Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-Seven


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Tear Away

Eric popped his head into the room where Nan, Salome, and Russell, along with a number of guards, were located. “Nan — Roman said he needs to speak with you.”

She looked over at him, a scowl on her face. Why the fuck was he even here? She had noticed the old vampire was here more and more often. He was often here when his Queen was. She stood up, a superior look on her face. At least Northman was reduced to being a messenger boy. She followed him into the hall. “Where is he?” she asked, seeing both him and Nora waiting.

“Who?” Nora asked with a smirk.

“I don’t have time for games, girl. Roman. I was told he needed me.”

“I haven’t seen him since he left my bed earlier,” Nora said with a shrug. “Eric, have you seen him?”

Eric grinned, his fangs popping out, and he shook his head.

“What the fuck is going on here then?” Nan asked, accusing.

“Pest control I believe I’d call it,” Nora replied, dropping her fangs. “We’ve been infected.”

Nan popped her own fangs and looked between the two of them. “What the fuck do you want?”

“Nan, I’ve wanted you dead, ever since you spoke the way you did to our maker,” Eric replied, stepping towards her.

“You’re siblings?!” Nan said, caught by surprise at the information.

“How has no one killed you before now?” Nora scoffed. “The fact that I’ve called him brother in front of you, never tipped you off?”

“Brother…” Nan stammered, looking between the two of them. “I figured it was just one of those things like they used to say in the Black areas in the 70s!”

Nora stared at Nan in disgust, “You really are a stupid cunt, aren’t you? Even your little pet Compton knew we shared a maker.”

“Okay, you share a maker. So get out of my way. I have a 3,000-year-old vampire to stake.”

Nora laughed at Nan, “You really think you could stake Edgington?”

“I can and I will. Now get the fuck out of my way, Chancellor.”

“Sorry, spokeswoman,” Nora replied, mocking Nan’s only real title. “But we can’t do that.”

“Well then what can you do? Certainly you don’t expect to be able to kill Russell yourself. We have the strike team ready to go in there as soon as I give the word.”

“She still doesn’t get it, brother,” Nora laughed. Eric shook his head and tsked his tongue, scoldingly.

Nan pulled out her walkie-talkie that connected her to the guards. But Eric snatched it and crushed it before she could do anything. Beginning to get the picture, Nan backed up slightly, hunching defensively. “You’ll never get away with it.”

“Who’s going to stop us?” Nora asked, as she advanced on her slowly, toying with her.

Nan looked around her quickly, she was in one of the interrogation rooms that only had one doorway in — the one Eric was currently leaning against.

“I think she is finally getting it, brother,” Nora smirked.

“You won’t get away with it. Roman and the AVL will take you both out,” Nan snarled.

“I’m not too worried about the AVL, and as for Roman,” Nora smirked as she flicked her eyes to Eric and then back to Nan, “who do you think gave the order?”

“If only you had kept your bitch mouth shut when we were in Dallas with Godric…” Eric said.

“You never had the authority to remove him from his position.” Nora growled, anger leaking through into her voice.

“Oh, but if I went on TV, all I’d need to say is he was a lunatic suicidal vampire — which he was — and then the Authority couldn’t have afforded to keep him on! So I expedited the process.”

“You would have also ended up chained in silver and buried for ten years,” Nora replied, “this way you just get to die.”

“No one would have done shit to me, smartass. I’m on TV. You can’t touch me.”

“I’d like to test that theory. Brother, would you?” Nora said.

Eric smirked. Vamping up to her and roughly grabbing her arm before just tearing it off. “That’ll take at least a month to regrow, Nan. No TV for now. We need a new spokesman anyway, so why keep you alive?”

“Why indeed,” Nora agreed, as she listened to Nan scream in pain. “I think we should go for someone much younger this time. Not some hardfaced looking bitch.”

“Fuck you bitch!” Nan said, trying to get out of the door while Eric was distracted with tossing her arm away.

“Not even with ‘Mister Big’.” Nora snorted, cutting off her escape.

With her remaining arm, Nan swung a fist at Nora’s head, but didn’t anticipate being grabbed from behind by Eric.

“How did you survive so long?” Nora asked.

“Let go of me! You fucking traitors!”

“Why would we want to do that when we are about to have so much fun?” Nora questioned, as she pulled a stake out of her back pocket.

Nan struggled hard in Eric’s hold. So Eric gripped her neck and lifted her up by her head. “Don’t struggle too hard now, Nan. Or you might just disconnect your spine.”

“And that would be just terrible,” Nora chortled. “Face it, Nan, you’re screwed.”

“Fuck you. You belong in hell with your fucking maker.” She yelped as Eric squeezed harder on her neck.

“I say we rip her tongue out and shove it up her pussy,” Nora growled, incensed at the mention of her maker — of their maker.

“She’d like that too much,” Eric responded. “But feel free, dear sister.”

“I think I will pass, we’ve seen some of the things she’s shoved up her cunt, I might lose an arm.”

Eric laughed. “You could probably fit one in it.”

Taking the stake, Nora ran it down Nan’s chest as Eric held her still, “Nan, you’re fired.”

Nan growled and Eric held her still for his sister. “Fuck yo–”

“Sorry, you’re not my type,” Nora replied before pushing the stake into her chest. Eric let go as Nan dissolved into a bloody mess. He watched as Nan’s remains slopped to the ground and became a pool of blood, intestines, and — he laughed — implants — in a B-cup chest. Pointing them out to Nora, he smirked, “Maybe she was a man?”

“It wouldn’t surprise me.”

Eric smirked caressing her breasts. “But I know these are real. Though not the biggest.” He was teasing her.

“You’ve never complained before.” Nora replied, as she pulled her shirt tight against her chest.

“I like your boobs.” he said adolescently.

“They’re nice,” she said, pulling the front of her shirt down and looking down it.

“Let me see — I need another look to judge.” Eric teased, knowing it wouldn’t go too far with Sookie back.

Nora pulled her shirt further away from her body as she bent forward, giving him a good look down her top. “Well?”

“Like I said, nice as always.” he winked and smacked her ass, and questioned, “I wonder how Russell fared with Salome.”

“He’s probably peeling her skin off as we speak,” Nora replied. “And Roman is… Oh…” she trailed off as she got a tap on Roman’s feelings. She looked to Eric and wondered if she should tell him just what her husband was feeling. “Roman’s fine.”

Eric nodded, a little perturbed by her stammer and surprise. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing,” Nora replied averting her eyes. “Probably just killed Compton is all.” She hoped he wouldn’t push it; she didn’t want to tell him that she was feeling lust from Roman and a lot of it. It was obvious to her that her husband was fucking Sookie.

Eric nodded, “Let’s check on Edgington?”

“Yes, Edgington.” Nora replied, a little too enthusiastically. She bit back a moan as she felt Roman’s pleasure. Their bond really did pop up at the most inappropriate of times. She was getting wet just feeling what he was.

“Excited to see Edgington?” Eric asked, his eyebrows raised as he smelled her pussy dampen.

“Of course…” Nora trailed off as a moan escaped her lips. What the fuck were those two doing?

Eric’s eyes darkened. “Do not lie to me, Nora. What is going on?”

“Nothing,” Nora lied, trying to get herself under control.

“I said do not lie,” Eric growled, growing angry. Even with Sookie’s reappearance, he was in the habit of having a short temper and little patience for fuckery.

“Roman is just… feeling a lot of things,” Nora said lamely. “We shared blood earlier and I’m tapped into his emotions.”

Eric growled and stalked off, intent on finding him. If Sookie was hurt, he swore to his gods that he would rip Roman apart, Guardian and husband of his sister notwithstanding.

“They’re fucking!” Nora cried out, stopping him in his tracks.

Eric stilled. His face became stoic, and he stared down the hall for a moment before he turned and nodded. “We should see if Russell needs any help with Salome,” he said blankly.

“Eric,” Nora said wearily, not wanting to set him off.

“It’s fine, Nora,” Eric barked, entering Russell’s room after knocking once.

“Of course it is,” Nora mumbled under her breath. “My husband is fucking the woman you have been in love with for the last thirteen years.” as she entered the room.

Eric ignored her as he surveyed the room. Russell was sitting in the chair, feeling his child’s emotions, while there was a bloody pile on the table next to where he had perched his feet.

“Have fun?” Nora asked.

“Oh, plenty,” Russell said with a savage smirk.

Nan had left a moment ago, called out by Eric, and leaving him with Salome. She had had a wonderful time when he was last here, filling his veins with silver. Well, before she was silvered and burned by his child.

“You should have agreed to my deal,” Salome said, as she circled the table.

“I still can,” Russell prompted, looking at her sideways. “Ever think that tying me to a chair and shoving silver in my veins isn’t the best way to get my cooperation? Offer me the blood of Lilith, the slaughter of humans, and some delicious men for me to pound into submission, well maybe then I’ll agree.”

Salome stilled, her eyes flicking over him at his words, “I can do that,” she said slowly. “But your child is a danger to us all.”

“Only because she kicked your ass, Salome,” Russell taunted. “Scared?”

“She can’t be controlled,” Salome growled. “She is too powerful. She must be destroyed.”

He growled right back, his hands curling into fists. “She listens to me and never say that again,” Russell said gruffly.

“She is a liability,” Salome argued. “Completely insane. She calls you daddy.”

His fangs clicked out and he backhanded her hard, sending her sprawling across the room. “She is my child. And she will be healed!”

Salome crashed into the wall under the force of his hit, the plaster breaking cracking. “She will get you killed.”

“No, Salome,” Russell said, stalking over. He grabbed her by the throat, lifted her up and slammed her back down on the table. “She will get you killed.” With that, he whipped out a stake and drove it through the bitch’s heart. He dusted off his suit, making himself more bloody before retaking his seat at the table. He had just propped his feet up and leaned back when Eric and Nora knocked and entered.

“Did she try to convince you to join her again?” Nora asked, as she examined the bloody remains of Salome.

“Yes. I’m afraid she is — or was that predictable.” Russell drawled.

“She’s tried to recruit us all at one point or another.” Nora snorted.

“What’d she promise you?” Russell asked with a smirk. He was watching them carefully. Something was wrong between the siblings, with Eric especially. They didn’t smell of sex, but Eric was standing there, arms crossed as he leaned against a wall. He was staring down at the table, at Salome’s remains.

“The blood of Lilith,” Nora replied, mocking the way Salome spoke. “Power, money, sex. I already have all of those things and I didn’t have to worship no stupid fucking fake vampire god to get them.”

“Touché,” Russell said.

“Of course I did let her go down on me before I told her to go fuck herself,” Nora smirked.

“Not something I’m interested in!” he teased.

“Shame Kibwe wasn’t around to offer,” Nora smirked. “Now he had a mouth on him. Dieter said he sucked like a hoover.”

There was another knock on the door and Sookie and Roman stepped in the room, both redressed and sated.

Sookie walked towards Russell and dropped herself down in his lap, her arm going around his shoulders. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Not as much as you!” he said, eyes twinkling. His hand raised up to stroke her back gently.

Sookie smiled proudly, not an ounce of shame in her, “They all dead?”

Russell nodded and looked to Nora and Roman, the orchestrators of their night’s entertainment.

“It will probably just be minor disputes from now on,” Nora said, stepping closer to Roman and putting herself between him and Eric. The last thing she wanted was for her brother to lose it and attack the head of the Authority and her husband. She could smell Sookie and sex all over him, so she knew Eric could as well. Given how the scent clung to him, to them both, she knew they had both cum quite a few times.

Roman was either oblivious to all of the tension or he was ignoring it. “You and your child will continue to reside in Louisiana?” he asked for confirmation.

Russell looked at his child to answer him.

“We will,” Sookie replied.

“Then you will work for the Authority and follow every law laid out for you as is required of all other vampires in Area 5 and Louisiana. For the Authority, we are going to restructure. Obviously this current system is not working, as it allowed so many Sanguinistas into ruling power. Russell, I need your mind to help me figure out how to lay it out,” Roman declared.

“I could help with that,” Sookie offered. She chuckled as she saw the skeptical looks on all their faces, with the exception of her maker. “What you think cause I’m young I’m stupid and don’t know how anything works? You’ve got Kings and Queens who bought or fucked their way to power.”

“Or were placed there by Nan and her cronies,” Eric added with a nod. He was blank, but for a split second, almost looked as proud as Russell did.

“You need to do the human thing when things are not going well and have an audit,” Sookie said. “No more free rides for those who spread them wide.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Roman said, sitting at the table and ignoring Salome’s goop. “Tell me more.”

“Disband the AVL and replace it with something else.” Sookie suggested. “You’ve had two major forces fighting over power. The Authority and the AVL. You all gave Nan too much power; the bitch said it herself thirteen years ago. ‘I’m on TV, I can do whatever I want.’ Also, whose stupid idea was it to have Nan as your spokesperson? I’m sure she gave loads nightmares every time she came on TV.”

Roman chuckled and nodded. “Would you like to be on television, sweetie?”

“Not exactly what I had in mind,” Sookie replied with a smile.

Russell looked at the Guardian before prompting, “Why not, Princess? You’re the perfect southern belle. Beautiful, sexy and you could definitely charm a crowd, even when speaking to a camera.”

“You really think so?” Sookie asked, some of her old insecurities spilling through.

“Yeah. You’d be perfect,” Eric said for him.

“Okay,” Sookie nodded.

“That’s settled. So I’ll work on breaking up the AVL and you will be the Authority’s spokesman. Christopher is still good working for the White House — he’s my child,” Roman explained to them.

“Woman,” Sookie corrected with a smile. “Who will I be working with?”

“Eric, actually. He’ll be a Chancellor or whatever we call the new positions. But his focus is security. You’ll be with him whenever working for the Authority. Beyond that, we’ll employ the best filmographers, cosmetologists, and writers to assist you,” Roman reasoned.

Sookie looked to Eric briefly before she nodded, “Okay.”

“That’s the AVL,” Roman added. “It’ll exist in name only with Sookie and Chris as the visible elements. The Authority will be the only ruling body in the States.”

“Many Kings and Queens will need to be replaced,” Nora put forth as she moved closer to the table.

“Any ideas for that? Or consolidation?” Roman prompted.

“The Queen of New Jersey and the King of Georgia will definitely need to go,” Nora said. “They were both in bed with the AVL and Salome. We can either replace them and countless others or restructure the entire system. Widen the borders, appoint our own state leaders, seconds, etc.”

“If we were restructuring, what would you envision?” Roman asked her since she suggested it.

“Rework the borders and place a council in each of them,” Nora suggested. “The monarch’s answer to the council and the council answer to us, the Authority.”

“We could have Justine, Emile, and Xiu oversee areas of the States. Maybe Bashir and Nailah could handle Canada,” Roman agreed.

“That could work,” Nora said with a nod. “They’re loyal to the Authority.”

“I’ll ask them and I will be asking soon for recommendations for some new monarchies,” Roman warned.

“Not thinking of replacing me in Louisiana, are you?” Nora joked, as she thought over those who would be suitable and those who wouldn’t.

“Not unless Eric wants to be my wife,” he replied.

“I’m not sure you would survive the wedding night,” Nora whispered, seeing the look on her brother’s face. It was clear he still wasn’t happy.

“Well then,” Roman said, unperturbed. He knew that Eric wouldn’t do anything. “Anything else? I should probably tell the AVL they’re done.”

“I think that is it for now,” Nora said, casting her eyes over the other vampires in the room.

Eric pressed off the wall and walked out of the room after a general respectful nod to everyone.

Russell tsked his tongue against his teeth, scoldingly.

“Oh, I hope he doesn’t kill anyone,” Nora mumbled, as she watched him go.

“He needs to be reminded of his place,” Russell said, annoyed.

“He needs to calm down before he does something stupid,” Nora countered heatedly. “He doesn’t think straight where certain people are concerned.”

“Well, I’ll make sure he’s straight,” Russell growled. He was defensive of his Princess. He wanted to stalk after the vampire and rip his heart out.

“He’d never harm her,” Nora said. “He’s just…” she trailed off not wanting to say he was jealous aloud.

“Yet he needs to be taken down a peg nonetheless,” Russell added.

“If he needs to be taken down a peg, I will be the one to do it as his Queen,” Nora said firmly.

“Or, as her maker,” Russell said, pulling Sookie closer, “I’ll do it. Any action he takes, even his little temper tantrum here, could hurt her. And I won’t stand for it.”

Nora let out a breath she didn’t need, the last place she wanted to be was between Eric and Russell, they were both much older than her and she wouldn’t stand a chance. “I will talk to him,” she said before walking out the room.

Roman shook his head. “If you’ll excuse me. I’ll call.” He left the room as well.

“Can we go home now?” Sookie asked. “I need a shower.”

“You don’t want to talk about what just happened?” Russell prompted.

“About what? I killed Bill, finally.” Sookie shrugged.

“No telling me not to rip Northman a new asshole?” Russell said with a playful tone.

“Well, don’t do that,” Sookie replied with a smile. “You two are never gonna get on, I know that. But for now you’re gonna have to put your differences aside.”

“Sookie,” Russell said sternly. “You need to learn I will not tolerate anything that will hurt you. And his actions, even without words, do hurt you.” He could feel in their bond the slight twinge of emotion when Eric didn’t look at her and just left.

“I know,” Sookie said softly. He had been protecting her since before she was even turned, despite their less painful beginning, Sookie knew Russell loved her. “He was…”

“He will be punished.”

“He was jealous,” Sookie said simply. The moment she walked in the room, she could practically feel Eric’s jealousy, it was practically a living thing. “He knows what I was doing and with who and he didn’t like it.”

“Irrelevant. He will not hurt you more with impunity.”

“Do you remember the first time you felt me get aroused after the whole Were thing?” Sookie asked, her lips curling into a smile at the memory. “You broke the man’s hand and threatened to feed him his cock if he touched me again. It was a shock to you, as it was a shock to Eric. But, Russell, you’ve never had those kind of feelings for me. If he ever hurts me, I will stand aside and let you do as you please, but please, let it go this time.”

“I was right to threaten that man. You told me the kind of thoughts he was having later. And they weren’t right for my Princess,” Russell said stubbornly.

“Then you really don’t want to know what I was doing with Roman,” Sookie teased.

“You do not understand, Sookie. While I may have gotten you out of the trade, Eric took Talbot from me. He took advantage of his vulnerability and then he staked him. That on top of this is my breaking point. Any more bullshit. I can’t guarantee he’ll survive.”

“And I’m sure he knows that, and if he doesn’t his Queen does,” Sookie said. “I fear we have a fight ahead of us Russell, there’s a change in the air. We need to be united for it.”

“We’ll see…”



27 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-Seven

  1. Adriana says:

    Oh dear. The irrational jealousy. Well, duh, Eric. What did you expect? You have no claim to her and you fuck Nora with impunity so, honestly, good on Sookie for getting some lovin’. of her own. The Guardian is not clueless, he just does not care. 🙂

    And, a twofer this time, Nan and Salome! LOVED IT! Those two hags needed to go.

  2. racecz5 says:

    Thanks for the informative chapter. I loved Russell’s explanation to Sookie on why Eric’s going to die again if he hurts her. Bringing up Talbot brought it wonderfully together. Looking forward to next Sunday.

  3. lilloucfer says:

    Great chapter! I’m glad that while understanding Eric’s jealousy, Sookie is not making excuses for what she did – Eric has not been a saint himself during their separation! Can’t wait to see what happens next – can’t wait for next week!

  4. Sharee says:

    I can’t remember if you have brought up the fact that Russell was responsible for the killing of Eric’s family and if Sookie knows about. If anything it was an eye for an eye. Russell took Eric’s family and Eric took Russell’s. Then on top of that the only reason that Russell took Sookie in the first place was because he knew Eric was in love with Sookie and it would hurt him to loose two of the three most important women in his life. Sookie with her death, Pam with her betrayal. On some level Sookie had to now that Eric would not react well to whatever her and Roman were doing and he has the right to his emotions and if that means that he did not feel the need to bow down and kiss her ass because she was in the room, I say good for Eric. I would love to know what Russell thinks Eric’s place is? It’s funny that Russell can kill and take at will, but no one can return the favor in kind to him.

    • Loftin says:

      Yeah, what y’all said damnit!! Lol! I’m still wondering when the heck Sookie will finally get that Eric was and is in love with her and tried to protect her from the beginning. No, Eric wasn’t a saint while she was gone but he certainly hasn’t flaunted anyone in her face. I’m just hoping this is all an act somehow on Sookie’s part to finally get the upper hand and end Russell. She can’t really love him after everything he out her thru can she? I’m dying for more! Fabulous update.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Russell is inherently selfish. He doesn’t care, with the exception of Sookie, about other people’s pain. He only cares about his own. I’m gonna have to go back and read myself, but I don’t think we ever mentioned that Russell knew why Eric killed Talbot. He just knows that he did. Sookie knew Eric was looking for the Nazi werewolves, but I don’t think she was aware either of why he was searching for them.

      Russell’s selfishness certainly shone through in this chapter. Sookie for her part knew why Eric was upset and understood it. She didn’t blame him, nor is she angry with him. The problem is Russell’s. And you’ll see more of it. You’ll actually see him pouting in an upcoming chapter.

  5. MistressCinder says:

    Eric is really having a hard time with how different Sookie is. He has never had her and he has never even kissed her and now he has to deal with her fucking someone else. She has adapted and changed so much from the person he knew. Eric and Russell tolerate each other right now. How long that will that last?!?

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. I really like reading your reviews. They’re so insightful. I’m glad someone has realised that Eric and Sookie haven’t even shared a kiss yet, or rather they hadn’t before she was kidnapped. The next chapter will go along way in helping Eric come to terms with the new Sookie. The situation between Eric and Russell will come to ahead soon. Chapter 32 in fact.

  6. krista says:

    Love it but once a week updates make me sad. I know it takes a lot of work I am just so impatient and your stories are so good.

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thanks. We only post once a week as we don’t want to run out of chapters and have to make you wait longer. I can tell you with have enough chapters banked to see us through the rest of the year.

  7. lorip100 says:

    Well I’m a bit down on Roman , cause he’s got to know how Eric feels but maybe its got something to do with the fact that Eric had an access all areas pass for Nora , so he see’s Sookie as fair game .

  8. redjane12 says:

    Well, it looks as if Russell has Eric just where he wanted him. I can’t figure out if this was intended as Russell’s revenge but this has to be far more ‘enjoyable’ to him than just killing Sookie. Russell now has a child who not only is talented & completely loyal to him but she has the power to drive Eric out of his mind. It’s been mentioned before how much Russell enjoys watching people fighting so this really has to be tickling him. And he is milking it by acting so offended just because Eric left a bit abruptly without a look to Sookie. Seriously Russell? With all the crazy shit you’ve done now you are a stickler for manners?
    It is all the more effective because as it has been mentioned by other readers, Eric has no claim on Sookie whatsoever, in fact he hasn’t even kissed in this timeline! I do feel for Nora being caught in the crossfire between Roman (what a cool cat!) and Eric… She is one of my fav character in your story.
    I can’t wait for the fight with the fairies and whatever faction of vamps / other supes they’ve allied themselves with.

  9. kleannhouse says:

    can’t blame Eric for being jealous, the woman he loves and lusts after was with another man…. it is probably tearing him up inside that she didn’t turn to him. he wants her badly anyone can see that. Russell needs to put his past problems aside and look at the bigger picture, his princess cares for the Viking and it would hurt her irrevocably if he killed Eric. KY

  10. desireecarbenell says:

    I all consideration…..Sookie had just ended Compton. Can anyone say blood lust. Vampires bloodlust will change to sexual lust it is part of being a vamp. Eric needs to get a grip. He needs to woo Sookie. Brooding will not cut it any more. Sookie is a supe now.

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