Answer to the Master Chapter Thirty-Nine


AttM 39

The Devil’s Rejects

“What the fuck were you thinking?” Warlow snarled at the Prince, and ignoring the ‘guards’ who were there to try to keep him from ripping Niall in two.

“I was keeping us both alive,” Niall replied stiffly as he raised his head and glared at Warlow.

“Explain,” Dagda growled in response.

“We were outnumbered and, despite your impressive abilities, there was no way we would have defeated them all and taken both of the girls,” Niall said.

“No, you cow!” Warlow spat. “I want to know why you tried to have my Sookie killed.”

Niall froze at the venom in Warlow’s tone, fear building up inside him. He wasn’t supposed to have known about that. “She had been turned, tainted. She was no longer suitable for you.”

“Yet I am the one who should decide that!” he snapped. His eyes were heated and he was breathing deeper. It wasn’t the question of whether or not he would be able to expel his anger through violence, but only at whom the violence would be directed. Maybe he would claim the throne in Fairy… “Did you know where she was before she was turned?” he asked. It wasn’t whether or not the fairies knew, but whether Niall would answer truthfully.

Niall thought about lying and claiming he didn’t, but one look at Warlow told him that was a bad idea. “I did,” he admitted.

Warlow drew his sword, ignoring Niall’s guards as they did the same. “Explain!” he repeated.

“She wasn’t supposed to have died and Edgington wasn’t supposed to have turned her,” Niall began. “Sookie had become too involved in the supernatural world, with vampires and Weres. I believed she needed to be scared of them.”

“So you gambled?” Dagda growled. “You gambled with the life of my contracted bride and you lost!” He lifted his sword in a fighting stance. The folded metal made for an extremely heavy sword. Only Warlow’s strength enabled him to wield it. “So what will you do to make it up to me?” he growled. “She was supposed to provide heirs.”

“I gave you the other girl,” Niall replied. “Susie Stackhouse is now yours, and she will provide you your heirs once she is old enough.”

The Fae guards stood ready to take on the warrior in defense of their Prince, but Warlow just grinned. “Not enough. I’ll take the girl and my warrior vampire, but I’m not satisfied.”

“What more could you want?” Niall asked, annoyance leaking through into his voice.

Warlow grinned, his dark eyes glinting. “Blood penance,” he said before attacking.



16 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Thirty-Nine

  1. redjane12 says:

    As much as Warlow is a total psycho, I hate duplicitous Niall more so I hope before Warlow is defeated he kills Niall. Niall is so awful, makes me bloodthirsty!!!

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