Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-Nine


AttM 29

The Pathfinder and The Prophetess

“Are you sure you want to move this room around? It seems like a shrine to your grandmother still and I’m sure it would be nicer having your own space to store your things, but I also know how much you care about her,” Russell added.

“I’m sure,” Sookie replied. “Gran would’ve tanned my hide if I left her room exactly the way it was anyway. She would tell me to remember the past but don’t live in it.”

“Alright,” Russell said, getting on one side to help her move the bed without damaging the antique furniture. “Where’s the bed going?”

“On the other wall,” Sookie replied, jerking her head in the direction of the opposite wall.

He helped her move it, but a spot on the floor caught his attention. Once they placed the bed down where Sookie indicated, he stepped over to it, feeling for a spot in the floor that was off.

“Something wrong?” Sookie asked, as she looked up.

Russell kneeled down at the indentation. “Magic,” he said. He ran his fingers across the plank of floor and his fingers caught in a hidden hold. He looked at her quickly before prying the floorboard up.

“What the…” Sookie trailed off as she saw Russell remove something from under the floorboard.

He placed a box down on the floor and replaced the board. “Have you seen this, Princess?”

Sookie shook her head as she kneeled down and ran her hand over the box. “No,” she replied.

“Don’t,” he stopped her, pulling her hands away. “Magic. Always get it checked. Who knows what it could be.” he warned.

Sookie shifted backwards as she nodded. “I wonder how long it has been there?”

“Do you know any local witches?” Russell asked. “I don’t think we should touch whatever is in here until we get it figured out.” He hadn’t lived 3000 years by throwing caution into the wind.

Sookie shook her head as she eyed the box, “None that I know about. Eric or Nora might know of some though.”

Russell shook his head, pulled out his phone and dialed a number. “I know your rate, but this isn’t medical,” he began as soon as the person answered.

Sookie arched a brow as she listened to her maker.

“I’m sure you know where we are and I know this would interest you,” he added. With her confirmation, Russell hung up. “Did you ever meet a nosy little elf in your time here? Claims to be a healer?”

“Dr Ludwig?”

“Yes. She’s something of an expert in magical items as well; she would need to be with her training. She’s coming.”

“I’ve only met her once and she wasn’t very nice,” Sookie recalled.

“And I’m sure you would’ve said the same about me from our first meeting,” he replied with a small smile.

“True,” Sookie admitted. “And I was in a lot of pain when I met her.”

A sharp knock was heard from the front door.

“That was quick,” Sookie remarked, as she rose to her feet.

The front door swung open before Sookie could get to it, and the small woman walked in. She scowled, looking around, her tongue flicking out to taste the air. “Why do I sense fae artifacts, Russell?” she asked, not bothering with niceties.

“Because there is one here. And as this is the descendent of Niall’s home, there may be more for all we know.”

“Can you tell what it is, Doctor?” Sookie asked, as she took a step towards Russell. “Are they fae trying to curse and kill me again?”

“Well, I’ll have to see it first, girl. Nice to see I won’t have to heal your injuries again,” Ludwig said, studying her briefly before walking uninvited into the house and to the bedroom where the box was located.

“Just as charming as I remember,” Sookie snorted.

“Just frankness,” Russell replied.

“So can you tell us what it is?” Sookie asked, as she stepped back into the bedroom.

“Nothing that will harm me,” Ludwig replied, lifting the lid. She pulled out an old scroll and laid it out on the floor. Her hand simultaneously smoothed the old parchment and wiped off the dust.

“But will it harm us?” Sookie questioned.

“Not on its own,” she replied, reading it. She looked at Russell briefly and sighed. “Girl, come here. Let me examine you.”

Sookie exchanged a look with Russell before doing as the Doctor ordered. “What’s going on?”

Ludwig grabbed her hands, tracing her palm lines. Her tongue snaked out and she licked one. She pulled on Sookie’s arm, surprisingly strong. She grabbed Sookie’s face in both hands and looked in her eyes closely. She then pressed her nose to the young vampire’s ear. She pulled in a deep breath.

“So you can still use your light?” Ludwig asked, not answering her question.

“I can,” Sookie admitted. “It’s stronger than ever.”

“This is a contract. Blood on vellum. ‘5th of August 1940 I N. B. Stackhouse, in reference to our binding agreement, do grant Mister D. Warlow my first fae-bearing female heir.’”

“What the fuck?” Sookie cursed, as she looked to Russell for explanation.

Russell merely looked at Ludwig. “What does that mean for her now?”

“Potentially nothing. You cannot bear children. However, you could have. It may cause problems. Or nothing may happen.”

“I’ve never even heard of a N. B. Stackhouse,” Sookie said.

“Regardless. That’s what it says and it is the gravest contract we have. Pun intended,” she replied blandly.

“What do we do?” Sookie asked, directing the question to her maker.

“We can put feelers out, but for now, we don’t know enough. There’s nowhere you can look to see who N. B. Stackhouse was?”

Gran researched all the Stackhouse’s when she married granddaddy Earl. I’ve seen the family tree she made. I don’t know that name,” Sookie said. “But we could look in the family bible, Gran was always adding stuff to that.”

He nodded. “Anything else, Ludwig?”

The elf cocked an eyebrow. “Don’t touch it. And you’ll get my bill.” Then she popped out.



13 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-Nine

  1. msbuffy says:

    Thanks for the bonus chapter! That was a nice surprise & a terrific one at that! So, this is an interesting plot twist. Sookie’s no longer fae-baring so would this not make the contract null & void? And…if it so happens that NB is Niall, then Sookie never was a Brigant so it now makes sense that they would extort money from the vamps and also try to kill her. Fucking faeries!! Always love to see Dr. Ludwig in any story! Can’t wait for Sunday now!

  2. MistressCinder says:

    Wow! I forgot about Warlow ! Holy crap! Is he going to still want Sookie even though she can’t have children? Eric & Russell will fight to the death to protect her. But I wonder if he is gonna set his sights on her niece instead?!? You have me in a tizzy…

    • msbuffy says:

      OOH! Thanks for the reminder, MC! I forgot all about her niece! That takes my thoughts in a completely different direction! Now I’m in a tizzy as well!

  3. jxadams says:

    On no! Not Warlow! More intrigue. What is going to happen with Russell? Is that why Warlow is being bought into the plot? Great chapter. Looking forward to finding out what happens (especially Eric’s reaction). Thankyou.

  4. redjane12 says:

    Midweek chapter!!! YAY that is a cheery event… Good that Russell is cautious and even after the TB clusterf**k that the Warlow story ended up being, I trust this will be SO MUCH BETTER since here Sookie (or the intended victim of this shameful contract which I fear may be Jason’s daughter) will be defended by Russell, Eric and their merry band of faery and faepire destroyers… I hated the faeries in the books, they were a waste of time on TB and I love what you are doing with them (and to them soon, right?) here in the story…

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