Answer to the Master Chapter Thirty-Three


AttM 33

That Ol Black Magic

Sookie was up and out of her seat before Susie had even finished her name. She could tell something was wrong, not just with Susie being so scared, but with Michelle as well. She had gotten a familiar vibe of the woman, and Sookie wanted to know what the hell was going on.

Russell noted his child’s alarm, jumped up, while Eric followed Sookie’s cue. He had been speaking to Jesus, but Susie’s behavior had been off.

Sook?” Jason called, noticing something was wrong. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” Sookie admitted, as she raced to the door.

Susie’s mommy had dragged her outside. She picked up her daughter and Susie could suddenly hear her thoughts.

Stupid fangers. She was supposed to die not come back. Why didn’t it work? Michelle thought, as she raced towards her car and practically threw Susie in the back.

Susie didn’t move, didn’t respond from where Michelle placed her. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t do anything. “Sookie! Daddy!” she screamed in her mind.

“Michelle!” Jason shouted, as he came barrelling out of the bar. He had no idea what had gotten into his wife, he knew she wasn’t fond of vampires, but he’d never seen her act like that before.

Ignoring her husband, Michelle climbed in behind the wheel of her car and started the engine. She had to get away, far away before those damn fangers got any closer.

Sensing his child’s urgency, Russell stepped before the car and pressed his hand down on the hood. He could cripple the engine in a second if necessary.

Hatred burned bright in Michelle’s eyes as she stared at Russell through the windscreen. Fucking dead piece of shit, she snarled in her mind. You ruined everything.

Susie suddenly gained control of herself. She scrambled against the door, found the handle was locked, and began screaming shrilly. “Daddy!”

“Susie!” Jason shouted, as he ran towards the car. He pounded on the window as he added, “Michelle, what the fuck are you doing? Give me my baby.”

Eric just went over and ripped the door off. Susie scrambled out, crawling up Eric and into his strong arms.

Storming around the drivers side, Jason yanked open the door and dragged Michelle out. “What the fuck is the matter with you?” he snarled, as he pushed her away.

“I don’t want them fangers around my baby,” Michelle shouted, her eyes darting around the parking lot frantically.

Eric whispered in Susie’s ear, but the child interrupted him. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. “Aunt Sookie was NOT supposed to DIE!” Her body shook slightly as sparks of light began to pop out from her hands. The few that touched Eric’s skin and clothes rolled off him benignly.

“Stay out of my head, Susie,” Michelle shouted, as everyone else’s attention was drawn to Susie.

Susie whimpered as something — or someone attacked her mind. She tried to burrow her body into Eric’s. The light from her hands disappeared. She shuddered slightly, and let go of Eric, squirming in his arms to be let down. “Daddy,” she whimpered softly. Eric placed her on the ground to let her go to her father.

Seeing an opening, Michelle lurched forwards and tried to grab Susie as she neared Jason. She had to get her away from the vampires; it was too dangerous for them. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Why couldn’t Sookie have just stayed away and died?

“Aunt Sookie should not have died!” Susie repeated, turning to her mother angrily. Her hands sparked again, and she began breathing harder as her body began glowing slightly in that supernatural way only other supes could see.

“I told you to stay out of my head,” Michelle snarled, making no attempt to deny Susie’s words as her eyes flicked down to Susie’s hands.

“What are you?” Sookie asked, as she took a step forward.

“Susie’s mother, that is all you need to know,” Michelle replied with a glare.

Susie began struggling in Michelle’s arms. “Daddy! Don’t let her take me! Please! Uncle Eric! Mister Russell!” She was struggling and screaming and twisting her body. But Michelle had a hard grip on her daughter.

“Shut up!” Michelle hissed, as she tightened her grip of the struggling child. “Stay away from my daughter, vampire.”

“LET ME GO!” Susie screeched. Her sparks got bigger, more defined. Her eyes turned cold and she stared at her mother.

“Never,” Michelle spat, “you’re mine, you little brat.” Susie screamed in response, her eyes closing tightly as she heard her mother’s thoughts.

She wasn’t supposed to survive. Niall swore she wouldn’t.

Sookie’s eyes widened slightly as she also dipped into Michelle’s mind. Anger swelled inside her and she acted without thought, diving forward and closing her hand around her sister-in-law’s wrist.

Russell growled as the girl, her mother, and his child disappeared with a POP! His eyes landed on Eric’s before he grabbed Jason around the waist and took off into the air, letting his bond with Sookie guide him to her location.

Sookie felt slightly disoriented as she landed in Jason’s living room. She thanked her brother for issuing her an open invitation shortly after she had returned. She didn’t want to know what would’ve happened if they would’ve popped in and she hadn’t been invited in previously, nothing good she suspected.

Turning to face Michelle, Sookie smiled at the shocked look on her face. “That’s quite the trick, Michelle,” she said, as she slowly took a step to her left. “It seems my sister-in-law is more than she appears. I do have one question though.”

“Let me guess,” Michelle sneered. “What am I?”

“No,” Sookie laughed. “I know what you are. I even know who you are. Claudine.”

Susie felt her mother’s grip loosen, so she kicked her feet hard and managed to slip out of her grasp. But Michelle quickly caught her arm. She could sense them, the minds. They were coming fast. Her daddy was telling her he was coming. Jesus told her to be careful and do her best to get to the secret spot.

“Cat got your tongue, Claudine?” Sookie taunted, trying to keep Michelle/Claudine’s focus on her and away from Susie.

“My name’s Michelle,” she replied, loosening her grip on Susie’s arm.

“No, it’s not. It’s Claudine,” Sookie stated firmly. “Give it up, I know who you are now.”

Susie quickly pulled away and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. She was out of the room quickly, going out the backdoor before they could stop her.

“It’s just us girls now,” Sookie said, as she let her fangs slide down.

There was a growl from the driveway as Russell landed and put Jason down. Eric was just a moment after him with Jesus.

“Where’s my baby?” Jason hissed, as he tried to run towards the house. He had been out of his mind with fear since the moment he saw Michelle, Sookie, and Susie disappear into thin air. He had no idea what was going on or what his wife’s problem was and frankly he didn’t care. All he cared about was getting to his baby girl and making sure she was okay.

Russell had grabbed Jason by the collar and tossed him to Eric to deal with before he stalked into the house. Sookie wasn’t afraid, but he wasn’t about to take any chances with his child and the fairy. His fangs were out and he looked murderous as he slammed the door open.

Eric held Jason firmly by the arm as they walked into the house behind Russell. He wasn’t going to be able to convince Sookie’s brother to remain in the driveway, but he also wasn’t going to let the man get himself killed by recklessly storming into a situation he didn’t know anything about.

“Get out of my house bloodsuckers,” Michelle/Claudine shouted.

“My house!” Jason yelled, before anyone else could say anything. “And they ain’t the ones leaving.”

Russell looked carefully at Sookie, making sure she was unharmed. All the while, he never took his attention off of the fairy. She had to be feeling overwhelmed at this point. There were three vampires in her home. All had murderous attentions trained directly on her. Two were over 1000 years old and the other one was invested more because she was fucking with blood relatives.

Darting her eyes around the room, Michelle felt her fear grow as she realized just how caged in she was. Turning her attention back to Sookie, she glared at her, hatred clear in her eyes. “Why couldn’t you have died when you were supposed to?” she spat, as she gave up the pretense and shifted into her real form, that of a fairy.

“Cause I like living too much,” Sookie replied.

Eric growled as Jason’s wife transformed into Claudine. His body was tense as he looked over the fairy who had missed her cousin so much that she demanded millions for her death but never bothered to look for her. Or maybe even always knew where she was.

“What the fuck?” Jason said, as he watched his wife turn into another woman.

“Jason, Susie went through the back’” Russell told him, trying to get Jason focused on finding his daughter. Jesus was already out back, looking for her.

The words had barely left Russell’s mouth before Jason was racing through the back of the house in search of his little girl.

Eric watched at the fairy looked around. He felt Nora outside, and heard Jesus running around the house calling out Susie’s name. When his sister entered Jason’s home too, Eric visibly saw Claudine’s nerves rise even more. She was facing a combined almost 5000 years of vampire.

“Are we dinning on fairy tonight?” Nora asked, as she eyed the scared looking fairy.

“We haven’t seen Claudine lately because she masqueraded as a human,” Eric responded. “Apparently, she was Michelle.” His words came out gravelly because of his anger. He didn’t even need to explain that she was Susie’s mother. He knew Nora made the connection when he felt her anger spike.

“I should’ve ripped your head off when I had the chance,” Nora snarled, her fangs snapping down in anger.

Russell tried to get Sookie’s attention. They could hear that Jesus and Jason had not yet found Susie. She would be able to get her niece easier, and that would get her away from the cornered fairy.

Feeling a slight tug on their bond, Sookie turned her head slightly so she could meet Russell’s gaze. She arched a brow in question, silently asking him what he wanted.

“Susie.” was all he said before he turned his attention back to Niall’s successor.

Realizing what he wanted, Sookie gave him a tiny nod before slowing backing out the room. She trusted Russell, Eric and Nora to take care of Claudine. They would learn all they needed to know.

“Claudine, I’m afraid we haven’t been introduced. I am Russell Edgington. And it’s my child, you are fucking with.” The last sentence was spit out angrily as he allowed his anger to bubble to the surface. He breathed in deeply, smelling her faeness that she undammed and the overwhelming scent of fear that blanketed it.

“I know who you are,” Claudine spat, as she tried desperately to hide her fear. “You were supposed to let the whore die.”

“Oh, don’t worry. I will rectify this situation. And the whore here will die,” Russell replied. He was obviously speaking about Claudine. How else could you describe the fairy who slept with her cousin and kept him unaware?

“Can we kill her now?” Nora asked, as she inched closer. Eric waited for it. Claudine was looking around nervously. She would eventually succumb to her instincts. The only question was if those instincts would be to fight or to flee.

“There’s enough for us all,” Nora added with a smirk. “We didn’t get to share Claudette.”

“Only Sookie got to eat Claudette,” Russell countered stepping closer to Claudine.

“It’s been so long since I’ve had a fairy,” Nora purred.

Since they were obviously going on the offensive, Eric also stepped forward. “So you were hiding here while we looked for fairies still in this realm? Not very smart, Claudine.” His voice was threatening and had an edge to it.

“Fooled all you,” Claudine sneered. “None of you knew I was here.”

“And you will live to only regret those actions,” Eric replied.

“You kill me and you’ll start a war,” Claudine threatened, trying to buy herself some time.

“That just means more fairies in this realm whose blood I can bathe in and bodies devour. You all are so tasty,” Russell said with a harshness to his voice.

“Sounds like a win/win situation to me,” Nora added.

Susie was crying outside, hiding. Jesus had told her to hide in their spot, but Susie hadn’t been able to stop her body from just running farther. She was in the woods, lost. So she climbed a tree as high as she could and waited. Her mind reached out, trying to find Aunt Sookie.

“Susie, sweetie, where are you?” Sookie called out in her mind, as she raced into the woods.

“In a tree,” she replied, and even her mental voice was strained and quiet.

“I bet you’re really good at hide and seek,” Sookie said, trying to soothe her niece as she neared her position. “I bet no one can ever find you.”

“No. I don’t like that game. No one wants to play it with me…” she replied.

“I’d love to play it with you some night,” Sookie told her as she finally located her hiding niece. “And I’m sure we can get daddy and Eric to play as well.”

“And Mister Russell?” she asked timidly, watching Sookie as the vampire climbed the tree to get to her.

“I’m sure I could persuade him to play as well,” Sookie said, as she perched on one of the branches.

“What. . .” she paused, even in her mind. “ What happened?”

“I’m not completely sure, sweetie,” Sookie replied. “Your mommy isn’t who she appeared to be.”

She voiced, “I know.” and held her arms out to show she would grab Sookie’s neck to be carried down.

Moving closer to Susie, Sookie pulled her into her arms, “Hold on tight,” she instructed before jumping out of the tree and landing on the ground.

Susie pushed her face into Sookie’s neck, breathing in the sweet scent of her aunt.

“How about we go and see if we can find Jesus?” Sookie asked, holding her niece close. “He was worried about you.”

“Daddy too?” Susie asked, reaching her mind out to find both of them.

“Of course,” Sookie answered. “Can you sense where they are, sweetie?”

“Yes,” she said softly. She laid her head on her Aunt’s shoulder.

“Let’s go find them,” Sookie said.

“Over there,” Susie said, pointing towards her Daddy and Jesus who were standing by the lake Daddy said her Grandpa made.

“You’re good at this game,” Sookie praised, as she made her way to her brother. “Look who I found.”

“Hi, Daddy,” Susie said sheepishly. She knew she wasn’t supposed to run off. And she knew she was supposed to go to their spot if anything happened. But she was just so scared. And she just needed to run and hide. Mommy knew about the spot.

“Pumpkin,” Jason said, as he pulled Susie into his arms. “Are you okay?”

She nodded her head, arms clinging to his neck. She pressed her face into his neck. “I didn’t wanna, Daddy. Mommy thought she would take me somewhere. I don’t wanna go anywhere.”

“No one is taking you anywhere. I won’t let them,” Jason swore, as he hugged his daughter tight.

“Sookie neither?” she asked him, her big eyes showing the pain of the night so far.

“Pumpkin, do you think Eric or Mister Russell would let anyone take your Aunt Sookie away?” Jason asked, as he rubbed his hand over her back.

Susie looked hard at him. “No, but I don’t want us to lose Aunt Sookie again.”

“You won’t, Pumpkin,” Jason replied, meeting her gaze. “I promise you. No one is gonna take Sook away from us.”

She nodded her head and snuggled into his arms. “Sookie, Mister Eric is wondering if you’re okay.”

“I’m not gonna ask you how you know that,” Sookie said, arching a brow. “I better go back in.”

Susie took a quick breath and closed her mouth tight as she watched Sookie walk back into her home.

“Can’t we just rip the bitch’s head off?” Nora hissed, as Sookie reentered the house. Eric let out a breath when he saw Sookie. She wouldn’t have come back unless Susie was okay.

Sookie eyed Claudine as she moved towards Eric, distaste clear on her face. “Alright?” he asked her, clipped.

“Yes,” Sookie replied, not taking her eyes off Claudine. “Susie is terrified.”

“You should have stayed with her,” Russell replied, his tone short.

“Maybe,” Sookie admitted. “But I wanna know why Susie is terrified that she and I are going to be taken away. And I think Claudine here has the answers.”

“You will not be taken,” Russell replied, matter-of-fact.

“I know,” Sookie said, giving him a small smile. “She’s not gonna tell us anything, is she?” she added, asking the question to no one in particular.

“No,” Eric said, knowing Claudine’s modus operandi from working with her.

“Then she’s useless to us,” Sookie shrugged.

“But she’s fae,” Russell replied.

“A fae who wants to take Susie away,” Sookie said.

“And delicious.” Russell clarified.

Claudine sneered at the vampires as she attempted to put on a brave front. She couldn’t believe this was happening, it was too soon. “Touch me and you’ll start a war you will never win,” she threatened.

“But Niall already started that war,” Eric replied. “As did your dead sister.”

“Grandfather did what was necessary,” Claudine defended. “And don’t you dare talk about Claudette. She was better than you and that whore will ever be.”

“She was a cheap and lousy fuck from what I hear, a shitty fighter, and a pathetic fairy,” Russell replied, incensed that she was calling his child a whore.

“Claudette was a lady of the highest standing,” Claudine snarled. “She didn’t spread her legs for any Were that sniffed her like your whore child.”

“Claudine,” Russell said, a dangerous glint to his eye. “Did you see my television debut?”

Claudine frowned at the question, unsure of what it had to do with anything. “I heard about it,” she said stiffly.

“It’s been awhile since I removed a spine like that. Continue on your line of speaking and I’ll be happy to demonstrate the proper technique,” he growled out the last word.

“I am not some lowly news presenter,” Claudine replied arrogantly. “You would die before you had the chance.”

“Are you certain?” he prompted.

“I am,” Claudine said, foolishly.

“Over confidence must be a family trait,” Sookie said, as she rejoined the conversation. “After all, I’m sure Claudette was confident she could handle a cursed vampire like me when ‘granddaddy’ sent her. But in the end she begged for her life.”

“Her pleas didn’t accomplish much either,” Eric added.

“Although they were pretty to hear,” Nora said.

“Claudette would’ve never begged for her life,” Claudine spat. “She was a warrior. Begging was beneath her. Unlike you,” she added with a sneer in Eric’s direction. “Claudette told us all how you begged her to fuck you. Many tales have been told of how Claudette broke you. Did he tell you, Sookie, how he would spend hours buried inside Claudette?”

Eric’s growl was interrupted by Russell’s laugh. “You believed that? Your worthless sister had to drug her conquests to get them even slightly interested.” His patience was wearing thinner and thinner with Niall’s heir.

“Claudette would have never done that,” Claudine lied. “Northman wanted her. He always had.”

“Pathetic,” Eric replied. “You’re basing this on what? On how I never spoke to her? Or on how I hardly glanced at her?”

“Claudette told me,” Claudine replied, spinning her tale in a hope to get Sookie to doubt him. “You wanted her from the start.”

“And that’s why she drugged me?”

“Drugged you? Is that how you justified it to yourself,” Claudine laughed. “You wanted it. You loved every minute of it. You forgot all about your precious Sookie when you were with my sister. Just like she forgot all about you while she was whoring it up with those filthy Weres.”

“I told you to Bite. Your. Fucking. Tongue,” Russell said shortly.

“Why would I want to do that?” Claudine chortled. “We’re having so much fun. Of course not as much fun as dear little Sookie had with those Weres. Did she tell you, Eric, how she took some of them three at a time?”

Eric’s eyes were no longer on Claudine but on Sookie who looked like she was about to lose it. Nora was by Russell, trying to calm him down.

“Hasn’t she told you this?” Claudine continued, thoroughly enjoying herself. “Of course the Weres weren’t enough for her so she asked one of them to find her some customers. The way I heard it, she wanted to become a sex slave once the town was through with her.”

Russell’s growl drowned out anything else Claudine would say.

“Everyone who raped me and that is what it was. Rape. Was killed painfully, so there’s no way you could’ve heard anything,” Sookie said, her voice cold as ice as she stared down Claudine. “You knew where I was and what was happening to me. That’s a punishable offense and there’s only one sentence…”

Eric just watched her. Nora’s eyes were drawn to her. And Russell’s growl transformed into a smirk.

“And what would that be?” Claudine sneered.

“Russell’s law,” Sookie said, as a sinister smile began to curl her lips. “You hurt his princess and you…” Sookie stopped abruptly as she threw herself forward, tackling an unprepared Claudine to the floor. “Die…”

Russell watched as Sookie’s teeth locked onto Claudine’s neck. He watched as Sookie drank her Godmother in deep pulls.

Sookie pulled back just as the last of the life left Claudine’s eyes, blood dripped from her chin as she watched the fairy turn to dust.

A shrill scream was heard from outside. Susie.


21 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Thirty-Three

  1. Mindy says:

    Wow, so amazing. You got me I had no idea it was Claudine. Amazing, that was an incredible chapter. I’m so worried for little Susie. I like how Susie told Sookie Eric was worried about her. So she can read vampire minds…interesting. Have a wonderful holiday ladies.

  2. msbuffy says:

    Outstanding chapter! So didn’t see that coming with Michelle/Claudine. Poor Susie & Jason. Love the new banners, BTW! Happy Thanksgiving to both of you & your families!

  3. MistressCinder says:

    Oh My Godric! I was hoping Sookie was going to catch on and kill Claudine someplace else. Now, not only did Susie have to hear all of the brains when her mother died but she also had to get mental pictures of what happened to both Sookie & Eric. Talk about traumatic! Yes her mother was evil. But she was still her mother…

  4. valady1 says:

    You definitely know how to pull a rabbit out of your hat! Michelle was really Claudine, wow. And she got what she deserved, but how will they help Susie get over what happened? It’s going to be a long two weeks..hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  5. lorip100 says:

    Love your twisted minds , thinking Susie may need to be protected from Warlow since she lives and has the spark , that is if something hasn’t already happened . Enjoy you hols a well deserved break .

  6. redjane12 says:

    VERY unexpected twist – well done and yet another sign of how awful the fairies truly are… Poor Susie who I suppose is mainly fairy if Claudine is her bio mum (vs. having replaced Michelle at some point). I hope Sookie & co can protect her.

  7. magsmacdonald says:

    WHAT a twist – I did NOT see that one coming. Poor Jase and Susie – but at least they didn’t get hurt. WELL MAYBE NOT – SOMEBODIES LEFT a CLIFFY for turkey! Just tell me where do come cook for you – if you write!!!

  8. jules3677 says:

    That was a twist that I never expected. Now its Sookie, Jason & Susie who have been done over by the fairies. How will Nora react to missing out on another fairy? Looking forward to reading more when you get back. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Shandiii says:

    Excellent chapter, I am enjoying this story so much I always knew Sookie would be a spectacular vampire, Happy Thanksgiving, really looking forward to he next chapter

  10. murgatroid98 says:

    Hmm, I’m wondering if Michelle/Claudine is truly Susie’s mother, because she isn’t very loving. Maybe she took the real Michelle’s place? I feel bad for Susie and Jason.

  11. kleannhouse says:

    damn i knew it was Claudine, don;’t know why but i knew and i believe as Murgatroid says she took over the real Michelle. I wonder is Susie felt her death or if someone is after her. KY

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