Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-Four


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The House That Built Me

The next night Eric and Nora flew to Sookie’s old home, knocking on the back door.

Russell opened the door and let them in, leading them into the living room where Sookie was lying on the couch. She had had a bad night and was recovering as best she could as they waited for the fairy takeout.

“Are you alright?” Eric asked, looking at her.

“I’ve been better,” Sookie admitted. “I think I had a little too much excitement last night.”

He looked at her, analyzing her features, what she was favoring, anything that seemed off. “Tonight should be the last you need to worry,” he said with a nod.

Pulling herself into a sitting position, Sookie grimaced as a wave of pain hit her. “I hope so,” she moaned, “I’m ready for this to be over.”

“I’m not sure who Niall will send but he won’t let it go without a reply.”

“He’ll show up eventually,” Nora said, as she took a seat on the chair opposite the couch. “I personally hope he sends one of his pains in the ass granddaughters.”

Eric looked over; just noticing Nora and Russell had joined them.

“Why’s that?” Russell asked.

“They’re a pair of haughty bitches who use magic to get what they want,” Nora replied, her eyes flashing with anger at the thought of fairy princesses.

“I know of them. But I was asking for specifics,” Russell said unapologetically.

Nora cast her eyes to Eric. It was his story to tell; he had been the victim of their magic.

Eric shook his head slightly. It was nothing he wanted to recall.

“The two of them were more of a hindrance than a help when we were looking for Sookie,” Nora replied, refusing to break Eric’s confidence. “For every lead we got they delayed us from following it. It’s only by the grace of my husband that they’re still alive. I would’ve drained them both twelve years ago.”

Russell nodded, but hadn’t missed the exchange between Nora and her brother. “Do you need some of my blood for strength, Sookie?” He didn’t feel any remaining silver in his body. Between the blood he drank last night at the Authority and when they returned, and the bit of blood his child had given him before her pains hit her, his body felt purged of the silver.

“Please,” Sookie replied. She needed to be as strong as she could for when the fairy arrived. She knew Russell would prevent him or her from leaving, but she didn’t want to appear weak.

He picked her up from her seat and sat down, placing her in his lap. His wrist was extended before her mouth so she could tear into it.

Sookie snaked her tongue and licked his wrist, she knew she didn’t have to, he would heal regardless of what she did, but it had been something she had done before she was even turned and it gave her comfort. Dropping her fangs, she sank them into his wrist and moaned as his blood flowed into her mouth. Russell closed his eyes, feeling the stirrings of sexual pleasure from her pulls, even though it was a person whom he had never viewed sexually. The simple act of drawing on his blood was connected so closely to his cock.

Eric looked away, not wanting to watch Russell doing for her what was so intimate of an act. He walked towards the windows by the front of the house to watch for their visitors.

Sookie pulled away when she had had enough and licked her lips. “Thank you,” She said, never forgetting her manners. Russell’s wrist healed quickly and he kissed her forehead before standing up and placing her back down on the couch.

“Anything yet?” he asked Eric. Eric shook his head in response.

“Have you drained any fairies?” Sookie asked, not directing to the question to any one person. She knew Russell had, the two of them had torn apart a few in Ireland.

“Almost recently,” Eric thought with a smile. He had been gaining on a fairy when they had almost come to blows when he disappeared, called back to their realm. “And centuries ago with Godric we indulged in a few.”

“They’re delicious,” Sookie replied with a giggle. “They’re not fond of lemons though.”

“Or iron,” Nora added with a smirk.

“Do you have either?” Eric asked, slightly concerned she was unprepared.

“Of course,” Sookie replied, like he was silly for even asking. “There’s lemon juice and iron bars in the kitchen.”

Eric nodded, just having needed the confirmation. However, a hard knock on the front door alerted them someone was there.

Sookie’s eyes darted to the door as a smile lit up her face, “That’s not a fairy at the door,” she said almost giddily.

Eric looked to Sookie for permission before opening the front door. His name was on the deed after all, and the good people of Bon Temps expected him to answer whenever anyone was there.

“Is it true?” Jason asked, as soon as the door was opened. “Is Sookie alive?” Word had spread like wildfire through Bon Temps that his sister had been sighted and was back and he needed to know if it was true.

Eric pushed the door open the rest of the way begrudgingly. Jason had been better than Compton, but rather than asking Eric for help with the bills, he had sold everything off after less than a year. While they initially united in his search for Jason’s sister, the way he had easily dismissed her as having died never sat well with Eric.

Jason froze as he stepped inside the house, his heart pounded wildly in his chest as tears sprang to his eyes, “Sook?” he questioned, as he saw her sitting on the couch. He looked to Eric for confirmation that it was really his sister he was seeing.

Eric nodded and closed the door. He planned on keeping an eye on the window, just in case Niall or his messenger showed up.

“How?” Jason said, as his feet finally started to move forward, he barely noticed anyone else in the room, his eyes focused on his sister. “Sook, is that really you?”

“Yes,” Sookie replied softly, as she made a move to stand up. “I’m back.”

Russell held her down by the shoulder. He eyeballed the man. Jason was in his early 40’s now. He was still handsome, but had a distinguished quality to him. It wasn’t that that made Russell weary. It was the handgun holstered to his belt. “Your firearm,” Russell said, not mincing words. “If you expect to approach my child it had better not have silver or wooden bullets.”

Jason moved his eyes from Sookie to Russell and back again, “You’re a vampire, Sook?” he said, making Sookie snort.

“Still smart as a whip, Jason,” Sookie replied with a smile. “Yes, I’m a vampire.”

“Okay,” Jason said simply, as he removed his gun and laid it on the coffee table. He honestly didn’t care that Sookie was a vampire; he was just happy to see her again and know that she was alive. He had given her up for dead twelve years ago. The pain of losing her had just about killed him, and he was never happier to be wrong.

Russell rolled his eyes. Sookie had said her brother was a little slow. But not realizing she hadn’t aged since he last saw her was a little much. Eric snorted at the simple response as well.

Ya look great,” Jason said, as he closed the distance between them. “Ya won’t bite me if I hug ya, will ya?”

“No, Jason, I won’t. I can control myself,” Sookie laughed, as she stood up, her spirits high at seeing her brother.

That was all Jason needed to hear. Before Sookie could blink, Jason had her wrapped up in a fierce bear hug. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too,” Sookie replied, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Russell watched the display, happy for his child. She had occasionally spoken of her family, but didn’t often dwell on them. He knew of Jason, Hadley, and Hunter — her blood family — and Lafayette, Tara, and Sam — her friends. So focused on the fairies, they hadn’t spent time yet to see what had come of them all. Her brother, who she had spoken of most when she worried about what would come of him, was alive and still in Bon Temps, apparently working for the local police force.

Releasing her from his hug, Jason lifted his hands and cupped her face, “Where have been been?” he asked. “We all thought you were dead.”

“I technically am dead, Jason,” Sookie replied with a giggle. “It’s a long story and I don’t really have time to get into it tonight. We’re expecting guests.”

“Maybe you could return tomorrow? We don’t know how long our meeting tonight will take,” Russell suggested.

Jason looked from Sookie to Russell only really noticing him for the first time. “You promise ya’ll be here,” he said. “Ya not gonna disappear. Little Susie needs to meet her auntie Sookie.”

Eric smiled to himself. Jason’s young daughter was sweet, and looked so much like pictures Jason had showed him from when Sookie was young. Even though Eric had disagreed with Jason, he had kept an eye on the man and now on his family. He needed to ensure, if Sookie was allowed to come back, that she would have a good family in addition to a decent home.

“We’ll be here, Jason,” Sookie promised. “I want to meet my niece. We’ll catch up tomorrow.”

Russell saw the man stalling, so he locked his eyes on Jason’s. “You will return with your family tomorrow after nightfall.” They had little time to waste.

Jason nodded and did as he was instructed. Sookie watched as he walked out the door, a smile tugging her lips, “He looks well.”

“His family is doing well,” Eric said with a nod.

“He broke a few hearts when he got married,” Nora added with a smile. “Little Jessica was positively heartbroken.”

“Jessica? As in Bill’s child?” Sookie questioned.

Eric nodded. “She works for the AVL with your ex. But at one time, she and your brother had a fling. He wanted more serious, and she didn’t; didn’t stop her from being upset when he moved on and settled down.”

“It didn’t stop her throwing a fit every time Jason fucked another woman either,” Nora said, recalling witnessing more than one of the baby vampires temper tantrum.

“Modern teenagers are young and stupid,” Russell responded, knowing how different it was even a hundred years ago.

“And with a maker like Compton it’s no surprise she is still so stupid,” Nora replied. “They both think their position in the AVL gives them free rein to do as they please.”

Russell loved gossip and anything else he could potentially use against anyone; “Really? What did she do?”

“Tried to attack a Queen,” Nora said, a smile curling her lips. Russell wasn’t the only one who loved gossip, the Authority thrived on it; she knew almost everything that went on in her area. “Drained a few humans, and rumor has it she fucked Salome as well.”

“Well, I’d like to see that,” Russell said with a laugh.

“She didn’t hurt Jason, did she?” Sookie asked. It sounded like Jessica had embraced her vampire side and Sookie didn’t have a problem with that, lord knows she certainly had, but if she hurt her brother she would be sorry.

“She tried to glamor him into breaking off his engagement, but we stopped her,” Nora answered. “She knows if she hurts your brother in any way she would have to answer,” she flicked a finger between herself and Eric “to us.”

Eric nodded and was about to respond, but what he saw through the window stopped him. Anger flowed through his veins and his fangs ran out. “She’s here.”

“Who?” Russell asked, wondering if he meant Jessica or a fairy.


“Rip the bitch’s throat out, Sookie,” Nora growled, her eyes flashing dangerously at the mention of the fairies name.

Russell nodded to Sookie and sent her his considerable strength. “She is your blood.”

“Then she is mine,” Sookie growled, bolstered by the strength she was getting from her maker.

There was a knock on the door. Eric stepped back and even stepped into the kitchen, letting Sookie answer it. She, after all, would be who Claudette would be expecting.

Claudette smiled as the door was opened. “Cousin,” she greeted, careful not to get too close. “It’s good to finally meet you.”

“Won’t you come in?” Sookie said the picture of Southern manners.

Russell was on alert, iron dagger in his pocket. He smirked at the fairy, eyeballing her. “Welcome to our humble abode!”

Claudette eyed Russell with suspicion, his reputation was well known even among the Fae and he wasn’t someone to turn your back on. She nodded, but made no attempt to enter the house. “You’ll forgive me if I’m cautious.”

“Well of course. So why did Niall send his famed Claudette to greet my Sookie?” Russell asked.

“Grandfather couldn’t come himself and Claudine is busy taking care of her family,” Claudette replied, moving her eyes from Russell to Sookie. “She is sorry, but she couldn’t leave them. I was the only one available.”

Russell nodded, but would not relax with his child exposed to the fairy.

“Eric,” Claudette purred, a smile lighting up her face as she thought of the Viking vampire. She hadn’t forgotten their time together, although she was sure he would have liked to, “said you wanted to meet, that you had some questions.”

Sookie frowned at the way Claudette said Eric’s name and she wondered if that had something to do with why Nora hated her so much.

Eric held back a growl, but instead silently slipped out the back door and circled the house to come up behind her.

“He’s a tasty vampire,” Claudette said as she licked her lips. “Talented too.”

“I haven’t had the pleasure,” Russell said lightly.

“It’s a shame. He goes all out,” Claudette recalled with a shudder.

Eric waited out of sight, knowing that an element of surprise would be needed. And Claudette had yet to advance why she was there or let down her guard. Besides, Eric hadn’t mentioned she had questions, just that she was found alive and in her home.

“You fucked Eric?” Sookie said, not really caring either way, but talk of him was certainly distracting the fairy.

“I did,” Claudette moaned. “Didn’t he tell you?”

Eric stepped on the porch being her. Anger colored his features as he replied, “I remember it differently.”

“Eric!” Claudette cried, as she whirled around to face him.

He stepped forward aggressively, trying to drive her into the house. If she touched him, it would take a lot of strength for him to remember that Sookie needed her blood, and he couldn’t just kill her.

Claudette took a step back as she eyed Eric, “What are you doing here?”

“I wasn’t sure who Niall would send. Or what his purposes would be,” Eric responded. “So tell me, Claudette, why did Niall send you? You were always his brawn.”

“I told them, the others are busy,” Claudette replied, as she tried to put some distance between them all. They were caging her in and she didn’t like it.

Eric leaned against the doorjamb. “And is Niall’s messenger armed?”

Claudette smirked as she held her hands up, “No. But you can search me if you like. If you find one you can spank me,” she purred, as she ran her eyes over him. “It’ll be just like old times.”

“Like old times when you drugged me?” Eric asked, his voice hard and angry.

“She drugged you?” Sookie asked in disgust, moving her attention to Eric.

“Or used magic. Either way, I never would have fucked you,” Eric said with a sneer.

“You keep telling yourself that,” Claudette snorted, “but you loved every second of it. You forgot all about my little cousin while you were between my legs.”

Eric sneered at her and stepped forward again aggressively. “I’m pretty sure you need to drug every one of your bedmates then. If you really believe you’re that good.”

“You screamed my name and begged for more,” Claudette taunted. “You came inside me so many times I was dripping with your cum.”

“And don’t think you’ll get away with it,” Eric said. He glanced to Sookie, but never let his guard down.

Sookie took a step out onto the porch as Claudette focused on Eric. The news that her cousin had used magic to force Eric into fucking her turned her stomach. It was no different from what those Were’s did to her. She flicked her eyes to Russell as she crept closer. Her maker only encouraged her with a discreet nod. He was close enough that at his age he could intercept Claudette if she made a move against his daughter.

“And what did stealing my blood, do for you, anyways? Niall supports V-addicted fairies now?” Eric asked scathingly.

Sookie’s eyes widened at Eric’s words. Fairies were taking V? That was interesting. She took a step closer, her feet barely making a sound as she crept over the porch, just a few more steps and she would be there.

“Did it give you dreams?” Eric asked, staring at her. He needed to keep her attention while Sookie advanced. “It gives the humans dreams. I bet that’s why you’re so hung up on it.” He took a small step to her. “It increases sex drive too. I bet you went wild after.”

Claudette flushed as she recalled some of the dreams she had had after taking his blood. The things he would do to her in them were bordering on illegal, and she loved every second of it.

“But don’t think there was a thing you did that I liked, Claudette,” Eric said angrily.

“Who are you trying to fool?” Claudette asked her focus solely on him. “You would come so hard in my mouth.”

Just a little bit farther, Sookie silently encouraged herself. She was almost there.

“And had you not used magic to force me, it wouldn’t have happened,” Eric growled. He stepped forward towards her.

Claudette took a step backwards, right into Sookie’s waiting arms. “Well, that was easier than I thought it would be,” she remarked, as she tightened her arms around Claudette, holding her still.

Eric didn’t relax. He had his eyes on Claudette, watching her every movement to ensure she wouldn’t turn and try to attack Sookie.

Claudette struggled in Sookie’s hold as she tried to get free. Her eyes widened in fear when she realized she couldn’t teleport away. “How?” she cried, thrashing wildly.

Russell also stepped out on the porch. He took the fairy’s hair in his hands and grasped firmly. “Don’t be dense, Claudette,” he said.

“Cousin,” Claudette pleaded. “How can you do this?”

“You poisoned me,” Sookie spat, taking a guess.

Claudette’s reaction confirmed it and Russell extended his fangs to cue Sookie. Bad guys in the movies talked too much and wound up dead. She was better off just draining Claudette and healing.

Sookie nodded before biting down hard and sinking her fangs deep into Claudette’s neck. She moaned loudly as her sweet tasting blood filled her mouth, she swallowed all she could, the magical properties of Claudette’s blood healing her and making her whole again.

Eric watched feeling oddly vindicated even though he wouldn’t be the one to kill her. But after all of the crap the fairies had put them through and his own turmoil with Claudette, it was no surprise he felt satisfied.

Sookie licked her lips as the last drop of blood slid down her throat. She watched as Claudette turned to dust before turning to Russell, “That was fun,” she said before she fell over.

“Sookie!” Eric cried, rushing forward. Russell already had her in his arms and was pulling her into the house.

“Princess,” Russell said, stroking her face as they settled on the couch.

Sookie giggled as she stared up at him, she lifted her hand and gently tapped his nose, “I didn’t save any for you,” she said.

“It’s okay; I’ve had plenty before you,” Russell said with a smirk. She had gotten a bit drunk before in Ireland, but never to the extent where she was falling over.

“Eric!” Sookie cried, noticing him watching her intently. “You can kill the next one,” she whisper/shouted as she attempted to sit up. “They all need to be punished.” Russell helped her sit up and smiled when she was so unsteady.

Eric nodded. “Your grandfather seems to be up to something,” Eric said, only half trying to speak to her seriously. He smirked to Nora about the young drunk vampire.

“It makes you stronger,” Sookie sang, as she climbed to her feet uneasily. “Dance with me,” she added, directing the request at no one in particular as she started to sway to the music only she could hear.

Russell stood up and slipped his arms around his child. He was weary to make sure the blood worked. And he didn’t want Sookie to fall down. He let Sookie lead, only keeping her from pulling them both over and knocking into things.

Eric was less jubilant. Though he had worked with Sookie to kill Claudette, he had also had to deal with her taunts and the memories connected.

Nora watched with a small smile as Sookie lead Russell around the room; she certainly looked in better spirits, unlike her brother. Stepping up behind him, she placed a hand on his back. “Bad memories?” she guessed, having heard what the fairy bitch had said to him.

“I do not want to speak of it,” he said.

Nora nodded, respecting her brother’s wishes, they had spoken of it once and that was enough. “Did you ever think you would see that?” she asked, jerking her head at Sookie and Russell.

“No, and I’m not sure how I feel about it,” Eric said.

“She looks happy,” Nora remarked, “and she’s alive, that is the main thing.”

“Are you okay?” Russell asked Sookie, not sure how good she would be for a serious conversation. But she also had to have realized Eric had been essentially raped.

Sookie laid her head on Russell’s chest as she continued to sway slightly, “They were no better than the Weres,” she said, switching to Romani without even realizing. It had become a custom to them to speak in it whenever a troubling subject was brought up and they needed privacy.

“Explain,” Russell said, resting his chin on her head.

“She used magic to take away his control, to violate him,” Sookie replied, as she wrapped her arms around his waist. “They used force to take away mine, but it’s the same thing. They’re still rapists.”

“Yes, they are,” he said, stroking her hair. “Are you feeling okay? No pain? No weariness? Other than being obviously intoxicated, you seem lucid.”

Sookie raised her head and smiled brightly, “I feel great, better than I did after the Irish ones.”

“Do you think it worked?” Russell asked, knowing she was the best judge of her own wellbeing.

Sookie took a moment to assess herself; she felt lighter, freer, there was no heaviness that seemed to have been weighing her down for the last eight months, nor was there any pain. “I do,” she said with a small nod. “I think it did.”

He felt a weight lift from himself, and he relaxed slightly. “We still need to be aware,” he continued. “We do not know their endgame,” he said, referring to the vampires in the room with them. “And we do not know what the Fae were trying to accomplish.”

“It makes you stronger,” Sookie said, repeating her words from earlier. “It made me stronger.”

“What do you mean?” Russell asked.

Sliding her hand down his arms, Sookie rubbed her thumb over his wrist, “It made me stronger before I was turned,” she said, hoping he would get her meaning.

“And you think that’s what she was after?” Russell mused.

“It could be just a coincidence, but they declared me dead twelve years ago…” she trailed off, as she turned her head to the side and eyed Eric and Nora, “What month was it when they told you I was dead?” she asked, switching back to English.

“It was in early Spring,” Eric said, remembering the cold of Hungary. “March.”

Sookie nodded as she turned her gaze back to Russell, “It was when I was at my strongest,” she recalled. “You remember the month leading up to it. I could use my light without really having to try and my shields were stronger, it was why I didn’t suspect what the…” she trailed off again, not wanting to open old wounds.

“It would explain why she bit me and drank my blood,” Eric finished.

“It’s also more proof to them knowing where Sookie was,” Nora put forth.

“This was before you were turned?” Eric asked.

“Yes,” Sookie nodded.

“Were you in Hungary at all around then?” he asked, intently. “I smelled your scent — on some Weres…” Eric trailed off, the same as she had, not wanting to open old wounds, though she had more of an idea than he had about her situation.

“No,” Sookie replied, “It wasn’t until after I was turned did we start traveling. If they carried my scent it was because…” she stiffened in Russell’s arms not wanting to finish her sentence.

Russell held her and nodded slightly, confirming to Eric that he was right in ripping them apart. “If it helps at all, they were dead within twenty minutes of me smelling you on them,” Eric said softly.

“Thank you,” Sookie said, her voice slightly muffled.

Eric only nodded. “Feeling better?” he asked her.

“Much,” Sookie grinned, happy to have the conversation off the Weres. “She really hit the spot other fairies can’t reach.”

“Good,” Eric said with a smirk.

In the meantime, Nora received a text from Roman. They need to take care of the AVL. Seriously, can’t stand those motherfuckers anymore.

Nora grinned as she read the message, “It seems my husband has finally had enough of the AVL. He wishes for you to take care of them.”

“We can do that,” Russell said with a nod. “We’ll just need them in one location, even at the Authority would work.”

“That should be easier to arrange,” Nora replied. She fired off a message to Roman and waited for his reply. Nora was just as eager to have the AVL taken care of as Roman. They had been a thorn in her side as well for the last eleven years. Both Salome and Nan had opposed her taking the role of Queen of Louisiana; a few years after she had taken the position, Salome had tried to use the AVL to have her removed. The biblical vampire had claimed Nora had only been given the state because she was the Guardian’s whore. Unfortunately for Salome and Nan, Nora’s record spoke for itself and the fact that she had turned the state around and was now thriving was all the proof the AVL needed at that time to offer her their backing, but that was before they had broken away from the Authority and before Nan had cleaned house of all those who didn’t agree with her.

“Is it just Salome, Nan and Compton?” Russell asked, making sure they knew who.

“Those are the main ones,” Nora replied. “If you take them out Roman and Dieter are confident the rest will fall in line. Those are the ones calling the most trouble.”

“And you had Salome half filleted, yet you didn’t kill her?” Russell asked, slightly annoyed.

“We didn’t,” Nora admitted. “But only because Dieter has been interrogating her. She hasn’t healed.”

“Did Dieter find anything?” Eric asked.

“He found out the Queen of New Jersey and the King of Georgia are in bed with the AVL… and Salome,” Nora replied. “He also found out Compton wants Sookie.”

“No surprise there,” Eric said, rolling his eyes. He looked to Sookie to see her response to both the news and his reaction.

“He’s thirteen years too late,” Sookie replied, turning in Russell’s arms so her back was pressed against his chest and she was facing Eric and Nora.

Eric nodded, but Russell looked at Nora. “Anything else?”

“Nan is trying to have you brought up on charges and have Sookie removed from your care,” Nora replied “for her own safety. Roman told her to go fuck one of her strapons, but don’t be surprised if you don’t get a visit from some representatives soon.”

Russell laughed, “Because Nan Flanagan can make me do anything, even with her fake storm troopers.”

“The only person Nan can make do anything is Compton,” Nora smirked, thinking of the video she had of those two.

Eric chuckled, but didn’t go into detail either.

“I’m not sure I wanna know,” Sookie said, seeing the amused looks on Eric and Nora’s faces.

“Oh, I do!” Russell said with a laugh as he cupped his hands jokingly over Sookie’s ears. “Tell daddy.”

“Let’s just say Nan’s a fan of pegging,” Nora replied, as Sookie slapped at Russell’s hands playfully.

“Ooh, I bet he takes a big one for her,” Russell said with a laugh. “Good for her, though. He’s certainly not my taste.”

“Without drugging people with blood, he’s no one’s taste,” Sookie said with a hint of bite.

Russell gently kissed the top of her head and whispered in Romani, “Soon.”

“So we take out the AVL and then what?” Sookie asked.

“And then your maker becomes a Chancellor and you and I work for the Authority in other capacities,” Eric responded. “If you choose to stay in Area 5, there are other requirements, but nothing too taxing.”

Sookie looked over her shoulder to Russell to see if he was okay with that, “They won’t try to separate us?”

“I would never let them,” he said, stroking her hair again.

“We can stay for a while then?” Sookie asked, directing the question to Russell.

Russell looked to Eric and Nora, examining their reactions. Eric looked weary and hopeful at the same time, assumedly wanting Sookie around, but unsure of Russell’s own position. He knew eventually they would come to blows, and more than likely one of them would die. After all, Russell had killed his family and Eric had than done the same. But if Sookie wanted him alive, which she seemed to at the moment, Russell wouldn’t kill Eric.

“As long as Roman is in charge of the Authority you won’t have to worry about anyone trying to separate you,” Nora said.

Nora seemed to respect Russell enough, but she was worried about Eric still. “If you want, Princess,” Russell whispered in Romani to her ear.

“As long as I can stay with you,” Sookie replied, turning in his arms to face him.

“If you want to be here, we can. I’ll be with you no matter what,” Russell nodded to her.

“I want to see my niece,” Sookie said. “But if they cause trouble, we’ll go.” she smiled up at him, her eyes clear of all pain for the first time in months, “you’re still my daddy.”

“I’m glad you’re back, Sunshine,” Russell whispered in English.

Sookie wrapped her arms around Russell and hugged him tight. The last eight months had been hell on both of them as she was happy to be back to her old self.

Eric nodded and motioned to Nora. “We should head out. I can speak with you tomorrow night about the duties to the area and kingdom. Would you like to come to Fangtasia, or I could come here.”

Sookie looked to Russell to see if he had a preference; she was concerned about seeing Pam again with her mind clear, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to control herself.

“You can come here. All we have planned for tomorrow is meeting with Jason’s family,” Russell said. “Let me know when everyone is in one location,” he said to Nora with a nod.

“It will take a few nights to organize without them being suspicious, but I will see Roman tonight and see if we can arrange it for this weekend,” Nora said. “It will give you a few nights to settle in and make sure everything is okay.”

Russell nodded and said, “Tomorrow,” to Eric as the pair walked out.

“What do you think?” Nora asked once they were clear of the house.

“She seems better. He seems cooperative though understandably weary. Was there something else you’re referring to?” Eric asked.

“No,” Nora replied with a shake of her head. “I will go and check in with Roman and report.”

“I’m sure I’ll check in sometime tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes here,” Eric said.

“Not too early,” Nora replied with a cheeky grin. “I haven’t spent any quality time with my husband in almost a year.”

Eric shook his head with a small chuckle, and took off to Fangtasia.


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    One less fairy. Is there going to be a vamp fairy war? They deliberately left Sookie to be tortured & raped then demanded money as compensation. Maybe war against the sky fairies. Interesting chapter. Looking forward to more chapters. Thankyou.

  3. Carol Abramson says:

    One fairy down, so many more to go. I’m looking forward to Pam getting her as kicked by Sookie but it might not be so easy given that Eric trained Pam and Russell trained Sookie. A Battle Royall? One can only hope.

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