Answer to the Master Chapter Fifty-Seven

AttM 57

The Beginning

The house was quiet when they returned, with all the Supes grouped together in the living room waiting for Eric to arrive for his weekly update.

When Russell stepped in the room, he directed Maxwell, Indira, and Felipe to bring Niall downstairs to an iron-lined cell.

“Russell,” Ailis called, setting eyes on him. “We were wonderin‘ when ya’d get back.”

“How long?” he asked.

“Six months,” Ailis answered. “There’s been no word,” she added before he had to ask about Sookie. “Everythin’s been quiet.”

“Quiet?” Russell snapped.

“Yeah,” Ailis nodded. “There’s been no sign of that fucker, no attacks, no nothin‘.”

Eric stood by the opposite entryway, just staring at them. He didn’t know if they would return, if Sookie would be lost to them.

“Did ya get what ya needed?” Ailis asked, looking at Russell. “Can we get in there?”

“We can,” he said, telling not only Ailis, but Eric as well. “I also brought Niall back with me.” He grinned.

For the first time in six months, Eric smiled. They had Niall. The fairy fucker who started it all. “Where is he?”


Eric nodded before vamping down to the basement to see the Prince of the Fae. He laughed as he entered the basement and saw Niall chained up like an animal.

Niall was not struggling against the iron chains that were slowly digging into his flesh. He glared at Eric as he saw him enter the basement. All his problems he placed solely on the Viking vampire’s shoulders. If he had controlled that bitch of a child better, Sookie would have been handed over to Warlow thirteen years ago, and he would have now been at the top of the Supernatural ladder.

Eric strolled over, taking his time. Using all of his strength, he viciously backhanded the Fairy Prince across the face.

Niall snarled at Eric as blood dripped down his chin. “Animals,” he hissed.

“We are not the ones who stole and tortured one of your leaders. Until now,” Eric replied. “Only unlike Nora, no fairy will be getting you back alive.”

“I hear Neave and Lochlan had quite the party with her,” Niall sneered. “They had her begging for more.”

“As will you,” Eric replied, his voice deep. He pulled out his iron knives.

“They told me she especially liked it up the ass with a solid silver spike,” Niall lied, trying to goad him into attacking him quickly.

“I doubt that,” Eric replied, deceptively calm. It was taking a good deal of effort for him to not just kill Niall; especially knowing Sookie was still in Danann. However, he did not want to give the fairy the ease of a swift death.

“She loved it,” Niall taunted. “Almost as much as she loved it when my guards took turns with her.” A sinister smile lit up his face as he stared at Eric. “She didn’t love it as much as Sookie did with those Weres.” He laughed at the look of fury on Eric’s face. “Did my whore of a great-granddaughter tell you how she took them three at a time? You should have heard her moan and beg for more when the Packmaster and his right-hand man shoved their cocks up her ass at the same time.”

Eric gripped the hilt of his knife harder as he heard Niall’s filthy words. It was just more proof to him that Niall was aware of what was happening to Sookie the entire time.

“I see she didn’t,” Niall chuckled. “It was a sight to behold. The little slut on all fours while the two Weres fucked her ass while another fucked her mouth.” Eyeing Eric, Niall could tell he was so close to losing it and he needed to push him over the edge. He might be able to find an opening in Eric’s anger. “I was almost tempted to reveal myself to get my own turn with her. She loves family cock after all. Did she tell you she was just seven years old when she spread her legs for her great-uncle Bartlett?”

The mention of Sookie being abused as a child had a red mist descending over Eric and he attacked before he realized what he was doing. He didn’t even use the knife; instead, he ripped the Prince of Fairy apart with his bare hands. By time he was done, he was covered in Niall’s blood and the Prince was dust on the floor. “Fucking fairies!”

“Well, as much as he was goading you, he deserved nothing less,” Russell told him. He had stood to the side, watching as he had with Sookie in the past as she tore apart Debbie.

Closing his eyes, Eric tried to clear his mind and calm himself, but no matter what he tried, all he could hear were Niall’s words in his head. Knowing what Sookie had suffered at the hands of those disgusting Weres had Eric wanting to speed upstairs and rip every one of them apart, even though the ones upstairs had nothing to do with what happened to her. The added knowledge that she was abused as a child had him wanting to return to Fairy and rip the whole place apart. They had known. The fairies had known what was happening to her as a child and did nothing.

“You need to focus, Eric,” Russell said sharply. “What needs to be done now? We need a plan to rescue her.”

Eric nodded, realizing the truth of Russell’s words. “Did Fintan get everything he needed to open a portal to Danann?”

“Fintan didn’t make it.”

Eric lowered his head at the news and sent a silent prayer up to his old Gods. “How are we going to get into Danann then?” he asked. He would mourn for the fairy properly later, but for now, he had more important things to worry about, namely his love being trapped.

“His brother. Dermot. He thought Fintan was dead. He gave Fintan his word.”

“Can we trust him?” Eric asked, knowing how devious fairies could be.

“He gave his word as Fintan was dying. He promised,” Russell replied.

“How soon can he open a portal?” Eric asked, wanting to get to Sookie as soon as possible.

“We need to ask him,” Russell supplied. “We rushed back here, knowing how time worked.”

“Let’s go,” Eric said, moving toward the door. “The sooner he opens it, the sooner I get Sookie back.”

They flew upstairs to see Dermot was already prepared for them. “I will need to go with you. Gather your weapons. Moreover, be prepared. Niall was stealing vampire blood for the Danann to make them more vicious. Some was yours, I think, Eric.”

“Fucking Claudette,” Eric snarled, realizing how they had gotten his blood.

“Yeah. While you were fucking her, she drained you. Obviously not entirely,” Dermot supplied, taking his curse as the verb.

“I dunny think he meant it like that,” Ailis said with a small laugh, amused by the fairy.

Well, he did fuck her . . .” Dermot replied. He shook his head at their crazy expressions.

“Best not remind him about that,” Nora said as she entered the room. “He tends to get a bit homicidal about it.” She still hadn’t recovered completely from what the torture twins had done to her, but she was no longer feeling the effects of silver poisoning.

“What are you waiting for?” Dermot asked, changing the subject. “Get what you need!”

“Everyone grab your weapons,” Eric ordered as he took his broadsword from Nora.

“Anything with mercury would help,” Dermot added. “And to tell you, time in Danann is opposite that of Fairy. It’s odd, because you won’t age there any faster, but a day will feel like years.”

Eric froze, hearing the information. “That means Sookie has been there for decades already at the very least.”

“This is why you need to hurry!” Dermot said, watching as a witch ran up to them.

“Here,” Jesus said, handing them a bag full of vials. “Pure mercury and a strengthening potion. Try to coat your blade with the mercury.”

Eric took a bag off Jesus and nodded in thanks. “Let’s go.”

Dermot drew his own weapon, stepping back. He whispered a few words under his breath. “Everyone who’s coming touch me or someone touching me.”

Eric laid his hand on Dermot’s shoulder as he grabbed Ailis’ hand with his other. From the corner of his eye, he saw her grab Nathaniel. One by one, everyone who was willing to fight touched each other.

“Get ready!” the youthful Jason look-a-like called. Before they knew it, each of them was no longer in Nora’s yard.

“What the feck?!” Ailis said as she got her first look at Danann. It was nothing like she was expecting. She was expecting something like fairy, castles, and eye-catching beauty as far as she could see; instead, the place looked like something from history. There were no houses, only tents. The rolling hills showed tent after tent, but most seemed empty. Between the infighting, the deadly combats, and the lack of ability to procreate their species, the Danann was a dying breed.

“Can you feel Sookie?” Nora asked.

“I can,” Eric said as Russell supplied, “Yes.”

“That’s something,” Nora said thankfully. “So, what now?”

“Now we need to figure out what’s going on, find Sookie, and figure out how to get her out,” Eric supplied.

“Can you sense in which direction she is?” Nora asked as she cast her eyes over the area.

“That way,” Russell said, directing the group.

They followed Russell through Danann, trying to conceal themselves as much as they could as he tracked Sookie. None of them was truly prepared for what they might discover.

A snarling sound came from right in front of them as a female form crouched defensively.

“What the…” Ailis whispered, the rest of her words dying on her lips as Nathaniel yanked her back.

The group stood still in shock as they eyed the feral female. None of them could believe their eyes as they took in the wild look of her. Blonde hair, caked with dirt, was tossed over her shoulder as her bright blue eyes took in each of them. She was at a clear disadvantage. Her fangs elongated and her fingertips began to glow. She was outnumbered and she would need to run, after scaring them enough to fear following her.

“Sookie?” Eric said, her name coming out like a question. Was this feral young woman his Lover?


14 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Fifty-Seven

  1. Jackie69 says:

    So happy that Eric got to kill Naill…he deserved to die knowing about all the abuse Sookie suffered in her childhood!! Nice cliffie is that woman Sookie ? What did they do to her ?! Looking forward to the next update..until then take care

  2. suzyq591suzy says:

    Sookie is a survivor and she will come back to her Eric and Russell I won’t believe anything else. Too bad Niall angered Eric that way his death was to quick but at least he is dead. What a bunch of degenerates –all of them knowing how Sookie was abused and harmed and let it happen. I hope there is a Fairy Hell. Now Pam needs to get her just reward 🙂

  3. Tlynnson says:

    Can’t someone spare an ice bucket? I’m gobsmacked and teetering on the edge. You slay me! Lordy Lordy……

    Kinda wish Eric had not killed Niall so quickly. He was truly evil and deserved a slow death. Unfreaking believable jerk!

  4. cros8262 says:

    Oh my heavens!! Decades?!?! That is utterly horrible. I can’t even begin to think about what she has been through. Sookie has had an awful journey.

  5. Mindy781 says:

    So has it been like 10 years or decades like (50 years). If that’s Sookie, crazy is right. I’m glad Naill is dead.

  6. murgatroid98 says:

    Oh man, it sounds like Sookie has been there long enough and mistreated enough drive her insane, unless it’s not Sookie. I’m glad Niall is dead but I wish they had made it last longer.

  7. ericluver says:

    Oh poor Sookie. What that poor girl has been through. Hope she recognises Eric and Russell, and I hope her recovery doesn’t include blaming Eric for her being there so long.
    Niall should have suffered more but I can understand why Eric ripped him apart like that. A$$hole!

  8. jules3677 says:

    So Sookie could have been there for a century. Maybe she is the one that has decimated the Danann. Eric ended Niall before they got any further information from him. Not good. Where is Warlow? Great chapter. 🙂

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