Answer to the Master Chapter Nine


AttM 9

Fade to Grey

It had been a year. One full year since Sookie had been stolen. And what did Eric have to show for it? Nothing but bullshit. There was bullshit with the Weres. Bullshit from Pam. Bullshit from Fairies. Even some vampires gave him bullshit, specifically Nan, Bill, some Chancellors, and the rest of the AVL pricks.

The only sight of Sookie had been in his mind. She consumed his thought, every day he thought of her, he remembered her smile, her laugh, the way her eyes would narrow when she was mad. He missed her more than he ever thought possible. He still hadn’t given up hope that he would find her. Although it was only a fool’s hope, it was all he had.

He wouldn’t give up on her, couldn’t. Everyone else might have, but not him. Her brother and friends could claim she was dead, but until he saw it with his own two eyes, he wouldn’t believe it. Jason Stackhouse had sold her house and all of its belongings. The furniture, decorations, everything went. When Eric found out, he bought up what was left through various people he sent. And an offshore company was used to purchase her home. He would restore it to its antebellum state as best he could. It was through that home that he thought about Sookie most, thinking about what she would like. He wasn’t ridiculous with his decorations, nor did he decorate with his own things. In fact, all he had really added for himself was what Sookie would have called a cubby — a light tight and secure place where he could rest.

Eric had decided he wouldn’t abandon her like Bill had. The Viking sneered as he thought of the younger vampire; for all his claims to love her, it hadn’t stopped him from announcing she was dead and moving on. Three months was all it took for Compton to give up hope and start fucking any loose pussy that crossed his path. Bill’s current flavor of the month was Yvetta, the Estonian whore who used to work for him. Eric had fired her months ago when she tried to suck his dick while he was on the phone with Marcus chasing down a lead about Sookie.

Eric wouldn’t claim to be celibate; he hadn’t even been in a relationship with Sookie when she was taken. But it was more of a release than anything. He would choose a nameless bloodbag from the group of devotees, take what he wanted, and send her away. Sometimes it was blood. Sometimes it was sex. Most often his bloodbag got more out of it than he did.

The fangbangers still clamored to see him, his new darkness, as they so idiotically put it, appealed to them and they wanted to be the one to heal the Viking. The only thing that could heal him would be having his Sookie back.

Eric leaned back as the girl blowing him just wasn’t working out. She couldn’t even hold his attention enough that he could cum. Fuck it, he thought, pulling her up by her hair and sinking his fangs into her neck, to get his meal. As he drank, he rationed, he’d be better off fucking his hand.

“Ooh,” the girl moaned, as she tried to rub herself against him. “Master, please…”

Eric growled into her neck, pulled aside her underwear and thrust himself into her pussy. He was rough, plowing into her as he sipped her mediocre blood. She obviously enjoyed it, with the panting, screaming, scratching at his back, and overall gyrating. She screamed out her orgasm before Eric pulled out and jerked himself off to cum all over her face, but he was still unsatisfied. He put himself away before dismissing her.

“Thank you, Master,” the girl said, as she shakily climbed to her feet and walked towards his office door.

He smirked, realizing she left with his cum covering her face, and turned back to his work. Beyond other matters of the state and his area, the fairies were his chief concern at the moment.

They were proving to be more of a hindrance than a help, for every lead they got they wanted to plan it out and assess the situation before acting. They spent more time having meetings than doing any real searching, but they were always quick to point the finger of blame at vampires.

There was a meeting with them tonight, which Roman and Nora would attend. Apparently Claudine and her sister Claudette would attend in lieu of their grandfather. Eric could hardly wait, he had met the sisters before and he hated both of them.

Claudine was the favored granddaughter, always perfect, being trained to lead. She was sent on missions often, but apparently she was available this time. Claudette, on the other hand, was probably Niall’s best fairy warrior. She had trained for centuries and knew how to utilize magic and weapons training to easily kill her enemy. There was a definite message being sent by the use of these two for the meeting.

At least he would have his sister with him; she could usually stop him from doing anything stupid, like draining the two bitches. Although, knowing how Nora felt about them, she might be more liable to do it herself. She truly despised the fairies and she made no secret of it.

Standing up, Eric left his office at Fangtasia, and, after checking with Thalia first, left the property to fly to his Queen’s home. Nora had bought a home not too far away within Shreveport. It made his oversight of his area very easy while he was still able to perform his duties as the state’s lieutenant.


“Good evening, Brother.” Nora greeted, as Eric strolled into her office.

Eric looked at her with a raised eyebrow. She had that just fucked look to her and her office smelled like sex. He almost suspected someone was under her desk right now. “Nora,” he said in greeting.

“You look tense, Eric,” Nora remarked, as she ran her eyes over him.

“I just want this shit over with,” he said, taking a seat.

“You and me both, Brother,” Nora said, as she pushed her chair back and stood up. Pushing her dress down, she added, “You can go,” addressing the young woman she had under the desk. “Unless you’re interested in a snack, Eric?”

He shook his head in the negative and watched as the woman who worked as Nora’s appointment secretary crawled out. She offered her lips, face, and tongue to Nora so the Queen could taste herself if she wanted. Her face was juicy and messy. She was an enthusiastic pussy eater.

Nora gripped the woman by the back of her head and she flicked her tongue over her lips, “Mmm,” Nora moaned, as she tasted herself. Sliding her hand up Jenna’s legs, Nora ripped her panties off and pushed her fingers deep inside the woman’s cunt.

Jenna moaned and leaned against Nora. Her pussy was so wet; she was on the verge of cumming just from having eaten Nora out. She would have cum just from the experience if she had been allowed to touch herself too.

“Are you sure you don’t want a taste, Eric?” Nora asked, as she finger fucked the woman in front of him.

“I already ate,” Eric said plainly, just enjoying the show.

Jenna writhed against Nora, loving that there was an audience. She would often sneak under Nora’s desk and wait before a scheduled appointment. Then, her mouth would be available for the queen. Nora would regularly pull up her skirt and give Jenna all she desired while she discussed various things. As far as Jenna knew, those people were oblivious. But now she was being watched, and she loved it.

“Pull up your dress,” Nora ordered, as she pushed a third finger inside her secretary and twisted them. “Show my second just how wet you are.” Jenna pulled her dress up as ordered and spread her legs wider as she ground against Nora’s fingers. “She loves my fingers.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jenna moaned wantonly.

“She has such a sweet little pussy,” Nora said, as she pressed her thumb to Jenna’s clit. “So tight.”

Jenna moaned as her knees buckled. “Please, ma’am,” she cried out. “I want to cum!” She wouldn’t cum unless she was given permission.

“I don’t know,” Nora chuckled. She licked her lips as she stared at her brother. “Do you think she’s earned it, Eric?”

Eric slowly shook his head.

“He doesn’t think you’ve earned it,” Nora told Jenna, a smirk curling her lips. “Convince him you’ve earned it, Jenna.”

Jenna pulled her dress the rest of the way off and dropped to her knees. She was naked except for her heels. She crawled slowly to Eric, her ass wiggling as she did. “Please, sir,” she pleaded.

Eric looked to Nora, his eyebrows raised.

“Your call, brother,” Nora said, as stood up and walked around her desk. Perching on the edge of her, she added, “Make her get herself off if you like.”

“You,” he said, his eyes on Nora. Grabbing the woman by her hair, he fingered her quickly before moving some of her juices to her ass. He pulled his cock out of his pants and had her sit down on it, slipping his cock into her ass. “Come eat her,” he ordered his Queen. He spread her legs wide, so they fell on either side of his legs.

Nora grinned as she dropped to her knees in front of them, she licked her lips as she watched Eric’s cock slide into Jenna’s ass, “Does it feel good, Jenna?” she asked before ducking her head and snaking her tongue out.

Jenna cried out, “Yes!” She moaned in pleasure, “Please ma’am! Please! I need –” She couldn’t get any words out anymore. Between the feelings from her ass and her clit and pussy, she was about to cum.

Nora thrust three fingers into Jenna’s pussy and she sucked her clit into her mouth. She twisted her fingers, fucking her hard with them, “Has she earned it yet, Eric?” she asked, as she pulled back slightly.

He grunted fucking up into her hard. It was almost time for the fairies to arrive so he thrust hard a few times and nodded to Nora.

Turning her head to the side, Nora sank her fangs into Jenna’s inner thigh as she curled her fingers inside her. She pulled on the wound hard, drinking her sweet tasting blood.

Jenna screamed, her body convulsing as wave after delicious pleasurable wave enveloped her. It spread; concentrated at first in her clit, in her pussy where the thrusting fingers were still, in her ass where Eric was cuming cool seed into her and from the bite where Nora was consuming her. She screamed in passion, her head rolling back, back arching, and body collapsing against Eric as he continued to thrust into her ass through her and his orgasms.

Nora pulled back first, her lips glistening with Jenna’s blood and cum, “Mmm, delicious,” she purred.

Eric lifted the weak girl from his cock and gestured to Nora to suck it clean.

Nora licked her lips before wrapping them around Eric’s cock; she moaned as she tasted Jenna on it and sucked eagerly.

When Jenna could move her limbs, she kissed Eric’s neck gently and nodded respectfully to the Queen before putting on her dress and walking back to her desk. There were two beautiful women waiting, not so patiently. A blush colored her cheeks as the human picked up her phone to connect to Nora’s line.

“Ms. Crane and Ms. Crane are here for you,” she said once Nora picked up her phone.

“Send them in,” Nora instructed, as she moved to the conference table, she had in the adjoining room. “You might want to put your cock away, brother,” she added, as she took a seat.

Eric righted himself before settling down at the conference table. He was here, not only as Louisiana’s second, but also the one with contact to Niall. Roman was set to arrive soon too.

“Go on in, ladies,” Jenna told the fairies.

Claudine stood up from where they were sitting, a scowl on her face. “I want her back,” the fairy said to her sister.

“And you think this is the best way to do that?” Claudette asked in a hushed whisper.

“They owe us,” she responded darkly. They walked into the conference room briskly. “Was it at least good? Nice that you’re no longer concerned about my goddaughter,” Claudine said harshly.

Nora rolled her eyes as she heard Claudine’s words, “We’ve been the ones looking for Sookie, while you sit on your arse and have meetings every time someone so much as mentions her name.”

Her piercing gaze turned to glare at the Bitch Queen. “And had you made any progress we could have been the first ones there. Had it not been for you,” she said, turning to look at Eric, “and your kind,” she turned back to Nora, “this wouldn’t have happened.”

Nora arched a brow as she stared down the fairy princess, “And if it hadn’t been for you and your kind abandoning Sookie for the last twenty-six years, perhaps she would have never been in a situation for this to have happened,” Nora countered.

“Alright, enough!” Roman bellowed as he walked into the room. “I can hear your bickering from the front entrance.” He kissed Nora on the cheek affectionately. “Hello, Wife,” he said full of mirth.

“Good evening, Husband,” Nora replied with a smirk, as she watched him take a seat next to her.

“So what’s the discussion tonight?” Roman asked, falling easily into the leadership role he had as Guardian.

“They requested the meeting,” Nora said. ”So, the floor is theirs.”

“I want to know the progress you’ve made. I want to know the efforts that are still being made and what is in the works. It has been a year!” Claudine said.

Nora bit back a growl at the sound of Claudine’s voice, it grated on her nerves, “Eric,” she said, turning her head towards him. “Perhaps you would like to explain.” Eric had been in charge of everything to do with Sookie.

“We’ve had people searching. Everyone we have connections within Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Australia and North and South America has been deployed and on alert. Every lead we’ve followed has fallen flat. Nothing has resulted in any further information and, if it had, you’d know it,” Eric said, the bite to the end of his explanation due to the accusations from the fairy.

“This was a waste of time,” Claudette said, addressing her sister. “They know nothing, they’re too busy fucking each other to find our cousin.”

Eric growled at her. He didn’t care she was Niall’s best warrior, he was confident he’d be able to kill her.

“We weren’t fucking each other, we were fucking my secretary,” Nora clarified helpfully. “And what have you been doing to find your cousin?”

Claudine spoke up. “We have our intelligence on it. There’s no sight of her in any of the countries where fae reside.”

“So basically fuck all,” Nora replied.

An ethereal glow radiated from Claudine as her anger spiked. Her appearance began shifting, but she controlled herself and stopped it.

Nora smirked as watched Claudine, “I think I pissed the fairy off,” she sneered. “Truth hurts, don’t it?” The fairies were no closer to finding Sookie than they were, but instead of admitting that they blamed the vampires.

“Yet it wasn’t fairies who took her. It was vampires who hired Weres, Vampires who turned her over, Vampires who went crazy on American television, and vampires who took her,” Claudine said hotly.

“True, but it wasn’t vampires who ignored her for twenty-six years; that was fairies. It was the fairies who left her to learn how to control her gifts on her own. Fairies, who never revealed themselves to her and showed her she wasn’t alone. Fairies, who left the kin they claim to love in almost poverty,” Nora countered, refusing to back down.

“And she was raised human by a human. We don’t question your practices within families,” Claudine said pointedly looking between Nora and Eric, “and what we do is none of your business.”

“It is when you bring it into my office,” Nora replied.

“You’re the one who brought it in!” Claudine said, standing up. “Now I want more done for my cousin! Vampires took her from where she was safely living for twenty-six years, and vampires had better get her back!”

Nora tensed in her seat, her gums itching as her fangs pressed against them, she would have loved nothing more than to launch herself over the table and drain the haughty looking bitch.

“Alright!” Roman said, hiding the smile he wanted to have. It was nothing he wasn’t used to at Authority meetings, being used to the raucous nature and temper of his wife. “Why don’t the two of you cool off for a while and Claudette, Eric, and I can discuss what’s next?” He gestured to Claudine’s seat, waited for her to sit down, and relaxed back into his chair when she did. “So, what are the fairy’s plans for further searching? What are the vampires going to do further?” He addressed Claudette and Eric specifically.

“As you know Claudine has not been able to sense our cousin since she was taken,” Claudette replied, “something is blocking her. We are looking into that; we suspect powerful magic that only a handful of people are capable of. If we can find out who is responsible we can eliminate them and get our cousin back.”

“Bonds that had been forged with her too were broken. I’d agree; either powerful magic or she was turned. Sookie is too special for Russell to just outright kill her,” Eric agreed with a nod.

“Grandfather believes the same,” Claudette admitted. “He says Edgington would not risk turning her due to the nature of her blood and how special it is.”

Eric nodded. He had never tasted her blood, though. He didn’t know how special it was, but he knew how special she was. “Even in other countries every newborn should be reported to their monarchies and all visitors should check in with the respective official. We have the kings and queens who are receptive keeping their eyes and ears out, but not everyone is on board with American tactics.”

“Politics,” Claudette huffed. If there was one thing the elder sister hated was politics. “It would be so much easier if we could just go in and slaughter them so we could do as we pleased.”

“The problem with that, Claudette, is that could start a war, especially if the fairies are involved in killing vampires. And we all know fairies are still rebuilding after the fae civil war,” Roman said with a stern look. Fairies would not be leaving their realm to kill vampires if he had anything to say about it.

“I was referring to all sides, humans, vampires, and fairies,” Claudette clarified with a roll of her eyes. “We answer to more than just the Prince ourselves.”

“Whether it is all sides or no, only fairies will be responsible for assassinations of fairies, just as only vampires are responsible for vampire assassinations,” Roman corrected.

“Fine, I won’t hit the vampires with anything pointy,” Claudette replied.

Roman did not like her blasé attitude. “So we are in agreement. The vampires will handle any situations that arise within our ranks. And do not worry; it will get handled if either of us finds anything. Cousin or not, she was claimed by more than one vampire.”

Claudette looked to Claudine for her agreement. Claudette had been given her orders and she would follow them, but Claudine was in charge.

Claudine just sat there, unwilling to agree. “I’ll see what Grandfather says.”

“I thought you were here as his representative,” Roman asked hotly.

“Claudine, just agree,” Claudette said, an edge to her tone as she stared at her sister. “If it’ll help us get Sookie back, agree.”

“And you don’t think Grandfather will have something to say about it?” Claudine asked her sister. She looked at her and nodded slightly. “Fine. Fairies will not assassinate vampires, but only if they do not try to get into our affairs,” Claudine said.

“I would say the same for vampires,” Nora said rejoining the conversation. “We won’t snack on any fairies as long as they stay out of our affairs.”

“We will stay out of matters of your monarchies,” Claudine said with a nod.

“Then we are in agreement,” Nora replied somewhat stiffly.

“Anything else related to my goddaughter?”

“Eric,” Nora said, pushing the question to him. He had the most interest in finding the girl.

“Nothing more to share,” Eric said, examining the fairies; Claudette, especially. He was surprised with how she spoke to Claudine.

Claudette met Eric’s gaze and offered him a small nod of respect as her lips curled into a smile, “Perhaps we will have more to share at our next meeting.”

“Maybe,” he responded, not fully trusting them. Godric had told him they were picky with words. Never made promises they wouldn’t keep, but never were direct with anything.

“If that is all, sister, perhaps we should go and leave them to their night,” Claudette said.

Claudine stood up, ready to go. She looked at her sister, nodded, and they teleported away, needing to report everything to Niall.

“Well, that went well,” Nora snorted.

“They didn’t really agree to anything,” Eric said. “Just not to interfere in Louisiana and Mississippi.”

“Were you expecting them to?” Nora asked with a slight huff. Meetings with the fae always left her in a bad mood.

Eric rolled his eyes at her childishness. “Your husband’s here. Maybe he can deal with this attitude.” He stood up.

“He usually can,” Nora replied smartly. “I’m sorry; brother, but I can’t stand either one of them. It’s only because of you and the need to find your Sookie that I haven’t drained them both.”

He looked at her and nodded, forgiving and forgetting. “She’s not mine technically,” he said. He sighed unnecessarily. “Either way I should get back to Fangtasia. Thalia isn’t as good with the public as Pam.”

Nora stood up to see him out. Walking to the door, she placed her on his chest as she looked up at, “It was a pleasurable visit, brother,” she said with a smile, “at least it was until they showed up.”

Eric waggled his eyebrows and nodded respectfully.

“We will find her, Eric,” Nora said, as she cupped his face in her hands. “You will see her again.”

“We’ll see,” he responded. It wasn’t that he believed her dead, but Russell could keep her from him forever if he wanted. As Louisiana’s second, it wasn’t like his movements could be too secretive without it seeming like the Queendom was looking to expand.

Nora let out a sigh, she wished she could do more for her brother, ease his suffering somehow. He was being cold, not to her, to her he still showed emotion, but to everyone else around him. He was almost like the vampire, he was when they first met. She would never forget the day Godric first introduced them.

Flashback: Agincourt, France 1415

Eric opened the door, excited to see his maker for the first time in over fifty years. While Eric had been happy to come and go as he wished, he did like having more time with Godric. Their bond had been indicating he was coming closer and closer for a while. But he still looked with excitement to where Godric was approaching. Eric had been following the long war between England and France closely. He had left Godric in England fifty years before to come to Northern France, where he currently was. The battles kept evidence of his feedings secret and the recent battle in Agincourt provided him with a hoard of French soldiers he kept glamoured and silent.

Godric held Nora’s hand in his as they approached the house his eldest child was living in. He could sense her apprehension as they grew nearer. He had told Nora about Eric, but Eric didn’t know about Nora. He wondered how his son would take the news that he had a sister; he hoped it was well, but knowing his Eric like he did, Godric suspected there would be some anger to go with it as well.

Eric sped out to meet his maker. “Broder!” he called out, but stopped short when he saw his maker had another vampire with him.

Nora hung back as she watched her maker, their maker embraced his first child, “It is good to see you again, my child,” Godric said, as he pulled back.

“And you, Godric,” he replied. “It’s been too long,” he said, switching to Swedish.

Godric patted Eric on the back before pulling back and holding his hand out for Nora, “I have much to tell you, Eric,” he said, continuing in Swedish, as he felt Nora slip her hand into his. “Perhaps we should take this inside away from prying eyes and ears.”

Eric led the way to his home and opened the door wearily. He did not trust other vampires easily; this one his maker had with him was not an exception. He would be on the defensive until he decided otherwise.

“You are doing well for yourself,” Godric remarked, as he looked around the house.

“War is always profitable,” Eric said, gesturing to a few of the soldiers in offering. “Feel free.”

“Maybe later,” Godric replied, “we have already eaten.”

Eric nodded and leaned against the wall. “Are you staying long, Godric?”

“I am afraid not,” Godric replied apologetically. “I have some business to take care of further north. I just stopped by so I can leave Nora with you until I return. Unfortunately, she cannot come with me and I am not ready to leave her on her own yet.”

“Who is she?” Eric asked, thinking Nora could not understand the language.

“She is your sister,” Godric replied proudly. “Come here, child,” he added, addressing his newest child. “Eric, meet your sister Nora Gainesborough.”

Eric didn’t know how to react. He didn’t want to disrespect Godric, but Eric wasn’t a babysitter. Still ignoring Nora he asked, “Is she house trained?”

“Probably better than you I would wager,” Nora said joining the conversation for the first time. Casting her eyes towards the evidence of Eric’s recent meal, she added, “I at least know how to clean up after myself.”

Eric eyed her angrily; “This is my house and I’ll live as I please. If you do not like it or understand why bodies can’t be dumped left and right, then you should beg your maker to find you somewhere else to stay.”

“I would gladly do that,” Nora retorted, “But father seems to think I would be better off with you while he takes care of his business.”

“I can see you two will get along just fine,” Godric chuckled, as he watched them argue.

“Godric, you cannot be serious,” Eric said in French, hoping to find a language Nora wouldn’t understand.

“He is,” Nora answered for him, a smile curling her lips as she switched to French effortlessly.

“Both of you behave,” Godric ordered. “I have to leave, Eric, I have no choice. I cannot take Nora with me for security reasons. I expect you to keep her safe. She is family.”

“I do not have a child because I do not want to worry about raising one now,” Eric scrunched his eyes closed and sighed. “But for you, sire, I will ensure her safety.”

“Thank you, Eric,” Godric said with a small nod of his head. Turning to Nora, he cupped her face as he placed a kiss on her cheek. “He will keep you safe, child.”

Eric waited for his affection from Godric, yearning to know his place wasn’t usurped; she had called him father.

Godric smiled as he turned to his first child, he could sense the uncertainty in their bond and wanted to reassure his son of his place. “You are my first,” he told Eric, switching to Old Norse. “My chosen, she has not replaced you, my son. No one ever can.”

Eric nodded and wrapped his arms around his maker, but his eyes focused on Nora and wouldn’t leave her face.

Nora watched Eric carefully as he embraced their maker. She wasn’t sure what to make of him, he was certainly attractive, she wouldn’t deny that, but it took more than just good looks to turn her eye. Since Godric had turned her, she had been spoiled for choice in bed partners, so she was no longer easily distracted.

Eric didn’t know what to say to Godric. He may have been first, but it didn’t change the fact that nothing would be the same between them again. Maybe when Nora was old enough to leave him, they could spend some time together, alone, but who knew how long that would take.

“As soon as I return we will spend some time together,” Godric promised, as he pulled Eric’s head down and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

Eric’s attention was then fully on his maker, on his lips, on the hand holding his head in place. He returned the kiss gently, lovingly. He pulled Godric’s lower lip between his own to suckle on it for a moment. “I look forward to our time,’ Eric said, making sure his innuendo was known.

Nora cocked her head to the side and licked her lips as she watched them together. She knew Godric liked men as well as women they had shared many lovers in the last ten years, both male and female, but the sight of Eric and Godric sharing a kiss was more erotic to her than watching him fucking a man up the ass while he pleasured her.

“Do you have to leave yet?” Eric asked a pleading edge to his voice. He did not want Godric to go, especially if he would leave him with her.

“I am afraid I must,” Godric told him reluctantly. “The Queen has sent for me and you know how she hates to be kept waiting.”

“So do I,” Eric growled in his ear.

Sliding his hand between them, Godric rubbed it over Eric’s rapidly hardening cock, “All in good time, my child.”

Eric groaned, thrusting into his maker’s hand. His teeth nipped at Godric’s ear.

“I must go, child,” Godric said regretfully, as he took a step back. “Be nice to your sister.”

“I said I’d keep her safe. I never said anything about being nice,” Eric replied with a grin.

Godric shook his head at his child, a rueful smile tugging at his lips, “Just don’t hurt her,” he warned.

“No permanent damage,” Eric promised jokingly. Beyond true death, there was no permanent damage to a vampire.

“No damage at all,” Godric said, his tone firm.

“Don’t brothers and sisters fight sometimes?” Eric asked, running his fangs out.

“And fathers punish their disobedient sons.”

“I won’t hurt her,” he said with a nod to his fader.

“Good,” Godric said. “Nora, for the most is well behaved. She knows when to stop drinking and she hasn’t drained anyone in almost eight years, at least not accidentally. I am leaving you in charge and if she needs punishing, if, then you have permission to spank her and nothing else. Understood?”

He grinned, “Of course, Godric.”

“Only if she needs punishing.” Godric reiterated before turning back to Nora. “You will be fine, little one.” He said, brushing a soft kiss over her lips as well. “Be good, both of you.” Before either of them had a chance to reply; he was out of the door and gone.

Eric watched Godric leave before turning to Nora. “Listen, this is my home. And I was told to keep you safe, not happy. You will remain here until Godric returns. You will not leave the house or I will punish you. You will be a good little girl and do as you’re told. Understood?”

Nora arched a brow at his forceful tone, “Would you like me to call you daddy as well?” she asked, thinking he sounded a lot like her human father.

“If that means you’ll do as I say, Pumpkin.”

“But you’re not my daddy,” Nora pouted, actually enjoying herself. “And only daddy is allowed to punish me.”

“And our fader told me I could. So think of me as your surrogate daddy until Godric returns.” Hopefully that wouldn’t be too long. He grabbed one of the humans by the back of the neck and lifted it up. Godric had gotten him all riled up, so if he wasn’t going to get to cum with his maker, he at least needed to satiate his lust with blood.

The soldier was limp from glamour, but Eric liked a bit of fun with his food, so he dropped it and listened to the human scream when it saw what had happened to its fellow soldier. Without any prep, Eric sunk his fangs into the man. He restrained his prey, feeling the muscles in it tense and release as it fought his hold. He drew deeply, messily, letting blood cascade down the soldier. He bit repeatedly, just liking the feeling of his teeth spearing the flesh. “You said you didn’t want one, so I won’t offer again,” Eric said after he had finished and dropped the corpse at his feet. He was licking his lips. “I do need to bathe now, though,” he said with a waggle of his eyebrows. Nora was decent looking enough. “Want to join me?”

“I think I’ll pass,” Nora replied with a sneer. If he thought he was going to punish her, he had another thought coming. “I’ll just wait here.”

He laughed, as that had been what he wanted in the first place. He left for the lake to bathe under the moonlight.


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    I thought Vikings were rather clean and well kept —didn’t think Eric would abide such a messy home –clean up the empties, vampire!

    • sunsetqueens says:

      The war in the area means easy access to soldiers, but he also needs to be careful about disposing of bodies. When I wrote it, I figured he had just made a body dump and was waiting for the next battle (a major one in the Hundred Years’ War) to dump bodies and pick up more dinners.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      It’s not easy, I will tell you that. You’ll see how Sookie’s doing in the next chapter. And to be honest she is surviving and coping better than some of the vampires.

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