Answer to the Master Chapter Six


AttM 6

Breaking the Girl

Debbie screamed shrilly at the door locking the cunt in the room, echoing the cry she had just heard. She cackled as she heard sobs from the girl behind the door. Serves her right. She exaggerated sobs back at the door and giggled to the other Were guards when the sobbing was cut short. Maybe the girl had covered her mouth to stifle them. Maybe she was just holding her breath. Either way, Debbie knew having the fairy slut here would be fun.

Sookie curled herself tightly into a ball as she huddled in the darkened room. She wasn’t sure how long she had been there, but it already felt like forever. Her mind was still quite foggy when it came to remembering what happened. She remembered meeting Hadley and her son… Hunter, her mind supplied helpfully. The boy was like her, a telepath. But after that everything became hazy. She could only recall bits and pieces. Daylight, footsteps, pain, and she thought she saw Pam, but after that she remembered nothing until she woke up there. In her cold, damn cell, the prisoner of Russell Edgington.

There was nothing in the space, but a bucket for her. Nice of him to think of her human needs. There was a threadbare blanket on the floor, and that was it. Nothing else was there to indicate where they were or what was going to happen to her. And the mocking bitch outside wasn’t helping.

Closing her eyes, Sookie tried to will away the waking nightmare that was her life. Why was this happening to her? What had she done to deserve it? She was a good person; she worked hard and loved her family and friends. Sookie felt a choke lodge in her throat as she thought of her family and friends.

Debbie groaned, smiled and raised her eyebrows suggestively to the other Weres. The slut was awake. Now the fun could begin. She opened the door slowly, not looking any more comforting with four large male Weres and another bitch behind her. “G’morning, bitch,” she snarled.

Raising her head, Sookie glared hatefully at Debbie. She honestly didn’t think she had ever hated anyone as much as she did Debbie. Not even Lorena.

“What? No hello for us?” she asked with a grin. She cracked her neck quickly, trying to intimidate the little fairy.

“Go to hell you piece of shit,” Sookie spat, refusing to show weakness in front of the werebitch.

“Oh, you little slut,” Debbie cooed at her. “You’re already there.” They stepped into the cell, a malicious look on her face as she thought about all she could do to this bitch who killed her fiancé.

Pulling herself to her feet, Sookie pressed her back against the wall as she stared at Debbie, defiance flashing in her eyes. She wouldn’t cower before trash like her. She was a Stackhouse, not some poor withering flower that needed a man to protect her. Sookie winced internally at that thought, in the weeks leading up to her kidnapping that is exactly how she acted, like a damsel in distress, begging her white knight to come and save her. Well, this wasn’t a fairy tale and Bill Compton was no Prince Charming. No one was coming for her, but that was okay. She didn’t need anyone.

Debbie smiled as she saw Sookie backing away from here. Not only had this whore killed Coot, but she had fucked her Alcide. It would be so much fun to play with her. There was a sadistic glint in her eye as she imagined grabbing the slut by her hair and slamming her face against the wall over and over again. But for now, she had orders to get the bitch ready.

She nodded to one of the guys, who went out to where the guards had been waiting. He came back with the nozzle-end of a garden hose. “You have thirty seconds to strip. Those are the only clothes you’ll get, so I’d advise taking them off now before they’re soaked,” Debbie said.

Sookie flicked her eyes from Debbie to the hose the guard was holding, the last thing she wanted to do was take her clothes off in front of complete strangers, especially not strangers who had kidnapped her. Wet clothes might be better than no clothes at all.

“Ten seconds,” Debbie said plainly. She didn’t really care; let the slut get sick. The water was cold and not very clean from the hose. But she knew she would prefer dry clothes to wear. Then again, she thought, eyeing some of the Weres that were with her. Not all of the guards were asnice as she was.

One of the older Weres shook his head as Sookie hesitated; he was getting tired of waiting. “Either take them off or we will,” he growled.

Sookie’s eyes widened in fright and she pressed herself further back against the wall, a small whimper escaping her lips making the Weres laugh. She wrapped her arms around herself in a desperate attempt to protect herself.

Debbie laughed at her fear and grabbed the garden hose nozzle from the Were who brought it in. She sprayed a spurt against her legs. The water was cold and had dirt in it, making it leave a tinge of brown on her tan legs.

Sookie hissed as the water hit her legs, she tried to back up, but her back was already against the wall. She closed her eyes for a second as the realization that she didn’t have a choice washed over her. Her hands shook as she pushed her skirt down her legs and then removed her top. She stood before them in nothing but her pale yellow underwear and waited.

Debbie smirked, especially when she heard some of the Weres grunting. Russell told her to wet Sookie down. It wasn’t her fault the only water source other than the sink and toilet was the hose. She pressed the lever, spraying the dirty water against Sookie’s torso, finding glee in watching her squirm from the cold water. She pressed it all the way down, ensuring the water would sting wherever it hit her with its velocity. She moved from her stomach to the girl’s chest. May as well give the Weres a show, Debbie thought, eyeing one of the rougher guys.

Sookie tried in vain to turn away from the direction the cold water was coming from. A chill was already starting to spread over her body and she desperately wanted Debbie to stop, but she wouldn’t beg. She couldn’t hold back a whimper as she saw one of the Weres rubbing himself over his pants. Her disgust of Weres was at an all-time high. They were worse than actual animals; at least animals have the excuse of being just that. These Weres were supposed to be intelligent human beings, although, looking at Debbie made her reevaluate that thought.

Debbie smirked. If she thought this was bad… She aimed the water at her head, soaking and dirtying the rest of Sookie’s body with the frigid water. “Spin around, slut!” she called out, ready to soak the back if her head and body. She’d even give her friends a nice show by spraying the blonde’s ass.

Sookie glared at Debbie and refused to move. She was already soaked to the bone there was no need for anymore. “Slut?” Sookie scoffed. “I can count the number of men I’ve been with on one hand. You’d probably need a calculatorand the ability to count.” It probably wasn’t a good idea to insult the insane Were but Sookie really didn’t care. She figured they were going to kill her anyway.

Debbie glared at the stupid bitch, lifted her hand holding the water nozzle, and said, “Say that again, cunt.” Her eyes were narrowed. Her body was tense, and she still had the malicious smile on her face, despite the insult because the whore who took away Alcide and killed Coot was going to fucking pay.

“Why? Are you deaf as well as stupid?” Sookie sneered, hoping to provoke her into action. She’d rather die quickly than slow and painfully.

Debbie’s smirk just widened. “I had hoped you wouldn’t listen,” she said before turning on the water and spraying it directly into Sookie’s face. She really didn’t care if the cunt drowned. The boys would like to play with her body after at least. And Edgington could still eat her after.

Sookie held her hands up, covering her face as she felt the water pelt her. She shivered under the coldness of it, but still refused to play nice. Debbie would have sprayed her anyway, that was clear. Nothing she did or would do would change the insane Were’s mind, so why be nice? She was going to be hurt regardless.

The other Weres in the room laughed as they saw Debbie douse the blonde whore. Her pale yellow underwear was sticking to her body, revealing every inch of her curves. “I thought she had to take it all off,” the other female in the pack said, enjoying it as much as Debbie was.

Wanna help her out, Bets?” Debbie called to the Were who spoke. Betsy was just as sadistic. She had lost a leader of the Pack, but not her fiancé and not her Alcide. Debbie had more to use for fodder; more to take revenge for. She stopped the water to let the Werebitch through.

Sookie eyed the black haired Were cautiously as she approached her. She could see the evil in her eyes, hear it in her mind. Darting to the other side of the room, Sookie pressed herself into a corner. There was no way in hell! She was not letting her strip her of her underwear, nor was she taking it off. She would not be paraded around naked.

Betsy laughed as her prey tried to dodge and just cornered itself more. “Here, little whore!” she called out like Sookie was hiding. She stalked towards her, pulling out a butterfly blade and letting one side swing open and around. She grasped both ends in her hands, now with the exposed blade. “If you stand still, maybe you won’t bleed,” Betsy called. Debbie laughed at the Werebitch’s game, catching the ‘maybe’ just as everyone else did. There was no question what Bets intended.

Sookie swallowed hard as she eyed the blade, there was no way in hell that Werebitch was getting anywhere near her with it. Reacting on instinct, she lifted her hand and willed her power to work. She let out a cry as she felt her hand begin to tingle and the light go shooting towards Betsy. Sookie grinned as she saw the bitch hit the wall hard. “I wish I could’ve said the same thing to you.”

Betsy was passed out, her head having slammed against the wall hard. “Stupid cunt!” a deep gruff voice cried as a large, hulking Were began stepping towards her. His teeth were bared and he looked on the verge of shifting uncontrollably.

“Bets is Petey’s bitch. You certainly aren’t a smart slut,” Debbie said, enjoying that she could toy with the Weres to get them to fuck with her. She hadn’t had to be too active yet in this little scene.

“Still probably smarter than all of you combined,” Sookie retorted. Will you shut up already, a voice inside her said as she continued to antagonize the Weres. “Is she his sister also?” Be quiet, the voice yelled, but Sookie paid it no mind.

Petey stalked forward; ready to dodge the fireworks in case they exploded from her hands again. “I’m gunna hurt you so bad, little girl.” He started breathing harder, holding back the change to his wolf form. He growled with the struggle.

“What ya gonna do? Breathe on me?” Sookie snorted. The voice inside her was screaming at her to be quiet, to just do as the Weres said, but still she paid it no mind.

“No,” he said, stepping up to her. He was over six feet tall and wide. Not all of it was muscle. Layers of fat helped bulge his clothing. “Firs’ I’m gunna break every finger in this hand. So ya can’t shoot me with yer fireworks. Then I’mma smash your head against the wall, like you did my Bet’s.” He grabbed her wrists, turning her hands so her palms would face her body. “Then, when yer out uf’it, I can play with yer body and break it as I please.” He grunted, satisfied with his plan.

“Can you repeat that in English, so I can understand it?” Sookie asked, still refusing to play nice, despite the fear she was feeling. “Were your parents related? Like brother and sister?”

He grasped a finger and started bending it backwards. He put pressure at the bottom knuckle. “You certainly know how to use your mouth, cunt. I’m sure you’re great at sucking cock with how much you flap it. That’s certainly a better use for you.”

Sookie hissed at the pain he was causing her, “You probably have more experience with that,” she spat, before actually spitting in his face.

With her spit on his face, the hand holding her finger jerked backwards and a sharp crack was heard as the bone had reached the end of its resistance and broke. A squeal of glee erupted from Debbie’s lips. Petey’s tongue reached out of his mouth. His breath was rancid and teeth were dark, twisted, and some were broken. He licked up some of her spit, crudely slurping it. Then his tongue started at the bottom of her neck and licked up her cheek, leaving a trail of wetness that smelled almost as bad as his breath. “You, Cunt, taste good,” he said with a grunt.

He went to lick her again, but a strong hand was pressed into his cheeks, keeping his jaw open and his tongue in his mouth. “Petey, you don’t get to taste her. Sunshine is all mine,” Russell’s cultured voice said. He shoved the Were away by his face, pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the saliva off her neck. Taking in a deep breath, he held it out before her now released hands to take and finish cleaning herself.

Sookie’s hand shook as she took the handkerchief of Russell, her finger was killing her, but she refused to show the pain. She kept her eyes on Russell as she quickly ran the cloth over her cheek, clearing herself of the Were stench. For once she listened to that little voice inside telling her to be quiet.

“Now, my dear,” he said, slipping her unbroken hand into the crook of his arm, “you should get dressed. I can smell Northman and Compton on you. I do not know if the potion the witch made severed the connections to them, but we can’t waste the opportunity to be problematic, can we, dear.

“Debbie, give her her clothing,” he said. Debbie wordlessly grabbed the clothes, but her smile returned as she pressed it into Sookie’s hand; making sure to bend and twist her broken finger with pressure and her other hand. She could not wait to see what Russell planned for the slut.

Sookie whimpered under the pain and bit back a nasty curse for the Werebitch. She struggled to pull on her clothing as she ran Russell’s words over in her head. Witches are real? Great, just another thing she knew nothing about.

Edgington released her arm and stepped back to watch her dress. Her body wasn’t anything that appealed to him. Her breasts were too big. He like his lovers more toned and defined. Not to mention with a cock dangling between their pretty little legs as he pounded into them. But he needed to see his canvas. He had to evaluate what he was working with.

Once dressed, Sookie stood still and waited patiently. She knew better than to mouth off to Russell Edgington, well she knew to hold back until she knew what he wanted with her. She fought the urge to fidget as the seconds passed by; she would not speak first, not because she thought they were playing some silly power game, but because she honestly didn’t know what to say and anything that spilled out of her mouth would probably get her throat ripped out.

“Good girl,” he said, actually praising her. “Now, I figured you’d like to know that it has been a week since you were in that lovely little shack you call a house. You’re a guest in the cells of my home in a small Romani town in Romania. The Romani, or Gypsies as you probably call them,” his tone was condescending there, “are excellent at powerful magic. In fact, you can scream and no one outside of this room will hear you, even with the door wide open.”

“Why am I here?” Sookie asked, finally voicing the question that had been plaguing her since she was kidnapped a week ago.

“Oh, darling, you’re here because I wanted you. And you were hand delivered to me.” He held her chin in his hand, gently grasping it with his fingers. “You’re here because Eric viciously destroyed my Talbot. We’ll see if your blood and Romani magic can bring him back. And even if it doesn’t, you’re here to suffer in his place. Eric gave you to me. To mollify me . . . and I will destroy you, dear.” He stroked her cheek gently. “I will ensure that whatever ounce of care he has for you, even if he means more to himself, will suffer knowing you were tortured by a master in place of him.” One nail dug into her cheek, drawing a long thin line of a scratch in her cheek. He brought the fingernail, with just a trace of her blood on it, to his mouth. “Delicious.”

A tear trickled down Sookie’s cheek as she heard his words. She barely felt the pain of his scratch; his words had already caused her more pain than that. Had Eric really given her to Russell? She recalled the last words Eric spoken to her; they were at Russell’s mansion in Mississippi: You mean nothing to me. Nothing! It seemed he was telling her the truth. He had left her at Russell’s mercy at the mansion and now he had gifted her to the insane King. Pam, the voice whispered. Not Eric, Pam.

“Pam,” Sookie whispered.

“Yes,” Russell said with a smile. “She makes such a good delivery boy, doesn’t she? Well, my dear, enough stalling. Let me see the hand he broke.”

Sookie moved on autopilot as she lifted her hand and showed it to him. There was no point in fighting him, at least not yet. Oh, she’d fight, she kick and claw and make them regret the day they kidnapped her, but not yet. First she would learn all she needed to know, and then she would start to fight back.

He took it gently in his hand and examined it closely. “Oh well, this isn’t enough,” he tasked his tongue against his teeth, shaking his head. Stroking it gently with his fingers, he looked at her face as he laid the fingers of his other hand against her broken one and pressed hard, breaking more than just the one finger. The hand holding it also clamped down, squeezing tight. Some of her metacarpals shattered. Some proximal phalanges and intermediate phalanges cracked. Even her trapezium, at the base of her thumb, was smashed, forcing her thumb to an odd angle.

Sookie bit her tongue to keep from screaming in pain, blood filled her mouth and she whimpered, but she still refused to voice her pain. She knew this would be the least of what they’d do to her, but she’d be damned if she’d start off screaming.

Ohhh, that sweet aroma!” Russell cried, almost orgasmic, his head rolling back.

Tears streamed down Sookie’s face, the only sign of the pain she was feeling. She could hear the laughter of the Weres behind Russell. Debbie’s almost orgasmic cackle was setting her teeth on edge. Flicking her eyes over Russell’s shoulder, Sookie stared at them in disgust. She could see how much it was turning her on and it turned her stomach.

His fingers brushed her cheek and he scooped up her tears. Popping them in his mouth, he groaned. “Remind me to save your tears, dear. They’re like tiny doses of your scent, melting in my mouth.”

Sookie shook her head, hysteria building up in her. They were all fucking crazy. She’d been kidnapped by an insane vampire and his pet wolves.

Russell pet her hair slowly; “It’s okay, Sunshine, you did well when your hand broke. I am sure it’s still in a lot of pain. Keep that strength. You’ll need it. Come along now,” Russell said, escorting her out the door and into the room where the Weres had been waiting for her to wake. It was set up like a science lab with bright overhead lights, a metal table, a drain in the corner, and a number of instruments set up on trays and on tables around the room.

Sookie felt her fear skyrocket as she took in the room. Her eyes darting left and right as she took everything in.

“I love the way your heart speeds. Your breath shallows. Your pupils dilate. Your pores ooze sweat. There’s only so much you can hide, Sunshine. And just in case you worry, we won’t spill a drop of your blood. No, dear, it’ll all be collected in a container. You see the table here, which you will soon be strapped to, is slightly slanted. See the angle? Well, at the lower end of the table, the ridge keeps it from going anywhere but through that one spout. And under that spout is a bucket. Every piece of you, darling, will go to use.” He closed the door, keeping the Weres out so it was just him and his fae.

“YouYou’re going to drain me? Sookie asked aghast.

“Ha!” he guffawed. “No, dear. It will not be so simple. You see, I need more blood than you have in that pathetic body. So we will need to heal you, to regenerate it. And then do that over and over again.” He grabbed the back of her neck, roughly maneuvering her to lie on the metal table, the spout near her feet. Before she could move, leather straps secured her wrists and bound her ankles. Pulling out a scalpel, he let it reflect the bright overhead light, showing her the blinding effect. “And with any luck, the bonds you had with those vampires are still working enough for them to feel this.”


The next conscious thought Sookie had been hours later. There wasn’t a part of her that didn’t hurt and she knew it was just the beginning. This was her life now, pain.

Debbie sat on a stool, watching Sookie come awake. She greeted her again: “G’morning, bitch.” Only this time, the greeting held a bit of self-satisfaction. She’d watched through the peephole as Russell had sliced her skin, cut deep into her flesh, and drained the blood for the magic with Talbot’s remains. She watched as Russell gave her a few drops of his blood. She was satisfied because she knew that tonight Russell would be back.

Sookie eyed Debbie with contempt as she forced herself into a sitting position. Lifting her head, Sookie pasted on a fake smile. “I think you have me confused with yourself. Everyone knows you’re the bitch hereor perhaps that should be whore.”

Debbie laughed. She was a bitch – the best one. “Don’t worry. As soon as I can, I’ll make sure you get a chance to be a whore.” He eyed Sookie’s body like she was evaluating a cow to buy. “Your pretty little cunt could get me a nice penny in this area of the world. By the time we’re done with you here, bitch, you’ll be looser than a Mexican prostitute doing a donkey show.”

Sookie stiffened at her words, but gave no other sign of fear. “Something you’re familiar with no doubt,” she sneered. “How many do you take at a time now? Four? Five?”

Debbie sneered. She wasn’t about to respond. But she mentally tallied. Once she was accepted into the pack, she had to be bred by all of the men, but before thenwell before Cootwell she was a virgin once, and when she finally fucked Alcide, it had only been him. He didn’t like to share. Debbie just slammed her foot down hard on Sookie’s ankle. “However many I take, you can bet you’ll beat me out. And then when I can’t get any more money for your holes, you’ll be sold, or maybe I’ll make sure you’re buried in the fuckin’ ground.”

Laughter spilled from Sookie’s lips as tears sprang to her eyes. She blinked them back as she stared up at Debbie. “You seem to think you’re in charge here. You’re not. You‘re just Russell’s pet,” she taunted. “Does he put you on a lead and take you for walkies?”

“Did you like his table, bitch? Enjoy the reprieve because you’ll be there again tonight. I so loved your cries of pain.”

“Alcide loved my cries of pleasure more,” Sookie lied, goading the deranged Were. She’d never done anything with Alcide, nor did she want to, but the bitch didn’t know that.

Debbie’s fists flew at the bitch’s face as she hurled herself at her. Her other fist was aimed towards her stomach. She screamed shrilly, her body catapulting towards Sookie.

Sookie grunted as she felt Debbie’s fist connect with her stomach, “Said I was the best he ever had,” she taunted. Pain spread through her, the voice inside screaming at her to stop and be quiet, but once again she refused to listen.

Debbie’s body connected hard with the fairy’s knocking them both on the ground, but Debbie was on top. Her fists were pummeling everything of Sookie’s that she could reach. Ribs. Face. Chest. Abdomen. Her blows rained everywhere.

Laughter spilled from Sookie’s lips as Debbie rained blows down on her. She ignored the pain, as she cowered, protecting herself the best way she could, and even managing to get a few blows in. “I think I hit a nerve.”

“I think, you fucking cunt, that you’re gonna pay. And I’m gonna fuck Alcide over the hole we bury you in.”

“Afraid he won’t be able to get it up otherwise?” Sookie taunted, spitting a mouthful of blood at Debbie.

Debbie backhanded her hard, watching gleefully as Sookie’s head snapped to the side with the force of her blow. She stood up and looked down at Sookie.

Sookie’s vision swam at the force of the blow and she closed her eyes to center herself. Opening them slowly, she tried to focus as she stared up at Debbie. The Werebitch smiled, drawing back a foot. She delivered a swift, hard kick to Sookie’s stomach. Sookie brought her legs up and curled into a ball as the pain once again spread through her.
Her foot once again came back, and she kicked Sookie in the face. Her foot came away bloody. Debbie just started laughing.

Sookie could feel darkness creeping in on her and she desperately tried to fight it. It might give her a reprieve from the pain, but she hated to think what they would do to her while she was unconscious.

“Just wait, bitch,” Debbie said as Sookie’s world faded to black. “This has just been a taste.”

Sookie still passed out with a smirk on her bleeding face. She wouldn’t stop trying to get the Weres to let their guard down.


11 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Six

  1. valady1 says:

    Had to know what was going to be done to her would be pretty awful. Debbie needs to be taken down and I’m looking forward to that. How will Sookie hold on to her sanity if she is subjected to this type of treatment over and over?

  2. Heather says:

    I know I wanted to know what was going on with Sookie…But I think I changed my mind 😦 I can’t wait till Debbie gets hers ;)…. Eric needs to get there with a quickness!!!!

  3. pk22477 says:

    I can’t wait to see Debbie, Russell & Pam get their just rewards for this. Can’t wait until Eric finds her and rescues her. Thank you for the update.

  4. MistressCinder says:

    This was hard to read. So I am sure it was hard to write. For many reasons, I identify with Sookie so most of this chapter made me cringe. I keep hoping that Eric would remember that Russell is from the Carpathian Mountains but maybe he told that information to Bill…

  5. Cotharach says:

    Please let Sookie find a way to rescue herself. I would love to see her more self-sufficient/kick-ass instead of the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued.

    • Cotharach says:

      Note: Just re-read my comment and realized it might come across the wrong way. This chapter did not make me feel she was being a damsel in distress, I just want the vibe of her taking control and not being so reliant on others that you started in this chapter to continue.

      • sunsetqueens says:

        Thank you. I knew what you meant. I don’t want to give it away, but I will say Sookie’s strength shines through throughout the story. We like her strong.

  6. kleannhouse says:

    damn, she hasn’t been turned yet since Russell has a plan but if they are not careful, Debbie will kill her and then have to be turned. so Russell is trying to get Sookie to believe it was Eric’s doing for her being there, not a nice guy at all. KY

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