Answer to the Master Chapter Forty-Three


AttM 43

 Wild Thing

Eric slammed the door open, growling when it bounced back at him, and slammed it shut behind him. It nearly came off its hinges, but at this point he didn’t care. He had given his word to keep her safe and everyone, even Sookie, was letting Roman put her in danger. It was un-fucking-believable!

Sookie hesitated briefly before following after Eric. She knew he was angry, she could practically feel it. She knew part of it; a large part was directed at her. “Eric,” she said softly, as she pushed open the door and stepped inside.

He spun to look at her, his eyes harsh and angry. “How could you allow her to do this?” he growled.

“What choice did I have?” Sookie retorted, her voice calm. “I don’t like it, Eric, but whether I agreed or not Roman was going to use Susie’s ability.”

“No! He wouldn’t have. Not like this! What if Warlow shows up, Sookie?”

“You heard what he said, Eric; he’s the Guardian and his word is Law,” Sookie replied. “I’m not happy about this either, but Warlow will eventually come for us both anyway.”

“He will not,” Eric shouted. “He will not take either of you.”

“I have no intention of going with him,” Sookie yelled. “That doesn’t mean he isn’t gonna still try and take us.”

Eric growled, “No. You’re mine.” He stepped up to her, pushing her against the closed door. His lips attacked her neck, sucking greedily, nipping gently, and pulling her body against his. “Tell me you’re mine,” he grunted.

“I’m yours,” Sookie moaned. “That isn’t gonna stop him.”

“No…,” he grunted, his teeth nipping a little harder. “No! You’re mine.” He gripped her by her ass, lifting her up and wrapping her legs around his waist. He pressed her body against the door.

Sookie dug her nails into Eric’s shoulders through his shirt as she started to rock her hips against his. “Then you’re mine!” she growled, her vampire side beginning to take over her.

He tilted her hips and thrust against her. His mouth latched onto her neck, sucking roughly, running his blunt teeth over her smooth skin.

Sookie wrapped her legs more tightly around his waist as she moaned in pleasure. She could feel her panties becoming drenched and she wanted more. His erection rubbed up and down against the crotch of her panties as the skirt of her dress rose around her hips.

Fisting her hand in his hair, Sookie yanked his head back before crashing her lips to his in a brutal kiss. Eric’s fangs descended with a snick that wasn’t audible over the moan he expressed into her mouth.

“Fuck, Sookie,” he growled, releasing one hand from her ass to smack the cheek he had been holding.

“Yes!” Sookie hissed, clawing at him. Eric growled and spanked her again, roughly grabbing the flesh of her ass. He paused, hearing the tinkling laughter of Susie as she spoke with Thalia. Without thinking twice, Eric flew up, Sookie in his arms and went down the stairs and out the back. He flew quickly until they were in the woods, about half a mile from the house, but he didn’t put Sookie down, pushing her back into a large tree trunk and resumed where he had left off.

Sookie was so lost in the feeling of Eric; she barely registered their new location. Her body was burning for him. She wanted to feel him on her and in her. Assuring she was secure between the tree and his hips, Eric leaned back and released her hips. His hands came up and he ripped open the top of her dress, pulling her breasts out of her bra, and into his mouth. He sucked roughly on her nipples; growls erupted from his throat each time he switched the nipple he was focusing on.

“Oh God! More!” Sookie hissed, arching her back as best she could, desperate to feel it all.

Fangs down, he ran them around her nipple while one hand snaked lower into Sookie’s panties. Rather than pushing them aside, he ripped them off and deftly slipped two fingers inside of her.

Sookie’s eyes widened as she felt his fingers enter her. She clenched her pussy around them as she rocked her hips as best she could.

Mine,” Eric growled into her cleavage.

“Yours,” Sookie agreed, tangling her fingers in his hair and holding his head to her chest.

He slipped his fingers out of her pussy to quickly undo and shove his pants to his knees. He growled against her neck as he lined up, knowing she was dripping, and thrust in roughly, burying his entire length in one strong slam into her.

“Yes!” Sookie screamed, as she felt him enter her hard. She squeezed her muscles around him as her fangs clicked down into place.

He set a brutal pace, fucking her hard, pressing her body into the trunk of the tree. Sookie met him thrust for thrust, her desire for him only growing as she screamed for more. His hands grasped her hips, gripping roughly as he fucked her endlessly.

“More,” Sookie begged, as she slid a hand between them and started rubbing her clit. Eric grinned, flashing his fangs at her. He pulled almost all the way out of her before slamming back in, over and over. There was a groaning from behind them, then a crack. Then the tree Sookie was pressed upon began to fall away from them.

Looking over her shoulder, Sookie laughed as she saw the tree fall. First a bed, then a tree, they were getting good at breaking things. Wiggling in his hold, Sookie slid down his body and dropped to her knees in front of him. She took him in her mouth, sucking on his hard length before pulling back and staring up at him. “Fuck me, Viking,” she purred.

He growled, grasping her by the hair and pressing her lips to his cock. He groaned as she licked her pussy juices off his cock and began gently fucking her face, careful of her fangs.

Sookie moaned around his cock as she placed her hands behind her back, giving complete control to Eric. Since she started enjoying sex again, she had always been in control, in charge, but, right then, for the first time since her abuse, she was willing to give it up more importantly, she wanted it. She wanted Eric to take charge.

He smiled down at her and grunted each time his cock hit the back of her throat. The sensitive head of his dick was a swollen purple, thick in her mouth. He pulled back a bit and painted her lips with her saliva using his cockhead. “Fuck, Sookie.”

“Yes, please,” Sookie replied, darting her tongue out and licking her lips.

He snarled at her, pressing her onto her back, onto the floor of the woods. He stood by her feet, stroking his length exaggeratedly. He began at the base, slid his fingers up, over the thick length, to his bulbed head. His fingers slid over the sensitive helmet before sliding back down. He was watching Sookie as she stared at him hungrily.

Sookie licked her lips as she stared up at him. She gave him a saucy grin as she slowly spread her legs and slipped a hand between them. She moaned as she rubbed a finger over her swollen clit.

“No,” Eric said, licking his lips. “I want you to ask me.”

“Ask you what?” She replied as she cupped one of her full breasts.

“Ask me to fuck you,” he grunted out.

“Fuck me,” Sookie purred. “I need you to fuck me hard.”

Eric teasingly rubbed his cock’s head around her entrance. “Beg me,” he commanded, probing her clit with his cock.

“Fuck me!” Sookie demanded instead. Eric’s eyes glinted as he smacked her clit with his cock head.

“Beg me.”

Rolling onto her stomach, Sookie pushed herself up onto her hands and knees and presented herself to him. She looked over her shoulder as she wiggled her ass. “Fuck me!” She growled.

He rose up on his knees, prodding her from behind. “Beg me,” he demanded, smacking her ass hard.

Sookie moaned as she felt his hand connect with her ass. A jolt of arousal shot through her and she could feel her juices dripping down her legs. “Claim your woman, Viking!”

“Beg . . .” he repeated, leaning down to bite her ass with blunt teeth. The scent of her was driving him to the edge and he could only hold back so much.

Slipping a hand between her legs, Sookie rubbed a finger lightly over her clit before using two of her fingers to spread her sex open. “Your pussy wants you to fuck it, Viking. Nice and hard. I need you to fuck me. Show me who I belong to.”

Growling, Eric plunged forward, sheathing his entire cock inside her.

Ahh!” Sookie screamed, as she felt her walls stretch around his large cock. She pushed her hips back, meeting him thrust for thrust, surrendering to him completely. “That’s it, Viking. Fuck your pussy.” Growls tore through the air as he fucked her roughly. Reaching forward, he used both hands to grab her forearms. He pulled them back, fucking into her as he held her upper body, suspended by just his hold on her arms.

“Yes!” Sookie screamed, letting him possess her. “Fuck me!” Her body was being pushed forward with each thrust as her arms held her back, keeping her from either falling down face first or being fucked across the woods.

Sookie squeezed her pussy around Eric’s cock as she pushed back against him as best she could. Her body felt like it was on fire and she desperately craved more. “Harder!” she demanded.

He held both of her wrists in one of his hands, freeing his one hand to grasp her by the hair and pull. “Cum for me, Sookie,” he growled fucking her harder. “Cum all over my cock.” He pulled her head back by her hair, forcing her to arch her back farther.

“Oh God!” Sookie screamed, the tension in her coiling tighter by the second. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…” He released her arms, only holding her by the hair before she placed her hands underneath to support herself. He smacked her ass with each thrust grunting wildly as he did as she asked.

“Fuck yes!” Sookie moaned, slamming her hips back against him. “You feel so good inside me. My pussy was made for your cock.” His cock was hitting her cervix with each thrust as he pounded into her.

“Scream for me.”

“Fuck… Eric!” Sookie screamed, tightening around him as she came. He grunted with each rough thrust as he fucked through her orgasm and moaned her name as he came inside her, his cool seed filling her.

Sookie let her head fall forward as she felt Eric cum inside her. Small ripples of pleasure were still shooting through her and she let out a soft moan.

Eric fell to the side of her, his arms around her back.

Sookie let out a small laugh as she burrowed into his side. “I needed that.”

He pulled her close to him, his arms around her. “I need you,” he said softly.

“I’m yours.” His lips pressed to hers as he took in everything his senses could get. The taste of her, the feel of her hand on his waist, his hand stroking her back. Her scent, the glint of her eyes as she kissed him back before her lids fluttered closed. The sound of her moans as he deepened the kiss and pulled her impossibly closer to his body.

Sookie pressed herself to him, molding herself against him as she eagerly returned the kiss. He was hardening again and slipped inside her, the anger from before forgotten, the possessiveness from before dismissed; as he gently thrust into her wetness, making love to her until they both came again.


14 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Forty-Three

  1. duckbutt60 says:

    You wrote this lemon-fest while you were sick! Holy Moly, what would it have been it if you had been in tip-top condition! I don’t think the internet could have stood it!
    Fantastic! (In my best Russell imitation)

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Oh no, this chapter was written before Christmas when we were both well. We are several chapters ahead in terms of writing. Although we just finished writing a lemon the other day.

  2. Mindy says:

    Damn girls, aww I’m fanning myself. Beyond hot and sexy. That claiming was perfect, they both needed. I hope you both feel better.

  3. Stephwoods says:

    I love love love this story. I wish we didn’t have to wait a week to get a new chapter. Thank you for giving us Sookie and Eric

  4. jules3677 says:

    Quick! Turn the fans on. Have them oscillating on me. What a delightful chapter. Thankyou, all my blood is rushing around quite excitedly. I don’t think this is a hot flush! Lovely.

  5. magsmacdonald says:

    I left a comment but I think my phone flipped out and didn’t send it – and for this chapter – I must right that wrong: I had to practically jump in one my my multi-foot snow piles after reading this one.
    Good Lord you ladies and lemon (new verb).

  6. kleannhouse says:

    damn i can’t believe Roman is using Susie like that , and Eric feels for her so much that it sets off his inner Viking. As it should be Sookie is able to calm him. loved it KY

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