Answer to the Master Chapter Thirty-Eight


AttM 38

 Fortune Faded

“You may have an odd feeling for a moment as the magic settles,” Fintan said, warning her. He pressed his lips to her forehead gently, blessing her under his breath in the Fae language. He kept his lips there as he reached into her, to her spark. He smiled as he felt her abilities, her strength, and shared his own. A peaceful expression settled on his face. When he pulled back, he left a bit of his spark with hers, one that would enable her to move around realms. It wasn’t teleportation, but she could access as many realms as he, Fae and those connected to it.

“What did you do?” Sookie asked, as she felt a strange hum spread through her body and warm her from the inside.

“Look inside yourself and see,” he suggested. She had been trained as a vampire, but never taught or honed her fairy skills.

Sookie did as he said and focused on how she felt different. “I feel… stronger. No, more balanced,” she said, “and… you gave me something.”

“What did I give you, child? See if you can tell.”

“You… I…” Sookie said, struggling to put words to what he had done, to what he had given her. “I’m not sure.”

“Any realm connected to Fae is now accessible to you,” he supplied. “You need to work a little harder than those who come across it naturally. Find that piece of spark and utilize it, but you will be able to allow yourself to enter and leave Fairy, Danann, this realm, and a few others at will.”

“So if they ever managed to take me, I could bring myself back?” Sookie said, a sliver of hope rising in her.

“If you are in a connected realm, you can get yourself here or to another. If you are taken to Danann, you will be able to get back here, the same with Fairy. If you were taken to a realm connected to one of them, like the Britlingen realm, you’d be able to get to a connecting one you have access to from here, Danann. If you are taken beyond, you would need more assistance getting back.”

Sookie nodded as she took it all in. It was certainly a handy gift to have. “Do you think they will try to take me to another realm if given the chance?” she asked. “One outside Danann or Fairy?”

“I doubt it. Most do not have the ability to go that far. Those who do could not be sure of how your body would react to those environments. The most notable restriction that this ability has for you, as it is a transferred one, is it will only work for you. You cannot transport anyone with you,” Fintan continued.

“That’s a shame,” Sookie admitted, but she couldn’t really complain.

“He should not attempt to take you, but if he does, you will be able to return. Keep this ability from all others.”

“No one outside of this room will be told,” Sookie said. “The only people I trust, other than Jason, are in here.”

“You must be wary of your brother, Sookie,” he started.

“Jason would never do anything to hurt me!” Sookie replied, anger once again leaking into her voice.

“No. I mean you need to be alert whenever you see him. My brother, your Uncle Dermot, is nearly identical to your brother, though he appears slightly younger. You must always read his mind. I don’t know what his intentions are.”

“I have an uncle who looks just like my brother,” Sookie said, her mind was on overload and she wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

Fintan’s appearance slowly shifted to his normal one. He had looked like Earl more often in the last fifty years than he had himself. Normally, he looked similar to Sookie’s father at about 30-years-old.

“You look just like my daddy did,” Sookie said, her eyes taking him all in.

“I know. My son had quite the resemblance,” he smiled at her. “I am glad to know you, child.”

Sookie just nodded in reply, at a loss of what to say.

“So I think we can take a break while Nora and I contact the other monarchs,” Roman said, interrupting their discussion.

“I think we all could do with a few minutes to gather our thoughts,” Nora agreed.

Eric looked to Sookie. She would obviously need to unwind, but would she want to speak to him, to Russell, or to her grandfather?

Sookie shot Eric a small smile as she reached for his hand. She needed a minute to be just Sookie, and Eric could give that to her. That was all he had ever seen her as, simply Sookie.

He stood up with her, walking her outside to the pool area. “Are you okay?”

“I’m not sure,” Sookie admitted. “It’s a lot to take in.”

He sat down with her in the gazebo. His hand stroked her back gently.

Sookie leaned into his side as she rested her head against his shoulder. She was just content to sit with him, taking comfort from his presence.

“Did I ever tell you about the fight Thalia witnessed between Compton and our former queen, Sophie-Anne?” he asked, willing to take her mind off of it all.

“No,” Sookie replied as she shook her head.

“Apparently, it looked more like a bitch fight than one with vampires, at least from Compton’s side.”

“I can’t say I’m surprised,” Sookie laughed. “He tried to scratch me when I killed him.”

Eric laughed. “Yes. You see he worked with Nan to set up Sophie-Anne. I think he thought the AVL would come in to kill her before she had a chance to attack him. However, she showed up quickly.”

“He was no match for her, I guess,” Sookie said with a smile.

“Apparently he was thrown into the fireplace. He bit her. He scratched at her eyes. He was almost staked before Nan showed up. Thalia missed most of that because she was afraid she’d fall out of the tree she was watching from, she was laughing so hard!”

“To think he offered to protect me from Russell the night I killed him!” Sookie laughed.

He chuckled. “I told her she should have taken a video of it. She glared at me and said she would have fallen out of the tree if she had been filming it too.”

“That’s a shame, it would’ve been funny to watch,” Sookie said.

He pulled her gently into his chest, his arm draped around her.

“Thank you,” Sookie said softly as she looked up at him through her lashes.

“Anytime, Sookie,” Eric said, looking back into her eyes.

Leaning forward, Sookie brushed her lips lightly over his in a soft kiss. She wasn’t sure what was going on between them, but she wanted a chance to explore it if she could, if they could.

He gently returned her kiss, but couldn’t keep his passion for her contained. He pressed his lips harder to her own.

Sookie moaned into the kiss as she pressed her hand against his face, her thumb brushing over his cheek. Eric’s face leaned into her hand. His lips eased up, brushing gently over hers.

Sookie rested her forehead against his as she broke the kiss. “I don’t know what this is between us, but I would like to find out,” she said.

“Sookie, I don’t share,” he said plainly. There was no point in it if she wanted to continue as she had.

“Neither do I,” Sookie replied simply.

He paused, unsure of how to approach this, or even if it was appropriate. “I mean what happened with Roman; when you killed Bill and even in the employee’s break room at Fangtasia for your party.”

“I’ve only slept with Roman once, or rather it was just that night, not one time… I’m not helping here,” she laughed uncomfortably. “I won’t deny it or apologize for it. We weren’t together then, not that we are now,” she hastened to add, refusing to get ahead of herself.

Eric nodded. “I’m not asking you to apologize, but it can’t happen again.”

“It won’t,” Sookie said firmly. “I’m not a cheater but the same would apply to you.”

“Of course,” he replied. “I was devastated when you were taken, Sookie.”

“I’m sorry,” Sookie replied softly as she took his hands in hers. “I can’t really imagine what it must have been like for you, and maybe it was wrong and selfish of me not to contact any of you after I was turned, but truthfully, I was in a bad place and I needed Russell more than I needed anyone else. I know it’s strange to imagine given how our story started, but Russell protected and took care of me. For the first five months after I was turned he would glamor the donors not to touch me. I feared if I got in contact with anyone or came back everyone would try and separate us.”

“I know, but that’s not what I meant,” his other hand gently cupped her face. “In Dallas, you were just so strong, so beautiful, and you stayed with Godric. I felt his relief before he died. I knew it was from you . . .”

“No one deserves to die alone and if I brought Godric a little comfort at the end, then I’m glad I could do that,” Sookie told him sincerely as she leaned into his touch. “That was where I started seeing you differently. I saw your heart and I liked what I saw. There was love inside you.”

“For you,” he said, leaning forward and capturing her lips with his own. His tongue licked at the seam of her lips.

Sookie parted her lips, giving Eric access as she raised one of her hands and placed it on his cheek.

His kiss was intense, almost desperate. His fingers wove through her hair and he pulled her to straddle his legs.

Sookie wrapped her arms around Eric’s neck as she shifted herself to get more comfortable.

His hands moved to her hips and he suddenly appreciated again that she didn’t have to breathe. It meant they didn’t need to pause in their kissing.

Sookie sank into the kiss, her body pressed against his as she let out a small sigh.

A clearing throat was heard from the doorway. Eric didn’t stop kissing at first, but he slowly pulled back from her lips.

Sookie brushed her lips over Eric’s softly before turning to see who had interrupted them.

“Princess, it’s time to call Warlow.” Russell was, however, staring at Eric. He didn’t look happy.

Sookie flicked her eyes from Eric to Russell and back again. She could feel the tension between them and prayed they weren’t going to get into another fight. “Okay.”

He stood there, waiting for her to stand up from the Viking.

Sookie was happy she could no longer blush as she climbed off Eric’s lap.

Fintan’s waiting for you inside,” Russell said to her.

Sookie looked to Eric once more before making her way back into the house. “Don’t hurt him, please,” she whispered in Romani as she passed Russell.

“Trust me, Sunshine,” he replied softly. Russell waited until she walked into the house before turning to Eric. “If you hurt her I will end you, Viking.” He was quiet in his threat, and Eric knew he was completely serious.

“I won’t do anything to hurt her purposely,” he responded.

“If you do, it will be the last thing you do.” Eric nodded in response, knowing Russell would kill for his child’s happiness without a second thought. He watched Russell walk back in the house before following him. Instead of going to Sookie as Russell did, he went to speak to Nora.

“You need to contact him now,” Fintan urged her. “Or he will not hesitate to destroy another grouping of vampires.”

“Okay,” Sookie nodded as she reached for a phone.

“Do you know what you will say?” Russell asked. He wanted to ensure she was prepared to speak with him.

“Not really,” Sookie admitted.

“Going to just see how it goes?”

“That might be for the best,” Sookie said. “We don’t want him thinking we planned and rehearsed it.”

“Alright,” Fintan said, sliding his number across the table to her.

Sookie tightened her grip on the phone as she dialed the number. She waited for what seemed like forever for him to answer it.

“Sookie, love,” he said. His voice was deep and smooth. If it wasn’t for who he was, his voice would have been pretty panty-dropping.

“Warlow,” Sookie replied simply.

“What can I do for you, my dear?”

“I don’t suppose asking you to leave us all alone will work,” Sookie replied.

“It will if I can take you and your niece with me.”

“You know I’m not gonna agree to that,” Sookie said. “Susie is just a baby. She has no part in this.”

“For now, I can agree to just taking you, but you have to know I will need someone who can birth my children,” he placated.

“Why us?” Sookie asked, hoping to draw him out and learn something. “Why me and Susie? We’re not the only ones with fairy blood.”

“She’s the only female from the Brigant bloodline. It’s not name alone that makes Niall powerful. Why do you think he’s been able to keep his rule? Your magic is strong, and my descendants will only be the strongest, but that’s not the point here.”

“That’s not exactly true though, is it?” Sookie countered. She needed to know as much as possible if they stood any chance of surviving or winning. “Before Susie, before me even, there was Claudine and Claudette. Both females, both from the Brigant bloodline. So why not them?”

“I’m sure you already know the answer, love, but I’ll humor you. Fae fertility is weak. Part fae-human’s isn’t. So if I had Claudine or Claudette carry my son, she would have either killed him in her womb, she would have weakened him before his birth, so he would not survive, or, as a true warrior, he would sense her weakening him and die, but die and take the fairy bitch with him. Your niece has the strength of your brother in her ovaries, and once she bleeds, she will have my son.”

“You know I’m never going to give her to you,” Sookie replied, seeing no point in beating around the bush. “She will bear you no sons.”

“So you have decided to let the other vampires turn on you then? Or was there another reason for this call?” Warlow asked, his tone still pleasant.

“I wanted to speak to the man I’d been sold to so many years ago,” Sookie snorted. “You seem to be under the impression I care about what the other vampires think or might do.”

“That’s fine with me. Like yourself, I have a taste for blood, Sookie, but don’t worry; I’ll leave Louisiana for last. I cannot imagine Roman being happy you’re letting his entire vampire population be destroyed.”

“Again, you seem to be under the impression I care,” Sookie laughed. “Kill them all, honestly, you’d be doing me a favor.”

“You think so?” he taunted, almost laughing.

“Well, let’s think,” Sookie replied, trying to bait. “Vampires have tried to procure me, had me almost beaten half to death. They’ve also kidnapped and had me kidnapped. I’ve been beaten, tortured, and raped due to them. Turned against my will, hunted, and now they’ll probably decide I’m a liability and want to kill me or something. So, yeah, I think you’d be doing me a favor.”

“I could kill your maker if you want. I believe he’s the only one remaining of those who you just listed?”

“He’s the only vampire left, but I have a long list of those who played a part,” Sookie said. “I kinda need him to take care of them first,” she added, as she threw Russell an apologetic look.

“No, you don’t understand. I could take out Russell and anyone else on your list. You truly underestimate my abilities, Sookie. Speaking of abilities, I like that one of yours. How is it you can disappear?”

“I’m guessing that comes from my fairy side,” Sookie said. “They aren’t really willing to sit around and discuss it with me. Probably for the best seeing how they’re on my list. They have to pay for leaving me with my dear ole’ Russell before he turned me. The bastards knew where I was and left me to be tortured.”

The other line was silent for a moment. “They knew you were in Edgington’s hands and did not do anything?” His voice was hard, harsh, and deadly. The threat and anger were clear in his tone.

Gotcha. Sookie thought. “They did,” Sookie said, a hint of bitterness coloring her voice. “I found out not only did they know where I was, they also demanded compensation the very night I was turned. They profited from it.”

“Actually, I profited from it, but had I known they knew where you were before you were murdered, negotiations would have gone much differently.”

Sookie looked at Russell to see what he thought of that little bit of news. “So it was you who demanded a hundred million in compensation?” she remarked. “I’m touched, and here I thought the fairies were just being greedy bastards. They knew where I was for the entire eighteen months and did nothing…” she trailed off for a second as she prepared to drop another bomb. “Were you behind them trying to kill me eight months ago as well?”

“No,” he said. “That was how they interpreted the contract. I said that as long as your heart didn’t beat, you wouldn’t satisfy it. Go back to them doing nothing. They knew your location when you were still living? They had the opportunity to at least get you out of Russell’s hands?”

“They did,” Sookie replied. “Apparently Claudine could sense me. She knew where I was. They just chose to do nothing. Well, that’s not completely true. They chose to give the Louisiana vampires the run around so they couldn’t find me either.”

“I will be dealing with this,” he informed her.

“You didn’t know,” Sookie replied, feigning shock.

“I will deal with it, Sookie,” he replied.

Sookie smiled as she looked at her maker. It seemed that the Fae weren’t altogether honest and forthcoming when it came to Warlow and his people. They could use that to their advantage.

“Anything else, love? Or should I wish you a good day?”

“I think that is it for the night,” Sookie said.

“Expect a call tomorrow, Sookie. I will let you know what’s happened with regard to your family.”

“I can hardly wait,” Sookie said before the line went dead. Throwing the phone on the table, Sookie stared at Russell, “What do you think?”

“It’ll do for now. You may have to meet him eventually, but at the moment he is obviously stalled. Very nice thinking there, Princess.”

Sookie beamed at Russell’s praise, “I figured it was worth a shot.”

“Well done!” Fintan complimented. “It seems that for now he is distracted, though he understands that was the intention, I’d bet.”

“It’ll give us time to get organized,” Sookie shrugged.

“Well, as much time as there is tonight,” the fairy clarified.

“We should be able to ring around and warn the other vampires,” Sookie said.

Russell nodded and stood. “I’ll talk to Roman.”

Before Sookie could stand, Fintan placed his hand on hers. “Any questions I can answer for you?”

“None that I can think of at the moment,” Sookie replied with a shake of her head.

“Can you answer some for me?” he asked tentatively.

“If I can,” Sookie replied cautiously.

“Are you happy?”

“I am,” Sookie replied truthfully.

“Then that’s all that matters to me,” he said, and as he looked at her, the care was obvious in his face. She looked like Adele did in her mid-twenties, he thought. Adele would be forever immortalized in their granddaughter’s unchanging form. It wasn’t just care for Adele though. He truly cared for his granddaughter.

“What about Jason and Susie?” Sookie asked suddenly.

“What about them?” he replied.

“Are you going to reveal yourself to them?” Sookie asked. “Jason has just as much right to know all this as I did. That monster wants his little girl.”

“I will. I would like to know my great-granddaughter. I hear she’s as tenacious as you. I helped your brother a few times when I could, mostly financially.”

“Did you know Claudine was pretending to be his wife?” Sookie asked.

He looked up at her suddenly, his eyes a blazing blue. There was a sudden power emanating from him, evident in the air. It was strong and so sudden that Eric was immediately standing in the doorway after sensing the shift. There was a glow radiating from the Fae, and he had stood up, not caring that his chair fell back and clattered to the floor. “She what?! I will kill her.”

“Only if you can bring her back to life first,” Sookie replied. “We took care of it, of her.”

He looked at her closely. “You killed her?”

“I did,” Sookie admitted without guilt. “Just like I killed her sister.”

He was surprised. Claudette was a strength, the fighter of the Cranes. Claudine was poised to take over for Niall. “And Claude?”

“I’ve not met him,” Sookie shrugged. “Have you, Eric?”

“Claudette’s brother? I almost killed him once.”

Fintan was suddenly alarmed. If she had killed Claudette and Claudine, Claude would want revenge. He would demand it and seek it. He was not as worldly or adept as either of his womb mates, but he would be able to come during the day, and he would try to kill Sookie.

Sensing Fintan’s alarm, Sookie took his hands in hers and attempted to calm him. “What is it?”

“I will stay here and guard you during the day. Claudette and Claudine were Claude’s sisters. His sisters in the womb.”

“What about Jason and Susie?” Sookie asked. “What’s to stop him from going after his sister’s daughter?”

“She wouldn’t be killed, and they want her to mature here.”

“At what age would they consider her mature enough?” Sookie asked.

“When she bleeds.”

“So about three more years minimum,” Sookie deduced. “What’s to stop them from taking her before then?”

“They don’t want to raise her. I suppose they could. However, there would be no point in needing to take care of her and waging this war. I anticipate nothing happening to her. For them, Jason is inconsequential. If you would feel better, we can move to your home, or we could move them here,” Fintan explained. “However, I will be guarding you during the day.”

“I meant what’s to stop them from taking her to get me to go to them?” Sookie said. “Warlow has to know I’m not going freely, but if he takes Susie, he’d have a bargaining chip.”

“As I said, we can bring her. Claude will not consider her though. He will not risk my father’s wrath.”

“Okay,” Sookie conceded. “Eric, what do you think?”

“Bring her and Jason here,” he suggested. “We don’t know how much danger they are in, but there’s nothing to hurt by having them stay with us.”

Sookie nodded, “Nora won’t mind, will she?”


“Then I guess we are moving in,” Sookie said.

Eric looked at Sookie; he couldn’t help being a little satisfied that he would be able to stay with her.

Sookie smiled at Eric, guessing where his thoughts had gone to, “You think Nora will mind ordering the donors to stay away from Susie? She doesn’t need to see what’s in their heads.”

“That should be fine,” he supplied.

“Then should we go and pick them up?” Sookie asked.

“I will get them,” Fintan supplied. “It will be dawn soon.”

“You show up and Jason’s liable to start shooting,” Sookie said. “We told him to shoot anyone he doesn’t know.”

“Call him.”

“I seem to be making a lot of calls tonight,” Sookie grumbled, but they could hear the smile in her voice as she picked up the phone.

“Should I perch on your lap while you call?” Eric teased.

“I’d rather sit on yours,” Sookie replied with a smile as she waited for Jason to answer. Eric stepped over to her, lifted her up, sat down, and placed her on his lap. He leaned back, one hand resting on her leg while they waited for Jason to answer.
“Jason,” Sookie said, leaning back against Eric as her brother answered the phone. “Yeah, I’m fine, but I want you to pack a bag for you and Susie and come stay at Nora’s. You’ll both be safer here.”

Eric heard Jason’s response as he roused a sleeping Susie, asking if she was going to get them or if he should drive over. Fintan waited, ready to teleport once she explained he would be showing up.

“I’m sending someone over to pick you both up,” Sookie said. “I need you to trust me here, Jason. I’ll explain everything once you get here. His name’s Fintan and he won’t hurt you.”

Fintan popped out of the space as soon as she finished that sentence. He teleported to the house he used to live in and he knocked on the back door.

“Who is it?” Jason called out as he clutched a shotgun in his hands.

“My name is Fintan,” the fairy replied through the doorway. He was standing on a porch he had built. Memories of Adele flashed through his mind and he forced himself to refocus for his grandson and great-granddaughter’s sakes.

“You Sooks’ friend?” Jason asked, making no attempt to lower his weapon.

“Sookie sent me,” Fintan replied, deciding to get into their relationship once Jason was settled at Nora’s home. “I’m here to take you and Susie to Nora’s.”

Keeping a firm hold on his shotgun, Jason unlocked the door and pulled it open. “Sookie said ya won’t hurt us, and I’m trustin‘ her,” he said. “But if you try anythin‘ I will shoot ya.”

“I would not hurt you, Jason. I will explain why when we are settled. Are you and your daughter ready?” Fintan asked his grandson. He stepped into the house and looked around briefly. If he concentrated, he could still smell his Adele in the kitchen.

“Yeah,” Jason replied as he lowered the shotgun. “Susie, baby, it’s safe to come out now. We’re gonna go see ya Aunt Sookie.”

Susie had been sleeping. It was late, and her exhaustion showed on her face. She staggered out from the living room to her daddy and leaned against his leg. Her eyes widened and she took a step back when she realized his mind was similar to her mom’s. She spoke to him telepathically. “You’re a fairy!”

“Pumpkin, what’s wrong?” Jason asked, lifting the shotgun again.

Fintan spoke in her mind. He kneeled down to be at her level as he explained, “I am, but I know your Aunt Sookie. She asked me to come get you and bring you and your daddy to her. I’m her Grandpa.”

Susie grabbed her daddy’s hand gently holding it without the sense of urgency she had before. She didn’t wait for Fintan’s permission and allowance as Sookie had before she ripped down whatever walls he had up and explored his mind. She saw his conversations with Sookie. She saw Daddy’s Gran looking at him lovingly. The tension slowly left her body as she realized he was well-intentioned. “It’s okay, Daddy. Gran loved him an’ you did too.”

Jason looked from Susie to Fintan and back again. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but the two most important women in his life had told him he could trust Fintan and he would listen to them, for now. “Okay,” he said hesitantly. “You gonna take us to Sook?”

Fintan stood, locked the door behind him, and stepped up to the father and daughter. Susie pulled on Jason’s arm, and he took the hint to pick her up. The fairy stood far away from the shotgun, still in Jason’s hand, and placed his hands on each of their shoulders before teleporting them to the room he left Sookie and Eric in.

“Jason!” Sookie shouted as soon as she realized he was in the room with her and Eric. Jumping up off Eric’s lap, she raced to her brother and threw her arms around him and Susie.

Susie was now fully awake, not the best thing for a little girl so late in the night. “Aunt Sookie! Great-Grandpa Fintan brought us here.” She grinned at her vampire Aunt before the smile left her face as she thought about her Mommy. She hadn’t seen it, she had been hiding with Jason, but she knew Sookie had killed her Mommy. She knew her Mommy wasn’t nice, but she still loved her.

“I’m sorry, baby,” Sookie said as she heard Susie’s thoughts. She didn’t regret killing Claudine, but she was sorry her niece was hurting about it now.

“Great-Grandpa Fintan?” Jason asked, confusion clear in his voice.

“Grandpa to you, actually,” Fintan clarified. He gave Jason a moment to look at him in the well-lit room.

Jason’s eyes widened in shock as he got his first good look at Fintan. “Daddy?” he said before shaking his head. “Sorry, but you look just like our daddy.”

Fintan smiled sadly. He still cursed the events that caused his son’s death. “My son did look a lot like me,” he said with a nod. “You do too.”

Sook, what’s goin’ on?” Jason asked.

“It’s a long story, but Fintan is our grandfather,” Sookie answered bluntly.

Susie squirmed until Jason let her down. She replaced Sookie on Eric’s lap, laying her head on his shoulder. He held her gently; understanding from what Sookie said that she was thinking about the fairy. He gently rubbed her back as he felt silent tears dampening his shirt.

“Our granddaddy’s name was Earl,” Jason corrected.

“Earl passed away, Jason,” Eric responded. Susie was obviously trying to take solace in Eric’s quiet mind, but she snuggled into him tighter with the rumble of his chest as he spoke. “He was also unable to have children. Fintan took his place, with your grandmother’s blessing. Together they had your aunt and father.”

“Just when I thought things couldn’t any weirder,” Jason snorted.

“There may be a fairy coming after you,” Fintan responded. “Your cousin’s — or actually, your wife’s brother. The vampires have killed both of his sisters. He was always more reckless and uncontrolled than they were.”

“So what am I supposed to do?” Jason asked.

“Just stay here. Your grandfather and the other guards will keep an eye on everyone during the day,” Eric replied. Susie’s breathing had slowed and deepened as she fell asleep, cradled in the security of his arms. “You and Susie will have your own rooms. You can sleep here securely.”

“Susie will be safe?” Jason asked, directing the question to Eric.

“Yes. In her mind too. Nora put the donors off site while Fintan was getting you.” The entire operation, actually, went very swiftly once Nora had come into the room to listen to Sookie’s conversation and update them on the Vampire leaders’ actions.

“Okay,” Jason nodded, “We’ll stay. I’ll do anything to protect my baby.”

“I will ensure your safety, Jason,” Fintan added.

“You protect my baby first,” Jason told him, deadly serious. “If you have to, protect her and leave me.”

Fintan looked at Jason seriously and nodded. “My family is my first priority, but I will respect your wishes.”

“Thank you,” Jason replied before turning his attention to Eric and his sleeping daughter. “You said Nora has a room for us?”

He nodded, standing up with Susie in his arms. “I’ll show you,” he replied. “In fact, maybe we should all get to our rooms. It will be dawn soon.” He looked over Sookie for lethargy, and noted she was struggling slightly.

“I think that’s a good idea,” Sookie agreed, as she made her way to Eric’s side. “I don’t feel like resting in Nora’s office tonight.”

Eric nodded with a smile. “You can rest with your maker or with me if you want,” he assured her. He led them upstairs to the second floor. Jason’s room would be light tight, but that was just because Eric knew Fintan would want to guard his entire family. Their room was right next to his, slightly down the hall from Russell’s.

“I’ll stay with you if that’s okay?” Sookie said as she watched Eric place a still sleeping Susie on the bed.

“Of course,” he replied, slipping an arm around her. She would be dead on her feet in a moment. He turned to Jason and Fintan. “You have an en-suite bathroom. The phone will connect you to the kitchens if you press six. I will be next door with Sookie, but our room will be locked from the inside.”

“Thank you,” Jason said sincerely as he started getting Susie changed for bed. “G’night.”

“Night, Jason,” Sookie replied, the sun’s hold beginning to take its toll on her.

Eric lifted Sookie up in his arms, carrying her much the same way he did her niece, and brought her to his day chamber. He placed her gently on his bed and, spooning her body around hers as he too succumbed to the sun’s pull.


25 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Thirty-Eight

  1. jules3677 says:

    Hopefully Fintan is wholly on Sookie’s side. The complications the Fae bring … will there be another vamp fae war? Looking forward to reading what Warlow does in retribution. Great chapter, thankyou.

  2. redjane12 says:

    Mmhhh… Sounds like Niall’s cunning plans are going to suffer Warlow’s wrath… Perhaps the Sky Fae are doomed after this whole confrontation is over… Though I am nervous about what Dermot, the Jason lookalike, and Claude might do to Sookie and her allies in the meantime… And then of course they still haven’t found a way to defeat Warlow or at least neutralise him…
    Loved Eric & Sookie… They are together now and in a different way and set of circumstances from anything I’ve read before esp. with Sookie being a badass vampire now… The relationship whilst promising still feels kind of off balance since Eric’s been pining for her for years now while Sookie’s only just discovered her feelings for him… Can’t wait to see how this progresses…

  3. eaaustin85 says:

    love that eric n sook have finally made their way back to each other…hopefully Russell n eric can put aside their differences…so glad that fintan showed up n is helping them, hopefully he won’t betray them…eric with Susie is just adorable…Jason is holding up under the stress admirably

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