Answer to the Master Chapter Four


AttM 4

 I Won’t Pay Your Price

Eric and Pam arrived at the Authority gates in his car a few hours after sunset the next night. He had been understanding, but furious when Roman had called him last night. Yet another thing was happening to interfere with his ability to go with Thalia to search for Sookie.

Nora met Eric and Pam just inside the gates; she nodded at her brother as he climbed out of his car, ignoring Pam completely. “It’s good to see you again, Sheriff.”

“I hear I’ll be seeing you more, my Queen,” Eric said with a nod in return.

“Yes,” Nora replied, as she stepped closer and embraced him. She hid her face from the view of the cameras’ she knew were watching them, “I tried to keep her part in it concealed,” she added in a hushed whisper as she switched to Old Norse, “but Compton informed them of her actions.”

He nodded slightly, returning the hug before he turned to his child. “Do not embarrass me here, Pam,” he scolded her. He was still fuming at her actions, lack of guilt, and that he returned to her feeding and fucking. He had ordered her, when they had got in the car, not to say a word the whole ride. But now the ride was over, and he regretted not making her order last until she was before the new Magister.

Pam rolled her eyes, but said nothing. She was tired of being treated like she had done something wrong. She had done what was necessary to ensure the survival of her maker. Even his cunt of a sister would have done the same thing.

“They’re waiting for you in the conference room,” Nora said, casting Pam a disdainful look. She could tell the younger vampire had not one ounce of remorse for what she had done. She was still the spoiled brat she was when they had first met, five years after Eric had turned her.

Eric walked into the conference room with Nora by his side. He didn’t look to see if Pam was following them. If she chose not to, the Authority guards would ensure she wound up in the right place.

In the room, Roman was in Nora’s usual spot, with an open space for her to his right. Dieter sat at the head of the table, showing he was leading the trial, judgment, and sentencing. There was space for the Northman and his progeny on the other side, in plain view of everyone. The room was full, everyone eager to see how the new Magister would work. Would he be overly harsh? Would he be too lenient? Would he draw out in his judgments or swift (maybe too swift) in his sentencing? The entire Authority was there, as were many members of the AVL, Nan and Bill included.

Dieter brought the meeting to order as soon as everyone was seated. He demanded their silence unless they were personally addressed, informing them that any interrupted would be dealt with swiftly. He cast his eyes over Northman and his progeny. It was clear from Pam’s posture she didn’t understand the importance of the meeting and just how much trouble she was in.

“Pamela Ravenscroft, you are charged with willingly handing over a human to Russell Edgington,” he said, as his eyes fixed on her. “Such an act is in direct violation to the laws of the Authority.”

Eric stood beside her. He could neither explain away, nor justify her behavior. He would have punished her, and still may, but nothing he could say to her now could help her here.

Nan sat with Bill beside her on a seat by the door. Hearing the power in Dieter’s voice and watching the proceedings, she began running her fingers along Compton’s ass, imagining plowing into him after the proceedings.

Bill fidgeted as he felt Nan run her fingers over his ass. He wanted to watch Northman and his child be punished for losing his Sookie, not worry about what Nan wanted to shove up his ass this time.

“Sheriff Northman, as the maker of the accused you have the right to advocate for your child. Do you wish to exercise that right?” Dieter asked.

“I have nothing to say on her behalf, Magister. What she did is inexcusable. I would like to know her sentencing before I completely remove myself from the option of assisting her with it, however,” Eric responded.

Pam stared at Eric in shock; she couldn’t believe he wasn’t going to step up and assist her. He had always protected her. She moved to open her mouth before she remembered the Magister’s earlier warning about interruptions and snapped it close.

“Ms. Ravenscroft, perhaps you would be so kind to explain why you handed over a human to Russell Edgington when you knew full well it was against our laws and that Edgington was wanted by the Authority for killing someone live on TV?”

“I handed her over in exchange for my maker’s life,” Pam answered defiantly. “Russell was going to kill my maker; I did it to protect him.”

“I see,” Dieter said. “Were you aware of her plan, Sheriff?”

“No, Magister,” Eric said. “I knew Russell would, and probably will, come after me, but I did not know Pam was going to give Miss Stackhouse to him.”

“Yes, I remember your testimony before us a few days ago. You killed Edgington’s child and mate as revenge for the slaughter of your human family,” Dieter said. “No one here will begrudge you that. If you would have known of your child’s plan would you have stopped her?”

“Of course,” Eric said. “I both know the laws and do not believe it is right to enslave any human to a vampire. Beyond that, Russell Edgington is a wanted man. I would have found a way to capture or kill him.”

“I am guessing you were aware your maker would have stopped you and that is why you did not tell him,” Dieter remarked. “I must admit there is one thing that is troubling me. One thing I am not sure about. Why Miss Stackhouse? Sheriff Northman killed Russell Edgington’s child in revenge for Edgington killing his family, but I fail to see where Miss. Stackhouse falls into all this. What was her role?”

“She was Bill Compton’s target from Sophie-Anne,” Eric said, hoping that either Bill had made them aware of his role or that he would be required to explain.

“Yes, Mr. Compton explained eventually why he was sent to Bon Temps and what the former Queen suspected the girl was,” Dieter replied. “But knowing Edgington like I do, I suspect there was more to it than that. He wanted her for a reason, and Ms. Ravenscroft gave her to him. I suppose it doesn’t really matter.”

Eric nodded his agreement.

“Pamela Ravenscroft, it is obvious you’re guilty of what you’re accused of. By your own admission you handed Miss Stackhouse over to Russell Edgington. Your reasoning does not matter, and you have not shown any remorse. In handing Miss Stackhouse over you have sentenced her to unimaginable pain and torment. It’s my reckoning you should suffer the same. I sentence you to spend the next six months chained in silver. Upon completion of your sentence you will be given one bottle of cold true blood and then be placed in a coffin and be buried for the following year.”

Pam stared at the Magister in shock. She couldn’t believe she was actually being punished for doing the right thing. She wanted to object, but couldn’t find the words. “Eric…”

Dieter grinned as he heard her whine and turned his gaze to Eric, “Would you like to object to your child’s sentence, Sheriff?” he asked. “Perhaps you would like to exercise your rights as her maker and share it with her.”

“No, Magister. I need to spend my time searching for Russell and Miss Stackhouse,” Eric said. He wasn’t happy with Dieter’s judgment, but there was nothing he could do. And spending nine months in the Authority’s headquarters would only hurt the vampires who depended on him and ruin his chances of helping Sookie.

“No, Eric,” Pam cried out, unable to believe he wasn’t going to help her. She was his child for fucksake. His priority should be her not looking for Sookie Stackhouse and her magical cunt. He couldn’t leave her here to her fate. “Do something, please.”

Eric was stoic, refusing to show emotion before the large group of vampires. He rationed that Pam was truly lucky. It would have been worse for her had she been punished by him.

“Guards,” Dieter summoned, “Take Ms. Ravenscroft away. Lock her in one of the holding cells until we are ready to proceed with her punishment.”

Pam struggled with the guards as she was dragged away. “Eric, please,” she shouted, as she was pulled from the room. “I’m sorry.”

Eric watched her. He would visit with her before her punishment and while she was silvered. He could not, however, spend his time here or look weaker before the vampires here.

Like Eric, Nora watched as Pam was dragged out. She wasn’t surprised the young vampire expected her maker to step in and help her. She had always been spoiled and expected everything to be given to her. The first lesson Godric taught both her and Eric was how to stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for their own actions, something it seemed Pam hadn’t learned. If either she or Eric would have disobeyed Godric and gone behind his back like Pam had with Eric, they would have been punished severely. Considering some of the punishments given for basically trafficking humans, Nora thought Dieter had been quite lenient.

Nan bit back a moan, slipping her hand down the back of Compton’s pants as Pam cried for her maker. She loved watching the sentencing of vampires, hearing them cry their torment, and even loved watching the punishment. She would visit Pam regularly, just to get some material to think of when donning her strap-ons. Her cries would be what Nan would try to replicate in whomever she was fucking.

Bill smirked as he watched Pam be dragged out the room; he would love to see the haughty bitch chained in silver. He’d let Nan do whatever she wanted to him if she could arrange that.

“Is there any more business that needs addressing here tonight?” Dieter asked.

When no one said anything, Eric locked eyes with Nora, showing he needed to speak with her after.

Nora gave Eric a small nod, showing him she understood his need. She needed to speak with him as well. He wouldn’t be happy, but he was about to be promoted.

When they were dismissed, Eric followed Nora to the rooms that belonged to her. “I need time to look for her without being monitored. Thalia will be my second for Area 5. She can keep order while I am away,” he told Nora once the door was closed.

Nora pursed her lips as she sat on the edge of her bed, “Would Thalia be suitable to replace you as Sheriff?” she asked. Her mind running over various plans.

“Probably not fully. She’s very competent, but can be too short with the vampires and humans,” he replied honestly, somewhat upset that she did not want him as Sheriff now that she was his Queen. “Looking to replace me?” he asked.

“In a manner of speaking,” Nora admitted, “Eric, no one knows Louisiana better than you, and if that half-wit Sophie-Anne had an ounce of sense she would have used your knowledge to strengthen her rule. I want to promote you to my second.”

Eric closed his eyes and sighed. “No one else you can think of for the position?” he asked, hoping she had another option.

“Sorry,” Nora replied, as she shook her head. “You are it. The position does come with some benefits. In Louisiana you will only answer to me. You won’t be restricted to one area and you will be free to travel.”

Her eyes met his as she said the last part, trying to convey that she was giving him the chance to search for Russell and Sookie without anyone watching him.

Nodding, he stipulated, “Only if I can still be the primary for Area 5. I do not want my vampire’s to have too much upheaval, and Fangtasia and Bon Temps are there.”

“Agreed,” Nora said. “I shall be taking up my… crown,” she added after a pause, a smile twisting her lips, “soon. I do not want to live in that ridiculous palace that Sophie-Anne did, so I will see if I can find something a bit closer to you. Oh, and before I forget, I’m getting married.”

“Oh really? To whom?” Eric asked, more curious than perturbed.

“Roman,” Nora answered. “He is taking over as King of Mississippi. We decided to marry the vampire way and strengthen our two states.”

“That’s industrious. And it does make sense that your Guardian fuckbuddy becomes your husband. Knowing you the annual visits won’t be enough,” Eric said. He was looking towards the door now, thinking about what he could accomplish tonight to try to find Sookie and Russell.

“The marathon session we had last night wasn’t enough.” Nora admitted with a smirk.

“Well then, my queen, as much as I’d love to offer to join the two of you like last time I was here, I need to begin my search.”

“That was a good night,” Nora said, as she recalled the night in question. “Inform the others you’re leaving before you go. Even though you do not need it, you have my permission to go, but I am not the one in charge here.”

Eric nodded, before leaving Nora in her room. He reported to Dieter and Roman, who were still in the conference room discussing the Magister’s first demonstration of his power. “May I leave, Magister? I do intend to visit my progeny while she is silvered, as is customarily acceptable.”

“Of course,” Dieter said, after a minute’s pause. He had no reason to hold Northman back and it was obvious he had something on his mind.

He nodded and went to the door. “Guardian, I believe my Queen is anticipating another romp with you as soon as you’re free,” Eric said with another nod and a bit of a teasing glint in his eye.

Dieter laughed as Eric passed through the door. “Don’t let me keep you from the new Queen, old friend,” he said.

Roman laughed and smiled wolfishly, getting to his feet. “I’m sure you have plans of your own.”

“I do,” Dieter admitted.

“Molly must be becoming impatient too,” Roman said, with a smirk, before he left the room.

Dieter shook his head as he went to visit with his child.


12 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Four

  1. duckbutt60 says:

    Loved it –and Pam will deserve every day in silver or starving that her pretentious, “I’m allowed” attitude –and she still thought Eric was gong to put his neck on the line to save her ass….. Good for him…….I’m afraid almost to see how Sookie has been faring under Russell’s “care”….

  2. vamplover669 says:

    I think Pam should just thank her lucky stars no one gave her the true death even though Eric was tempted at first! Out of everything is it weird that I can’t get Nan’s fascination with Bill’s ass out of my head it really creeps me out?! :p

      • vamplover669 says:

        My sick curiosity both anticipates and cowers at the thought of Nan making Bill her bitch! lol You girls are having WAY too much fun with this odd couple. Can you imagine all the sick twisted things that would happen with Lorena in the mix! *shiver*

  3. MistressCinder says:

    This story is soooo crazy but I love every minute of it!! I guess Pam will have the time to see the error of her ways while living out her sentence. I am guessing that The Authority does not give you time off for good behavior. ; )

  4. Loftin says:

    That was definitely a lenient punishment for Pam. She needs more than a few good swift kicks in the arse. Great chapter!

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