Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-Six


AttM 26

Immaculate Crucifixion

The trip back to the Authority passed in silence, neither Russell nor Sookie were willing to speak and risk the chance of being overheard. As Eric had suspected as soon as they were inside the building the two of them were separated for questioning. Nan lead Russell off for his interview while a brown haired vampire escorted Sookie to where she was supposed to go.

Roman covertly followed Sookie and the vampire, as he, Nora, and Eric had quickly planned. He kept an eye on how roughly she was handled (not at all), what the vampire said to her (not much), but had no reason to wonder where she was being taken. When the vampire stopped outside William Compton’s personal quarters, Roman stilled out of sight. A quick rap on the door and it was opened, ostentatiously, by one Bill Compton. Once Sookie was escorted inside, Roman slipped into a corridor with viewpoints and access routes to each of the rooms. It was primarily for safety to have another way out, but Billy hadn’t been told about this access route yet. And Roman could intercede at anytime, barging into the room and staking Compton if necessary.

Bill ran his eyes over Sookie in a leering manner as she entered his room. He could already feel his cock hardening and couldn’t wait to once again claim her as his own. “I’m sorry for all of this, sweetheart,” he said, as he took a step towards her, “but it was necessary to get you away from Edgington so you can speak freely.”

“I can speak freely when Russell is with me,” Sookie retorted, as she took a step back, pretending to nervous. “He never tells me to be quiet.”

Roman smirked, realizing he would learn something as well, as he watched through the peephole. It wasn’t ideal, but short of being in the room, it worked well. He could see the entire room. He watched as Bill analyzed Sookie’s nervous behavior. The strain on Bill’s too tight pants was obvious as he walked over to comfort and assuage the fears of his “sweetheart.”

“Edgington can’t hurt you anymore,” Bill said, mistaking her pretend nervousness as fear. “You’re safe.”

“Russell never hurt me, he wouldn’t. I’m his Princess,” Sookie replied, her bottom lip trembling as if she was on the verge of tears.

“He kidnapped you,” Bill said firmly, thinking she was suffering from some kind of Stockholm syndrome.

Sookie fought the urge to roll her eyes as Bill started listing all the ways Russell had hurt her. It would’ve been impressive he if knew what the hell he was on about. Half the things he listed Russell never did, nor would he. Her maker had too much honor to rape anyone. As she listened, Sookie realized Bill was listing some of the things he had and would do.

Bill’s hands reached out and he began massaging her shoulders, trying to calm her from her supposedly upset state. “You’re safe now, sweetheart,” he said, as he started to move his hands slightly lower.

Sookie stilled as she felt Bill begin to slide his hands down the top of her dress. Was he really going to try and cop a feel while comforting her over the torture Russell had supposedly laid on her for the last thirteen years? “No one will ever hurt you again,” he whispered. “I won’t let them.”

Roman shook his head and silently laughed to himself. If this was how Billy tried to get laid, it was no wonder he was taking Nan’s strap on up the ass, more often than not.

“Russell’s over three thousand years old,” Sookie replied, as she took a step forward and away from his wandering hands. “You couldn’t protect me when I was still human.”

Bill shook his head at her foolishness. She still didn’t understand. Soon Russell would be dead. And then she would need him to protect her.

“But then, you never really tried to, did you, Bill?” Sookie continued, her lips curling into a smirk as she turned to face him. “I mean, if you would have protected me, then there’d have been no way for you to get your blood in me and basically drug me.”

Bill frowned as he stared at her. “I didn’t drug you,” he denied.

“No? What’d you call standing back and watching while I was almost beaten to death so you could get your blood into me?” Sookie asked, as she took a step forward.

“Who told you that?” Bill growled. “Was it Eric? He had no right.”

“Are you for real? Out of everything I said it’s Eric you focus on,” Sookie snorted. “But, no it wasn’t Eric. But I see you’re not denying it.” As she stared at him, Sookie wondered what she had ever seen in him. He wasn’t that handsome; she had definitely been with better looking men, more skilled too.

“I had no choice,” Bill said rather weakly. “But it was before I got to know you. Before I fell…”

“I swear to God, if you say it was before you fell in love with me, it’ll be me shoving something pointy up your ass, not Nan,” Sookie promised darkly.

Bill’s eyes widened at her words. She was supposed to be running into his arms and begging for his help, not threatening him. And how did she even know about what Nan shoved up his ass? “What happened to you?”

“I got away from you and grew up,” Sookie growled. Her fangs slid down as she advanced on him slowly. There was a darkness in her eyes that Bill had never seen before and it gave him pause. “But we can still play. Do you want to play, Bill?”


“Russell taught me all kinds are nice games,” Sookie continued, talking over him. “He showed me so many things. He taught me how to remove organs from vampires. Should we play operation?”

“Sookie, sweetheart, you don’t want to hurt me,” Bill said softly, as if he was talking to a frightened child.

“Oh, but I do,” Sookie assured him. “I’ve been waiting thirteen years just for this opportunity, and I’m not giving it up now.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, Sookie,” Bill said, trying to calm her.

“You couldn’t if you tried,” Sookie snorted.

“I’m a lot older than you,” Bill replied arrogantly, as he puffed out his chest.

“So was Salome, but she still cried like a bitch.”

“Russell overpowered…”

“No, sweetheart,” Sookie mocked, “that was me. Just like Alexander and Kibwe. Isn’t that right, Guardian?”

Roman laughed as he stepped out into the room. “Yes, you put on a lovely display with them. Sadly, I didn’t get to watch you torch Salome. I’m sure your maker will do you justice with her true death.”

“He’s very inventive,” Sookie purred, a smile lighting up her face as she watched Bill. “I learned everything I know from him.”

“Not everything, I assume.” Roman said, thinking of the light that exploded from her hands.

“No, that’s all me,” Sookie replied, realizing what he meant. “Would you like a demonstration, Bill?”

“You’re not going to allow this, are you, Guardian?” Bill said, as he looked between the two of them.

“Allow this?” Roman said as he walked over and gently placed his hand on Sookie’s shoulder. “I ordered this.”

“You’re screwed, Bill,” Sookie grinned, “and not in the way Nan does it.”

Before he knew what was happening, Sookie was on him. Her hands tearing at his face as she ripped pieces of his flesh away. Angry snarls tore from her throat as she gorged at his flesh. For thirteen long years she had been waiting for this. Since the moment Russell had told her the real reason Bill returned to Bon Temps, she had dreamed about revenge.

Roman watched her impressive form. Russell certainly had taught her well. Though cleanliness wasn’t something she was concerned about again, there was something about a hot vampire ripping someone apart. And that Bill was hundreds of years older only made it better.

Sookie gripped Bill’s face in her hands and pressed her thumbs into his eyes; a laugh spilled from her lips as she felt her thumbs go through them, blinding the much older vampire. “I wish we had more time to play,” she purred, as she scored her nails over his face. “I would’ve loved to show you all that Russell has taught me.”

The Guardian examined her form as Bill scratched at her and tried to grab her hair. His body was flailing as he grabbed at her wrists and tried to pry her hands away from his face.

Sookie laughed as Bill tightened his hold on her wrist, the slight pain just driving her on. Lunging forward, she sank her teeth into his nose and yanked on it hard, tearing part of it off. Blood dripped down her chin as Bill screamed in pain.

Roman breathed in unnecessarily as he watched Sookie’s savageness. His eyes trailed the droplets of blood as they went down her smooth neck and into her dress. He shook his head and blocked out the screams from Compton while imagining exactly where that droplet went and what it might have looked like slowly sliding between her cleavage.

Sookie knocked Bill to the ground and straddled his waist, the skirt of her dress riding up her legs as she held him down. “Scream for me, Bill,” she purred, as she put her hands on his chest and sent a bolt of light through him. Small wisps of smoke rose from his chest where she had burnt him and Sookie repeated the action before bending over and ripping into his throat.

His eyes trailed up Sookie’s exposed legs and his fangs clicked out audibly. They were smooth and long and still had a slight tan. Roman watched as Sookie used her light differently and he groaned audibly when she taunted him. “I’ve been a bad man,” he murmured to himself. His cock was hard watching this young vampire’s display of incredible power. He thought he would cum in his pants when she leaned down and tore his neck open.

“You taste horrible,” Sookie said distastefully, as she pulled back. “I’ve had Weres that were better.” She ran a blood-covered hand through her hair as she smiled down at the bloody mess that was Bill. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, it’ll all soon be over.”

Roman stepped up to her, stake in his pocket and smirked down at her. “Don’t ask if it’s a stake in my pocket or if I’m happy to see you. It’s both,” he smirked. “Would you like it?”

“Oh yes,” Sookie purred, her eyes lingering on his crotch. “Can I have it?” she stuck her bottom lip out as she stared up at him.

“The stake or my cock?” Roman said. He was purposefully being ridiculous. He saw Compton wheezing like he wanted to speak, but his vocal cords were gone.

“The stake… first,” Sookie replied, as she darted her tongue out and licked her lips.

Roman smirked and turned to the side so she could reach into his left pocket. And he always hung to the left.

Sookie slipped her hand into his pocket and slowly pulled the stake out. “That’s a big one.”

Roman grunted lewdly. “Oh yeah; just like that, baby!” He began undoing his shirt, taking it off, he asked, “May I?” before crouching down behind her, his thighs gently against this amazing vampiress’s body. “Do you want a lesson on staking from the Guardian?” he asked. “I’m sure your maker has staked plenty of vampires, but I am the Authority on that particular maneuver,” he joked.

“Yes, please,” Sookie replied, leaning back slightly. “Show me how the Guardian does it.”

Roman’s hard chest was pressed against her back. His hand started at her waist and slid up her side, caressing the side of her breast, caressing down her arm, and held her hand around the stake. His bicep rested against her shoulder as he explained. “To really do the job, it needs to come from your shoulder. Most of the time you need to be prepared to hit ribs, though I’m sure you could rid him of them.”

Sookie arched her back as she felt Roman press against her, “I could, but I like cutting them open to do that and I don’t have my knives,” Sookie said. She growled as she felt Bill buck up and try to throw them off him. Bending forward, she headbutted him hard before ripping into the other side of his neck. “Naughty boys are punished.”

Roman’s other hand drew up her side and around onto her stomach. “Keep your core tight,” he instructed. “Rear back, and quickly thrust your long, hard stake into your conquest.” His lips were against her neck as he spoke. “At least that’s how I do it.”

“Sounds like fun,” Sookie purred, as she tightened her fingers around the stake. She ran the point over Bill’s chest, smiling as she saw him squirm. “But sometimes, you just need to…” she lifted the stake and brought it down hard, driving it deep into Bill’s heart. She moaned as she watched him explode, “do it hard.”

Romans hands slid up to her breasts and caressed them gently. “Is that how you want it, then?” He bit roughly on her neck, not piercing, but with blunt teeth.

“Yes!” Sookie hissed, as she pushed her chest out.

He pulled her to standing and slowly unzipped her dress. His hands brushed her bare skin as he ran his hands back up to her shoulder.

Sookie turned around to face him and let her dress fall to the floor. She stood before him in a thin pair of panties and her shoes. “I’m all dirty.”

He groaned. He pulled his undershirt off and began undoing his pants. “Want to get dirtier?”

“Much,” Sookie purred, her eyes devouring him as she watched him undress.

Roman let his pants fall to the floor. He was without underwear as always, and his thick, hard cock was standing away from him prominently.

Sookie took a step back, walking through the mess that was Bill as she backed up, “You really were happy to see me.”

“I’ll be happier to fuck you,” Roman growled, hunting her like she was prey. For every step she took back, he took two forward. He was naked and stalking towards her, his eyes locked on her delicious body.

Sookie grinned as she took another step back and then another, her panties were drenched with her arousal and she couldn’t wait to feel him. She stumbled as the back of her legs hit the bottom of Bill’s bed and fell backwards, landing on top of it.

Roman crawled on top of her, holding her hands to the bed above her head. His other hand caressed her breasts, smearing Bill’s blood, and went down her body. He wrapped her panties around his fist once, twice, and then pulled hard, ripping the fabric from her body.

“Oh!” Sookie moaned, as he ripped her panties off her. She licked her lips as she stared up at him, lust shining brightly in hers. “Do you want it? Me?”

“I want you,” Roman said. “I want to fuck you. You can see that much.” He thrust his cock towards her. “And I can smell that you want to be fucked.”

“How do you want me?” Sookie asked, as she slid her hand down her body and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

He groaned and thrust his hips forward into her hand. “I want you to ride me so I can see those glorious breasts bounce over me.” His hands caressed said globes, stroking her sensitive skin, his thumbs nudging her nipples as they passed over them.

Sookie arched her back as Roman’s fingers teased over her nipples, a moan spilling from her lips. She loved it when someone would play with her breasts, something she recalled Bill never did. Lifting her hand, she grabbed him by the back of the head and pulled his face down towards her hard nipples.

His mouth latched on, sucking on her nipples. He wasn’t sure how she liked it, so he experimentally went a little rougher, listening to her moans and cries for hints.

“That’s it,” Sookie cried, as she threaded her fingers in his hair, her back arching offering more. “Such a talented mouth.”

She did like it rougher. He smirked, biting down a little hard on her nipples. He would suck them hard, get them sensitive and blood-filled. He would lick them, exposing them to the air. He would blow air on them, to make them harder than she thought possible. And then his teeth would bear down, not too hard, but enough to curl her toes.

“Oh God!” Sookie cried. Lifting her legs, she planted her feet on the bed and bucked her hips against him. She needed more, craved it.

“What do you want, Sookie?” he asked, biting again.

“Everything,” Sookie moaned, “but I’ll settle for your mouth to begin with.”

“Where?” he teased, moving his mouth up to her neck as his fingers continued to play with her nipples — he wouldn’t abandon them.

“On my pussy.” Sookie all but begged. It had been eight months since she had last been fucked and she needed it desperately.

He licked across her mouth before descending quickly and plunging in. He tossed her legs over his shoulders and propped her ass in the air slightly as he gave her pussy the same treatment he had her nipples. His tongue licked her labia, getting a taste of her sweet pussy. He blew cool air between her legs, making the skin sensitive. Then he attacked, sucking her clit hard, nipping gently at it.

“Fuck!” Sookie screamed, as she twisted her hands in the covers. Pleasure shooting through her as he sucked on her clit.

He bit a bit harder once before moving on, sucking on her lips before fucking his tongue into her pussy.

Sookie cupped her breasts as he fucked her with his tongue, her fingers pinching her nipples to the point of pain.

Roman nibbled on her labia and thrust two fingers into her. He went back to her clit as he fucked her with his fingers, stretching her pussy as he scissored his fingers in her.

Sookie thrashed her head side to side as she arched her back, “More!” she demanded, teetering on the edge of her release.

He looked at her, smirked, with his fingers still fucking her hard, and then bit into her clit.

“Oh fuck!” Sookie screamed, the pain of his bite sending her hurtling over the edge. She screamed out his name as she came. Lights flashing behind her eyes.

Before she ever came down, he was over her, thrusting his cock into her hard. He bit into her shoulder with blunt teeth.

“Yes!” Sookie hissed, lifting her legs and wrapping them around his waist, “Fuck me harder.”

He grabbed her ankles from behind him and tossed her legs over his shoulders, bending her in half as he fucked her harder. “You wanted harder. I wanted deeper. This satisfies us both,” he grunted out before lifting her hips up higher as he jumped to his feet and planted his hands over her head. He was jackhammering his cock into her pussy.

Sookie’s eyes widened as she felt him sink deeper into her, she clenched her muscles around his cock as he pounded into her, “More…”

He slammed harder, taking hold of her ankles and holding them by her ears. “Your pussy’s so sweet, Sookie.”

“Do you like fucking it?” she asked, dropping her eyes to where they were joined.

“Watch me,” he instructed, knowing she already was. He pulled all the way out, his cock aimed down towards her center. He then thrust in hard to the hilt. He did that again, his eyes flicking from her pussy to her face and back.

“Oh God!” Sookie cried, as she watched him thrust his cock into her over and over. Her eyes were fixed on where they were joined; she could see him splitting her open and loved every second of it.

He pushed himself back, grabbing her hips with him as he began fucking her harder. His hand slapped her clit, pinching it before pulling back and smacking it again.

“Yes! Yes!” Sookie screamed, loving the slight pain of his slaps.

Roman flipped her on her stomach, propped her doggy-style, and then shoved into her pussy again. He grabbed her hair like a handle and pulled hard, yanking her head back. He smacked her ass hard with his other hand before gripping her hip hard and using it for leverage to fuck her even harder.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” Sookie cried over as he slammed into her hard. The force of his thrusts causing the bed to bang against the wall.

Roman grunted fucking her harder as the bed began hitting the wall too hard and breaking some plaster. He smacked her ass again before flipping to his back and having her ride him. “I told you, I want to see your tits bounce.” He was high up on the bed, against the headboard so she could hold it for leverage, and it wouldn’t stop hitting the wall as she grinded on his cock.

Sookie leaned forward, her hands gripping the headboard as she lifted herself up until the head of his cock was the only thing inside her. She rotated her hips teasingly before slamming herself down hard, her breasts bouncing with the movement.

Roman extended his head forward, capturing a bouncing nipple as it passed to suckle on it. His face was being battered by her other breast, but he just grunted and bit at each slap against his face.

Taking his hands in hers, Sookie moved them to her ass, as she ground herself against him. Her body was alight with pleasure and she was mindless to anything else.

Roman released her nipple and grabbed her hips. “You had better cum on my cock, Sookie.” He thrust up hard into her, his voice commanding as he topped from the bottom. “You had better cum all over it. Because I’m going to cum.” He grinded her clit into his pelvis with each hard thrust.

“Make me cum,” she growled, as she squeezed her muscles around him. “Make me cum and fill me with your seed.”

His eyes flicked up to hers and his fangs descended. He impaled them in her nipple and areola, not drawing or drinking any blood, just piercing. He thrust up hard and held her still as he came.

Sookie threw her head back and let out a scream as she came, her body shuddering above him as she felt his cool seed enter her.

He released her nipple holding her against his hard toned chest as her body convulsed uncontrollably.

Sookie pressed her lips to his chest as she came back to herself, a smile curling her lips. “That was fun.”

“My wife is faring well. How’s your maker?”

Sookie closed her eyes as she tapped into their bond, she laughed as she felt him, “I’d say he’s having the time of his life,” she replied, as she opened them. “He’s playing with her.”

Roman grunted in discomfort, pulling something out from under his thigh. “What the fuck? — Holy hell!” In his hand was a large black strapon cock. It wiggled in his hand as he held it by the base.

“Is that…” Sookie trailed off, as she started laughing.

“You don’t know the half of it!” Roman said, groaning and tossing it away. “Video surveillance is in every room. And I have access to all of the feeds. Your Eric, my Nora, and I are known for our movie nights.”

“I trust this footage won’t be shown,” Sookie said, ignoring his remark about her Eric.

“Unless you want a copy,” he said, smirking. “But as for ‘Mister Big’ over there, Nan liked to fuck your ex.”

“So I heard,” Sookie laughed. “I can’t fault him for liking it up the ass, but the real deal is much better.”

“Well, imagine Mister Big being attached to Nan. And not only did he get it, he had to swallow it and ride it.”

“I think that’d put me off sex for life,” Sookie shuddered.

“The swallow and ride? Or Nan?” Roman teased, running his fingers up and down her spine.

“Nan,” Sookie replied, as she squirmed against him, his touch tickling her.

“Would you like to go watch your Maker? We can view the surveillance in the control room.”

“I don’t need a surveillance camera to watch him,” Sookie replied with a hint of a smile.

Roman smirked and nodded to her.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait here for a while longer,” Sookie grinned.

“I certainly don’t mind,” Roman said, tweaking her nipples again. “Your tits are your best physical feature. Nora should require her vampires be topless at all times.”

Sookie moaned as he tweaked her nipples, arousal pooling between her thighs. “You should make the most of them before I have to cover them.”

Roman buried his face between her fleshy orbs at her command. He moaned into them, thrusting his now stiff cock against her dampening pussy.

“Again?” Sookie rocked her hips against him slowly.

“Again.” Roman rolled them over and thrust back into her, his face still in her cleavage.


15 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-Six

  1. jxadams says:

    Yes! Sookie gets to end Bill!!! (and in a grisly way) Lovely my day is complete. Excellent descriptive writing; Bill’s true death & the romp with Roman. Can’t wait to read more of this story.

  2. racecz5 says:

    That chapter was perfect; the way Sookie killed Bill was inspired. As for Sookie and Roman, she’s a free agent and a vamp so she saw something she wanted and she took it, case closed. She’s not emotionally attached to Eric at the moment and a girl has needs!

  3. msbuffy says:

    This Sookie is so bad ass! I love her as a vampire! And killing off Bill is such a grisly way? I love it! No one is more deserving! Buh-bye Beehl!

  4. msstitcher says:

    Brilliant chapter as ever! I love that she got to have her wicked way with Bill! In my opinion the best part of the last season of TB was her trying to stake Bill to save Eric! I really like how your Sookie has evolved though, she has grown into her skin as herself as well as a vamp!

  5. Adriana says:

    It’s about time our girl got herself some. She has needs too! Eric shouldn’t always be the one to get his lay on. Sookie is a free agent since Eric doesn’t know how to feel about her now or kind of gave up on never seeing her again so he’s been getting his own as often as he can. So, why shouldn’t she? And, with Roman (Chris Meloni)? YUM!!!! I’m happy to see Sookie enjoying herself here. She’s had a rough go of it in this story.

    Bill? Psshh! ABOUT TIME!! I’m glad it was Sookie that did it. 🙂

    Nice job ladies! Sookie needs more sex!! 🙂

  6. Cotharach says:

    No hate here for the lemon. Considering how much sex Eric has had in this fic, it is about time Sookie got her pleasure too. Glad to see she finally got her revenge on Bill, but I wish she could have been able to drag it out longer, at least for the length of time she was tortured by Russell.

  7. redjane12 says:

    So on the expected front: Bill’s still a total douche trying to manipulate Sookie and so it was completely satisfying to have her kill him with Roman’s very entertaining assistance.
    On the not so expected, I really enjoyed Sookie’s fun time with Roman (even if I am a strict Eric-Sookie ‘loyalist’) probably because the girl deserves a break after the curse/poisoning and because Roman was just so funny and mischievous (you did a much better job than TB with the awesome Meloni here). All in all, Sookie is now so badass, immune to the Compton brand of bullshit and in spite of everything she has been through she seems to have come up on top (although some of the trauma may just be buried).

    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. Bill will never change and having Sookie kill him was the only option. We love Roman in this. I’m a E&S girl at heart, but there was something very appealing about about the Sookie/Roman hook up. I think it was cause Sookie was in a sense reclaiming herself. She’d been through hell and she survived. She wouldn’t let Bill beat her.

  8. kleannhouse says:

    loved the killing of Bill at Sookie’s hand. love the pun from Roman about the stake in his pocket…. i think Sook has come into her own sexually, but i fear that Eric may be jealous when he finds out what happened. or maybe they will keep it close to the cuff .. KY

  9. BrytteMyst says:

    Woah, awesome!
    Bill was murdered (finally!), and I got to read a Roman/Sookie sex scene!
    I’ve been pinning for that since I started reading Queen of Area 5’s Lifting the Veil fic, so THANK YOU!

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