Answer to the Master Chapter Seven


AttM 7

Devils in My Head

Eric was sitting on his throne at Fangtasia. It had been six months; an entire half a year of looking for Sookie had led to finding nothing but dead ends. It was discouraging and disheartening. He refused to do as others had told him, though. He wouldn’t believe she was dead, as Compton did. His little fairy was a fighter, she would survive and come back to him, he had faith in that.

He was examining old emails relevant to the search for her, looking for anything that could lead him in a new direction. But suddenly his head snapped up. That scent — sunshine — Sookie. She had walked right into his club in another red and white sundress. He was before her in a moment.

“You look surprised to see me, Eric,” Sookie said, her tone light as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

He almost fell to his knees. “Sookie…” he said breathily. He reached out to run fingers through her hair. They slipped through, feeling like silk. His hand moved to caress the side of her face.

Sookie pressed her hand over Eric and held it to her cheek, “I’m here, I’m real,” she promised.

He did fall to his knees with that statement, not caring who saw him. His arms wrapped around her body and he pulled her to him. On his knees, his face rested right below her breasts.

Sookie stroked her hand through Eric’s hair as he knelt before her, a small smile tugging at her lips, “It’s okay,” she cooed.

He looked up at her, and his hand went to the back of her head, pulling her down to kiss him hard. “I was so worried. No one thought –”

“I was alive,” Sookie finished for him, as she guessed what he was thinking. “I doubt I would have been for much longer, but I am. I’m here.”

His arms didn’t release her as he stood up and lifted her up. Her body was still held in the same position, his face against her stomach, but now he moved her down slightly so he could rest his ear against her heartbeat. He carried her, and walked back to his office. He sat down on his new couch, causing her to straddle him, but he wouldn’t let go.

“I’m not going anywhere, Eric, I promise,” Sookie said, her arms going around his neck. “Not again. They can’t take me again. It’s over.”

His mouth pressed against hers for the second time and he breathed her in. His hands ran down her back, along her sides, down her legs. They touched whatever they could to ensure she was there and unscathed. “What did he do?” Eric asked. “What happened?”

Sookie closed her eyes as painful memories came to mind. “He hurt me bad, Eric,” she said. The scars on her body might have healed, but the ones on her mind hadn’t. “He would torture me every night and leave his Weres to do it during the day, but they ain’t too bright. I managed to fool them almost daily, making them think I was more hurt than I was.”

He looked at her, eyes full of pride. She had escaped and gotten free. “Are they after you?” he asked. He would need to disappear with her if Russell was still alive. He would have to take her and get off the grid. This would be the first place he would look.

Sookie smiled brightly as she shook her head. “No,” she said. “I may have set fire to the house I was being held in before I escaped. There were no survivors.”

He pulled her even closer to his body, and his lips once again sought hers. He had heard a news report about a large fire destroying a house in Europe days ago. Could that have been the one she started? The relief was immeasurable. He had her back. She had destroyed their enemy. And his family, even, could enjoy their time in Asgard, knowing their killer was revenged.

Sookie returned his kiss eagerly as she threaded her hands in his hair. She sighed against his lips, all she had known for months was pain and torment, she wanted to feel something else, she needed to.

Eric’s hands trailed down her body to the bottom of her dress, slipping it up over her head and tossing it away. His mouth was locked to her lips, but would trail to her neck and breasts on occasion. Her skin tasted so sweet. He would not taste her blood until she permitted, but he could imagine, between her skin and scent, how wondrous it would be. However, even if she smelled and tasted like the foulest of his club, it wouldn’t matter. She was back and in his arms.

Reaching behind her, Sookie unhooked her bra and pulled if off. She threw it to the side, uncaring of where it landed. Taking Eric’s hands, she placed them over her breasts and moaned as she felt him give her a gentle squeeze. Her panties were drenched and she rocked against the rapidly growing bulge in his pants, desperate for some friction. “Make love to me, Eric,” she whispered, as she pulled back and stared in his eyes.

Eric looked in her eyes, his thumbs caressing her nipples, and he leaned his mouth to hers. His lips caressed and teased hers sensuously; his tongue reached out to tease her.

Sookie brushed her thumbs over Eric’s cheek, her touch light as she sighed into the kiss. She could feel Eric’s hands on her body and it warmed her soul. “I need you,” she gasped.

Eric leaned back and pulled his shirt off. He unzipped and quickly pulled down his pants. “I missed you,” he said, his lips catching hers again. He thrust upward towards her, his length digging into her panty-covered pussy.

“I missed you, too,” Sookie moaned. “Please, Eric, touch me. Make love to me.”

He stood her up before him. His fingers slipped into the sides of her panties and he slowly drew them downward. He just looked at her for a moment, taking in her body. Then his lips and tongue went to her breasts, sucking, teasing, and nibbling. He pulled her towards him as he leaned back into the couch. He pulled her straddling him again. He groaned, feeling her wet pussy kissing his cock, which was pointed up and resting between her lips.

Sookie rubbed herself against Eric before reaching between them and closing her small fingers around his thick cock. She rubbed the head over her swollen clit, hissing in pleasure at the feel of it. Lifting her hips slightly, she lined him up and very slowly began to lower herself onto him.

Bang, bang.

Eric blinked his eyes, suddenly righting himself. He stood up and opened the door; letting Nora into the room he had been given in the Authority in which he could spend the day. Pam was done with her silvering sentence and was going to be given her cold synthetic blood before being buried in the coffin for a year.

Entering the room, Nora smirked as she saw the impressive bulge in the front of Eric’s pants, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so excited to attend one of these meetings before.”

Eric frowned; he didn’t want to think about how real it felt to have her in his arms. He hated thinking about how much more the reality hurt once more.

“Eric?” Nora said softly, as she took a step closer to him and put her hand on his chest. She could tell he was still troubled by Sookie’s disappearance. She had never met the girl herself, but given how lost her brother was without her, Nora guessed she was something special.

“Are they ready for us now?” Eric asked, changing the subject and redirecting his energies. He could dwell in his guilt or finish his waking dream later. For now, he needed to give his strength to his child. No matter his feelings on the subject, he could understand the fear, apprehension, and weariness coming through their bond.

“They are,” Nora replied, taking a step back. “They are waiting for us in detention area.”

He needed to shut down his emotions. He needed to dominate them and not let anything in or out unless he allowed it. He walked down to the area with Nora, his face blank, his mind focusing on the rational and analytical rather than anything emotional.

Nora observed her brother while they walked in silence, she could tell he was hurting and wondered for the thousandth time why Pam had done as she had. Nora knew Pam claimed she done it to save her maker and to a degree, she could understand that, but Pam must have known what she did would hurt him just as bad. She had never seen Eric and Sookie together and she knew her brother was in love with her, so Pam must have known as well.

Arriving in the detention area, Eric gave Pam a bit of strength and calm through their bond. It wouldn’t do to have her go off and be punished once more. It would make him look even worse than she already had. He stood where he was told to and was more there to observe and wordlessly keep his child in line.

Pam stared up at her maker, blood tears rimming her eyes; the flesh of her upper arms had all but been eaten away from the silver. Her eyes pleaded with Eric to intercede; he could still take her place. He was her maker, so he was supposed to help her in situations like this.

Eric looked at her dispassionately. He examined her arms from the distance; trying to make sure the chains had been sturdy and wouldn’t leave any flakes in her body resulting in poisoning. But he determined they were okay, and he needn’t worry.

“Eric,” Pam whimpered, as a guard entered the room with her cold blood. “Please…”

Eric projected calm at her. All he needed to do was to recall his dream and the reality of their situation to remind himself he would have done far worse to her.

“Help me,” Pam begged, uncaring of the guard and Nora in the room. She had suffered enough, been punished enough, especially considering in her mind she hadn’t actually done anything wrong. She couldn’t believe Eric was being so cruel.

Nora rolled her eyes as she listened to Pam beg. She could almost guarantee that whatever she had suffered in the last six months was nothing compared to what her brother was going through. He was in hell night after night and her actions had put him there.

Eric’s eyes hardened and he looked at Pam’s face, closing off their bond. “Is that what Sookie said?”

“I’m your child,” Pam said, ignoring his question, as a tear trickled down her cheek. “I did it for you, just like you would have done it for Godric.”

He didn’t say anything to her, but just looked pointedly at the cold blood as it was handed to her.

Pam looked to Nora once she realized Eric wasn’t going to help her. She had always hated the older vampire, but they were of the same bloodline and she was her Queen; she could help her.

“Don’t look at me,” Nora snorted. “If it’d been up to me, you would’ve been chained in silver the entire time you’re buried as well.”

Pam glared at Nora, but said nothing as she took the bottle of blood.

Eric watched dispassionately as Pam drank down the blood. Even with her cringing at the taste, she still downed it after not having any blood for six months.

Pam dropped the bottle after she finished it, uncaring of the mess it made as it smashed on the floor. “Master, please,” she begged, using everything she could to try and get him to help her.

“Pamela!” he said sternly and commanding. “You will act like a fucking respectable vampire. The Magister sentenced you to this. You will do as you are instructed and stop whining like a child.” He didn’t force her. There was no maker’s command. But she would be foolish to disobey before everyone.

Pam dropped her head in shame. She closed her eyes as she willed back the tears. She had tried everything she could think of and still he wouldn’t help her.

“I think we are almost done here,” Nora said, as she saw the guards preparing the coffin Pam would be placed in.

Eric watched as his child was assisted into the coffin. Once she was settled, he reopened their bond and sent her some of his strength. He still wanted her to do well and impress him. He may not trust her, but she was his child. He trained her, lived with her, and worked with her for a hundred years. Even with her betrayal he wanted to see her succeed. He just knew he couldn’t help her out here. She wouldn’t learn if he just helped her out of it . . . and even then…

“Are you okay?” Nora asked, switching to Old Norse once Pam had been secured in her coffin and buried.

“Fine,” Eric said monotonously, moving to leave. They still had quite a bit to deal with tonight, and it was already enough that he had let his guard down earlier.

Nora fell into step beside him as they walked through the hallway. She didn’t attempt to speak, knowing Eric was in no mood for chit-chat.


12 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Seven

  1. duckbutt60 says:

    Ahh…Pam still doesn’t get it, does she? Spoiled brat.

    I’m glad that what Eric had was a dream of Sookie. I thought maybe she came back as some kind of automaton, controlled by Russell to get Eric –whew! That was close!!

    So, it’s been months our girl has been tortured –sigh……


  2. Nordiclover says:

    Pam is such a bitch…love the dream of Sookie and Eric….lets hope she can get away to Eric in one peace…..

  3. msstitcher says:

    I read that first bit thinking, well this is going to be a short story! lol Love how you are playing Pam though, hopefully in the end she can come round and be Sookies friends like she is supposed to be. Grr Allan Ball and Charlaine Harris…… Also Poor Eric!!!

  4. Loftin says:

    Damn you…lol
    I was all excited for them to finally be together but in the back of my mind I kept thing ‘please don’t let this be a trick or a dream’. Lol
    Love it!

  5. accidentalreader says:

    Pam is such a disappointment!
    Eric is such a softie. I love and hate that about him.
    I just hate to think that Sookie’s torture in a human body could not even begin to equal Pam the bitch’s silvering in a vampire’s body. Pam’s getting away with a lot less than she deserves, I think.

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