Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-Three


AttM 23

Fuck the Pain Away

Russell, Roman, and Nora followed him from the room. Russell was still on alert, as he was sure they were with him.

“How long before Nan comes sniffing round, do you think?” Nora asked, directing the question to her husband.

“I’m sure she already is,” Roman said, imaging her jerking her huge black strapon, watching them walking down the hall.

“Compton’s ass is going to get it tonight,” Nora said, as they slipped into Dieter’s office. “I’d feel sorry for him, but I remember what he tried to do to me.”

“All right then, let’s get this over with so I can make sure Sookie doesn’t miss her fairy meal,” Russell said once the door was closed.

“How long has she been sick?” Dieter asked, as he took a seat behind his desk. He needed to know what kind of a time frame they had. Dieter knew Russell would only help them as long as something was in it for him. If they couldn’t save Sookie and she died before Russell cleaned house, it was a safe bet that Russell would turn on them next. He had been mad with grief after his mate Talbot had been killed; Dieter didn’t think anyone would survive if Sookie died.

“Eight months. It was worse before Ireland two weeks ago. We figured fairies had a hand in it. By the time we managed to capture a few and get the information, we also learned that fairy blood in general can help ease the pain and promote lucidity.”

“Why would the Fae do this?” Dieter asked, trying to make sense of it. Thirteen years ago, Niall had been furious that his great-granddaughter had been kidnapped. He had threatened war unless they got her back. When they had failed, he had put a hefty price on Sookie’s life.

“How did they even know where she was?” Nora countered, as she took a seat. “Twelve years ago, they had declared her dead and demanded their compensation. They thought, we all thought you had killed her. For them to do this, they must have known, or at least discovered in the last few years that she was alive or undead.”

“You know as much as we do. The fairies didn’t know who she was but were able to figure out the nature of the magic as their own,” Russell explained, leaning against a side wall.

Roman stood next to the exit, his fingers steepled in front of him. “So on the word of some fairies you tortured, you will attack the Prince’s family or the Prince himself?”

Dieter looked at Russell and waited for his reply. He had to admit if the situation was reversed and it was his child, Molly, who had been poisoned, he would do anything in his power to protect her. So he wouldn’t fault Russell for doing the same thing.

“Yes,” was all Russell said in response.

Roman nodded, also understanding. Beyond that, the Prince was Sookie’s family and thus should have been ensuring her safety and wellbeing. Where had he been prior to Russell’s involvement?

“How long has she been a vampire?” Nora asked curiously. Like everyone else she thought Russell had killed the girl shortly after taking her. She wondered why he turned her, from what Eric had told her part of the reason Russell took Sookie was because he knew how much she meant to him.

“Almost twelve years,” Russell said, knowing full well how that tied into the Fairy’s decree she was dead.

“Could they have known she was turned then?” Dieter asked, voicing the question they were all thinking.

“It’s possible,” Russell said. He had no idea how the machinations of the Fae worked. “But tonight, I will take Sookie to her home. We will await Niall’s messenger. And Sookie will eat whoever it is. If necessary, we will repeat this action, over and over, until she eats all of the Fae and is cured.”

“I like that plan,” Nora admitted with a shrug. She honestly didn’t care if Sookie drained every last fairy in her state. Her interactions with them thirteen years ago had shown her that they had no honor or loyalty.

“I cannot guarantee the full Authority’s weight, but Mississippi will assist you if necessary,” Roman said.

“So why was this necessary to be separate from my child’s presence?”

“This wasn’t, but the next part is,” Dieter replied. “The Sanguinista Movement all but controls the AVL. Salome, Nan, and her little puppet Compton are at the head of it. They foolishly think we are not aware of their real agenda and we plan to use that against them. Your child wants Compton, and we are willing to give him to her. He’s been a pain in our ass for quite some time.”

“Salome you could easily take out now. I’m sure she’s still recovering. Nan and Compton won’t be an issue either. Are those the only members of the AVL you want out, or are there more?” Russell asked Dieter.

“There’s more,” Dieter admitted. “It is only through the strength of us three and the assistance of Northman that we are still in charge of the Authority. Salome has been trying to seize power for the last thirteen years. She has gained a lot of support in the States, and we need to eliminate that as well.”

“And this information cannot wait until my child has drank her fairy?” Russell asked, becoming impatient.

“Give him the file we have collected on them all,” Nora cut in. She suspected Russell wasn’t far from losing it completely, and she personally didn’t want to see that. “He can read up on it while they wait for her takeout.”

Roman handed him the file she was referring to and Russell took it, eager to get his Princess to her home.


“I’m sorry,” Eric had said as soon as the door closed behind the Chancellors and Russell.

“For what?” Sookie asked, genuinely curious.

“I did everything I could to find you. I searched for so long. I did not know until the next night that Pam had handed you over and then…” Eric stared at her, his mind at a loss for what to say to explain.

“And then Russell led you on a merry dance,” Sookie said. “I don’t blame you, Eric, I never did. I hate that bitch you call a child, but I never thought you had anything to do with it. Russell told me you didn’t.”

Eric looked at her shocked. He was certain she would blame him — he certainly did — and he never expected Russell to tell her the truth.

“Not the reply you were expecting,” Sookie grinned at his shocked look.

“How can you not?” Eric asked, incredulously. He had enabled his child. He had let her have the night off when she asked, knowing she had watched the bar while he was in Jackson. He had told her what happened at Russell’s. He had let her take Sookie away from him. He had let her give Sookie to Russell.

“Why would I?” Sookie countered her mind clear for a change. “We were both victims of the circumstances. Hadley, Sophie-Anne, Bill, Pam, they made the choices and the rest of us paid the price.”

Eric closed his eyes, guilt wracking his body. He let out an unnecessary breath and looked back up at her. “You make a magnificent vampire.”

“That’s what Russell tells me,” Sookie said, as a smile lit up her face. “He says I was made for this life.”

“Your fairy powers remained too,” Eric said, more of an observation than a question. His eyes were scouring her face for any sign she missed him as much as he did her. Each time he was around her it became harder and harder not to say something.

“They did,” Sookie nodded, as she leaned back in the chair. “They were stronger than you had seen before I was turned. Russell thinks it’s because I had so much of his blood. It made me stronger.”

Really, he didn’t want to seem like he was inventorying her abilities. That wasn’t the point. He had gone through what he would say over and over in his mind. He had had daydreams of her; of the moment he had laid eyes on her. And he had been struck silent last night. Tonight, the normally loquacious vampire was unsure of what to say.

Sookie stared at Eric, refusing to break the silence that had descended over them. She was sure he had a lot to ask her, but she honestly didn’t care. She just wanted her maker to come. They hadn’t been parted for more than a few hours since the night he turned her. Russell no longer trusted anyone else around her, and Sookie trusted nobody but him.

“I was worried about you. I’ve seen what he’s done to people. Heard about even more. I’m glad you’re happy with Russell, but knowing you were with him. . . And his Weres…”

Sookie tensed as Eric mentioned the Weres, she hadn’t forgotten what they did to her and she never would. She had healed from it all both mentally and physically, but the memory still lingered. “Russell protected me,” she said, her voice taking on a frosty tone. “He doesn’t let anyone hurt me,” the words, not anymore, were left unsaid.

Eric didn’t push the point, especially when Russell walked in the room. “Let’s get your meal, Princess,” he said, extending a hand to her.

Eric looked at her, guilt once again overwhelming his consciousness. “Nora and I can come by tomorrow night. Niall won’t do anything until then anyway,” Eric said to Russell.

Russell nodded at Eric in acknowledgement and appreciation.

Taking Russell’s hand, Sookie let him pull her to her feet. She smiled as she pressed herself to his side, “I hope they send extra,” she giggled. “I’ve worked up quite the appetite.”

“Tomorrow at first dark,” Russell told her, wrapping his arm around her shoulder. His eyes went to lock on Eric’s too, to also tell him to be at the house at that time.

Eric nodded in reply, but said nothing. There was nothing to say, at least not yet. He watched as Russell led Sookie out, his eyes never leaving them until they slipped out the door.

“You look pensive, brother,” Nora said, as she re-entered the room.

“She’s more than I believed. But it’s strained and different,” he clarified.

“She’s been through hell, Eric,” Nora replied. “She is bound to be different. I did find out she was turned almost twelve years ago.”

He nodded, thoughts clicking into place. The fairies must have known. Which meant they probably knew where she was. With their abilities, they should have been able to easily get her. Eric’s confusion was being laced with anger. “Anything else?”

“She’s been sick for eight months,” Nora said, telling everything she knew. “Eric, they must have known where she was.”

Eric nodded. “I already came to that conclusion as well. They must have known before she even was turned,” he said, his eyes flashing in anger.

“They left her there for a reason and now they’re trying to kill her twelve years after doing so,” Nora remarked. “None of this makes any sense. Twelve years ago they declared that she was dead and demanded a hundred million dollars in compensation. Their words, not mine.”

“I know this, Nora!” he said, his anger slipping out of him. After almost thirteen years of acting more vampiric than he had in centuries and letting his anger explode from him freely, being in a location he couldn’t destroy at will and with people he couldn’t just kill wasn’t helping him cope with re-emerging emotions.

Realizing how close he was to the edge, Nora reached for Eric’s hand and dragged him towards the door. She knew he could snap at any moment and the prying eyes of the AVL didn’t need to see that. She held onto his hand tightly as she pulled him out the building, she knew he could pull himself free at any moment if he wanted to, but she was banking on him trusting her enough to know she was only looking out for him.

Eric allowed her to drag him away. She was lucky too. He had reigned himself in enough that he didn’t pull himself away from her grasp and turn on her instead. He restrained himself so he wouldn’t instinctively do that. But he had stopped himself, which was saying something if she kept in mind his behavior.

“Trust me, brother,” Nora said, as soon as they were outside. “There are too many eyes inside.” Before Eric had a chance to say anything, Nora tugged on his arm and took to the sky. She knew of a wooded area a few miles away where he could release his emotions without the watchful eye of the AVL.

Eric followed and when they landed, he began uprooting trees, tearing up clumps of ground and hurling it. Anything to release the tension. He yelled, just trying to let out steam. He turned to Nora, wanting to spar her and release some energy.

Nora watched Eric as he uprooted the trees, his anger breaking through. She nodded as she saw him turn to her, knowing instinctively what he wanted. Kicking off her high heels, Nora crouched down in preparation and waited.

Eric threw himself bodily at her, lashing out. He didn’t care so much about form or strategy as he normally would. This was about release. Pam and Russell and fuckin’ Compton had taken Sookie. If Godric never left him on that roof, everything wouldn’t have gone as it had. Feeding. Fucking. Trusting Pam. Having his maker available to calm him down.

Nora blocked his first blow and delivered a stinging jab of her own. She knew he needed this; he had needed it for the last twelve years. He needed to release it all, the anger, the pain, and the guilt. He had held onto them for too long.

Her fist connected with his ribcage, but he didn’t care about the pain. He swung his fist toward her swiftly in retaliation. He needed to connect, to punish her and himself, to do something to push it away.

Nora grunted as she felt his fist connect with her shoulder. She staggered back under the force of the blow. Her fangs snapped down and she threw herself at her brother, attacking him with an array of blows.

He blocked a few, but didn’t care about most of the punches she threw. At this point he preferred the pain. He grabbed a tree and threw it hard at her before propelling himself after it.

Nora darted into the air out of the tree’s path. She knew from experience being hit by trees hurt. By avoiding the tree she left herself open for Eric, and she cried out as she felt him slam into her, driving her hard into the ground. She snarled up at him as she thrashed wildly.

He pinned her down briefly, showing he could before he jumped off her and let her get up. He would wait for her to come after him this time.

Nora eyed Eric as she climbed to her feet, assessing his moment. Feigning right, Nora launched herself at him, her movements a blur as her fist connected with his jaw.

He grabbed her arm as she punched and pulled her closer to him. His foot came out to trip her and take her down once more.

Pulling Eric down with her, Nora let her instincts take over and rolled them over using the momentum of the fall to her advantage. She growled as she attempted to pin her brother beneath her, her fangs going for his neck.

Eric flipped her, refusing to be bested. He tried to flip her, so she would be on her stomach as he pinned her again.

Nora hissed as she twisted beneath him. Her dress was ruined, dirt covered her legs, and a small trickle of blood slid down her cheek. Her body pressed against his as she tried to escape his hold. Eric held her arms pinned behind her back, and he jumped off her once more.

But this time, he didn’t stop. Just as she got up, he began throwing punch after punch, ignoring any hits she got in just in an attempt to cause pain.

Nora scratched and clawed at Eric, her nails ripping into his flesh. The scent of blood filled the air, spurring them on and making them more savage.

His reach and strength was greater than hers, but her stature and speed made her a difficult target. Despite their age difference, the fight was still rewarding. There were very few times in the past when they sparred that Nora had won, but she was able. Eric grew more careless, just wanting to transfer the pain from himself.

Seeing an opening, Nora launched herself at Eric and tackled him to the ground. She straddled his hips as she lunged for his throat, sinking her fangs into him.

He howled, thrashing his body and trying to pry her off. But eventually he stilled, sagging in defeat.

Pulling back, Nora stared down at her brother, his blood dripping from her chin. She could feel her body healing itself from the fight as she smiled. “Better?”

Eric growled at her, full on bloodlust as he thrust his hips up at her, dry humping his hardon against her.

Nora hissed out in pleasure as she felt his jeans covered erection rub against her. Tilting her head to the side, she offered him her neck in a sign of submission. He had lost control and he would want it back, and she would be more than happy to give it to him. She would submit to him one last time.

He leaned up, his fangs sinking into her neck hard. He thrust up at the same time, undoing his pants and pushing them down to his knees.

Nora surrendered control, giving Eric anything he wanted, her body was his to use as he pleased. She moaned as she felt his hands running over her body, squeezing her breasts almost to the point of pain.

He pushed up her dress and ripped her panties off. With a harsh growl, he thrust upwards into her, seating himself deep with the one thrust.

Nora screamed out at the sudden penetration, her body adjusting to his large cock. Grabbing the hem of her dress, she pulled it up over her head, revealing her bare breasts to his hungry gaze. “That’s it, brother,” she cried. “Take what you want.”

His teeth moved from her neck to sink into her breast. He drew blood from where he latched on, his lips surrounding her nipple. He was fucking her hard and handling her roughly. He was hardly processing it at all, just thrusting and drinking and living the debauchery.

Nora fisted her hand in his hair and yanked his head back before crashing her lips to his; she bit his tongue mixing their blood together as she slammed herself down on his cock forcefully. Pulling back, she climbed off his lap and turned herself around. Pressing her hands into the dirt, she thrust her ass out at him in invitation and waited for him to mount her.

Eric grunted and growled at her offering. He lined up wordlessly, and shoved his cock up her ass, not caring that he gave no warning. He plowed into her hard, hearing the slapping sounds of his balls hitting her pussy. His hands gripped her hips hard as he fucked her. The force of his thrusts pressed her into the hard ground. Eric placed his hands on her back, holding her down as he fucked her hard.

“Yes!” Nora screamed. She dug her hands in the dirt beneath her as she felt him slam into her ass. She knew this was their goodbye, things had changed now and she was fine with that, but for one last night she would give Eric all he needed. He could take her any way he wanted.

Eric continued fucking her hard. He flipped her over onto her back and placed her legs over his shoulders. He put his cock back to the entrance of her ass and he watched when he shoved in as the skin expanded, pulling his cock in deeper.

“Fuck!” Nora yelled, as she felt him sink into her ass again. She dug her nails into his arms, drawing blood as he slammed into her hard.

“Fuck yourself,” he growled out, looking down at her exposed pussy.

Sliding her hand down her body, Nora rubbed her clit in time with his thrusts, “Tell me what to do,” she demanded. “Order your Queen.”

“Put your fingers in that cunt,” Eric said gruffly. “Fuck them in and out as my cock punishes your fucking ass.” He thrust hard to make his point about his cock being a punishment. She had had a little bit of her pussy’s juices on it, but his cock was mostly dry when he had pounded it into her ass.

“Yes, brother,” Nora purred, as she dipped her fingers lower and slid one of them inside her dripping cunt. She thrust it slowly knowing full well Eric wouldn’t be happy with that; she enjoyed his punishments.

Eric growled and thrust forward, seating himself fully. “Like this,” he said, pulling her hand away and throwing it to the side. He held up three fingers before her face and moved them down. He scooted forward, putting more of her weight on her shoulders as he pushed her hips upwards to improve his access. Her pussy was dripping wet as he pushed his fingers roughly into her hole with no preparation. He began fucking her pussy in earnest, putting his entire arm into the motion. After a few rough thrusts, he pulled out, wiped his fingers on her stomach and ordered, “Try again. But I expect you to try to fit four.” He then began fucking her ass again in earnest, grunting with each powerful thrust.

Nora grinned up at Eric as she slid two fingers inside her wet pussy. Moans spilled from her lips as she added another and twisted them. She fucked her pussy hard as Eric fucked her hard, her other hand slipping down to rub her swollen clit. “Better?” she asked cheekily knowing she only had three inside her.

Eric thrust harder and more poignantly. His hips would have bruised if not broken a human’s body with their force. “One. More,” he said with each hard thrust.

Nora rubbed her clit faster as she worked a fourth finger inside her; she held her hand still as she adjusted to the feeling.

“Don’t stop,” Eric growled aggressively as he thrust against her and grinded into her ass. If only they were in his basement at Fangtasia. His chains and whips in his dungeon would teach her to be so cheeky. “Fuck. Your. Self. Hard,” he said, pounding into her ass and punctuating each word with a rough hard thrust.

Nora thrust her fingers into her pussy as she watched Eric’s cock fuck her ass. “You want to punish me, brother?” she said, her voice taking on a slightly taunting tone.

His hand lashed out and smacked her ass hard as he pounded into her. His other hand grabbed her breast roughly.

“God, yes!” Nora screamed, as she stilled her hand again. “Come on, brother. Punish me.”

He smacked her ass with every thrust, pinching her nipple hard. He growled, increasing his pace.

Pulling her fingers out her cunt, Nora lifted her hand and offered it to Eric, “Want a taste?”

She was far too aware of things if he was asked. He reared back, pulling out of her ass suddenly. His hand came down and spanked her pussy hard, his fingers hitting her clit and swollen wet lips. Then his cock pounded back into that hole; he grunted with each thrust.

“Fuck me!” Nora demanded, as she cupped her breasts and pinched her nipples hard. “Give me everything you’ve got.”

The ground was getting indented with the power of his thrusts. His teeth sunk into her neck and he drew hard.

“Fuck, yes!” Nora screamed, as she scratched her breasts, breaking the skin.

He pulled hard on her neck, thrusting in rapidly a few more times before his cum began to rush out of him.

“Eric!” Nora yelled, sliding her hand lower and rubbing her clit fast.

His body was also pressing her hand into her clit with each hard thrust as he came spurt after spurt into her. “Cum!” he commanded.

Nora thrashed beneath him wildly as she felt him cum, “So close.” she moaned, as her fingers sped up.

He pulled back, his lips, tongue and mouth bloody. He pressed his mouth to hers and bit his own tongue, giving her a mouthful of their combined blood. His teeth sunk into her tongue as well when it entered his mouth. He continued thrusting hard into her through the kiss.

“Oh fuck,” Nora mumbled against his lips as she felt her own release wash over her. She dug her nails into his back painfully as she came hard.

He groaned, feeling her pussy clench around him. He stayed still letting her ride out her orgasm. When she was done, he laid his head on her breasts.

She stroked her fingers through his hair as she held his head to her breast, a small smile tugging at her lips. “I’m going to miss this,” Nora admitted.

Eric smiled sadly and pressed his lips gently to hers. “You’ll always have me, sister.”

“I know,” Nora replied, “and you will always have me. But you’ve been given a second chance and I would never stand in your way.” Stroking a finger over his lips, she smiled as she added, “I just wish I would’ve put that talented mouth to use one last time.” only half joking.

He half laughed in response. “Your loss,” Eric said, waggling his eyebrows.

Nora pouted playfully, “I didn’t even get to benefit from it last night.”

“Oh, sister,” he said, standing up and finding his clothes. “Quit bitching.” He lightly smacked her ass.

Nora laughed lightly as she stood up and searched for her dress; “You ripped my knickers,” she scolded good naturedly, as she bent over and picked her dress up.

“And they were so pretty,” he said jokingly. “Thank you though.”

“For fucking you? That was my pleasure.” Nora replied with a cheeky grin.

Eric smirked. “That too.”

Slipping on her dress, Nora looked around for her shoes, “You feeling better now?” she asked, as she located them and slipped them on.

“Until tomorrow. Then we’ll see,” Eric said. “We are meeting at her home tomorrow at first dark. I offered yours and my services.”

“That’s fine,” Nora reassured him. “Hopefully tomorrow will go a little more smoothly.”

“I hope I can watch her take out Compton.”

“I would pay good money to see that,” Nora admitted. “He’s had it coming for a long time.”


10 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Twenty-Three

  1. MistressCinder says:

    This story will always continue to surprise me. What were the fairies up to all those years ago & now they are trying to kill her??! Bastards. Eric & Sook were actually talking until he unfortunately brought up weres. She still can’t think of them without shuttering… I am sure Bill is gonna get what is coming to him. : )

  2. Loftin says:

    I can’t wait to fnd out how sooke plays with billy. I’m sure it will the most rewarding of all that have wronged her. And then there are the fairies that left her to be tortured. I’m also wondering how she will eventually take her revenge n Russell. I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten or forgiven his torture. I don’t recall her saying she loved him, only that she trusted him. I’m excited for more.

  3. marilyn59 says:

    Poor Eric ! Hopeful That When All The Pain Stops For Sookie And She Is Cured ,that She Will Think About Him , Maybe Niall Will Take Out Russell So Eric And Sookie Can Start Anew ! Love The Chapter,

  4. jxadams says:

    Found this & have read these 23 chapters. This is so brilliant! Love what you have done with Russell, masterful character crafting. Fascinating to read a “bad guy” Pam who isn’t totally OOC. Sookie reminds me of Dru from BtVS with her off tangent segues (oxymoron I know but the only way to describe it). So impressed with the plot. So much going on. Looking forward to reading more of Eric’s reaction & assistance regarding Sookie. Thankyou for the entertaining story.

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