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Chapter Warnings: VERY hard chapter: RAPE, torture, sexual abuse, physical abuse. NOTE: This is the pinnacle of this part of Sookie’s story with regard to abuse. If you have ANY triggers related to this, I would recommend asking for a summary. After this point, there is no rape in Sookie’s future. We will post two chapters this week and next to move through this event and what goes on with Eric quickly.

Unedited version. Please pay attention to the warnings above. If you want some of the harder-to-read material taken out (but still get the main context and content), look to our, thewriterscoffeeshop, or archive of our own postings.

Shame on the Moon

One and a half years since Sookie was taken.

Russell had been gone one night and would be gone for the rest of the week. It had been disgraceful, him leaving Sookie, the fuckin’ prisoner in charge of the pack. Debbie had been waiting until she had the opportunity to bring her planning to fruition, and now was that time. Sookie was sleeping finally, so Debbie snuck silently into her room. The little bitch wouldn’t get a chance to use her finger magic to fry her, no. So Debbie zip tied her hands together in front of her; it would mean no handjobs, but then again, why use her hands when all her other holes were available.

Betsy grinned from the doorway as she watched Debbie tie the cunt’s hands together. Like Debbie, she had been waiting for this for a long time.

“All the boys are ready, Deb,” she said, her voice low as to not wake Sookie up to soon. “Should we raffle her off to see who gets first pop?”

Debbie raised her eyebrows. “You planning on taking part?” Packmaster’s bitch or not, Bets still liked a cunt licking.

“Of course,” Betsy replied with a twisted smile. “The cunt can eat me while Petey fucks her sweet ass.” Jerking her head in the direction of the dresser, she added, “I also brought some things for us to play with,” referring to the bottles she had lined up on top of it. Betsy licked her lips as she ran her eyes over the still unaware blonde. “How many cocks do you think she can take at once?”

“I’d like to find out,” Debbie said. “I can’t wait to stuff her full. Then sell her holes to the locals and anyone who’ll pay.” She zip tied Sookie’s ankles together, which could be easily cut and resecured. Then she reached up and slapped Sookie hard across the face.

Sookie startled awake, her eyes darting around the room until they focused on a deranged looking Debbie. “What…” she stuttered, her eyes widening in fright as she realized her hands and legs were tied.

“Morning, Sunshine,” Debbie said, mocking one of Russell’s terms of endearment.

Sookie glared at Debbie, hiding her fear behind her hatred and anger, “Russell will kill you for this,” she spat.

“Oh, he won’t know. Before he gets back you’ll be sold to the highest bidder or dead, whichever, and we just won’t know what happened. ‘I don’t know Russell. She said she would punish us if we followed! I’m not sure, Russell, she just left.’ I’m not worried,” Debbie grinned.

Betsy looked down at the girl as well. “We tried to stop her, she just wouldn’t listen,” Betsy added, feigning remorse. She chuckled as she leaned over the tied Sookie and gripped her jaw hard, “You owe me teeth, bitch,” she growled. “Should we knock yours out like you did mine, I’m sure the boys would enjoy it better.”

Debbie grabbed Sookie by the hair, and dragged the girl from her room into the dining hall where the pack was waiting. “We should cut off her hands!” Bob said immediately, gesturing to Sookie with his stump.

“Dun damage the merchandise that much,” Petey said. “But we could break ‘er fingers an’ toes. Slam a baseball bat intaer kneecaps. Drag ‘er back to her lil room downstairs and finish what bossman started with those instruments. ‘e’s got enough blood in ‘er now that it’ll all heal up before we sell ‘er holes.”

“Maybe after,” Betsy said, as she slapped Sookie on the ass hard. “We don’t want her passing out from the pain before she gets to enjoy the fun, do we?”

“So today, fellas, we’re raffling off the first taste of fairy poon!” Debbie called out. “Tha’s right! You can get your dick wet by our very own fairy bitch.” She turned to look to the grouping of Werebitches “And feel free to take part ladies. She still has her tonguefor now.”

Cheers went up around the dining room as Debbie’s words were heard. “It’s about time,” one of the older Weres shouted.

“And this is prime stock,” Betsy said, speaking above the ruckus. “And she’ll turn no one away unsatisfied.”

“So in this bag,” Debbie pointed to a reusable bag, “is a buncha numbers and designations. Y’all will pick. Numbers go from one to thirteen, one for each including the ladies, and holes are randomly assigned. That’s your order for when you get your turn. Feel free to trade, and use any tactics you want to get the number and hole you want. Once everyone’s had a turn we’ll go again in order, but you can choose your hole.”

She handed the bag to Bets. “First pick always goes to the Packmaster. Then he decides the order.”

“Good luck, baby,” Betsy said, as she handed the bag to Petey and he dipped his hand in it.

Sookie watched in terror as they all dipped their hands into the bag and picked out numbers.

“Hey, Debs,” Betsy called out; as she held the bag out in the order Petey had told her. “Why don’t ya let the pack see what they’re getting a taste of.”

Debbie laughed and pulled out a long hunting knife. She picked up the blonde and dropped her roughly on the dining table. “Let’s see the feast!” she called out. She grabbed the tank top Sookie was wearing, cutting off the top of each sleeve. She bunched together the fabric between the girl’s breasts and cut through it quickly, easily pulling the top away. Slowly she trailed the knife down Sookie’s stomach. Then she cut each side of the shorts she was wearing, leaving the girl only in her bra and panties.

Debbie slammed the knife, point down, into the table, making it stand upright. She grabbed the back of Sookie’s head and pinched her fingers against her cheeks, prying her jaw open. She stuck her tongue in the girl’s mouth, licking it crudely before pulling away. “She likes it rough too, boys!” Debbie called, smacking Sookie once more across the face.

She pulled the knife out of the table and cut each of the bra straps. She then undid the front closure of the bra and exposed Sookie’s D-cup breasts. She grabbed her flesh roughly and pinched her nipples, twisting them to make them hard.

Her mouth descended on Sookie’s left breast, and she sucked it in roughly before biting down hard and pulling away. Her nipple pulled with Debbie’s teeth before she released it, leaving a visible impression. With a gesture, she had Petey grab one foot and Betsy grab the other. She cut open the zip tie at the girl’s ankle and roughly ripped off Sookie’s panties, leaving Petey and Bets to tie her legs securely.

Petey and Betsy pulled Sookie’s legs apart, giving everyone a peek before tying her ankles back together. Betsy laughed as Sookie tried to kick her. ”Don’t worry, you’ll be able to play soon,” she taunted.

Debbie slipped two fingers between her lips, playing it up for the hooting Weres. She trailed her fingers between Sookie’s legs and slipped them inside her roughly.

“Is she tight, Deb?” one of the Weres shouted.

“Maybe not enough for Mikey to feel anything,” she shouted back, harping on a small-dicked pack member. “But knowing her, this cunt’s never had anything up her asshole. And I bet that’s plenty tight. Even for you.” she said to Mike.

“Bitch,” Mike growled as he stroked his cock through his pants.

Nevermind, Mike,” Betsy joined in “you can always use a strap on.”

Debbie laughed and called out “Who’s got One and which hole is it?!”

“I do,” a gruff voice called out from towards the back. All eyes turned towards him as he stepped out into a view. “That bitch is mine first,” he added, as he started to unbuckle his belt, “and I get her sweet mouth.”

Petey grunted his consent. He was going to pull rank or beat whoever had the first shot at her cunt.

“Step right up, Jeff,” Debbie said with a smirk.

Jeff grinned as he stepped in front of the table. He had wanted a piece of her since she had laid punishment down on him a few months prior. “You’re gonna swallow it all like a good cocksucker,” he growled, as he pushed his jeans down his legs.

Sookie thrashed on the table in an attempt to get away, this was not happening. Russell had prohibited them from touching her. She was his. He protected her.

Debbie leaned down and whispered in her ear “If we have to, I have no problem breaking your jaw. And expect to be permanently disfigured if you try to use your teeth. Russell told you he’ll be back in a week. You’re fucked, girl.”

“You’re a fool if you think you’ll get away with this,” Sookie spat. “Russell will find out.”

“Come on, Deb,” Betsy shouted, “make her blow him. The boys wanna see how well she sucks.”

“Damn, Jeff, why do I gotta do all the work? You’re the one with the hard on!” Debbie called. But she obliged, moving Sookie so her head was hanging off the side of the table. She once again dug her fingers into Sookie’s cheeks, prying open her jaw.

“Don’t pretend you’re not enjoying every second of this, Debbie,” Jeff said, as he wrapped his hand around his cock and guided into Sookie’s mouth. “You better suck me good, cocksucker.”

Tears sprang to Sookie’s eyes as she felt him slide his cock into her mouth. She refused to move; there was no way she was going to suck him off.

It didn’t really stop him. Instead, he began thrusting into her face. “What can I say, Jeff,” Debbie started, “it makes me wet.”

Jeff grunted as he slid his cock down her throat, “Does it make her wet as well?” he asked, as he leaned forward slightly and grabbed Sookie’s breasts painfully.

Debbie smiled sadistically. “She’s gonna get fucked soon anyways, tie her legs spread!” she called to Petey. He and Bets undid the rope holding their feet together and spread her legs wide, tying them to opposite ends of the table. Her arms were connected with a rope above her head and around the bottom of the table, arching Sookie’s back in an awkward way. Debbie pulled her shirt off, noting some of the men were getting hard, rubbing themselves through their pants. Others had their Bitches on their knees before them. Some were just stroking themselves, watching. She needed to make the show good. Debbie rubbed her nipples against Sookie’s breasts, dragging them down her body. Her face got closer and closer, breathing her hot Were breath onto her skin as she traveled lower. Her tongue swept out against Sookie’s lips, and she moaned at the taste of fairy pussy.

“What she taste like, Deb?” She heard one call out as another asked “Is it good pussy?”

“The best. Fairy cunt tastes fucking amazing,” Debbie said, leaning down and giving Sookie a long lick from her asshole to her clit. Pulling one of Sookie’s lips into her mouth, Debbie bit down hard.

Sookie choked around Jeff’s cock as she felt the pain of Debbie’s bite. She prayed it would soon be over; she would rather take the physical torture than this.

“Oh fuck!” Jeff grunted, as he felt her choke around him. “Do that again, Deb, it drives the cocksucker wild.”

She licked at the bite mark she had left on Sookie’s skin. Her tongue traveled up and then back down to the other lip. Once more she sucked it between her teeth, caressing it with her tongue. Then her teeth clamped down once more.

“Fuck!” Jeff swore, as he felt Sookie choke around him again. Slamming his cock down her throat, he stilled as he came. “Who’s next?”

Debbie licked up the side again, asking who had 2. A waffy young pixie-like Werebitch stepped forward. “Mine says 2 and Pussy. I’m not much for fucking her, since I’d like to get off, but Petey seems to want her cunt. So,” Kate said, walking to Petey. She wanted to be lead bitch. And this might let her. She handed her paper to him, rubbing her hand along his chest. “I’ll ride her face while you screw the whore. If she doesn’t eat me, I’ll sit on her and she won’t be able to breathe. Imagine that, Petey. She’ll either lick my pussy until it cums all over her face, or she’ll flail around futilely in her bonds as my ass smothers her ‘til you cum.”

Petey grunted, already pulling his pudgy cock from his pants. “Git up ther’ then. I wanna see yer twat right on that tongue o’ hers.”

Stepping up to the table, Kate stripped down completely before climbing on the table. “Deb, hold the bitch’s head still,” she said, as she saw Sookie try to turn her head to them side. “I want her tongue in my pussy.”

Debbie clasped her thrashing head between strong hands. “Don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere.”

Kneeling over Sookie’s head, Kate lowered herself onto her face. “Lick my pussy, bitch,” she ordered.

Petey grunted and began prodding the delicious white pussy with the tip of his cock, already leaking copious amounts of precum.

Sookie thrashed beneath Kate, desperately trying to throw her off. Tears spilled down the side of her face as she felt Petey rubbing his cock against her.

“Fuck her already,” someone shouted from behind him.

Petey roughly grabbed her hips and thrust in. She was a little wet from Debbie’s tongue, but his thick cock definitely felt resistance. He didn’t care though, and just pressed through. He groaned as he was sheathed in her tight pussy. His hips drew back until he was almost out before he thrust back in to the hilt.

The Weres cheered as they heard Sookie scream in pain.

“Fuck her good, Petey.”

“What does she feel like?”

The cries could be heard from all around them. Petey ignored them all, slamming into her hard. He watched Kate’s hips gyrating on her face. Debbie was behind Kate, but her eyes were locked on Petey’s cock as it came away with a slight sheen of blood.

Kate rocked herself over Sookie’s face, the bitch wasn’t licking her pussy like she was supposed to, but Kate was getting off anyway. She threw her head back and laughed as she heard Sookie’s cries of pains. “She’s enjoying it.”

“She’ll love it even more once everyone has a turn and I grab her baseball bat to shove up her cunt,” Petey said, groaning and cumming into her at the thought.

“Three’s up!” Debbie called out. She leaned down over Sookie’s face and her tongue licked up her cheek. “But don’t worry, I don’t have a number. I can use any hole whenever I want.”

A dark haired Were stepped forward as his number was called. A smug smile curled his lips as he handed his number and hole to Debbie. He drew the virgin hole. “Read it out, Debs,” he said, as he stripped off his clothes.

“This lucky guy here,” she said excitedly, “is gonna fuck and fuck up the cumrag’s virgin asshole!”

Cheers went up around the room and the Weres started to chant his name as he stroked his cock.


Russell was excited. He had finished his business early, able to get Sookie’s surprise far easier than he thought possible. But Sookie’s office was empty when he checked, and the overwhelming scent was Were and fairy blood.

He growled as he stepped into the hallway outside her rooms; he hadn’t noticed in his excitement, but the stench of Were clogged the air. No Were was allowed in that hallway. Those were Sookie’s private rooms; only he, Sookie, and the maid were allowed in them. For the stench to be as strong as it was, he knew the whole pack had been there.

He opened her door abruptly, but no one was there. He let out a roar that echoed in the empty space. Her bed was rumpled and blood, sweat, and other bodily fluids were strewn across her bed. He followed her scent, winding up in the dining room, the lounge, the music room. Every room was covered in the scent of his fairy’s blood and Were.

Russell could feel his anger burning, the last time he had been that angry he had ripped the spine out of someone on live TV. By time he got done with those who had hurt his princess they would be praying for a similar fate. But he had to find her first. He had already lost his Talbot; he wouldn’t lose his Sookie as well.

He followed her scent down to the outside of the house. The guard houses were also littered with her scent, but it was fresher. And there was more. Humans — the Romani and others. And more than the one beating heart of his Sookie. One was beating quite quickly. He heard a groan from the human breathing hard.

Russell felt a white hot rage burn through him as he stepped into the guard house and saw some worthless man rutting on top of his precious girl while his Weres cheered him on. He could hear Sookie’s cries of no and it felt like silver to the skin.

The man had his dick ripped from him before being thrown aside. The Weres — all of his guards — were in the room with them jeering as they watched. They would all die.

There was a look of pure fury in Russell’s eyes as he turned his gaze on the Weres, pain was promised in his gaze and he would make good on it.

“Russell?” Sookie whimpered her voice hoarse from screaming. Her body was racked with pain; the torture hadn’t hurt as bad as that. She had been bled raw by the Weres before they had invited some locals to come and join in their fun. She had been sold to the highest bidder, and then the second, and then the third. Debbie had auctioned off her holes, as she so crudely put it, to anyone who wanted them. She had been violated more times than she could remember. Some of them had taken her three at a time and laughed as she screamed in pain.

“Russell?” Betsy said, the color draining from her face as she saw the ancient vampire in the room. She exchanged a look with Debbie and it was obvious they both knew they were well and truly fucked.

He reached for the closest Were — the one-handed Bob. The scent of Sookie’s blood was all over him, like he had bathed in it. He began removing limbs, wrenching his arms off with sheer strength. He ripped the flesh from the screaming Were’s bones, showering himself in blood. All of this was done in a split second.

Screams filled the guard house as Russell showed them how he got his reputation as the most dangerous vampire in existence. He tore through the Weres, their blood flowing like wine as he ripped them from limb to limb. He could smell Sookie on them and it just drove him even crazier knowing it wasn’t her choice. By time he was finished only Debbie, Petey, and Betsy were left alive, but he swore they would soon wish they weren’t.

“Petey,” Russell said, cornering the Packmaster, “I do believe I warned you. Something about ripping your cock off if you touched her.” He remembered the message he carved into Sookie’s skin. That night was more about her than her torture, so Russell couldn’t be sure how much he regretted it, unlike some of the other nights where she was strapped to his table. But, as the Packmaster cowered, Russell stepped towards him.

The Were was already naked, his dick wet with Sookie’s saliva. Russell stepped up and wrapped his hand at the base of Pete’s cock, holding both his limp shaft and balls where they connected to his pelvis. His other hand stroked the Packmaster’s shaft gently, hoping to see some unwanted blood flow to harden his cock. It would make him bleed out faster if the blood was already flowing to that area.

Petey trembled in fear as Russell stroked his cock; he couldn’t stop himself from thrusting his hips forward. His eyes darted to Betsy and he saw the fear on her face as well. Russell wasn’t supposed to be back for another four days; they were supposed to have a few more days to play with the cunt before Debbie sold her to the highest bidder.

“That’s it, Petey. How’s it feel to know you’re getting hard for me when you don’t want to? That the stroke of the fingers that is making your cock stiff . . . will be ripping it off?” Russell asked. Russell quickly stopped stroking long enough to grab some rope they had been using on Sookie. He secured Petey and Debbie quickly, to keep them from moving. But Betsy was free and soon in his grasp.

“Russell, please,” Betsy begged, struggling ineffectively in the ancient vampires grasp. “It was all Debbie’s idea.”

He noted his weapons here; his torture implements. While they had been used on his Sookie, obviously as her blood still littered them, their presence here was helpful. Russell grabbed the knife they had used to slice his fairy’s skin. He began slicing into Betsy’s arms and torso. He sliced into her cheek when she screamed, marring her face.

“Please,” Betsy cried, “I’m sorry.” She screamed in pain as Russell sliced into her again.

Russell ignored her pleas as she had ignored Sookie’s. He sliced her flesh off, exposing bone in some areas, revealing organs in others. It was slow and painful. Even when he cut open her intestines and they slid out of her body and to the ground, she was still alive.

Out of the three she was the lucky one, Petey and Debbie would get a much worse treatment. Sookie’s scent was all over them, they had been the ringleaders and they would pay the heaviest price. They all knew the price for touching his Sookie and now they would have to pay it.

Russell leaned his lips next to Betsy’s ear and growled, “You’re lucky,” before slicing her head off.

As it fell to the floor, he kicked it so it spun towards and against Petey, who screamed as the face of his girlfriend looked up at him.

Russell ran over to Sookie, ignoring the tied up Weres. They wouldn’t go anywhere. Her breath was shallow. Her heart beat slowly. They wouldn’t have gotten to sell Sookie’s body. She would have died before they had the chance. His hand smoothed her hair away from her face as he looked down at her.

Sookie’s eyes felt heavy as she stared up at Russell, she tried to smile, but it came out more like a grimace. “I knew you would stop them,” she said, her voice filled with pain.

“Yes, dear, I did,” Russell said. “But we have a problem here. You’re dying. And if you die, you won’t be able to destroy your Compton.” He checked first, but was able to rearrange Sookie so he was sitting beside her on the floor with her head in his lap. “I would assist you, but you and I both know that is not the same.”

“He’s mine,” Sookie spluttered. “She’s mine.”

Russell smiled slightly as he heard her words, despite the pain she was in and what those animals had done to her, she still had her fire. They hadn’t broken her, and he was beginning to doubt anyone could.

He had brought it up before. How excellent a vampire she would make. How glorious she would be when he turned her. Though they had never sat down and discussed it, believing they had time, he had known six months ago he desired her for his child.

“They’ll both be yours. The world will be yours,” Russell said, lifting her and taking her to his light-tight chambers. The room was dark, even during the night, and he didn’t turn on a light to help her see. The next time she woke, she would be able to see everything. He laid her on his bed gently, careful not to jostle her too much.

Sookie let out a whimper of pain as she felt the bed compress beneath her. Her eyes searched out for him in the darkness, despite it all she felt safe in his presence. She knew as long as he was near nobody would hurt her.

“Just relax, Sookie,” Russell said gently. Once his blood was doing its job, he would clean her body up. He sat next to her, shushing her as he leaned over her body. He would only miss her blood, which she had recently begun offering to him nightly. His fangs clicked out and he suckled gently on her neck’s pulse point. There wasn’t too much blood left to drain, but he wouldn’t make it hurt any more than he had to.

For the first time in days, Sookie didn’t feel afraid. She knew what Russell was doing, was going to do, and she welcomed it. She wanted to walk the night with him; she wasn’t ready to give up. She was a fighter; she had proved that over the last eighteen months, and she had proved that as the Weres abused her.

His saliva having numbed the area, Russell sank his teeth into the flesh of her neck and drew her blood into his mouth. He savored his last taste of this fairy. Once he drank enough and her heart was barely a flutter, Russell tore open his wrist, helping massage Sookie’s throat to have his blood enter her system.

Sookie drank as best she could as she felt Russell’s powerful blood enter her mouth. Her vision began to darken as the life was drained from her and her new one took its place. When she had had enough, Russell took her to his bathroom. He spent time, carefully cleaning the blood off his soon-to-be child. He washed her hair gently. He made sure her body was in top form with her hair and nails before he laid her back down on his bed. He curled his body around her, choosing to protect her tonight. Tomorrow, however, he would take on Petey. Changes took two or three nights. Sookie wanted Debbie for herself. So she would wait alone, one night, maybe two, until the baby Vampire would come for her revenge.

“We’ve gotta get outa here,” Petey said, once he realized Russell wasn’t coming back that night. “He’s gunna kill us.”

“Well, the fuck you expect me to do about it?” Debbie asked scathingly. Her hands and feet were tied the same as him. She had been struggling since she saw Russell enter the door. And it wasn’t lost on Debbie that Sookie said, “she’s mine.” As soon as Sookie was healed, Debbie would be dead.

“This is all yer fault,” Petey spat. “You’re the one who wanted to play with the cunt.”

Debbie glared at Petey; she couldn’t believe he was blaming her for it all. He certainly wasn’t complaining when he was fucking the bitch’s ass while Jeff fucked her pussy.

“At least I’ll go knowing you died first you stupid redneck motherfucker,” Debbie said scathingly.

“You will suffer worse,” Petey spat. “You belong to the cunt now. And after what you did to her, she’s gonna make you scream.”

“But I had over a week with her. And I’ll see her in hell. When I do, I’ll have a smile on my face knowing how she moaned for it.”

“The bitch’s pussy ain’t worth what Russell’s gonna do to us,” Petey argued. “No matter how many times you fucked the cunt an’ with what it ain’t worth it.”

“You ain’t got shit to work with, Petey. You’re fucked. But if Sookie’s the one who’s dealing with me; I can bat my eyes. Oh no! Sookie, imagine what this would do to Alcide. I was gonna finally go home to him. I was willing to do like he wanted and settle down. I’m gonna have his pups.” Debbie rolled her eyes. “Stupid cunt won’t kill me. I could even lay it on thick. It was the V, Sookie. I’ll never touch it again!”

Petey stared at Debbie in disgust. If she thought that was going to work she was even stupider than she looked. The bitch was a telepath, something that was often forgotten. All it would take would be a quick look in Debbie’s head to see how she was lying and how much she enjoyed hearing Sookie scream. The whole thing had been her idea. She had encouraged the pack to fuck the bitch in any way they wanted.

Debbie laid there, feeling satisfied with her plan. She didn’t forget about the cunt’s so-called telepathy, but she didn’t buy the bullshit. If she actually did have the skill, she either didn’t use it well, or didn’t know how. Either way, Debbie wasn’t worried.


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    I always loved Sookie as a vampire!! I hate it that its Russell who turns her.. But I am so glad he showed up early!! I can’t wait to see Sookie’s revenge on Debbie. And to see her face when she realize that Sookie is a vampire..She’ll know she’s fucked then!!! And I love Pam (usually) But I hope Sookie gets revenge on her too maybe with Eric’s help ;)!!!!

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    While I would like a E/S HEA and Pam possibly being released by Eric and told to hit the road, I’m surprised (pleasantly) that there is a silver (heh) lining to Sookie’s cloud in the form of Russell Edgington….


    • msbuffy says:

      (chuckling) Pat – I’d love nothing more than to read of Sookie slicing & dicing Debbi Pelt with rusty Ginsu knives, believe me!! LOL! It would be awesome for Russell to have turned her & for all of her Fae superpowers to become unleashed! I just think it’s far worse, so much more profoundly devious & fulfilling to allow someone who’s done that much damage to you – to live, to never know when you are behind their shoulder, to destroy their entire world as they know it. It’s far more satisfying to get your revenge served in small pieces as you watch that person slowly being driven mad. I just think that’s the type of revenge Sookie might want to take – humanely – so no one can say or see she’s doing anything to Debbie. THAT would screw with Debbie’s head so badly; let’s face it, she doesn’t have to be driven far to go over the edge, right? Death is too good for her. I think Sookie will get her revenge on all of them in different ways, but this is the best route to vengeance on Debbie. If I were writing the story! LOL!

    • msbuffy says:

      Forgot to tell you I love “the silver lining.” LMAO! Agree – surprised & strong maker too. Thanks for the laughs!

  10. Adriana says:

    Man, that was rough to read. I literally cringed several times. But, you did warn us so…

    Hmm. where did Russell go? I wonder if this was a ploy to have that happen so she’d have no choice but to want to be turned? (my mind…she’s paranoid). In case it wasn’t…I hope Sookie shows Debbie the same amount of “mercy” she received. And, I am sure that she is going to be one bad ass vampire/fairy hybrid/wonder woman with wonder powers Sookie.

    Having Russell as a maker might not be so bad (unless he orchestrated this whole thing), he’s older, crazier…but he seems (SEEMS TO) have affection for Sookie. Or does he?

    Great story ladies!!!

  11. Viviidity says:

    I’m really worried that when Sookie finally meets up with Eric she’s going to hate him and blame everything on him. That would really frustrate me. This was a very intense chapter and I’m glad Sookie is going to be Russell’s child, because not only will he be able to protect her better, she will be able to protect herself.

  12. MistressCinder says:

    I read this chapter yesterday and it was horrifying, gut-wrenching & heart-breaking. I had to take the time to think about what I read.It literally had blown my mind. First off, Debbie expect no mercy! Second, I am assuming between having ingested large quantities of Russell’s blood and the torture she received prior to the events of this chapter, Sookie was already a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Russell left town for over a week. He had trusted Sookie to be in charge of the mansion and the weres while he was gone. He knew she would not & could not leave him. Now, he swoops in and really does save her. He rescues her from Hell on earth and he fixes her and gives her a new life and promises to protect her. She is his. She is his child and in her mind, he is her father, her savior and her whole world. Eric is screwed. Sookie can’t be deprogrammed or unbrainwashed or put in therapy like Patti Herst. She is his MF child. She will have crazy vamp powers from being fae and an I uber-vamp for a daddy. Russell did not turn her because of her powers or because he was enamoured with her blood. He turned her because he loves her. He will never let her go without a fight. Eric is also screwed because the fae are going to blame him & Pam for what happened. They are going to want Russell’s head or Eric’s.

  13. Cotharach says:

    After all this I think Sookie is due one hell of a rampage. Debbie deserves a long, drawn out torture that strikes at her both physically and mentally. Maybe be forced to admit all her sins to Alcide as msbuffy suggested, but I also want Sookie to get her pound of flesh from Debbie many times over. Bill and Pam also need to suffer… greatly. As of the last chapter, Pam had no remorse for her behavior and just being sent away by Eric isn’t enough in my opinion. (Yeah, I’m feeling a bit blood-thirsty.) I so hope Sookie rises with her fae powers heightened and is an uber badass. Bring on the wrath of Sookie!

    • MistressCinder says:

      I agree with you about Debbie. No Mercy! I am curious how she will feel about Pam. I am thinking she will not want revenge on her because all of the weres are dead & what Pam did lead her to Russell. In her mind right now, Russell = happiness, love & acceptance.

  14. desireecarbenell says:

    I am not sure why Russell left her in charge but if she ran with all the blood that Russell has given her he would be able to track her. So getting away from him with out an end Russell plan in not a viable option. I hope she has some great vamp gifts. I hope that having a 3,000 year old maker makes her a really strong newborn.

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