Answer to the Master Chapter Forty-Six


AttM 46

Heart of Stone

His large hand smacked her across the face. She fell to the floor and he kicked her out of the way. “You are useless,” he scolded her.

Ishta stared up at Warlow as her face throbbed with pain. Blood trickled from a cut on her lip, and her right eye was almost swollen shut. “I am sorry,” she said, trying to keep the pain from her voice, not wanting to displease him any more.

He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled to lift her up. “What are you worth? Nothing. Not even a vampire wanted you,” he snarled. He backhanded her, tossing her into the wall. “I should kill you now,” Warlow growled, pulling out a throwing star. He walked over to where she lay and placed a hard kick to her back, finally stepping on her neck with one foot. “Beg me not to kill you. Tell me how you’re going to regain my favor. Plead for your life.”

“Please, my warrior,” Ishta begged, fighting as best she could against his hold. “Spare my life. I’ll do anything you ask, anything you desire. I won’t disappoint you again.”

He threw the star into her hand, pinning it to the ground as the metal sliced through her flesh. “Try again,” he replied, pressing harder on her throat.

Ishta cried out in pain before she felt Warlow put more pressure on her throat. “Tell me what you wish, I’ll do it,” she croaked. “I’m yours to command.”

“You will get Sookie to come here,” he growled, lifting his foot. He kneeled down, his knee on her chest as he loomed over her. “I don’t care how, but you will get her here. In one piece.”

“If that is your wish, I will see to it,” Ishta promised, wheezing due to the pressure on her chest.

Warlow reached down and ripped the throwing star out of her hand before standing. “Go!” he snarled, before turning his back on her.

Ishta scurried to her feet, bowed to his retreating back, and rushed out of the tent. She clutched her hand to her chest as she raced through the compound, not allowing her pain to slow her down. If her warrior wanted the fairy whore she would get her.


The next evening she was on the compound where the fairy whore lived. She hardly could believe she would be replaced by a dead fairy, but Ishta had her sword out, ready to take the vampire to her Master.

Ishta watched the house, concealed in the shadows as various vampires came and went. Her eyes were trained on the house, watching every movement, listening to every sound. She knew the second the fairy/vampire rose, and she remained still in the darkness as she listened while the dead fairy and the vampire, her warrior had offered her to, fuck. She curled her lips in disgust as she waited, her body coiled and ready to attack at the first chance.

She listened and waited while the couple finished and came downstairs. The doors to the courtyard where Ishta was waiting opened and a little blonde girl came running out. She was smiling, holding a middle-aged man’s hand.

Ishta wondered if she should kill them both quickly, just to ensure she wasn’t found. She could kill them both in seconds. She was sorely tempted to do it, but the thought of what Warlow would do to her if he found out stopped her. He had sent her to get the whore, and that is all she would do.

She waited, watching, probing their minds. One was the other’s father. The little one — Susie — was very talented. She could read vampires and Danann. But she couldn’t sense Ishta. Finally, the dead fairy whore came out.

Evenin‘, Sook,” Jason greeted, seeing his sister.

“Hi, Aunt Sookie,” Susie said quietly, still upset about the night before. The vampires were waiting until after she went to bed to discuss anything, and they made sure she knew it. Daddy even upped her bedtime. She had to go to bed at 8 tonight when she was normally allowed to be up until 8:30.

“Hello, Susie,” Sookie replied softly, as she stepped onto the lawn. Susie didn’t say more, just looked at the pool.

Ishta watched as the dead whore spoke to the man and the brat. She studied the way she moved, trying to anticipate the way she would fight. Not that she would be a challenge. She was Danann. One of the firstborn.

“Bedtime, Susie,” Jason told his daughter.

She nodded and went inside with a “Night, Sookie.”

“She’s still upset I see,” Sookie said softly, as she watched her niece go inside.

“Yeah — I’ll be back in a minute, Sook,” Jason said, following his daughter. When the human left, Ishta saw her chance. There was little opportunity to ambush the fairy whore when she was alone, but now was her time. Sword in hand, she pulled a throwing star out of her belt. With deadly accuracy, she held it between her fingers and threw.

Pain shot through Sookie as the throwing star sliced into her shoulder. Blood poured from the wound and Sookie felt her fangs slip down as she smelled her own blood. Spinning around, Sookie growled as she laid eyes on the stunning brunette, and crouched down preparing to attack.

Ishta berated herself for throwing just as Sookie moved. She had meant to hurt her badly enough — slicing her neck — to incapacitate her and bring her to Danann. Sword ready, she tried to calculate how to beat the vampire. She moved quickly behind Sookie, trying to get her sword to the girl’s throat and hold her at the same time.

Sookie spun to her side as she felt the cool steel of the sword against her throat. The sharp blade nicked her skin, causing more blood to flow from her body. The pain of the cut sharpened her mind, and Sookie danced to the side, facing her adversary again.

Ishta held her sword offensively. Sookie needed to not be hurt, but acquiesce regardless. This would be tricky.

Sookie eyed the brunette carefully, searching for any kind of weakness she could find. A brush against her mind told Sookie she wasn’t human, but she wasn’t vampirewere, or fairy either. Danann, Sookie realized.

Russell slammed the door open, fangs distended. He had felt Sookie’s pain and smelled his child’s blood.

Ishta’s eyes fluttered to Russell briefly before refocusing on Sookie. She needed to capture the whore and teleport out of there before he could interfere. She dove for the girl, thinking she could just grab her with how quickly she moved.

Sookie spun to the right as she saw her dive for her, dodging her attack. Holding out her hand, Sookie sent a blast of light to the ground surrounding Ishta’s feet, making her stumble. Seeing an opening, Sookie darted forward and drove her knee into the other woman’s stomach.

Ishta moaned out in pain, but rolled away from the dead fairy before springing to her feet.

Deciding to take the offensive, Sookie threw herself forward and tackled Ishta to the ground, knocking the sword out of her hands and across the lawn. Ishta cried out as her weapon flew from her hand and she landed hard on the cement. She began swinging at the whore, working to get leverage to grab another throwing star.

Grabbing Ishta’s arm, Sookie sunk her nails into it as she lunged for her throat, attempting to rip it out with her fangs. When Sookie’s teeth sunk in, Ishta let out a yelp. As the dead fairy tore away her flesh and a super sweet smelling blood oozed out thickly, Ishta kicked Sookie off of her, rolling to the side. She grabbed a throwing star and threw it hard at Sookie, distracting her enough — as Russell sped before the star and pulled it out of the air — so that Ishta could transport herself back to her home in Danann.

Warlow was waiting there for her, expecting her to bring his Sookie back with her. Instead, she landed at his feet, clutching her throat as she bled, too much of their thick blood.

Ishta shook as she stared up at her warrior. She could see the anger in his eyes at her failure and prepared herself for his berating. Shame filled her as she waited. He had tasked her with one simple mission, capture the dead fairy whore and she had failed. He snarled at her, staring down. “You will pay, waste.”


13 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Forty-Six

  1. jules3677 says:

    Warlow has one fairy. Why does he want another? Sookie is a vampire firstly, remembers her humanity & despises the fae. Not too sure that Warlow is all there. Old age catching up with him? Dementia setting in! Well written chapter. The tension is certainly thicker than ever. Loving your story.

  2. murgatroid98 says:

    I feel sorry for Ishta, to be enslaved and abused like that. That’s what Warlow wants to do to Sookie and Susie. I hope Warlow gets a spectacular and painful ending.

  3. msbuffy says:

    I do have sympathy for Ishta. She’s as much of a captive as Warlow wants for Sookie even if she is Danaan. Warlow, on the other hand, is a coward for sending someone else to do his dirty work. I can’t wait for bad ass Sookie to kill him, preferably slowly.

  4. Mindy says:

    I was nervous. I’m so glad she didn’t capture Sookie. I’m so proud of Sookie for holding her own. I think Sookie will need to be guarded. I liked the chapter!

  5. redjane12 says:

    Great to see Sookie kicking ass and being able to defend herself. I would feel sorry for Ishta who is clearly abused and bullied by Warlow but her calling Sookie a whore I find less than endearing…

  6. eaaustin85 says:

    have to agree with redjane. sookie totally kicked ass n took names! I thought the danaan race were supposed to be badass? maybe its just warlow, cuz ishta really didn’t seem all that badass. sookie took her down pretty easily…sookie is totally badass!!!

  7. kleannhouse says:

    i wonder why Susie did not sense or feel Ishta’s mind? where the hell was Quinn i thought he was a guard…. and why did Eric not sense something was wrong. hmmmm questions. KY

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