said, guessing where his mind had gone.

Eric rolled her on top of himself, pressing his lips to hers. “We have forever, Sookie,” he reminded her. “Tonight we need to ensure your niece’s and your cousin’s safety.” Last night, before they died for the day and enjoyed some of their more pleasurable activities, Sookie had raised the topic of her cousin, Hunter. She felt awful, focusing so much on keeping Susie and herself here when he was suffering from who knows what tortures at Dagda’s whims. Eric had placated her, reminding her that since she had last seen him, Hunter had become a man while Susie was still just a little girl. He had assured her that they had not forgotten about her cousin, but first needed a plan in order to take down both Warlow and Brigant, and then to also rescue Hunter. Everything, he explained, was a balancing act, and in the centuries he had been alive, he had become an expert. Between him, Roman, Russell, and the other vampires loyal to them, they would figure out a plan, no matter how many were thinking and working against them.

Sookie brushed her lips over Eric’s lightly and let out a sigh. “I know,” She whispered. “We need to ensure our forever by eliminating Warlow, Niall, and the rest of them first.”

“You’re always trying to save the world,” He teased. “I think we might have time for a shower first.” Eric smirked and waggled his eyebrows at her.

Sookie giggled before climbing off of Eric, jumping to her feet, and racing to the bathroom.

Later, when they were downstairs, Russell looked at Sookie, his eyebrows raised. As her Maker, he could sense what she had done with her blood.
Sookie met her Makers’ gaze as she stood before him. She wasn’t sure what his feelings were on what she had done, but she was showing him she had no regrets. She understood the significance of what she had done and stood by her decision. Eric was now a part of her forever.

Russell stared at her for a moment actively gauging her emotions within their bond. He pushed his acceptance and love toward her once he felt for himself her acceptance and steadfast emotion on the topic.

A smile spread across her face as she felt his acceptance. She knew it hadn’t been an easy thing for him given his history with Eric, but she could not and would not hide nor deny her love for Eric any longer. Russell wanted to pull her outside alone to discuss it and voice his support of her — not them — but Roman was just finishing up a phone call, and then he looked directly at Sookie.

“Your cousin’s been seen,” He told her.


18 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Forty-Eight

  1. Mindy says:

    The calm before the storm. This chapter was really fun. I’m excited that the bonded. I’m amazed that Russell is accepting. Great chapter.

  2. lostinspace33 says:

    Finally! I was wondering how long it was going to take for her to “admit” her feelings for him and for them to bond again. I’m glad Russell is accepting of it, even it Eric wouldn’t have been his choice of mates for her.

  3. murgatroid98 says:

    Wow. Looks like things are about to heat up. I’d forgotten about Hunter. I’d say this new bond between Eric and Sookie will be very important. I know how real life is, and I’ll look forward to more story when you have time to write it.

  4. jules3677 says:

    Finally. They bonded. Their physical love making was brilliantly described especially when including their blood exchange. What a wonderfully written chapter.

  5. redjane12 says:

    Susie and Jason were adorable… Esp. Jason panicking over the Tommy ‘boyfriend’… I do hope the flowers are from Eric and not Warlow… And great bonding scene. It was great that Sookie could make this choice fully of her own will and fully informed. It was hot and very touching. Good to see Russell accepting though, in all honesty, what could he argue against Eric (other than personal griefs from times past eg Talbot)? Loving this story and can’t wait for the good guys to kick Niall and Warlow’s ass

  6. cros8262 says:

    Powerfully, sweet chapter. Guess we’re about to go on another roller coaster ride though, given your comment about the calm before the storm. Look forward to it!

  7. magsmacdonald says:

    I read this right away – but on my phone – too hard to comment. Love the bonding and the activities surrounding it of course.

    Before that though – so cute – Susie not telling Eric about her boyfriend.

    Sigh – you guys make Saturdays even better with the weekly updates. Maybe Wednesdays could use some sprucing up too? Yes?


  8. eaaustin85 says:

    aww Susie has a boyfriend, n of course Jason is doin amazing in the daddy department…they’re so cute together……loved the bonding, hott n sweet at the same time… love how Russell is begrudgingly accepting sookie n eric….hope they find hunter n can save him…..tx so much for the update, so can’t wait for more

  9. kinnik says:

    wow! Absolutely loving it. Can wait for the next installment. All of the comments above have already said everything I want to say. Great story and brilliant writing. Thank you.

  10. Jackie69 says:

    Just finished this story and it’s awesome I hope you ladies have time to update until then Take care …oh by the way I voted for this story so fingers crossed

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. And thank you for voting for us. We are slowly getting more chapters written and soon as we have enough banked again, we will start updating. I’m glad you like our story.

  11. Ystarr says:

    My thoughts are with you and your family, I am so sorry for your loss.

    This story has developed wonderfully. I would love to see an update in the future, if possible!

  12. honulvr says:

    This story is so wonderfully written. I am shocked that I like it, I am ridiculously protective of Eric’s emotions (yes, I know he’s fictional) so I am so happy that he has the bond. I love what you have done with all the characters and I can’t believe how much I do. It really is a testament to how good a writer you are that I enjoy Russell being Sookie’s maker after the kidnapping and torture. I am happy that Eric and Russell seem to have put their differences aside for Sookie, but I don’t know if I can truly trust it. I mean, Eric searched for Russell for a millenium, it would be difficult to let that go. I am looking forward to seeing what Hunter has become, well, I should say that I’m looking forward to seeing what you will do with Hunter. I am a bit scared of what he’s become actually. If he’s been spotted I am wondering if he is on the other side now and what that will mean. I’m also wondering where Hadley is, I mean she just handed her son over to a supernatural being she didn’t even know existed? Classic. Oh, and all the things I’m wondering, please don’t answer it in a reply to a review. I love to read about it as it unfolds, I’m just letting you guys know what I’m excited about. Seriously, it’s never ending all my excitement over your story and I hope you will have time and the muse enough to come back to it soon. Looking forward to more!

    • honulvr says:

      I just saw some of the other reviews and I didn’t realize. I’m so sorry. My thoughts are with you all. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing that with us, I hope you feel better to write again even if it is just for yourself.

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