Answer to the Master Chapter One


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Come Undone

It was late into the next evening when Pam finally returned to Fangtasia and Eric’s side. Russell’s words were plaguing her, but in her heart, she knew she had done the right thing and Eric would see that. By now she was sure Eric would know Sookie was missing and he would undoubtedly be worried, but he would have no reason to suspect she had anything to do with it. Pam had done everything she could to cover her tracks, everything her maker had taught her. By now Russell and Sookie’s scents would have lessened, and she had already fed and fucked so the scent of sex would distract Eric until their scents were completely washed away.

Straightening her shoulders, Pam strutted into the bar, a smile curled her red lips as she saw Yvetta on the pole dancing and the fangbangers milling round. It was business as usual, which meant Eric hadn’t lost himself in Sookie’s disappearance. Pushing past the vermin, Pam headed into the back and towards Eric’s office.

While she had hoped to hear the moans of her master’s most recent fangbanger conquest, she sighed, realizing he was on the phone. She opened the door and simply walked in. His space was hers and his business was necessary for her, as his second, to know. “No, at the moment he is hiding his tracks well. But if I have your assurances…” He trailed off. The person he was speaking to was using a language with which she was unfamiliar. She sighed, frustrated she could not eavesdrop.

Crossing her arms over her chest, Pam tapped her foot as she waited for Eric to finish up. She hated to be kept in the dark and she wanted to know who he was talking to and why. Pam grew more impatient as the seconds passed by. She could hear the voice on the other end of the phone grow louder, but she still couldn’t understand what they were saying. From the look of fury that was taking over Eric’s face, whatever it was wasn’t good.

Since when did Eric know a language I don’t anyway? Pam wondered. And why didn’t he teach me it?

His eyes locked onto her face as he was responding in short sentences. Without removing his eyes from her, he ended his call, a dark expression on his face. “Why was the Prince of the Fae informing me you have something to do with why I can no longer feel Sookie and why her godmother is unable to sense her?”

Pam felt a shiver of fear going through her at the calmness of Eric’s tone. There was no way he could know what she had done; she had been extremely careful in her plans. And who the hell was the Prince of the Fae? And how did he know what she had done. Blanking her face, Pam shrugged her shoulders as if she had no idea what Eric was talking about.

“Prince of Fae? Godmother?” Pam questioned, hoping to distract Eric. Although, she sure have known that wouldn’t work. Of late everything revolved around Sookie fucking Stackhouse.

Pam, however, had forgotten their bond allowed him to sense all of her emotions, though he was keeping his end mostly closed, he had controlled her side enough to assess her response. And if she thought he was mad at the accusation, the fury pouring through him at her fear and avoidance confirming it was a tidal wave overwhelming everything else.

His response, though, belied his fury. How far would Pam take this charade? “Yes. Sookie is the great granddaughter of the Prince of the fairies. And his granddaughter, Claudine, apparently watches over her.” He stared at her coolly; the cold penetration of his look was often enough to cause young vampires to quake. “When he said that my child was a reason why the plan to save Sookie was no longer ascertainable, well, I just couldn’t believe it.” Eric arched an eyebrow at her. She had one chance.

Pam darted her tongue out and licked her lips as she stared back at Eric. She blanked her face, refusing to show any sign of the fear that was building inside her. She knew the moment Eric saw it, it would be over. He would know what she had done. “Fairy?” she snorted, “The gash is a fairy princess?” This had to be a joke. There was no way Sookie was the great granddaughter of the Prince of the Fae. She was backwaters trash, not royalty.

“And why is it that you’re focusing on her blood and status rather than the accusation against you?” Eric said, allowing a scowl to permeate his expression.

“I’m not sure what you want me to say, Eric” Pam replied with a shrug. “Someone claiming to be the Prince of the Fae tells you Sookie is his great granddaughter and she’s missing and you think I’ve had something to do with it. How do you know he hasn’t taken her?”

He shot off his chair and was before her before she even realized he moved. “Because, Pamela, I can feel how afraid you are.” His voice was not a yell, but soft and dangerous until he continued.

“Now what did you fucking do?” he yelled. His fangs were out. His face was a mask of rage. And it was all directed towards his child.

Pam felt tears well in her eyes and for once she didn’t try to hide them. Eric had always been a sucker for her tears, and she wasn’t above using them now. He was too angry to see reason at the moment, he would lash out without thinking, and she didn’t need nor want that. He was too riled up and wasn’t thinking straight. Sookie had poisoned his mind. As soon as he calmed down she knew he would see sense and know she had done the right thing, the only thing, but until that time she had to distract him.

“Nothing,” Pam lied, as she took a step back, his anger scaring even her. “Eric, think about what you’re saying. What you’re accusing me of.”

Eric’s hand was wrapped around her throat as he held her against the wall. The plaster was cracking from the force by which he threw her against it. His hold on her neck wasn’t to choke her, but to keep her where he put her. And remind her that with a flick of his wrist, he could snap her neck and render her immobile. Not too much more effort could end her. “I am your maker, Pamela. Your lying is unacceptable.” He stared at her harshly. “And before you deny it, you forgot I can feel you through the bond if I wish.” He was deceptively calm, despite their positions.

He needed to know where Sookie was. He needed to help her. He had a plan all set. It would have saved her and kept her away from Russell. “What. Did. You. Do?”

“I…I…” Pam stuttered, a blood tear trickling down her cheek. In the hundred years since he had turned her, Eric had never physically restrained her and Pam found her fear growing. “Eric, please…” she begged, as she clawed at the hand that was tightening around her throat.

“Listen to me. I will release you. You will sit down. You will tell me everything.” He ignored the scratches she was gouging into his hand with her desperation and the blood leaking from her tear ducts. He did not even mention what would happen were she to try to run. He released his hold, letting her drop, and stepped back slightly. But his eyes did not leave hers.

Pam pressed her back against the wall as she took a second to compose herself. Lifting her head, she met Eric’s gaze, fighting the urge to flinch as she saw the anger still contained in his eyes. This was not happening how it was supposed to. Eric wasn’t supposed to have learned of Sookie’s disappearance in the way he had, or rather he wasn’t supposed to know of her involvement in it. Taking a step forward, Pam walked towards the chair in front of his desk and sat down. “I…I…” she started, but the words got stuck in her throat.

“Pam, I am typically very patient with you. However, my patience has its limits. I want to know what you did, and I will know now.” Eric moved to lean against his desk before her. Her compliance was the only thing enabling him to keep somewhat calm.

“Russell,” Pam whispered, as she lowered her head. It was only one word, but it said so much more. She could have continued to lie, but as Eric had already reminded her, their bond told him when she’s lying.

If Eric had a heartbeat it would be pounding. “Russell has her?” He stared at his child. What had she been hiding? He had lost his human family to that monster. Now he lost the woman he — No. He just needed to find them, get her, and kill him somehow. “Explain.”

Refusing to cower before her maker, like she had done something wrong, Pam lifted her head and stared at Eric unflinchingly. “Russell agreed to leave you alone in return for the blo… Sookie.”

Rage welled up in him, his expression nothing but fury. It was immediate. He stood up in front of her. His fist came back. And he spun around, slamming it into his desk, cracking the wood. He threw half of it at the wall before him, sending splinters flying out. Bottles of liquor fell to the floor.

Pam reacted on instinct throwing herself into a corner and shielding herself as best she could. She could feel Eric’s rage through their bond, the block he had placed on it gone in the light of what had happened to Sookie. A scream of pure rage filled the room and Pam covered her ears as she silently begged him to stop. As Eric destroyed his office it just proved to Pam that she had done the right thing. Sookie was bad for Eric, bad for his self-control.

“A vampire is never at the mercy of his emotions. He dominates them.”

Pam wasn’t aware she spoke the words aloud until Eric’s head snapped in her direction, a snarl escaping his lips as he stared her down.

“How could you?” he yelled. He stepped towards her, fully intending to tear her apart. “Do not use Godric’s words against me. It is not Sookie or Russell that did this. It is you.”

“I did it for you,” Pam argued, desperate to make him see reason. “Russell was going to kill you until I gave him another…” she trailed off as she realized she said more than she meant to. She never meant to tell Eric it was all her idea, that she had approached Russell and offered him Sookie in exchange for Eric’s safety.

His fist flew towards her head, striking the wall and plunging through the plaster directly next to her. “You. Your idea. Pam. You need to go. I will end you if you remain here.” Everything was running through his head. The plan they had to save Sookie. Niall would keep her safe. Her great-grandfather was going to ensure she was safe, taken care of, happy. And Pam had destroyed her instead. “Where is he taking her?” he asked, almost desperately. Without waiting for a response, he searched the wreckage of his office for his phone. He could send trackers. He would search. He just needed a location. And why was their bond gone?

“I don’t know,” Pam confessed fearfully. “He… I… He just wanted her. It’s over now. You’re safe.”

He grabbed his phone from beneath some papers and dialed. He couldn’t bother to respond to Pam at the moment. It was too much. “I need you.” He named the address for the abandoned warehouse where Pam had met Edgington. “I’ll be there shortly.” He ended the call and stepped towards the door.

“Eric, no!” Pam cried out, as she threw herself forward in an attempt to stop him. “It’s over. Let Russell have her. Going after him will only get you killed.”

Before she could get in front of him, he spun around. “Do not think I am done with you. You have no idea what you have done. If I don’t go after her, the fairies might come for me regardless. You would do well to encase yourself in iron.” He stared at her, his expression full of contempt. “Now I need to try to go fix what you fucked up. I will silver you to keep you from interfering again if I have to.”

Pam took a step back at the venom in Eric’s tone, never before had he spoken to her in such a way or threatened her with silver and she found she didn’t like it. She was sure he would forgive her when he had calmed down, no, not forgive her, as she hadn’t done anything wrong. He would see that in time, providing he didn’t get himself killed in the meantime. “I did it for you.”

Any reply Eric might have had was cut off when Bill came flying through the door. “Where is she?” he asked, barely taking notice of the state of Eric’s office.

Eric’s fangs popped back down; “How did you know she was missing?” No one but Pam, the fairies and he were supposed to know. If Bill knew, it was from another source. And he needed to know who else might have information.

Bill frowned as he stared at Eric, “She’s not at home, and I can’t feel her,” he said. “Where is she? What have you done with her?”

“I have done nothing. And you are in my way,” Eric snarled. He would never hurt Sookie. Everything he had done since Dallas had been to help her. He needed to go to his tracker. The longer he was kept, the farther Russell could have taken Sookie.

“Where is she?” Bill repeated. He was sure Eric had done something to her, it was the only explanation. She wouldn’t leave him, she couldn’t. Especially seeing how she had recently had his blood again.

“She was supposed to be safe. She was supposed to be with those who would care for her. And the longer you keep me, Compton, the farther Russell Edgington can take her,” he responded viciously.

Bill blanched at the name. “Edgington,” he stammered, fear gripping his heart. This was not supposed to happen. “How did he get her?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Eric said. “Either move or come with me, but I need to get to the trackers.” He glared at Bill, willing him to continue to challenge him. He was Sheriff and would willingly put the insipid coward in his basement. Right next to Pam.

Bill said nothing as he stepped into line beside Eric. He was many things, but a fool wasn’t one of them. He knew he would stand no chance against Russell Edgington on his own, hell, neither would Eric, but they would have a better chance to get Sookie back if they worked together.

Eric stormed out to his Corvette and waited for Bill to climb into the passenger’s seat before speeding to the abandoned warehouse on the edge of Shreveport where Niall had told him. Thalia and Alcide would be there, and hopefully already be investigating the scene.

He sped there, ignoring all traffic laws and stopping just outside of the lot. Speeding out to Thalia, he looked down at her. “Report.”

“There are three fresh scents,” Thalia began wasting no time as she led them into the warehouse. “Edgington’s, Sookie’s, and Pam’s…”

“Any blood?”

Thalia shook her head as she crouched down. She ran her hand over the floor where Sookie’s scent lingered the strongest. “No, no blood.”

“Can you tell in which direction Edgington and Sookie went?” He didn’t need to ask about timeline; he already knew it. He didn’t care where Pam went. She was really none of his concern.

Thalia shook her head again, “All I can tell is Edgington and Sookie left that way,” she pointed in the direction of the front of the warehouse, “and then he took to the sky. His scent, their scent is lost in the wind.”

“Fuck!” he growled and pulled out his phone. “Alcide, Edgington took Sookie. I need you to use your connections in Mississippi, Louisiana, and anywhere else you can think of to try to find them.” He rolled his eyes. “Yes. It will take care of your father’s debt. Just do it!”

He ended the call and looked to the only vampire in his area older than him. “Who can you contact? We need to find them.”

Standing up, Thalia took a second to mull it over. She quickly ran through all her contacts and those who owed her favors, dismissing a few as she went. “Everyone in the US is already looking for Edgington, Sheriff,” she replied, stating the obvious. Russell’s television debut meant that his face was plastered all over the US media, if not worldwide. She was sure the AVL would try to spin it to make it look like it was just one rogue vampire, but that was pure bullshit. There were hundreds of vampires just hiding in the shadows who thought the same things Russell did. “If I had to guess, I would say he’s left or is planning to leave the country. I have some contacts in Europe who I can ask, but if he’s there or planning on going it will mean it will be out of our jurisdiction. Many of the European vampires are old and don’t conform to the Authority’s rules. They have their own laws, and for the most part they work for them.If Edgington has left the country, it will mean he will have had her for a few nights at least.”

Eric nodded; she didn’t tell him anything he didn’t already know. Russell wouldn’t be in the States, at least not for long. He tallied who in Europe, he could call — if that was even where they were going. In Asia he had a few contacts, but not as many as he did farther west. He growled, feeling impotent and nodded. He internally cringed, but asked, “Compton, any friends in high places beyond the lovely Sophie Anne and our hospitable Nan?”

Bill froze at the mention of Nan, he wasn’t aware Eric knew about her. He thought he had kept that well hidden. Shaking off his shock, “No,” he growled. “I have not had enough time to muster up as many contacts as the two of you.”

He raised an eyebrow at the stunned look on Bill’s face. Turning back to Thalia, “Do what you can,” he added before walking to where he indicated Edgington’s scent disappeared. He flew up in the air but couldn’t get any smell; not surprising.

Returning to his car, he let Bill do whatever ‘investigating’ he might want. He pulled out his phone and dialed the Prince.

“Eric Northman for Niall,” he said when the person answering the phone prompted.

It was just mere seconds later when the call was connected. “Northman, what have you learned?” Niall asked, as he sat back in his chair inside his office. Niall hated coming to the human realm to conduct business; he believed it gave him a disadvantage, but he couldn’t really invite everyone to Fae.

“It’s as you thought. Edgington took her. The scent ends where he took to the air. There’s none of her blood here, but who knows what his plans are for her.”

Niall slammed his hand on the desk as Eric confirmed what he already knew. He swore he would have Edgington’s and Eric’s child’s heads for this. Sookie wasn’t supposed to be in any danger; she was supposed to be in Fae, where she would be safe and sound. “I want her found, vampire,” Niall growled. “She is a princess by birth. No vampire had the right to touch and soil her.”

“There is only so much we can do, fairy,” he snarled back. “Our best guess is he’ll take her out of the country. Where — your guess is as good as mine.” He didn’t have time for the Fae bullshit. He needed Niall to consolidate his resources to find her. He needed to do what he could from here, including contacting Nora and everyone he knew out of the country. He needed to go search himself. And he needed to deal with Pam.

Niall took a deep breath as he attempted to calm himself. Arguing with the Viking wasn’t going to solve anything and Northman would be his best bet to get Sookie back, and he desperately wanted his great-great granddaughter. “I will send my granddaughter Claudine to help in the search. She is Sookie’s fairy godmother so hopefully as soon as Sookie awakens, she will be able to locate her.”

Eric hung up and started the car again. “Compton!” he called out. “Are you going to come? Or should I just leave your ass here?”

Bill pulled his phone out of his pocket as he walked slowly back around to the front of the warehouse where Eric was waiting. He kept his ears open for anyone as he fired off a quick text message.

Russell gone. Sookie kidnapped. Advise.

He hated using the text function of his phone, but he had no other choice. He couldn’t risk Eric overhearing him. Sophie-Anne and Nan weren’t the only contacts he had; he had another, someone even higher up the power structure than his dear ole’ Nan, but he couldn’t reveal that yet. They had been working for far too long for everything to fall about now. They needed Russell and they needed Sookie.

Slipping the phone back in his pocket, Bill rounded the corner and bit back a sneer as he saw Eric waiting impatiently by his car. It was clear to him that Sookie’s kidnapping was affecting Eric more than he tried to show and Bill planned to use it against him in any way he could.

“I am coming with you,” Bill answered. “I want to find my Sookie.”

Unfortunately for Bill, Eric’s patience was at a minimum. Fangs down, he had Bill on the ground with his boot on the young vampire’s chest before he finished the ‘aye’ sound he made butchering Sookie’s name. “Do not test me now, Compton,” he growled. “How hard would it really be for me to end you?” he asked, putting extra pressure down on his chest. It wasn’t just keeping Bill in place anymore; his chest cavity was on the verge of being crushed in on itself.

Bill struggled ineffectively under the weight of Eric’s boot, he was grateful he didn’t need to breathe or he would have been in serious danger, well more so than he already was. Bill ceased his struggle as he glared up at Eric, as much as he would have loved to lash out at him, Bill knew now was not the time. He needed Eric to find Sookie. After that, well, he would make him pay.

Eric glared at him again before looking up to Thalia, who had been merely observing. In an older version of Cantonese, Eric told her to watch him closely. And, with her confirmation, he released his hold on Bill, climbed into his car, and sped back to Fangtasia. He needed to contact Nora and others throughout the States and the rest of the world to keep whoever he could on alert. Doing so without Bill stinking up his car would only make it marginally more tolerable.


16 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter One

  1. valady1 says:

    Powerful chapter, Pam has really made a mess and has every right to be terrified. Yet she still seems to be deluding herself that once Eric calms down he’ll be okay with her actions..Incredibly out of touch with Eric’s reality where Sookie is concerned.

  2. Rosemary says:

    Love it it is sooo powerful and full of trouble already Bill is up to usual sh–,I hope Nail takes care of Bill and lets him suffer .

  3. munchausen22 says:

    Great work, kudos 🙂
    Ugh, Pam is such a MAYOR BITCH! I hope she gets everything that she deserves… (author let her get away with everything! I hate that.)
    Can’t wait for more, update soon.

  4. ljhjelm says:

    Well Pam is a spoiled brat. What ever Eric does to her she earned it. Now for Bill he is a selfish ass. I hope Eric finds out what he is up to.

  5. Duckbutt says:

    Wow —lots of info in this chapter. First, we have the Prince of the Fae on the warpath. We have Pam who’s life is going to get much worse than it will get better. Too spoiled, too jealous for her displaced response to Eric’s wellbeing… And…who is Bill contacting? Asshat will just do nothing but to muddy the waters.

    Poor Sookie —

    You gals just rock! Pat

  6. Loftin says:

    Whoa! I still can’t believe Pam did that. She is definitely in for a world of hurt. Bill is his usual scumbag self, such a festering leecherous (dont know if that is a real word) cunt. I hope Nora isn’t in cahoots with bill.

  7. MistressCinder says:

    Awesome Applesauce! What a crazy amazing chapter! I don’t know how Pam thought she was gonna get away with this. But then again she did try to blow Sooks up in S4. Niall is going to light up some vamp asses if she is not found soon…

  8. Wazo29 says:

    Fantastic story! Many thanks….have just come across your site ….I fear for pam- she really does seem like she’s deluding herself.. Many thanks

  9. desireecarbenell says:

    I think that Pam had no clue that Eric would be so pissed off. Pam firmly believes that vampires are the top of the food chain. I think she will find out that there are things out there that even vamps fear. Oh she is a young one. Trying to come up with who Bill is texting. I am leaning to DeCastro. This is so cool.

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