Answer to the Master Chapter Thirty-One


AttM 31

 Shattered by the Sun

Russell was leaning against the wall, watching the women squaring off. He would step in if necessary, but he didn’t want to make it seem like Sookie needed his assistance. She could handle the century-old vampire, fae powers or not. He had taught her well.

Pam glared at Sookie, hatred burning bright in her eyes. She had seen Eric storm out earlier and she knew it was somehow Sookie’s fault. It was all Sookie’s fault, for thirteen years she had been suffering due to the fairy whore, but no more. Tonight she was ending it once and for all.

The room had cleared out and it was only vampires invited to the after party. Who didn’t love a girl-on-girl fight? And for vampires, if it ended with blood, who cared? It was why she had purposefully banged into Sookie, spilling her blood on the designer dress someone had obviously chosen for her.

Sookie shook her head as she grabbed a napkin and wiped her dress. The dress was obviously ruined and she let out a sigh of frustration. “What’s next, Pam? You gonna pull my hair, kick me in the shins and demand I stay away from your daddy, like the childish brat you’re acting like.”

Pam snarled, dropping her fangs. “No, I imagined it’d be more permanent than that.”

“Because you did such a good job of that thirteen years ago,” Sookie snorted. “Admit it, Pam, saving Eric was only a part of the reason you handed me over to Russell? You were hoping he would kill me because you didn’t like how Eric felt about me.”

“I didn’t give a fuck what he did with your fairy cunt,” she growled.

“Yeah, I got that sweetie, when, like a coward, you had me drugged and kidnapped by some Were’s,” Sookie retorted. “You weren’t even brave enough to come after me yourself, you sent some puppies to do the work for you. You must be such a disappointment to your maker.”

“Disappointed you were stolen from your so fulfilling life? Did Bill’s cum taste as nasty as his motives?”

“Well, we all couldn’t have such an illustrious human job as you did, Pam,” Sookie countered. “We all couldn’t be whores selling our bodies for any man that had two shiny coins to rub together.” A smirk curled her lips as she saw a look of shock flitter over Pam’s face quickly. “Yeah, I know all about your life before Eric turned you and where he found you. You looked down your nose at me for being backwater trash when all the time you were the whore who sold herself.”

“I look down on a telepath who knows how humans are, yet trusts the first vampire to cross her path even when she can’t hear him,” Pam replied. “Your idiocy has brought nothing but trouble since you showed up here.”

“You really are stupider than you look, aren’t you?” Sookie snorted. “I know you like to blame me for everything that has gone wrong around here in the last thirteen years. But Eric had been searching for Russell for a thousand years. Their history had nothing to do with me. Are you so stupid to think that sooner or later their paths wouldn’t have crossed even if I wasn’t in the picture? Yeah, I was stupid for trusting Bill, I admit that. But to blame me for everything that has gone wrong is a cop out. Grow the fuck up, Pam, and start taking responsibility for your own actions.”

“My actions were justified. I was saving my maker. And your stupid fairy vagina made him value your pathetic life more than his own. He would have died for you, yet all you do is blame me for doing whatever I could to protect him.”

“What? You think I should’ve thanked you?” Sookie hissed. “You handed me over to Russell to save your maker, well that makes it all alright then, doesn’t it? Silly me for holding a grudge. Yeah, you protected Eric by going behind his back and showing him you didn’t have faith in him or care about how he felt. You’re the perfect fucking child.”

“And you’d have him die,” she growled, throwing herself towards Sookie, fangs out, hands clawed.

Sookie dropped her fangs as she saw Pam throw herself forward, anticipating the move, Sookie twirled to the side and used Pam’s own momentum against her throwing her across the bar; “I would’ve had faith in him to know what he was doing. Just like I have faith in my maker. I have faith in my maker not to go behind his back. And I respect his feelings. Unlike you, Pam, I don’t just care about how his feelings and desires affect me.”

Pam didn’t listen; she was behind the bar. She threw a bottle of vodka at her. “And because of you I’ve suffered for thirteen years! Because of you my maker will never look at me the same. It’s your fault I no longer have power and your fault for everything. Maybe if you just finally spread your fucking legs for him, he’d be able to let you go.”

“You’ve suffered!” Sookie screamed, power radiated off her spreading through the club and making the vampires moan. “Were you strapped to a table and cut open every night for three months? Did you have your legs broken? Your ribs cracked? Did you have cigarettes put out on your skin?”

“Were you silvered for six months and then buried alive for another year,” Pam snarled, advancing towards her. “I was sure I’d die of starvation. And then my maker disowns me.”

“Is that all?” Sookie spat. “That is all you suffered. Why my heart bleeds for you.”

Pam raised her arm, and quickly sprayed the canister she was holding into Sookie’s face. Colloidal silver sprayed onto Sookie’s face. She emptied the canister before whipping the metal at Sookie.

Wisps of smoke curled away from Sookie’s face as her flesh burnt. She could feel her skin peeling as she stared at Pam, “Was that supposed to hurt?” she asked, as she took a step towards the shocked vampire.

“W-what are you?” Pam asked, afraid.

“I’m a vampire, just like you… Well, actually I’m better than you,” Sookie said bitingly, making a few of the other vampires laugh. “I spent fifteen months being beaten and tortured and that was while I was still human. I spent the last eight months in more pain than you could ever imagine. So do you really think a little silver is going to bother me?”

Pam growled at her; she debated breaking a chair to use a leg as a stake. She hissed with her fangs out and stared at her.

“You wouldn’t survive it if you tried,” Sookie threatened guessing where her mind was.

“Maybe you wouldn’t survive,” Pam replied, her eyes hard. “And I have a century on you.”

Kibwe had three and had Alexander had five, but they still didn’t survive,” Sookie taunted, as she started to move slowly to the side circling Pam. “And then there was Salome, the two thousand year old whore, I made her cry like a baby. And we can’t forget about dear ol’ Bill, he ended up a bloody mess before I staked him.”

Pam didn’t know what to do — she had anticipated the silver disabling Sookie so she could teach her a lesson and remove her from the situation. She countered every step as her maker taught her. She tried to inventory the weapons that were readily available. Her teeth, anything wooden, the sword in Eric’s office.

“Are you really so stupid that you think you can kill me and walk away from it?” Sookie snorted. “I thought Eric taught you better than that.”

“Eric taught me to de–”

The door slammed open and Eric, seething with fury came inside. “I taught you better than this, Pamela.”

“You taught me to defend us! Above everything else! That’s not what you did and not what you’re doing!” she cried, turning slightly to him. “You care more about her than your own child. You let me suffer and continue to make me.”

“How the hell have you suffered?” Sookie shouted, her voice echoing through the club. She was at the end of her tether with Pam. The century-old vampire continued to moan about how she suffered without a care about anyone else. “You lost your place as Eric’s second? But that’s because of what you did. It was your choice and you’re blaming everyone else for it. You claim you suffered, but you don’t know the meaning of the word.”

“I lost everything, you stupid fairy cunt. I lost my position, I lost my privileges, I lost his trust. I lost my maker!” Pam cried back.

“Because of what you did,” Sookie screamed. “That is what you fail to realize. You lost all those things because you went behind his back and betrayed him. And you still got off lightly.”

“What the fuck would you know about it, fairy?” Pam screeched, announcing her heritage to everyone, including vampires who were unaware of it.

“Because I know what it’s like to suffer,” Sookie spat anger dripping from her tone. “You got your credit cards taken off you like a naughty girl, boo-fucking-hoo. You didn’t suffer an ounce of what I did even with your six months in silver and a year being buried.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you had it rough. Russell fucking worships your fairy twat as much as the rest of the ridiculous vampires here.”

“You haven’t got a clue what happened to me,” Sookie snarled, advancing on Pam. “You know nothing you spoiled, childish bitch. You think you know what it’s like to suffer? You think you suffered? Tell me you know what it’s like to be tied to a table and gangraped by an entire pack of disgusting fucking Weres! Tell me you know what it’s like to feel them force themselves into your body, one after the other while the rest stood around and laughed.” Sookie was screaming the words by time she was finished as she backed Pam up against the bar. “Tell me, Pam, how you fucking suffered?”

Russell was behind her immediately, feeling her at her exploding point. His arms wrapped around her. “Shhhh, Princess,” he said softly in her ear. He wasn’t quieting her for anyone’s but her own sake. She didn’t want to bring this up before everyone.

“Pamela. My office. Now. Go. Sit. Wait. Do not move,” Eric commanded staccato in his speech.

Sookie turned in Russell’s arms and wrapped her own around his waist. She buried her head in his chest as old, painful memories rose to the surface. She knew the vampires were staring at her, shocked by her outburst, but she couldn’t find it in her to care.

“It’s okay, Sunshine,” Russell continued softly in Romani. “I have you. I will protect you.” Eric just stood watching them. He hadn’t asked for specifics of her time with the Weres because he truly didn’t want to imagine her in that position. Well Pam had ensured he had no choice but to hear all about it. It didn’t help Sookie either to bring up the memories nor him to visualize it.

“Brother, if Pam ever attacks Sookie like that again, I will have her fangs,” Nora said, as she stepped up beside him. Her eyes were locked on the young telepathic vampire who had suffered more than any of them realized.

Eric nodded, not sure she would escape that fate at his own hands whenever he dealt with her.

“This is your fault, Northman,” Russell sneered. “Control your child or I will.”

“Eric, go deal with your child,” Nora ordered, stepping forward before Eric had a chance to reply. “And Russell, take your child home. I think she has had enough for one night.”

“Please,” Sookie said softly, the word barely reaching his ear. Nora was right. She had had enough for the night.

“Do not expect this is over, Viking,” Russell spit, before he picked up his child and flew her out the front door.

Eric sped back to his office to deal with Pam, leaving it to Nora and Thalia to help everyone leave. The party was obviously over. “Why, Pamela?” he asked, when he saw her sitting stiffly on a chair.

“She is to blame for everything that has gone wrong in the last thirteen years,” Pam spat, her eyes blazing with anger. “It’s all her fault. I was only going to do what Russell should have done.”

“Enough. You obviously did not listen to a word she said. You have not listened to anything I said for thirteen years on the subject. You did not listen to the Authority. So listen to this. You will not hurt her physically or verbally ever again, Pamela. I command you as your maker.”

Pam stared at Eric as she felt his command take hold. “You’re taking her side over your child’s again?” she growled.

“I am taking my side, as you seem to refuse to do so,” he growled. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialed. “Nathaniel, it’s come to it,” he said when the call connected. The vampire he was speaking to — Nathaniel — obviously knew to what he was referring. “I’ll send her travel information while she packs,” he added before hanging up. “You are leaving, Pamela. You will listen to Nathaniel and absorb all that he can teach you. That is a command. He will not stand for your whining. You will respect him and follow his commands as if he made you. He is expecting you at first dark tomorrow, so you need to pack what you want to bring. You leave in an hour. No more than one suitcase. I will arrange your travel.”

“You’re sending me away?” Pam cried. “Eric, please…”

“No. Please should have been what you said when begging for my forgiveness. Please should have been what you said when asking Sookie to understand why you condemned her to that rape. Please should have been you on your fucking knees in repentance. Now you are wasting both of our time. You have fifty-nine minutes.”

“I’m your child,” Pam pleaded.

“And you will not listen to me.” Despite his anger, he knew he would miss her. It was awful and to watch her reaction to Sookie, so below his expectations for her. He switched to Old Norse. “Say goodbye for now, Pam. This is how I keep you safe.”

As she stared at him, Pam realized he meant every word he was saying. It wasn’t an idle threat; he was really sending her away because of her. Because of Sookie. She wanted to rage at him, but she knew it would do no good. Eric had chosen Sookie over her.


He kissed her forehead gently, brushed a thumb over her cheek, and sighed, dropping his hand and stepping back.

Turning around, Pam ran out of the office, blood tears flowing down her face. She couldn’t believe it had come to this. She had lost her maker. She had lost to Sookie.

Eric, for his part, collapsed in his desk chair, utterly spent.



43 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Thirty-One

  1. Mindy says:

    I really hope that Pam will learn and grow up soon. Sookie has suffered so much and Pam still thinks she has been wronged. Pam’s actions really make Eric look weak. I may have cheered when Eric choose Sookie over Pam. Great chapter!

  2. duckbutt60 says:

    Dumb bitch –sounds like a sociopath –always blaming others for their own actions. Maybe this Nathanial will be able to “scare straight” Pam……hope this is a “boot camp” she’ll never forget!

  3. jules3677 says:

    Pam has been working her way into exile from her maker for the last 13 years. Lucky Eric cares enough to have someone oversee her ‘personal growth’. Hopefully that may work before Russell tracks her down for the final death. I liked how you wrote Eric & Sookie sitting talking & dancing at the party. Sort of looking forward to finding out if Russell will take further action against Eric over the death of Talbot. Don’t think you have finished there yet.

    Thankyou for a well written & entertaining chapter. I look forward to reading next week chapter.

  4. magsmacdonald says:

    Heartbreaking that it came to this but Eric’s doing what needs to be done. Hope he doesn’t get in trouble for sending her away before anyone can take action against her.
    Looking forward to next week already.

  5. marilyn59 says:

    Wow ! Poor Eric ! The Pain Of Sookie Being In Arms Lenght Away And Has To Watch As She Kindle’s To All But Him, His One True Love ,loving His One True Enemy ! Then Finding Out What she Went Through And Then Have To send His Child Away After Everything Him And Pam Have Been Through ? I Still Hate Russell……………… Please Don’t Leave Me Waiting So Long For The Update, P L E A S E,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. Loftin says:

    I think pam deserves way worse than she’s getting. But then again we don’t know exactly what’s in store for her with Nathaniel. Great chapter!

  7. lostinspace33 says:

    Poor Eric! He has to hear about Sookie fucking Roman, hear about her rape and torture by the weres, and banish his child… all in one night!

  8. 888spike says:

    Such an interesting juxtaposition: Russell/Pam, Sookie/Pam, Sookie/Russell.
    Russell wants to blame/punish/kill Pam….now.
    Pam still wants to blame/kill Sookie.
    But it is Russell and Pam equally responsible.
    Pam doesn’t get it.
    Russell doesn’t get it.

    Just because Russell got more out of the deal than he expected, protecting/babying Sookie doesn’t make him less culpable. Bottom line is if not for Pam, if not for Russell, Sookie never would have been gangraped, tortured, edge of death, by packs of V addicted wolves and what not. Blaming Eric is BS, typical Russell BS. Just because a person switches course doesn’t change it was them who set the ball in motion. Pam’s getting bitch slapped for her role while Russell’s on his high horse playing hero! Sookie doesn’t discourage his haughty behavior either with her silence and refusal to hold him accountable. For anything. It won’t change anything that happened to her, she does have a better life as a vamp so it all worked out. But damn, it bugs me Russell and Pam are equally complicit but arrogant Russell is finger pointing all the damn time! Haha. I don’t see how they’re (Sookie/Eric/Russell) going to move forward if Russell continues to believe himself above it all and blameless while laying it all at Eric’s feet. Sookie mentioned to Pam about this starting between Russell/Eric a thousand years ago so she knows? Sookie knows Russell killed Eric’s human family – another ball Russell set in motion but twisted to Eric’s fault for killing Taaaaaalbott?
    So Russell: 2 (3 if you count Pams banishment too) Eric: 1
    I really can’t wait for this to come to a head!

    The Sookie/Pam thing. Pam goal was saving her maker and didn’t give a damn how/ who it affected. It’s highly unlikely Sookie would do things the Same Way Pam did…but if Russell was somehow in danger there isn’t a mountain Sookie wouldn’t try moving and wouldn’t care what or who it took to fix it. Just.Like.Pam. I’m not giving Pam as pass, nuh uh. Pam’s decision making was horribly flawed and littered with jealousy, something that never leads to good sound decisions 😉 and she didn’t trust in Eric enough, but being the babied daughter….Just.Like.Sookie. she went with what her little pea brain came up with.

    This is like a family fued where everybody’s fighting but they’d all do the same thing in the end. Everyone’s right and everyone’s wrong at the same time! This was a really interesting chapter. Maybe I read into it too much, but for me there was soooooo much more to it than Sookie/pam smackdown. Loved the chapter and I am glad Pam is being sent away.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      I agree with everything you said. Russell is just as much to blame as Pam. Of course he’s not focusing on that. But he soon won’t have a choice. He’ll have to answer for them, or at least face up to them. He’s not innocent in this.

      Choices play a bit part in this story and the upcoming chapters. And the way they affect other people.

      Sookie isn’t aware why Eric was searching for Russell. She just knew he was. The thousand year bit was an error on my part. Sookie knew Eric had been looking for the Nazi werewolves in the 1930/40’s, Eric told her prior to her kidnapping. But the reasoning behind it wasn’t revealed until much later on in the show, and in our timeline Sookie had already been kidnapped. That’s my mistake though.

  9. Adriana says:

    IMO, Pam got off too easily. I was fully expecting her final death. Don’t get me wrong, I usually love Pam just not here. You truly captured TB Pam in all of her selfish petulance. Book Pam is way cooler. 🙂
    I’d like to say that I feel sorry for Eric but I do not. Yes, he’s been duped. Yes, there’s a lot he still does not know. But, Sookie is truly the one here who deserves our sympathy. Had it not been for Pam and Russell, she’d still be minding her own business in Bon Temps. Now Pam and her big mouth has brought up her heritage so she may be facing even more danger. Thanks, Pam.

    Looking forward to your next post. 🙂

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. Believe me when I say Pam’s punishment is only just beginning. Nathaniel will make her regret everything.

      Sookie is the real victim in this, but she’s managed to make herself stronger and refuses to play that role.

  10. msbuffy says:

    One hell of a chapter, but then I expect nothing less from royalty! LOL! Wow! Well, finally it comes to a head, almost! Or fangs. Pam, after all these years, is still expecting to be treated like Eric’s princess; an entitlement she lost brought upon only by her. She is to blame for her own fate & I wonder if we know exactly what’s to come of her. Russell is livid over her attack on Sookie and I can imagine him calling out Eric for Pam’s punishment out of spite & revenge for Sookie, but also for Talbot. Russell doesn’t see where he has any complicity in any of this at all, of course. As a maker, I was thinking he might be proud that Sookie, for as young a vampire as she is even with her other powers, kept it together enough to not go all out & end Pam. She has excellent control, and she knows Eric would never forgive her. I do think Pam has made Eric look weak in her continued behavior over the years, even after her punishments. It’s interesting that of all the things Pam accused Sookie of doing to Eric, Pam actually did them! She’s responsible for all of the following actions, and naturally won’t accept the consequences. I’m not sure Sookie’s going to have to worry about being outed as Fae based on what the other vamps witnessed, or the fact that she’s Russell’s child, perhaps both. I think Eric has more to worry about than any of them.

    Maybe I need to read the chapter again. I can’t wait till next Sunday! Any chance we can get a mid-week chapter again? Please?

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. Pam’s behaviour is so troubling because it’s beneath what Eric expected of her. She is all the things you said. I think part of Sookie’s control comes from the time before she was turned. As she said she spent 15 months being tortured; she learned how to control her own reactions in that situation and is now using it in her vampire life.

      Russell is refusing to see his complicity in it. But he soon will have to.

  11. valady1 says:

    I have to wonder if there is any real hope for Pam to have what amounts to an epiphany and realize that hurting Sookie caused immense pain for Eric. It’s interesting to see how you have taken TB Pam and developed all her negative feelings for Sookie and then used that to shape a twisted and hate filled version with literally no redeeming qualities.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. I think there’s hope for her. Or at least there’s potential for her to turn her life around. She’s in for a very hard time with Nathaniel and she’ll have to accept her mistakes.

  12. redjane12 says:

    WOW, Pam got of VERY lightly after all her bullshit… I thought she was going to be finally dead by the end of this night… Far away exile sounds like a good idea though Eric should probably have done it after the first incident… Oh well, hindsight and all that plus Eric’s a bit off his game with Sookie’s return… Pam is such a horrid person in this story I do not look forward to seeing her ever again… For her to be believably redeemed, this Nathaniel would need to be a miracle worker… Perhaps he is?
    I get Russell being protective but his threats to Eric sound a little off since his role in Sookie’s misery was the same or worse than Pam’s. In truth even Sookie has to see that as much as Pam betrayed her (and her maker), Russell is just as guilty even if he eventually became a good maker to her. Basically this is a recipe full of ingredients ripe for a very awkward Thanksgiving family gathering if Eric & Sookie ever become a couple…

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. I think Eric didn’t send her away in the beginning because as he said, he didn’t trust her. Keeping her where he could keep an eye on her seemed like a good idea. Of course he was wrong.

      Nathaniel is probably Pam’s worst nightmare come to life. We will be writing a small side story detailing her time with him and her ongoing punishment. Believe me when I say he will make her life hell, but not in an abusive way.

      I agree with you about Russell. He’s got blinders on when it comes to his part in what happened to Sookie, but he will be forced to take them off soon.

  13. msstitcher says:

    I think she got off lightly really!! Sookie is still so young in vampire years and to have all that broadcast to a bunch of vampires would be humiliating. Poor old Eric aswell. X good chapter girls x

  14. accidentalreader says:

    “…It was why she had purposefully banged into Sookie, spilling her blood on the designer dress someone had obviously chosen for her.” ..That was subtly funny.

    BTW, What was Pam thinking? Say Pam hurt or killed Sookie. What did she think Russell
    was going to do to Eric? Russell is just looking for a reason to get Eric, and here she goes, giving him the perfect outlet. This just goes to show Pam is thinking mostly of Pam (90%), and Eric is just an afterthought. I mean, I get that she was protecting Eric when she hung Sookie out to dry, but her attitude afterward, and the fact that she can’t see beyond her nose, let alone Eric’s point of view, all points to someone so self-centered and egotistical–way beyond the norm.
    Besides, she’s way too full of herself and the superior attitude she really doesn’t deserve–and this, I think, up to a point, is Eric’s fault. He’s such a softie and an enabler when it comes to Pam, it just boggles the mind.
    Russell is a whole other matter. Although I think he’s come a long way, baby.

  15. kleannhouse says:

    damn, she pushed and Sookie spilled her guts , will she regret what she said for all to hear… damn , how will Eric react to what she said and at what cost to his heart… damn. KY

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