Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-One


AttM 21

Creeping Death

“What the hell is going on here?” Russell yelled, and it was the first thing Sookie heard as she came out of her day rest.

Looking around the cell they were in, Sookie frowned as she tried to make sense of what was going on. Where the hell were they? The last thing she remembered was Russell laying her down on the bed in the cubby Eric had built in her home.

An hour before sunrise, the pains had hit her again. This time Sookie had been more lucid. She had thankfully taken the time to look around and see the improvements Eric had made on the house. It had been painted. The interior was redone. But there were many elements from when she had lived there that still remained. She could smell him — Eric obviously visited her home fairly frequently. And he had built a hidden cubby with locks and security for them to sleep in. She had been so happy to be in the familiar. It had been thirteen years since she had been home.

When the pain hit, Russell took her into the cubby and laid her down on the bed. He wrapped the covers tightly around her, tucking her in. His hand stroked her forehead, and he only left to ensure they were secured in the space.

Pulling herself into a sitting position, Sookie cast her eyes over the cell, “Where are we?”

“The Authority and AVL headquarters,” Russell answered. He had been here before, as a guest when he had been King of Mississippi. “Did you get anything from them last night, implying this would happen?” he asked.

Sookie shook her head “No, they were being honest.” Closing her eyes, she cocked her head to the side as she put her telepathy to work. “Silly puppets, never learn; there are humans here,” she added, as she opened her eyes and looked at her maker, a twisted smile spreading across her face. “He is a very bad doggie. Can I punish him?”

“Of course! I would never deny you what you are so good at!” Russell had been having her assist him in his punishing since she was still human. It was beautiful the way Sookie would cut into his Weres who had stepped out of line and needed to learn their place.


“What do you mean he tried to touch you?!” Russell shouted, his anger was not directed at Sookie; the person to whom he was speaking but to the Were who had tried to assault her.

Sookie rolled up her sleeves and showed Russell the finger shaped marks on her arm from where she had been grabbed. “He tried to manhandle me back into my room. He said I wasn’t allowed to be outside, and he would punish me for it,” she explained.

“What did you do to him after?” He asked her in Ancient Greek.

A sinister smile lit up Sookie’s face as she pushed her sleeve down. “I showed him why it was a bad idea,” she replied in the same language. “He will never lay his hands on me again. He can’t,” she shrugged, her voice took on a mocking tone as she added, “the poor dear lost them.”

Another three months had passed since Russell offered to teach her Greek and a lot had changed. The Weres were not permitted to touch her at all anymore. She was allowed free run of the house and had wardrobes full of beautiful and expensive clothes. Her ability to punish all those who did wrong was her favorite change. At least once a week she would sit beside Russell and offer suggestions when his Weres had broken his rules. Russell would often let her punish them herself, and she had to admit she took a great amount of pleasure, cutting into the flesh of the Weres, especially when it was one of those who had hurt her. Their screams of pains were music to her ears and it just proved she was stronger than them.

“Did you also punish Petey?” Russell questioned.

Sookie shook her head as she answered, “No, I haven’t even seen him today.”

“We’ve gone over this,” he scolded gently. “Not only is the perpetrator of the crime punished, but the Packmaster is as well. Petey should have had better control over Bob’s actions. He would have were he doing his job as Packmaster. Therefore, both must be punished.” Russell pulled Sookie off her bed, where they had been sitting. “Let’s go find Petey.”

“Right,” Sookie nodded, as she fell into step beside Russell. “Petey is responsible for his own actions as well as everyone else’s. It’s his job to make sure everyone follows your rules. What are we gonna do to him?”

“What do you recommend?” Russell questioned switching to French now, trying to teach her and get her to recall their lessons.

“We could break his fingers,” Sookie replied, slipping into French. She still hadn’t mastered it completely and her accent was off, but she was getting better every day. “Or make him some silver gloves out of one of the silver nets.”

“I like your first idea, personally. Make the penalty slightly less than the one his underling suffered, but still something to make him remember the crime. How did you remove Bob’s hands?” he switched to Cantonese. They had gone through the basics of a number of languages in the first month. Sookie was a quick study really. She was smart when she wasn’t overwhelmed with the minds of others. Russell had even begun teaching her the languages he knew many authorities of America used, including Old Norse.

“With a butcher’s knife,” Sookie answered, switching to the new language without even realizing it. “I was in the kitchen when he accosted me. It was the nearest thing to me. I had to incapacitate him first, a frying pan helped with that.”

Russell nodded. “Good use of your surroundings,” he praised as they arrived at the Were’s dormitory. “Petey!” He called. When he had the Were’s attention, he was behind him before the Packmaster could blink. “I hear Bob touched what’s mine.” He had Petey’s neck grasped roughly in his hand. He walked the large man out to the Were’s punishment area.

Putting his hands in place, Russell said to Sookie, still in Cantonese, “Show me the knot you would use to secure his hands.”

Grabbing some rope, Sookie looped it around Petey’s wrists before pulling it tight and knotting it.

“Good,” Russell said. “Now immobilize him.” He wanted to see how she decided to keep him from moving.

Looking around the room, Sookie smiled as she saw the baseball bat she had used to knock Betsy’s teeth out after she had spat at her just a few days ago in the corner. Picking it up, she swung it at Petey’s knee before he had a chance to react. The amount of blood she had taken over the last fifteen months had increased her strength and she grinned as she heard him let out a cry of pain as he dropped to the floor. Sookie brought the bat down again over his back before throwing it to the side and grabbing another piece of rope, this time she tied his legs together.

“Well, that’s creative,” Russell said. “I did only mean with the rope, but that will work as well.” Her sadism had reached new levels with her Were tormentors. “Now . . . for his punishment.” He pulled the Were up and placed him on the table, holding his wrists down so his hands were available to her. Petey was whimpering, his kneecap was shattered, and it felt like his back might be broken. He couldn’t believe that that wasn’t the full extent of his punishment. He couldn’t control everything his pack did, but saying that aloud would only worsen the pain, he had learned.

“You don’t have to say it aloud, Petey,” Sookie said “I can hear it anyway.”

He cringed, waiting for the pain. The waiting was almost as bad. “What did you hear, Sunshine?” Russell asked.

“He was thinking he couldn’t control everything his pack does,” Sookie replied. “He shouldn’t be Packmaster if he can’t make them follow your rules.”

Russell nodded and looked pointedly to Petey’s hands. “You can decide the punishment for that as well; though I will carry it out, but first his punishment for not controlling Bob.”

Taking a step towards Petey, Sookie smiled. “Do you remember my first punishment Petey?” She asked, a dark look entering her eyes. “How you took my fingers,” she reached for his hand and pried it open “and bent them back,” her fingers wrapped around one of his, “and did this.” she bent it back until she heard it snap.

A loud yell welled up in the Packmaster’s throat. He remembered breaking her finger, and fought to live in that sensation he had than in the present, but the pain kept him from doing so. “Please!” he cried out.

“Please,” Sookie repeated with a snort. “You beg like a little bitch. I never begged when you broke mine.” Gripping his other fingers, Sookie repeated the action, breaking each of his fingers in turn.

Petey cried out in pain as she took her time, bending each finger back. He knew there was nothing to be done, but he still struggled in Russell’s grip.

“Very good, Sookie,” Russell said once she was finished. “Now how do you suggest I punish him for his rebellious thoughts?”

Mmm,” Sookie pondered, as she took a step back. “You could break his toes as well. Or pull out all his teeth.”

Russell laughed lightly, “Remember, we need to be fair as well. You shattered his kneecap and broke all the fingers on his hand. His back seems just badly bruised. We just need to assert my authority and remind Petey of his place.”

“Okay,” Sookie nodded. “If he can’t control his pack maybe they should control him. Or give them all an incentive to obey you. If one steps out of line, they all suffer the consequences,” she suggested.

“Good thinking out of the box!” Russell praised. “Here is my typical punishment for the Packmaster’s poor way of thinking.” His fangs descended and he slammed them painfully into Petey’s neck. Pulling them out, he let the wound bleed a little before he spit on the bite, making the blood stop, but leaving the mark very visible.

“This asserts my control and shows his disgrace to his pack,” he explained.

“Like a brand,” Sookie mused. “Not a mark of respect, but of disgrace.”

“Exactly! And I always do it on the same side as his brand showing he is of my pack.”

“You show he was chosen, but also not above the rules. That you’re the one always in charge.”

“All right, Petey!” he said, pulling the whimpering Were upright. He dragged the Packmaster back towards the dormitories and planted Petey on his bed. Grabbing the nearest Were he told her, “Tell the Weres, any one Were steps out of line with what’s mine and you will ALL be punished.”

“I think he soiled himself,” Sookie said disdainfully, as she wrinkled her nose.

Climbing off the bed, Sookie walked towards Russell and wrapped her arms around him from behind, resting her head against his back. “It was the worm,” she said in a whisper using the language they had picked up from the Romani. “He told them we were back.”

“Not that I’m surprised he stayed to eavesdrop . . .” Russell said in the same language, relaxing a little into her hold. “How are you feeling?” He asked, concerned if this would delay her healing or even make her worse.

Sookie took a second to take stock of how she felt. She wasn’t feeling any major pain, in fact, she felt quite good. “Okay,” she answered cautiously, expecting the pain to return at any second. “I think they might have been a portal in the area last night. I feel… similar to how I did after the Irish ones.”

He nodded. “That’s a good thing. Hopefully we can get this treated soon.” He put her hands in his to loosen her hold and turned around to face her. “Can you get anything from them, we can use?” Russell asked, plainly calculating.

Closing her eyes, she dropped her shields and sifted through all the minds in the building. “A human in the office three floors up is practically shitting themselves thinking you’re gonna eat her.”

Russell laughed and asked again in the Romani language, “I meant, can you hear anything from the vampires?”

“Empty, empty, empty,” Sookie counted off as she moved from one mind to the next. “Nan is here, she in a meeting with someone; I can’t see who, but Bill is there. “ Eww,” Sookie said suddenly shivering in disgust. “She was so turned on by the news we’d returned, she fucked Bill up the ass with a strap on. They want something from you, but I can’t hear what. They’re thinking around it.”

“You’ll learn soon, dear, that they always want something,” Russell said. She hadn’t told him anything he hadn’t suspected. Once she mentioned the bad doggie, he knew Bill would be here to claim his reward for capturing the dangerous Edgington.

“The Magister is here and he’s not happy,” Sookie said, as she looked up and opened her eyes.

Russell nodded. Dieter apparently was a good Magister. He tended to be firm, fair, and extremely inventive with his sentencing.

“It’s not just us he’s not happy with,” Sookie told him with a smile. “He’s pissed at the three bitches as well.”

“Maybe, my dear, you can help them thin the herd.” His lips went to her ear as he whispered the names of various targets. “Are you ready to show off?”

“Oh yes,” Sookie purred. “And I can still play with the bad doggie?”

“I’m sure you can find some way to make him pay,” Russell said with a nod. He began hurling things at the silver bars and causing a ruckus, anything to get attention.

A guard came in with a vampire. Salome was swinging her hips as she stepped up to the bars. “Oh dear, Russell . . . Look at the mess you’ve gotten yourself into.”

“You’re right, Daddy, she does look like a whore,” Sookie said, with an innocent smile.

Russell smirked, “Salome, your reputation precedes you!” He said good-naturedly.

Salome stared at them, before instructing the guard. “Just him into Room 2. She can stay here and rot for all I care.”

“Naughty lady is going to be punished,” Sookie sang, as she took a step back from Russell. “Oh how she’ll cry.”

Salome looked at Sookie incredulously as the guard stepped into their cell. She followed him. Silver cuffs wrapped around Russell’s wrists when he didn’t resist. They pulled him out before closing and locking the silver bars back in place.

Salome grabbed Russell’s arm and stroked it, walking him towards the exit of this grouping of cells. “Don’t worry, Sweetheart,” she calls out to Sookie. “I’m sure you will have a visitor soon. We have a meeting once I’m done with Russell here, but I hear Bill wants a word with you.”

“I do hope they are, ‘Ow, stop it, that hurts,’ I’ve longed to hear him say those words,” Sookie said with a wistful sigh as she turned to sit on the small cots mattress. “Remember to tip her when she’s done, Daddy.”

Russell laughed as Salome gripped harder on his arm, bringing him away from his child and towards Room 2. “Salome, haven’t you licked enough shit kickers clean to be above this station now?” he asked her.

She growled. “No, your disappearance helped fuck me over.” The guard pushed open the door to Room 2. There was a chair and medical set up near it. That was it. Salome took Russell over to the chair and latched him in once she rid him of his cuffs. Dismissing the guard, she closed and locked the door. She went to a corner of the room and detached a few wires.

“Now we won’t be bothered,” she said, having disconnected the surveillance system in the room. She hooked Russell up to the silver injection system and went to sit on a chair across from him.

Sookie closed her eyes and counted to three hundred as she waited, once she was satisfied no one was near, she opened her eyes and went into action. Envisioning the corridor outside the cells, she projected her image into it; much in the same way she tormented Pam the night before. It was a unique gift she had; she and Russell used it often. It seemed her fairy side was good for something else than a high. She could manipulate light anyway, she wanted. Pulling the light in the cell around her, she concealed herself from view and waited. The fun was about to start.

A stampede of feet was heard less than two minutes later. Whoever was watching the cameras was good. They had mustered the troops quickly, deploying them immediately. Most were heading to where she was projected, but some came into the corridor where Sookie was contained.

“How the fuck did she get out?” a burly vampire groused as he stared into the seemingly empty cell. “Nan’s gonna have our balls for this.”

“Not if we get her back in before she finds out,” a redhead vampire replied, as he unlocked the silver bars of the cell. He frowned as he stepped inside the cell. “The cell was locked.”

A human guard, dressed all in black, followed him in as well. He began looking around, trying to find any weakness in the bars, any holes in the floors. Nothing seemed amiss.

Idiots, Sookie thought as she slipped through the open cell. She paused for a brief second, tempted to lock them in the cell, but she decided not to show her tricks just yet. Gliding down the corridor, she followed the bond towards her maker. She knew that bitch Salome was torturing him and she wanted to show her why it was a bad idea.

In Room 2, Russell sat, looking stoic as silver was injected into his body. “Really Salome? You think I will help you kill Roman? Two thousand years old and you’re still a power-hungry little girl.”

“Somebody’s being naughty,” Sookie sang, still concealed from view as she slipped unnoticed into the room. “Whatever shall we do?”

Russell only smiled, refusing to show the pain of the silver. Salome spun around, fangs out, looking where she had heard Sookie’s voice. She didn’t know Sookie was out of her cell, but figured she had fled the room trying to draw her out when Salome saw Sookie wasn’t with them. She stepped to the doorway and called “Come back, girl!” Then she pressed the button again to inject more silver into Russell.

“I’m still here,” Sookie whispered, “I never left and I never will.”

Salome spun around, her fangs out and a hiss. Russell just smiled. “She disconnected the camera already.”

“Oh goody, it saves me a job.” Lifting her hand, Sookie revealed herself as she let her light flow and blasted Salome across the room. “Stay,” she ordered with a wag of her finger before pulling the straps off Russell.

“You’re magnificent, Princess,” he said, standing up. He wouldn’t show it, but the silver injections definitely slowed him. He would need to feed and maybe even share blood with Sookie.

Sookie grinned at the praises before turning to face the slumped Salome, “I promised you would cry,” she said darkly. “Should we see if we can make her scream as well?”

“Let me see you work, Sookie. Show a two thousand-year-old vampire how it’s done,” Russell said to her.

“You think I’ll cry for you?!” Salome said, using the table to help drag herself off the floor.

“I think you will scream, cry, and offer to sell me your soul before I’m done,” Sookie replied. “But don’t take my word for it, let me show you.”

“You can try,” Salome said. An infant vampire wouldn’t be able to subdue her without Russell’s help, so if he stayed out of it, as he said, she didn’t see how Sookie would be able to accomplish anything she boasted.

“I’ll do more than try,” Sookie promised, as she blasted her with the light again. She concentrated it on Salome’s legs, burning her skin off. She laughed as the scent of charred flesh filled the room.

Salome hissed and stifled a cry. It felt like pure sunlight on her legs. She backed away, trying to shield herself with anything she could, but the bare room made that difficult.

“We can do better than that,” Sookie taunted, as she advanced on the old vampire. Blasting her with a quick burst, Sookie sped towards her and yanked her up. Throwing her towards the chair, “I wanna play with that,” she growled.

Salome stumbled backwards and against the chair. This vampire is too strong, Salome thought. Vampires had been destroyed before if they showed too much power. She would need to petition to the Guardian for this girl’s death. She was uncontrollable. She could control sunlight in her palms, disappear, who knows what else? She struggled to stay standing as her legs and other areas that had been burned healed themselves.

Russell, however, assisted her into the seat. That was where Sookie wanted her. So he sat Salome down and strapped her to the chair. Even though he hadn’t fought hard, Russell had tested the straps. No amount of vampire strength could break the straps made of silver covered with leather.

Gliding to Russell’s side, Sookie lifted herself up onto her tiptoes and pressed a kiss to his cheek, “Thank you,” she cooed before turning her full attention to Salome. “Let’s see what we have to play with.” Sookie danced around the room as she took stock of everything the Authority had to offer. She pouted as she realized how little they truly had. “No fair,” she grumbled. “They don’t have any of our toys.” Letting out a huff, she eyed the liquid silver contraption. “I suppose this will have to do.” She took a few minutes to familiarize herself with the item before smiling brightly. “Wherever shall we stick the needles?” She ran the one of the needles down Salome’s body, tutting as she struggled under her binding. “Shouldn’t do that,” she added, as she jammed one of them painfully into the other woman’s breast. Humming softly, Sookie flicked the switch and sent the silver into Salome’s body.

Salome cried out as silver was injected directly into her breast tissue, letting out a scream before she could catch it. “Y-you’ll be killed,” she stuttered out. She gritted her teeth and her head rolled back in pain.

Sookie laughed as she sent another dose of silver into Salome. “Now why would they kill us when we have so much more to offer? Our talents don’t lie between our legs unlike yours.” Turning her head to face Russell, Sookie frowned as she saw the effects the silver had on him. She moved her hair off her neck, silently offering him her blood if he so desired. “What did she want?”

“Later -” Russell said, in response to the blood. Sookie was weak enough already with the fairy poison; they needed to tie the Authority in a neat little bow in order to leave easily. “She wanted me to destroy the Guardian, the Magister, and our Queen for her,” he responded to her question.

Pulling the needle out of Salome’s breast, Sookie scored it over the restrained vampire’s flesh before stabbing into her other breast and giving her another dose of silver. “Now why would she want those three dead?”

Salome screamed; her chest felt like it was being rested on a bed of red coals. The silver was penetrating her system slowly, since it was going into flesh rather than into her bloodstream.

“Power; Roman kicked her out of his bed, Dieter aligns with Roman, and Nora is the third most powerful Chancellor beyond those two,” Russell said, informing his child.

“Now that’s just naughty,” Sookie chided, flicking Salome on the nose. “If you want someone killed, you should do it yourself. We do.”

Salome looked to Sookie. There was really nothing she could do. Whatever this sadistic fucked up baby vampire decided was what would happen to her.

Sookie looked up suddenly as she heard voices drawing nearer, she nodded her head in the direction of the door informing her maker of their soon to be guests. She sent one last dose of silver into Salome before she dropped the plunger and took a step back. “Maybe he kicked you out of his bed because you were a terrible lay.”

“I’ve been known for prowess for over two thousand years,” Salome said.

There was a sharp knock on the door. “Chancellor Agrippa,” a human guard called. “I need to come inspect to ensure there’s no chance for the escapee to be in there.”

“And he still replaced you with the Queen,” Sookie whispered. She smiled at Russell as she added, “Should we invite him in?”

“One human, alone?” Russell asked. When she nodded, his fangs popped out, showing his intent.

Sookie bounced on her toes as she watched her maker. “Invite him in,” she ordered Salome, but got no reply. “Always have to do things the hard way.” She shook her head as she crossed the short distance to the door. “Hi,” she greeted, as she opened the door and yanked the man inside.

“Thank you, dear,” Russell said, grabbing the man and latching onto his neck before he could scream. His hand covered the guard’s mouth and he drank down all of his blood. When his bloodbag was empty, Russell tossed it on the table, now empty. The guard went a ways to helping his recovery, which seemed to be quicker in all things since his fifteen-month diet of fairy blood.

Sookie giggled as she watched Russell toss the man on the table. “None left for you,” she taunted Salome. “But it seems more are coming.


15 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-One

  1. Viviidity says:

    Okay, so, Sookie and Russell are at the AVL headquarters. I wonder how they were transported there? It must have happened during the day time. Bill is the worm I assume.

    Sookie is incredibly powerful and unstable. I wonder if Eric or someone else is going to stabilise her or if she’ll always be a bit twisted? I quite like twisted Sookie.

    I honestly cannot see where this story is going, which definitely isn’t a bad thing, it just means that the plot isn’t stereotypical. I can’t see how Sookie is going to get better or how she’s going to build a relationship with Eric. I’m very interested to see how these things will play out.

    Looking forward to the next one!

  2. racecz5 says:

    I enjoyed the flashback; Sookie getting some payback with the Were’s was a great idea especially since she was still human. Sookie may be twisted but it is understandable after her very long torture at Russell’s hands and the Were pack.

    I’m looking forward to reading about their time in the AVL and I can’t wait for the worm to show his face. I love a powerful Sookie and your delivering in spades.

    My only disappointment is that there are no more chapters to read! Thanks for writing!!

  3. Duckbutt says:

    Such a powerful vampire Sookie is. And a bit unstable. Does this have to do with the fae poisoning she’s suffering from? If cured of that –do some of her fae-based powers go away? And Russell –while he does want her cured, does feed into her darker nature –they are quite a pair.
    Ahhhh…Compton –can’t wait for Sookie to play with that young one…..
    Great update, ladies!

  4. msbuffy says:

    Wow. Sookie’s psychotic, or putting on a terrific act for Russell. That’s a helluva an act for 13 years, so I’m going with Sookie being psychotic. I’m a little confused though. If Nan & Bill know that Russell & Sookie are at Authority Headquarters, how is it that Eric & Co. don’t know they are there? Nora’s Queen, and still an Authority Chancellor, while Roman is now a King as well as remaining Authority Guardian if I’m following correctly. With these two now having been captured, I don’t understand how Eric wouldn’t be informed of this and not fly off to NOLA at first sundown to see Sookie. Maybe I’ve missed something. I guess I’ll just have to read it over again! Such a hardship! Looking forward to more!

  5. marilyn59 says:

    ! Ship ! I Was Thinking They Had Russell At Least For A Little While, Oh Well Maybe The More Sookie Is In Her Home Maybe The More She Will Feel For Eric ,,, “”HOPE””

  6. pk22477 says:

    Wow. Thank you for the update. I love it. I can’t wait for more. I am still hoping for a happily ever after for Eric and Sookie and for Sookie to regain her mind.

  7. nancy517 says:

    I love it when Sookie shows off her bad sadistic side. The worst thing anybody can do is underestimate Sookie assuming she’s a powerless baby vampire.

    I loved exciting scenes. Thank you for sharing your awesome story with me!! 😀

  8. Loftin says:

    Wow! For some reason I stopped getting updates on this. I thought the story was on hold and then I stumbled on to your page thru another writers FAVs and voila…her you are with so many lovely chapters just waiting for me to enjoy. Can’t wait for more.

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