Answer to the Master Chapter Thirty-Six


AttM 36


“Roman!” Nora called out as she entered her house. She knew he was already there, she could feel him. She sped through the house toward her office in search of him. For some strange reason she felt the need to be near him tonight. She needed his comfort.

“Nora?” Roman called, rising to his feet at the urgency in her voice. He had no details, no information, just a plea to meet at her home as soon as possible. He had let himself in and waited in her office. He had stepped into the doorway as she came into view.

Nora moved toward him without thought, almost throwing herself into his arms. The encounter with Niall and Warlow had left her more shaken than she cared to admit.

Roman was surprised, but his arms came around her body, holding her to him. He walked backward, leading her into her office and led her to sit down on the couch with him. “What’s going on, wife?”

“We’ve got trouble,” Nora said, getting herself under control. She hated showing weakness, but she knew she could trust Roman not to use it against her.

“Tell me,” he said simply.

“The fairies,” Nora said as she pulled back slightly. “They’re back. They want Sookie and her niece. We should wait for the others. They were right behind me.”

Roman nodded. To have Nora this distraught, whatever was happening was serious.

It was only a few seconds later that the rest entered the office, “Good evening, Guardian,” Sookie greeted politely.

“Sookie,” he said. He was The Guardian even though propriety said he should acknowledge Russell, then Eric, and end with Sookie, he didn’t care. “Will someone tell me what is going on now?”

“Apparently I was promised to some creature named Warlow hundreds of years ago, and he’s decided to come to claim me and Susie for him,” Sookie said, laying it all out in its simple terms.

“Dagda Warlow?” Roman asked, surprise coloring his features.

“You know of him?” Sookie asked.

“I figured it was only legend, bullshit, concocted by the Fae to keep other species wary of them,” Roman said shaking his head.

“Who is he? What he is?” Sookie questioned, the words coming out rapidly in her haste to learn all she could.

He looked at her seriously and then sighed. “He and his people, the Tuatha de Danann were who won the war for Niall Brigant when he was fighting the leader of the Water Fae, Breandan.”

“The Tuatha de Danann,” Nora repeated, the name ringing a bell, but she couldn’t remember from where.

“Are they really as bad as they seemed?” Sookie asked.

“They are, but that is not accurate, Guardian,” Russell replied. “Their ancestors were Britlingens and Fae. Those Britlingen won the war. Those Fae were their cost for the mercenary work. Warlow was born from the union.”

“The cost of their work,” Sookie said, disgust filling her voice. “You mean Niall gave the fairies to the Britlingens as payment? He used them as currency?”

“They were Water Fae — those who fought against him,” he said. “The Tuatha de Danann have their own realm I believe, and are Niall’s work horses and dogs of war.”

“Where do I come into all of this?” Sookie questioned. “Where does Susie? Why do they want us?”

“As far as I know,” Roman said, after acknowledging the story Russell told was plausible, “they cannot reproduce among themselves, at least not to make magical beings. In order to have children as powerful and magical as they are, they must reproduce with part-fae, part-human beings.”

Russell nodded. “Fae have trouble reproducing which is not the case with humans. If a part-fairy has the spark, they can mate with the Tuatha de Danann and produce a magical offspring.”

“So we’ve basically been sold as broodmares,” Sookie said, disgusted. “Even if that’s not something I can do anymore.”

“Nevertheless, it seems your Warlow told Niall that he would just take you and your niece. Susie is for breeding once she is old enough and to avoid any mishaps such as what happened with you, and you to be his concubine,” Eric said, having understood the fairy language they spoke.

“I am no one’s whore,” Sookie growled. “Moreover, no one will breed my niece!”

“Not whore, per say; you’d help him lead, but no title since you’re not one of them. Though you’d get to eat all the part-fae humans they could offer,” Eric added.

“Well, when you put it like that…,” Sookie snorted with a shake of her head. She couldn’t believe Eric was sounding so calm about it, as if he thought it was okay.

“He’s just explaining,” Russell said, feeling her misdirected annoyance.

“I know,” Sookie replied, huffing out a breath. It was a human habit she hadn’t yet outgrown. “Doesn’t change much though, does it? According to that contract I belong to Dagda Warlow.”

“Unless there is no Warlow,” Eric supplied.

“Kill him?” Nora asked as she sat up.

“Won’t happen,” Russell said. “Have you ever heard of a Britlingen being bested? They’re almost as powerful, if not more so, since they use their abilities to increase their power. Not the same appeal as Britlingens have for gems,” he added.

“So there’s nothing we can do,” Sookie said dejectedly.

“I didn’t say that,” Russell continued. “We just need to figure out what we can do to stop it. Do not ever think, Princess, that I would let them take you. Or the Mini.”

“I know,” Sookie replied softly as she stepped closer to him. “I’m sorry,” she added switching to Romani.

“Don’t think of it,” he replied, slipping his arm around her.

“You have a lot more experience here,” Sookie said, as she wrapped herself up in Russell’s arms.” What do you suggest?”

“We need to determine how strong they are and what they will do to find you both. Unfortunately, unless we want to test their strength against our own without knowing everything, it means waiting until they strike,” he explained to her.

“So what of Niall and the rest of the Fae? They think of us as property,” Sookie asked.

“They think of part-humans as property. You are a fae-vampire hybrid, and your niece by virtue of being yours, is off limits,” Russell said.

“So Niall can’t touch us?”

“Technically,” Eric supplied.

“Niall isn’t one for following the rules, right?” Sookie said.

“If he chooses to ignore the rules, which Warlow already has by wanting you still, and Niall already has by trying to kill you, then we need to be prepared,” Eric explained.

“This sucks!” Sookie complained with a huff.

“Again, for now we can only wait until we see their strength and measures,” Russell said.

“Actually,” Roman corrected, “we should convene a council here, at least electronically, to notify everyone of the circumstances and plan in case this does lead to war.”

“That shouldn’t be too difficult to arrange,” Nora said as she moved to stand up. “If you call Molly, she can have the whole thing set up quickly.”

“We should get Dieter and the North American council online tomorrow night,” Roman said with a nod.

“In the meantime, all we can do is wait, as frustrating as that is,” Nora said, her eyes locking on Eric.
Eric looked back at Nora, raising an eyebrow in question.

“Do not do anything stupid, brother,” Nora said, switching to Old Norse out of habit. “I can feel your frustration and anger.”

“Private conversation?” Russell asked, also in Old Norse.

“Apparently not,” Nora replied.

Eric didn’t reply. He didn’t want to think about what Russell did while learning his language. “I’m fine,” he said in English.

“I don’t think there is anything else we can do for the night,” Nora said after a pause.

Roman wrapped his arms around her. “Why don’t we all stay here tonight? I can contact Molly and we’ll video conference at first dark.”

“I think that is probably the best idea,” Nora agreed. “Eric?”


“Will Jason and Susie be safe on their own tonight?” Sookie asked.

“I’ll call and tell them how to activate the alarm. They’ll be fine,” Eric said reassuringly.

“Thank you,” Sookie said softly, shooting him a small smile.

“Are you sure you want to stay here?” Russell asked, knowing how easily they breached the home.

“You think we should leave?” Sookie asked, switching to Romani.

“Private conversation?” Eric asked in English.

Sookie bit back a laugh as she heard Eric’s words. “Not really. I was just asking if he thinks we should leave,” she replied truthfully.

“I think we will be fine tonight; however, I also think you should improve your security, Nora. Honestly, my Queen, it’s laughable,” Russell replied.

“Perhaps you would like to give us some pointers,” Nora replied, arching her brow.

“Of course. A human could have entered when we did.”

“The night of your return, emotions were running high given the nature of my party,” Nora said frowning. “Still, you’re right. No one should have been able to breach the house as easily as you both did, even with Sookie’s unique talents.”

“Don’t feel bad; she can usually do as she pleases,” Russell said, trying to lighten the mood.

“So I’ve heard,” Nora replied with a chuckle. “You’re both welcome to stay here tonight. I have plenty of light tight rooms.”

“That’s fine,” he said with a respectful nod.

“Good,” Nora replied as she moved to stand up. “Do you wish to share a room, or would like separates?”

“Doesn’t matter to me,” Russell said, leaving it up to Sookie.

“We’ve been sharing for thirteen years on and off, one more night isn’t going to matter,” Sookie said.

Eric nodded. “The donors are available as well,” he added.

“Thank you,” Sookie replied, “I am feeling a little hungry.”

“Anyone else?” Eric asked, ready to lead her down. Russell shook his head, and tried to feel through the bond if Sookie wanted or needed him there.

Sookie looked to Russell, flooding calm through their bond. She wasn’t used to feeding with anyone but him, but she trusted Eric.

He smiled at her. When Nora and Roman both turned him down, he watched Eric and Sookie leave. He would meet up with her in their room.

“So where does Nora keep the donors?” Sookie asked, as she stepped into line beside Eric.

“There’s actually a pool house out back that they get to themselves,” he said, leading her through the living room and onto the back patio.

“That’s probably smarter than having them in the main house where y’all sleep,” Sookie replied, following him through the house.

“It makes it so we don’t need to confine them,” Eric explained. “I don’t stay here often, but it is nice to have a safe resting place if it’s needed.”

“I can imagine,” Sookie nodded. “That was one of the first things Russell taught me. To always make sure our resting place is safe and secure.”

“He seems like a good maker, honestly.”

“He is,” Sookie replied truthfully. “I know you don’t like him and you never will, but he truly does love me. He’d protect me from anything. I think you saw that tonight.”

Eric was quiet as he led her to the pool house and let them in. There was an array of donors to choose from, both men and women of a variety of ages.

“Do you have any preferences?” Sookie asked as she cast her eyes over them.

“Hmmdepends on what you’re looking for. I don’t really know your preferences, and if you’re looking to cum after, that’ll obviously affect it. Unless you would like me to offer a hand with that,” he teased.

“Eric!” Sookie cried, somewhat mortified, despite having been fucking her meals for many years. “I’m not gonna do anything like that with them. Are you?” she asked after a moment’s thought.

“I won’t, but most prefer it. If you’re just going on flavor alone, Lindsay is normally Nora’s favorite.”

“Nora wouldn’t mind me sampling her favorite?” Sookie asked as she ran her eyes over the young woman in question.

“She won’t,” Eric assured her.

“Would you like to share a donor with me?” Sookie asked, almost shyly.

“Sure,” Eric said, slightly surprised. He drew Lindsay over to them and led both Sookie and the donor back to a private room.

“Nora certainly thought of everything,” Sookie noted, as she looked around the room. It reminded her of one of the vampire lounges, she and Russell had visited in Greece.

“She prides herself on being on top of things,” Eric said, helping Lindsay sit on a couch. “Now from which vein do you feed when you share?” he asked Sookie.

“The neck,” Sookie answered, as her fangs dropped down. Eric’s fangs snicked down, and he watched as Lindsay angled her neck so they both could access her veins.

“Do you mind if I use her neck too? Or would you prefer I use her wrist?”

“I don’t mind,” Sookie told him with a smile.

“Does Russell still lead you at all?” he asked, knowing some century-old vampires who couldn’t control their feeding.

“Only when I’m really hungry,” Sookie answered truthfully.

“And are you?” he asked, just trying to help her. He licked Lindsay’s blood vessel gently on his side.

“Not to the point where I can’t control myself,” Sookie assured him. Taking the seat next to Lindsay, Sookie leaned toward her and ran her tongue over her warm skin, numbing the area a little before sinking her fangs in.

Eric’s fangs gently parted the girl’s flesh and he drew on her vein at the same time Sookie did. His hand rested on Sookie’s leg, gently holding her knee to remind her he was there. Without a maker’s command, he would need to get her attention another way if she couldn’t stop.

Sookie pulled several mouthfuls of blood into her mouth before pulling back and licking the bitemark, sealing it. “I can see why she’s Nora’s favorite,” she purred as she watched Eric drink.

He had been taking small sips as he wasn’t hungry in the first place, so when Sookie pulled back, he took another small one and sealed the wound.

Sookie licked her lips as she stared at Eric, her hunger transforming into another kind. The girls’ blood had warmed her, but now she needed something else. Eric’s fingers gently stroked her knee as the girl scooted around him. Now there was nothing between them, yet his hand was still on her knee.

Sookie covered his hand with her own as she leaned in slightly, her eyes darting down to his lips, “Eric,” she whispered, closing the distance.

His hand came up to caress her face before his lips crashed down on hers. He could taste Lindsay’s blood on her mouth, but beyond that was a sweetness that was all Sookie.

Sookie moaned into the kiss as she crawled into his lap, her legs going onto either side of his hips. She swept her tongue over his lips begging for entrance as she fisted her hands in his hair. Eric’s fingers wove into her hair, holding her face to his. His mouth opened and met her tongue, teasing it with his own. His other arm went around her back, pulling her body against his. His hips thrust so his hard cock grinded up against her.

Sliding her hands down his back, Sookie tugged at the hem of his t-shirt, wanting it off. She rocked her hips against his as she broke the kiss, “Off,” she growled.

He leaned forward and helped her pull it over his head. As soon as it was gone, his lips once more pressed against hers, and his tongue explored her mouth. His hands stroked from her ankles, up her calves, over her thighs, and to her waist.
Sookie wrapped her arms around Eric’s neck as she nibbled on his lips, “More,” she mumbled. He growled into her mouth and pulled away just so he could pull her dress off her body. His lips attacked her neck after he took in her bra-covered chest. He sucked and nipped along the lower part of it, kissing her collarbone.

“Yes!” Sookie hissed, his touch setting her body on fire. She rocked her hips against him more firmly, brushing over the impressive bulge in his jeans.

His hands crawled up to her breasts, one deftly releasing the catch on her bra, the other pulling it away. His hands reached to caress her sensitive skin. His fingers stroked over her soft flesh. His hands cupped her weighty breasts gently.

Threading her fingers into his hair, Sookie pushed his head toward her breast, silently begging him to touch her. She needed his touch, wanted it. Her body yearned for his touch, it had for longer than she even realized.

His mouth descended on her puckered nipple while his tongue swabbed it over and over. He pressed his face against her flesh and sucked what he could into his mouth. His hand came to grab her panty-covered ass and grip it, gently digging his fingers into the muscles.

Sookie cried out as she threw her head back, pushing her chest out, “Please…,” she moaned, her panties drenched with her arousal.

“Tell me,” Eric said, his tongue bathing her breast. Her skin was just as soft and sweet as he had imagined. He licked and sucked on her other nipple, pressing his teeth gently against her skin as his tongue twirled and flicked around it.

“Touch me,” she pleaded, mad with desire as she took one of his hands and placed it over her panties.

His nubile fingers slipped into her panties. Fingers curled around the material and he tore them away from her body. “I’ll buy you a new pair,” he growled against her neck. His fingers caressed her folds and slipped in, feeling her clit, parting her lips.

His hands were suddenly on her hips, hoisting her up so her pussy was right at eye-level. He examined and smelled her quickly, “Beautiful,” he groaned, before pulling her pussy to his lips.

“Oh fuck!” Sookie cursed, as her hands flew to his head steadying her. She moaned as she felt his lips on her, kissing her sex as he would her lips. His lips first paid her homage, sucking, kissing, caressing. Then his tongue joined in to lick, stroke, and tease. He was sweet and gentle, savoring each taste and suckle.

“Eric!” Sookie cried, as she tightened her legs around his head. “I want… I want…”

He smirked at her lack of articulation when he had hardly begun. His tongue stroked from one end of her pussy all they way up to the next end. He sucked her clit into his mouth hard for a brief moment before raising her up higher, so she was sitting on his face. His tongue dove into her pussy, fucking her with solid strokes. Once inside of her, he made his tongue vibrate with the speed he used.

“Oh God! Please,” Sookie screamed, her body was Eric’s to consume. “I… I want… to tasteyou.”

“Cum first,” Eric growled against her center, and he redoubled his efforts.

Sookie threw her head back and gave herself over to the feelings he was provoking. Her body was his to play, to consume, and to love. His tongue was vibrating once more in her pussy, but his lips were also moving, caressing her clit gently. Then his tongue pulled out and his mouth suddenly locked on her clit, sucking hard, his tongue giving it broad strokes in his mouth, and his teeth teasing it, pressing down on the hood to stimulate the nerves even more.

“Eric!” Sookie screamed, pleasure washing over her. She tugged at his hair as he drove her to her first release.

He continued, helping her through her orgasm, sucking and licking up anything she had for him. Her pussy tasted like ambrosia, food of the gods.

“Oh God!” Sookie cried as she slowly came down.

“Eric actually,” he supplied her with a smirk, slowly licking from her pussy and up to her clit, loving the way her legs would twitch with the pressure his tongue put on her clit as it flicked over it.

“I want to taste you,” Sookie all but begged. “Let me.”

Eric ran his thumb across her lips, kissing her passionately, making her taste herself. His hands undid his pants, but as he broke the kiss, he let her choose whether to pull him out of his pants or remove them entirely.

“Off,” Sookie growled as she slid to her knees between his parted thighs. Eric helped her remove his pants. His heavy cock was free as he scooted towards the edge of the seat. Sookie licked her lips before she wrapped her fingers around his shaft, “I can see why Nora misses you so much,” she added cheekily as she lowered her head and flicked her tongue over his head.

Eric groaned, his hips unconsciously thrusting up as he watched Sookie, the woman he had imagined doing this to him for years, tongue him. “Fuck, Sookie…” he purred.

“Not yet,” Sookie replied with a smirk before closing her lips around his head and sucking hard. His head rolled back and he groaned at the feeling of her lips around him. His fingers slipped into her hair, threading through it.

“More,” he grunted, looking down at her eyes trained on his.

Sookie took him a little further into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked him. Her own arousal was climbing again and she slipped a hand between her legs as she ran her tongue over his cock.

His hand in her hair wasn’t forcing her to take more, but was just following her movements. His thumb stroked her head gently. “Yessss,” he hissed as she took more of him. A great benefit of being a vampire? No gag reflex.

Sookie hummed around him, her fingers rubbing her swollen clit as she bobbed her head up and down. He groaned, thrusting into her mouth as the vibrations pushed him closer to the edge. His stamina was normally one of legend, but with this woman’s mouth on his cock for the first time? He was like a teenaged boy.

Sookie swallowed around him again, his cock hitting the back of her throat as she pushed two fingers inside her dripping pussy.

He groaned and pressed slightly on the back of her head, willing her to take more. Her tongue was doing delicious things, but he wanted it to be with his balls and his entire cock down her throat. “Swallow me,” he growled.

Sookie flicked her eyes up to his before doing as he ordered. She relaxed her throat as she swallowed around him, taking him all the way in. He groaned and closed his eyes, lost in the pleasure of her lips against his pelvis. “Sookie, I can’t…” he warned.

Sookie just hollowed her cheeks in response and sucked even harder.

He groaned, holding her face against him as his hips thrust up. His body convulsed a little as he came, harder than he could ever remember. His cock released pulse after pulse of cum down her throat, and he moaned as she swallowed around him. His eyes were locked on hers, the eye contact when her mouth was being stretched obscenely by his thick cock made him cum that much more. He pulled her back as he spurted his final shot of cum across her tongue so she could taste it like she wanted.

Sookie moaned as she swallowed his cum, her fingers still working between her legs. She licked her lips as she kept her eyes locked on his.

“Make yourself cum,” he said, pulling back from her. He stroked his softening cock for her. His eyes looked like he wanted to devour her.

Sookie crooked her fingers inside her, rubbing them against the spot that drove her wild as she watched him watch her.

His cock, still softening, flopped against his thigh when he released it. His eyes were locked on hers. He could hear the sound of her fingers in her wetness. She was still soaked, though this time it was mostly from sucking his cock.

Sookie rubbed her thumb over her clit as she brought herself to a release, her eyes never leaving his as she came undone, calling his name.

“Beautiful, Lover,” Eric said with a smirk. He loved watching her face as she came, as she pushed herself over the edge until she couldn’t control herself anymore.

Mmm,” Sookie moaned as she pulled her hand out from between her lips. She held it out to Eric offering him another taste of her.

He sucked her fingers between his lips. Sucking on them individually, he groaned at the taste. He pulled her body up to sit on his lap sideways, and his lips crashed to hers.

Sookie sucked on his bottom lip, as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. A sigh of contentment escaped her lips.

“This room can be made light tight, or you have the room in the main house,” Eric said, stroking the side of her face gently.

“Will you stay with me?” Sookie asked, a hint of fear creeping into her voice at the thought of his rejection.

“Anything you want, Lover,” he responded, kissing her again.

“I think I would prefer to stay in the main house with you,” Sookie said as she rested her head against his shoulder.

He left their clothes there, speeding back to the house and into his private room before anyone could see their bodies. The sun was about to break the horizon. “I think it’s time to sleep, Sookie,” he said, feeling how heavy her head was getting against his shoulder.

Goodnight, Eric,” Sookie said sluggishly as she pressed herself against him.

He walked them both to his bed, holding her tightly to him. He felt her die in his arms and he lay down, slightly resisting the pull of the sun.


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  1. jules3677 says:

    Finally they get together. Excellently scripted scene between the two. You have introduced Warlow. Nervous about how he will disrupt Eric & Sookie’s continuing romance. Thankyou for the lovely chapter.

  2. lostinspace33 says:

    Wow, I have no words! Well, maybe…finally?! LOL

    That was beyond amazing! I hope this is just one more step toward them really being together.

  3. redjane12 says:

    Great pay off for Eric (& E/S fans!) finally!!! That was one hot and perfect scene… The idea that Warlow as a descendant of both Fae and Britlingens is clever and terrifying! Oh and love your Nora and your Roman and the whole Nora-Roman couple here…

  4. Mindy says:

    Yes, finally. I was feeling Eric’s blue balls. I am curious if Sookie will express her feelings to Eric. It sounds like they have some major trouble with Warlow.

  5. duckbutt60 says:

    Wow –Sookie and Eric are finally together. But will Eric have second thoughts about a relationship with Sookie, given who her “daddy” is?? And…will Sookie feel a conflict of interest because of the deep animosity between Russell and Eric? Seems like this tryst may have complicated things…..even when they have Warlow to deal with…..
    Great update!

  6. Loftin says:

    YES!!! That was well worth the wait and they didnt even get to the main course yet. Lol!
    Loved it as usual and cant wait for more.

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