Answer to the Master Chapter Fourteen


AttM 14

Destroy Everything You Touch

Russell woke hours before sunset the next night, his old age, giving him advantages the new borns didn’t have. Looking down at his new child, he stroked her hair as he ran his eyes over her. He could tell his blood had healed all her wounds, physically at least, and she would definitely rise within the next two nights as a vampire. Russell took a moment to watch her. Eighteen months ago, he wanted nothing more than to break her, to make her hurt as much as he had been, but now all he wanted to do was protect her, and he felt like he had failed. His Weres had hurt her in ways he had prohibited before he even came to care for her. They weren’t allowed to touch her like that, no one was. Leaning over, he pressed a soft kiss to her head before rising from the bed. It was time Petey learned why he should have never touched his Sunshine.

Petey was sleeping, finally exhausted after hours of lying awake, wondering about the next night. He was snoring loudly when Russell walked in.

Russell flicked his eyes from Petey to Debbie and back again. He could smell Sookie all over them, but even her sweet smell couldn’t disguise the foulness of their own. Crossing towards the sink at the back of the room, Russell filled a bucket full with cold water before returning to the still sleeping Petey. “Time to wake up,” he growled out as he threw the bucket of water at him.

Petey gasped, inhaling some of the water, resulting in a coughing fit. He tried to push himself up on his elbows to get air more easily. He hadn’t cared that he was naked before, but now the cold had an obvious effect.

Russell chuckled as he saw Petey shivering. “I wouldn’t worry about that, you won’t ever be using it again,” he said darkly, as he bent over the naked Packmaster and lifted him up.

Petey grunted as he was pulled up by his shoulders. He hadn’t been able to find an easy way to rest and anything he had done strained his joints. Not only that, but he wasn’t a small man and he was not used to anyone manhandling him. Cold droplets of water slid down him as they escaped from his greasy brown hair.

“I warned you Petey,” Russell said as he dragged him out of the guard house, which was still littered with the dead bodies of all those he had killed the night before. “I told you what would happen if you touched her, but you touched her anyway.” Dragging him all the way to the main house, Russell took him into his playroom; the room Sookie had survived, but he guaranteed Petey wouldn’t.

The Packmaster fought best he could, kicking his bound legs as much as he could. The frigid temperatures of early Spring almost made him cry out as he was dragged between the guard house and the main house. His limbs began shaking as his naked body was exposed briefly to the freezing air. “D-D-Debbie,” he stammered out, trying to explain. It was all her. She had the ideas. She encouraged it all. She should be the one to pay. When he saw where he was the man began flailing. In a desperate attempt, he shifted into wolf form; his adjusting bones and muscles broke the ropes holding him.

Russell caught him before he had a chance to make it to the door. “You didn’t think you would actually escape, did you?” he chuckled.

Petey snapped his jaws at the vampire, turning to try to rip him to shreds with his teeth and claws instead.

Russell growled at the Were in no mood to play games. Clamping his hands around his jaw, he yanked on it hard breaking it. “Turn,” he ordered, as he heard him whimper in pain.

Petey yelped in his wolf form when his jaw broke. Before the command even came, he was automatically shifting back to his human self, the pain radiating from his face making his eyes water.

“Good boy,” Russell mocked as he patted him on the head like an obedient dog.

He moaned pitifully; his jaw felt like the bone was crushed.

Laying Petey on the table, Russell walked around it, fastening the straps to hold him down. “Whose idea was it?” he asked, although he already knew the answer.

De-” was all he could get out before he cried out in pain at the feeling of bone rubbing against bone as he tried to speak.

“Debbie,” Russell finished for him. It was just like he thought; the Werebitch was behind it all. Picking up one of his knives, Russell ran the blade over Petey’s stomach, slicing into his skin. “Do you remember my warning?”

Petey howled in pain as the sharp blade cut through the surface of his skin. His head rolled back and he cried out. He was shaking his head, but he wasn’t sure why. It was either to get Russell to stop or to deny knowledge or to save his cock.

“You touched something that didn’t belong to you,” Russell said, as he slid the knife lower. “But worse than that you hurt my precious girl.”

“No-no-no-no-no!” Petey begged. “Please!” he cried out.

“How many times did Sookie say that?” Russell growled. “How many times did she beg you to stop?”

“She didn–” he shook his head. “De— said she love’d it,” he said as best as he could.

“I heard her begging you to stop,” Russell growled furious that he dare lied to him and claimed Sookie liked it. Lifting the knife, he brought it down hard, driving it deep into Petey’s shoulder. “How many times did you rape my girl?”

Petey cried out as the blade tore through his muscle. “Nooo!” he cried out. “I din.”

“I can smell her on you,” Russell spat as he picked up another knife and drove it deep into Petey’s other shoulder. “It’s on your face, on your fingers, and on your dick. I know she never consented; she wouldn’t, she despises you.”

Petey yelped his pain. He started screaming out; knowing it was futile and he would only hurt his own ears.

Russell laughed as he heard Petey scream in pain. He hadn’t been on the table ten minutes and already he was screaming and crying like a baby, not like his brave girl; she endured it all. Russell felt a stab of pain when he thought what Sookie had actually endured, what he had put her through. He regretted little in his life, but he definitely regretted that. But then again, it was through all that did he see just how strong and special she was.

The wolf was arching his back and pulling at his restraints, anything to get away from the pain. When Russell twisted a knife in his shoulder, grinding into bone, he thrashed around like a fish out of water.

Russell grinned as he picked up a pair pruning shears. “I think I will cut off everything that touched my girl; fingers, tongue, and dick.” Petey just flailed as best as he could, not caring that he was looking ridiculous and not caring that it was futile.

Grabbing one of Petey’s hands, Russell flattened it against the table, making him spread his fingers. “You should not have touched her,” he growled as he placed the first fingers between the blades and closed them.

Petey screamed loudly as the first finger was removed. He tried to pull his hand away from Russell but his restraints kept him from moving anywhere. His eyes closed and he wailed.

“This is rather embarrassing, Petey,” Russell chided as he lopped the second finger off. “You are . . . were, a Packmaster. You are supposed to be strong.” He thrashed around in response, his vision swimming as the pain overtook his consciousness.

Russell repeated his actions of all of Petey’s fingers; cutting them off and dropping them to the floor. “If I take your tongue I won’t be able to hear those pretty screams,” Russell mused, as he dropped the shears and picked up another knife.

Petey shook his head and tried to clench his mouth shut to avoid the knife. His broken jaw was the least of his worries at this point.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to take your tongue . . . yet,” Russell said. “I want to hear you scream for this.”

Petey scrambled as best he could, but he knew his body was in no shape to shift; there was no other way he could escape the bonds. His body flailed, and his cock and balls slapped against his body as he did.

Russell smirked as he reached out and stroked Petey’s cock. “You can try all you like, you won’t ever break free,” he said.

Petey continued to flail, feeling horror as his cock started to harden, despite his situation. “Nonononono,” he said wailing.

“You should not have touched her,” Russell said, repeating the words he had said before. Russell stroked him to full hardness before pulling his hand back.

Petey groaned. He didn’t know which was worse; that his cock was in danger or that Russell had made him hard. He flailed still but now felt his heavy blood-filled cock slapping against his fat stomach. He grunted, trying to turn away from Russell as best he could.

Picking up his knife, Russell ran the blade over Petey’s cock, nicking the skin and drawing his blood. “Should I have a taste?” Petey cried out vigorously shaking his head no as he watched the drop of blood roll down the side of his dick.

“You are in luck that is one thing I don’t want in my mouth,” Russell chuckled, as he slid the knife in a little deeper. Petey howled in pain, his hips bucking as they tried to dislodge the weapon.

Pulling the knife out Russell grabbed Petey’s cock and squeezed painfully. “You should have listened,” he said darkly, as he swung the knife and cut straight through it.

The Packmaster watched as Russell pulled away his cock and testicles. Blood was seeping from his body from where they used to be. His cry was strangled as the Were passed out.

“What a pussy,” Russell grumbled. He grabbed the hose the Weres had used the first day with Sookie and sprayed the wolf in the face, making him sputter awake. “I didn’t give you permission to lose consciousness.”

Petey coughed out the water he had inhaled and moaned in pain once his consciousness came to him.

“That’s better,” Russell said, as he picked the knife up again. He ran the sharp blade over Petey’s chest, scoring his flesh.

Petey screamed out as it woke him up further. “Stop!” he cried.

“Why would I want to do that when I’m having so much fun?” Russell asked, as he sliced into Petey’s chest.

He cried out shrilly. His head was shaking ‘no.’ His body had tremors and he couldn’t control his movements.

As he cut into Petey’s chest, Russell recalled Sookie’s cries of no when he walked into the guard house. He dug the blade deeper into his Were’s chest until his cries of pain were replaced with Sookie’s in Russell’s mind.

Petey strained against his bonds again; panting quickly. He was once again light headed. And his vision swam before his eyes. He welcomed the darkness as he tried to let it take him under again.

Russell slapped Petey hard, startling back awake. “How many times did you wake her?”

“I didn — Deb-bee,” he stammered.

“Debbie will answer to Sookie,” Russell growled, “but you will answer to me.”

“Deb,” he said, shaking his head, “no.”

“It was all Debbie’s idea, I know,” Russell replied. “But you went along with it. You hurt her.”

“I didn– Russ–” he stammered out. It was useless to deny, but still he said “Debb- pla-n. Shhh do it all.” He was breathing quickly, his eyes were unfocused.

“Do not lie to me!” Russell shouted, driving the knife through Petey’s arm.

Fuuuuuuck!” he cried out in pain. “Please! I’m sorry!”

Russell shook his head in disgust; Petey had broken much quicker than he thought he would. “Pathetic,” he sneered, as he raised the knife up and brought it down over the Weres chest, driving it deep into his heart.


8 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Fourteen

  1. Heather says:

    OMG!! I’m not a guy and that hurt me!!! I’m glad Russell took care of him, Can’t wait till Sookie gets a hold of Debbie. I really didn’t like Russell but I am glad he helped Sookie. I’m still holding out for a HEA with Eric 😉 hint hint ;);) Just let me know if I’m way off on hoping for that. !!!

  2. Carol Abramson says:

    It’s a shame Russell couldn’t draw out the Were’s torture for a few days, at least until Sookie was going to awaken. Guess he was too pissed and he does have one hell of a mess to clean up in the guard shack. I can’t wait for more!

  3. duckbutt60 says:

    I guess I’m a sick old lady, but to me that was only the START of the retribution that Sookie deeply deserves. Yeah…he was a pussy…not an alpha wolf….to break so much sooner than Sookie ever did under Russell’s “gentle ministrations”……
    Too bad he couldn’t take more of what I imagine is Russell’s keen imagination in the “coercive arts”…..
    And I hear Dennis O’Hara’s voice in your Russell dialogue. A great job, ladies.
    Now….can’t wait to see how Sookie takes care of Debbie…..
    And…so help me….you have me liking Russell in this story…..

  4. msbuffy says:

    Excellent. Petey deserved every bit of that torture and more. I hope Russell keeps him alive until Sookie rises as his progeny so she’s able to finish the job. Like Pat, I’m beginning to have an affinity for Russell now. Strange, but at least he has respect and regard for Sookie now whereas some other vamps may have had regard, but some were severely lacking in respect. Is retribution on the way for ALL of them?

  5. nancy517 says:

    Russell is the best master genius when it comes to torture and seeking revenge. I may be sick but I honestly love the torture scene! Petey deserved it. He deserves to be in pain and tortured by Russell’s hands. He was a weak pathetic Were. Too bad he didn’t last as long as Sookie. Awesome job! Thank you! 🙂

  6. MistressCinder says:

    I guess I forgot to comment on this chapter during my many travels this week. Thank God Russell is getting revenge for Sookie. But if he is busy with torturing the were, then he is not involved in what Claudette has planned for Eric. I think Sookie and trying to make things right for her is Russell’s main focus. How do you fix this & have Sookie turn out as a vampire? Vampires fuck & feed. Sookie has no good sexual experiences. Russell can’t help her with this situation.

  7. kleannhouse says:

    i think Petey got off easy. Russell should have played with him and tortured him a lot longer because Sookie endured days of it so i think he should have too. I am hoping Russell helps Sookie grow as a person even if she is vampire now. KY

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