Answer to the Master Chapter Three


AttM 3

I Might Have Been Queen

“What do you mean the van was destroyed?” Nan yelled into the phone.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but a few vampires stopped it and took Ms. Leclerq.”

“Tell me who! I want their heads. They’ll be blacklisted and I’ll send a team out for each of them. It was some of those fuckheads from that ostentatious shithole she calls a palace, right?” she fumed.

“No, ma’am,” the caller said cautiously. “It was Chancellor Gainesborough and Guardian Zimojic.”

“Motherfucker,” Nan cried, throwing her phone and barely missing Bill’s head in the process.

Bill stared at Nan, a sullen look on his face. He had heard every word and wasn’t happy. Someone had fucked with their plan. “Who is Chancellor Gainesborough?” He knew who Guardian Zimojic was, everyone knew who he was.

“Fucking Nora!” she snarled. “Turn the car around and find that damn van!” she called out to the driver. The naked girl sitting across from them in the limo was flung across the seat as it did a hard u-turn.

Bill eyed the naked girl as she righted herself. He still wasn’t happy he hadn’t been allowed to play, only look. “Who’s Nora?”

“Nora’s the British cunt who kept me playing nice with the bloodbags when I should have been IN the Authority,” Nan scoffed. “She took MY spot as chancellor when I convinced Pei to retirepermanently.” She growled to the driver to hurry the fuck up and then continued. “Even when another spot opened right before the reveal, the bitch suggested I be the face of vampires and deal with the press instead. Pain in the fucking cunt is what she is.”

“Can’t you kill her?” Bill asked. It wouldn’t be the first time either of them had killed their predecessor. He had killed Sophie-Anne’s former procurer.

“If I could, don’t you think I would have already? She has some important maker; it’s kept under wraps, and no one will tell me who.”

“So what are we going to do now?” Bill asked in a huff. “Sophie-Anne was supposed to testify against Northman.”

“Well I don’t fucking know now, do I?”

Bill glared at Nan, but said nothing. What could he say? He knew less than she did. This night was quickly going to hell, right now he should have been sworn in as the new King of Louisiana and enjoying some well-earned perks. Instead, he was stuck in the back of Nan’s car with a blood whore he wasn’t allowed to touch.

Nan went to reach for her phone, but it was broken from where she threw it. “Give me your phone,” she demanded. She needed to call someone and find out what the fuck happened.

Reaching into his pocket, Bill pulled his phone out, he was surprised it was still in one piece after his fight with Sophie-Anne, and handed it over to Nan.

She dialed a number, reminding herself to clear the number before handing back the phone, and spoke into it as soon as the person picked up. “What happened? Explain why they stopped her and how this clusterfuck occurred!”

“An hour ago, not long after the team left with her,” a dull voice drawled out. It was a woman for sure, but who wasn’t clear. “We were just briefed because it affects their status and all of us as well.”

Bill didn’t like the sound of that. Change of status usually meant he was going to get it up the ass, literally.


“I hope I’m not late,” Roman said, an hour earlier.

Nora smiled as she ran her eyes over the Guardian. “If you were I would have made the convey wait,” she replied cheekily. “They’re about ten minutes out.”

“Well then we have time for a hello,” Roman said with a smirk and a gentle slap to her ass. His fangs slid into place, both in anticipation of the approaching excitement and thoughts of feeding and fucking.

Nora jumped as she felt Roman slap her on the ass; she laughed as she turned her back to him and bent over slightly offering him the chance to do it again.

His hand swung again at the prompting, delivering a stinging smack to her ass. It ended with a grabbing caress of the cheek he had struck.

“Much better,” Nora purred, as she straightened up and turned back to face him. “If we had more time, Guardian, I would give you a,” her eyes flicked down to his crotch and she licked her lips, “proper welcome.”

With a charming smile, Roman obviously adjusted himself. He definitely utilized his right pant leg more than the left.

Nora felt a tingle in the air as the anticipation grew. She had wanted to kill that festering cunt Sophie-Anne ever since she heard she had set Eric up with the Magister and V-feds. Nora knew Eric was dealing blood; he had told her and she had told Roman. They had been after Sophie-Anne for years, but nothing ever stuck on the haughty bitch, until Eric revealed she was desecrating the blood by selling it. Nora had plotted with Roman to use it to their advantage, they were getting ready to clean house in Louisiana when that poor excuse for a vampire Compton and the frigid bitch Flanagan had almost fucked it all up.

Roman smiled seeing the headlights of an Authority van coming closer. The humans were to be saved if possible, but, drones that they were, were expendable to an extent.

Nora felt herself getting wet as the headlights grew nearer. It had been too long since she had enjoyed a good fight. All her battles were fought with a pen these days, and she couldn’t wait to let loose. “I want the bitch.”

“You know I love a good cat fight. Should we give you a real fight?”

“That bitch wouldn’t give me a real fight,” Nora snorted. “I’m older and was trained by the best. But if you want to see it, by all means. I’d never disappoint you, Roman.”

“Well then, I look forward to the show.” The 500-year-old vampire grinned as the van neared. He stepped out to the center of the road and winked at Nora. The van slowed to a stop when the driver recognized the head honcho of his employer.

“I supposed that’s one way of stopping it,” Nora said, shaking her head as she stepped forward. “How long do you think until they realize we’re not here for a friendly chat?”

“You don’t think we have more power than Nan?” Roman asked her, smiling at her surprise. “Ethan!” he called out to the driver. When the man put the van in park and came out, standing at attention before Roman, the vampire looked to him. “Nora and I will take Sophie-Anne from here. That’s an order.” The man in the black uniform nodded and radioed to those in the back with Sophie-Anne. The boys pulled the door open and pulled out Sophie-Anne, still wearing the silver hood and cuffs.

Slipping on a pair of leather gloves, Nora grabbed hold of the cuffs and yanked Sophie-Anne forward. She let out a laugh as she heard the sizzle of the handcuffs burning into the bitch’s flesh. She was going to enjoy this. She would give Roman a good show.

“Now, Ethan,” Roman turned and addressed the leader of the unit. “In one hour exactly you will call Nan. You will inform her that the van was destroyed. Don’t actually destroy it though, Authority property. Say Chancellor Gainesborough and I took Sophie-Anne. Don’t worry about anything on our end.” He clasped Ethan on the shoulder before the men climbed back in the van and drove it back to their building.

Turning to Nora, Roman asked, “The docks?”

Nora nodded as she let out a laugh. “Feel like a swim, Sophie?” she asked, but didn’t bother waiting for a reply. Dragging the still hooded Sophie-Anne to Roman’s car, Nora dumped her in the trunk before climbing in the passenger’s side. She grinned as Roman climbed in behind the wheel, her eyes dropping to the impressive bulge in his pants. “Excited, Guardian?”

“In more ways than one, Chancellor,” he said. “I’m always up for an execution by cat fight. Can you at least let her rip some of your clothes?” he teased. Starting up the car, he quickly drove to the nearby docks for the Mississippi River.

“It would be my pleasure. And if she doesn’t manage to rip mine, I’ll let you.” Nora sighed as she let her head rest against the headrest. “All this talk is making me wet,” she trailed her hand down her body and cupped her breast over her top.

“I could find some emergency jello rations for a naked jello fight,” Roman joked. He pulled up to the lot the Authority rented for just these circumstances and parked the car.

“As appealing as that sounds, I think I’ll pass,” Nora replied, as she climbed out the car. “Get that bitch out of the trunk.”

Roman cracked his neck unnecessarily before he popped it with the latch on the driver’s side. He stepped out of the car and pushed the slightly cracked trunk open. “Ahhhh. Queen Leclerq! It seems we have a problem here.” He pulled her out of the small space by her shoulders. Ripping the silver hood off, he smiled at the smell of burnt flesh. Sophie-Anne’s face was a mess of raw, exposed flesh and red blisters.

“What is going on?!” she cried once released.

Shhh–” he told her, holding her firmly by her upper arm and undoing the latch on the cuffs. “Are you ready, Chancellor?” he called to Nora.

“Oh yes,” Nora purred, as she eyed the bitch who had been causing her brother so much trouble. “Let her go.”

As soon as she was released, Sophie-Anne ran. Her only way out was getting to the water before Nora or Roman got to her. If she could get in, she could swim away. Though she was slightly weakened by her healing wounds, she was running hard, trying to ignore anything but getting to the river.

Nora laughed as she chased after her, the wind tousling her hair. Catching up with Sophie-Anne, Nora grabbed her by the collar of her dress and yanked her back, tearing the material. She grinned as she heard Sophie-Anne let out a hiss. “It was an ugly dress anyway.”

Sophie-Anne spun around swinging. She just needed to punch Nora in the face. She could deal with being taken to the Authority. Roman and Nora taking her as they had only spelled certain true death for her. She swung her fist towards Nora’s face. Her dress sleeve that was partly falling off her shoulder now slowed it down as her shoulder got caught on the material. She gave a strangled yell, desperate.

Nora easily evaded the blow and delivered one of her own. Raising her knee, she drove it hard into Sophie-Anne’s stomach before grabbing two fistfuls of hair and pulling it out. She smiled at Sophie-Anne’s cry of pain and shot forward. Gripping the front of the dress, Nora tore it away, exposing the soon to be dead Queen’s body to the night air. “Can I kill her now?”

Roman grunted at the naked queen who was soon to be killed. “I told you,” Roman said, “I’d like to see your skin too. But that can wait. Sophie-Anne Leclerq. You have been accused of trafficking Vampire blood, slave farming humans, and procuring unwilling humans. You have been found guilty of these crimes against the Authority’s will.” He paused for dramatic effect. “The punishment for these crimes. . . is the true death.”

Sophie-Anne let out a cry and struggled hard against Nora. She was throwing elbows, fists, kicks, and whipping her body around. Anything to try to get away.

“Tonight,” Roman continued, “we’re a little more creative than stakes. Chancellor Gainesborough requested the right to give you the true death. And her request is granted.”

Roman began unbuttoning his shirt. He tossed it through the open window of his car. He pulled off his undershirt and tossed that in as well. His defined chest was on display for Nora to ogle. Undoing his belt and the top button of his pants, he waited for Nora to complete her duty to the Authority.

Nora licked her lips before she flew at Sophie-Anne, her fangs tearing into her neck and ripping her throat out. Blood covered Nora’s chin as she grabbed Sophie-Anne’s head and twisted, ripping it clear off. She moaned as she was splashed with blood and turned to face Roman.

He slowly slid down the zipper of his pants, groaning at the sight of Nora’s body covered in the dethroned queen’s blood. He was without any briefs, and when he dropped his pants low enough, his cock sprung outward.

Nora eyed the Guardian hungrily as she slipped off her jacket. “I promised you could tear the rest off,” she said, as she ran her hand over her body and through the mess of the dead queen.

Romans hand ran across her shoulders, grabbing the neck of her shirt and grunting as the bloody material ripped easily beneath his fingers.

Nora moaned as the shirt was ripped from her body, her eyes filling with lust. She grabbed Roman’s hands and placed them on her ass, silently begging him to rip them as well.

His fingers trailed along the seam that went down her ass, between her legs and against that dripping pussy. He pressed his fingers against that seam, rubbing it to make her twitch. His hands trailed back to her ass and he slid his hands in her back pockets, grabbing her roughly before ripping the material apart with his hands still in the pockets.

Nora practically came as she heard the material rip, the rush of cold air sweeping over her exposed flesh. Pressing herself firmly against Roman, Nora scratched her fangs over his chest as she slid her hand down his stomach and wrapped her small hand around his cock. She hissed as she felt his cool shaft in her hand. Nora and Roman weren’t strangers to each other; they had fucked countless times, her favorite being when he had taken her on the table in the headquarters’ conference room. Nora twisted her wrist as she pumped him, her thumb brushing over his weeping head. She would have loved nothing more than to drop to her knees and take him in her mouth, but unfortunately time was of the essences. Removing her hand, Nora lifted it to her mouth and licked the bead of precum off her fingers. She swore as soon as everything was sorted back at headquarters and Nan and Compton were dealt with, she would enjoy Roman to his fullest. Salome would have to find someone else to warm her bed that night, Roman would be in hers.

Spinning around, Nora pressed her ass against Roman’s crotch and ground against him as she lifted his hands and placed them over her breasts. Her thighs were slick with arousal, and she rubbed herself harder against him. “Fuck me,” she moaned. “Hard and fast. Make me scream.”

Roman roughly grabbed her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples. He used his blunt teeth to scrape her neck before biting into it, hard enough to leave an imprint of his teeth. Rearing back, he thrust forward sharply, seating himself in her pussy one solid thrust.

“Yes!” Nora screamed, as she pushed back against him. Her body ached to be fucked hard and Roman was doing just that. “Harder,” she demanded, as she bent forward slightly.

Roman pulled back until just the head of his cock was in her. Then he thrust forward with vampire strength, pulling Nora by the hips back against him. He continued thrusting with that strength at a fast pace, pushing and pulling her body as he fucked her hard.

Nora felt her legs give out at the furious pace Roman was fucking her at. She dropped to the ground, Roman slipping out of her as she landed in Sophie-Anne’s bloody remains. Moving onto all fours, Nora looked over her shoulder at Roman as she thrust her ass out in invitation.

Roman dropped down to his knees behind her. Once again, he slapped her ass, this time leaving a bright red mark on her pale skin. It quickly faded, but he grunted at the sight. He smacked the other cheek, just to watch the red fade to white again.

“Ooh,” Nora moaned, enjoying the slight pain of his slap. “You can spank me all night as long as you fuck me at the same time.”

Both hands slapped hard on her cheeks as he slammed his cock into her pussy. He thrust hard. One of his hands gripped her hair and pulled, forcing Nora’s head back and her back to arch.

“Fuck!” Nora screamed, her cry echoing through the air. She pushed back against Roman as she clenched her pussy around his hard shaft. She could feel the gravel digging into her knees, but the pain just made it all the more better.

Roman’s hands moved to grip her arms. He pulled her arms to her back, holding her torso over the bloody mess that was Sophie-Anne by her arms alone. His thrusts increased in speed as he slowly lowered her torso so her breasts were less than six inches above her remains. “Shall we?” he asked with a grunt.

“Yes!” Nora cried, arousal flooding her body at the thought of fucking in the bitches remains. She wanted to return to headquarters covered in Sophie-Anne’s blood and filled with Roman’s cum.

Roman let go of her arms and his hands pressed into the small of her back. He fucked her hard. Her entire torso and face were against the ground — right where Sophie-Anne exploded into a pile of gore.

Nora pressed her hands against the ground as she tried to raise her hips to meet Roman’s thrusts. She could feel Sophie-Anne’s remains covering her and it just turned her on more. “Roll me over,” she ordered.

Roman ignored the order, but lifted her up and spun her around. He sat next to the mess and leaned himself back. He positioned Nora above him, so she could ride him to her heart’s content. His hands, however, went to the bloody mess that was her chest now. He tweaked her nipples and his fingers came away with Sophie-Anne’s blood.

Nora grinned as she lifted her hips until just the head of his cock remained inside before slamming herself down hard, taking him back into her willing body. She threw her head back as she cried out in pleasure, her hips repeating the motion over and over.

Roman leaned up and captured one of her bouncing breasts with his lips, sucking on the nipple and soft flesh until the red blood was gone and only the white of her skin remained. He held her hips, guiding her up and down his hard length. He felt his hormones rage harder at the addition of the dead vampire’s blood into his system.

Raising her hands, Nora cupped Roman’s face, smearing Sophie-Anne’s blood over his cheeks. She twisted her hips as she clenched around him. Lowering her head, she crashed her lips to his in a forceful kiss, her teeth piercing his bottom lip.

Roman groaned as she drew his blood. He sucked on her top lip, grabbed her hips, and thrust up into her forcefully. One hand reached to Sophie-Anne’s bloody mess and grabbed some of what looked like her intestines. Pulling his mouth away from her, he rubbed some of Sophie-Anne’s guts against her skin; he sucked on one end of something from the Queen’s remains, getting out the blood. His lips wrapped around a nipple and his teeth punctured her areola.

Nora held Roman’s head to her breast, encouraging him to bite her again. She moved his hands to her ass as she rocked her hips against him. “So good.”

He pulled his fangs out and slipped them back in after pulling in even more of her flesh. He groaned as he drew on the wound. With her blood in his mouth, he kissed her, allowing her to taste herself.

Nora bit down on Roman’s tongue mixing their blood together. She scratched her nails down his back, scoring his skin and breaking it open.

Roman moaned and his thrusting got harder as he pumped his hips up at her. Their skin was slapping together hard, wet with the blood. He would grind up into her clit with each upwards thrust.

Tilting her head to the side, Nora offered Roman her throat. There were three people in her long life she had shared her blood with, her maker, Godric, her brother, Eric, and Roman.

Roman grunted at the offering. His tongue licked where her pulse point would be. He sucked on the sensitive flesh enough to leave a mark were she human. His fangs then implanted deep in her neck, and he drew her blood hard. He was purposefully messy, so she could lick up the trail that spilled down the corner of his mouth.

Nora screamed as Roman’s fangs sank into her neck, pleasure spread through her body and she slammed herself down almost painfully on his cock as she licked up the mess he had made.

“Cum on my cock, Nora. Cum and mix it with the blood,” his hand reached down and he pinched her clit as she rode him.

Nora threw her head back as she slammed herself down on his cock over and over again. A scream tore from her throat as her orgasm built; sparks went off behind her eyes, her body shaking under the force of her release. “Roman!” she cried, as she came part, coming over his cock like he ordered.

Roman gritted his teeth, determined not to cum anywhere but down her throat. When Nora came down and her body stopped spasming a groan welled up from deep in his chest. “Finish me off with that sweet mouth,” he ordered.

Nora moaned at his commanding tone. Sliding off his lap, she kneeled between his legs and lowered her head, taking him into her mouth. She could taste herself on him and it spurred her on. She swallowed around him, taking him fully into her mouth.

His hips thrust up into her mouth. Between the feel of her thrusts and the blood he’d ingested, his cum was ready to explode out of him. He pressed her down while thrusting up, in a move that would choke any human, gag reflex or no.

Nora simply swallowed around him, her lips sucking hard as she tried to make him cum.

Roman groaned, his hands gripping Nora’s head hard. He thrust up once more before letting out a growl. With each thrust more cum exploded from his balls, satiating him for the moment.

Nora swallowed all he had to offer before lifting her head and smiling at him. “Mmm” she moaned, as she licked her lips.

His thumb rubbed along her bottom lip. “You’re not getting in my car covered in dead queen,” he said, slightly teasing.

“I suppose I can go and take a dip in the river.” Nora pouted playfully, “I wanted to see Nan’s face when she saw what was left of Sophie.”

“Run back to the headquarters, then. I’m sure you showing up, naked, covered in Sophie-Anne will make a statement,” Roman smirked, climbing to his feet and helping her off the ground as well. He walked over to the water and used a hand to wash off whatever blood had gotten on his skin. He air dried quickly and began getting dressed.

Nora laughed as she headed towards the water, “I fear Nan would get hard if she saw me naked,” she said cheekily. Dipping her hands in the water, she cleaned off most of Sophie-Anne’s blood, only specks remained. Turning back to Roman she laughed as she remembered he had torn her clothes off, “I should have brought a change of clothes. Guess I will be going back naked after all.”

“Well, that would make me hard,” he said, a hand caressing her ass. “I could use some road head,” Roman said, slapping it soundly again. He imagined her head in his lap, sucking until he came while he drove and finger fucked her to a screaming orgasm.

“I think I could manage that,” Nora replied, licking her lips as she dropped her gaze to his crotch. “In fact, it would be my absolute pleasure.”

Roman could hear his cell phone chirping, informing him he had missed a call and had a message. He pulled out his phone to look — the AVL. “Wonder if Nan’s upset,” Roman said, showing Nora who had called. He got dressed quickly before putting the phone on speaker and playing the message.

Nora grinned as she picked up her discarded jacket. “She’s probably crying in her blood,” she said as the message started to play.

“Guardian Zimojic, this Mary Davidson of the AVL. It has been brought to our attention that both the King of Mississippi and Queen of Louisiana have been dethroned. Given the actions of Mississippi’s former King, we at the AVL believe it would be prudent to announce the new monarch to the human public as soon as possible. If you would inform us of who has been appointed to the position, we can organize a press release.”

“Ugh,” Roman bemoaned, “this is not the shit I needed to deal with. Can you think of anyone in either state? And don’t say your brother. You and I both know he doesn’t want the post or he’d have it.”

“I think my brother has more important things to deal with at the moment anyway,” Nora said, recalling what he had told her earlier. “No one in Mississippi can be trusted. They all swore fealty to Edgington.”

“With the rise of the Sanguinista Movement, I don’t even know which vampires, I could trust to bring in. Even within the Authority, you know about my suspicions.”

“I do,” Nora nodded, as she pulled on her jacket. “Given Nan’s involvement here tonight, I’d say she’s playing for her own team. So anyone she’d suggest would be team Flanagan.”

“Who do you think should run the states?” he asked her. Nora was smart and loyal.

“Any reason you can’t?” Nora asked, after a moments thought. “Who can you trust more?”

Roman laughed at the joke. “Sure. I’ll take them. Or better yet, I’ll take Mississippi and you take Louisiana. We’ll just run the Authority from the states through teleconferences. Maybe you and I would even marry and form an alliance. The annual conjugal visit would be so sexy.” He was chuckling the entire time. “No, really. So you have no ideas?”

Nora’s brows furrowed in thought as she played over his words. She knew he spoke them in jest, but the more she thought about it, the more the idea made sense. “Why not? Who could you trust more?”

He was driving at high speeds. But he still turned and stared at her. “You’re serious?” He shook his head; “There’s already so much that we both have to do.”

“I’ll have Eric to help me in Louisiana,” Nora said, listing some pros to the idea. “He knows the state better than anyone. We wouldn’t have to worry about another Sophie-Anne or Edgington taking over. You could move headquarters to Mississippi. We could meet yearly for a good fuck,” she winked. “If you appoint a new Magister it would ease the load. Preferably one who hasn’t got his head up his arse.”

Roman sighed, thinking of the logistics. “Dieter would work. He’ll want my head for it though. I suppose cleaning up Mississippi wouldn’t be too hard once I’m there. With Edgington gone, there are no powerful vampires to deal with. It was mostly whipping everyone there into shape, which was one of his specialties. “Fine. You win. Now blow me,” he laughed.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Nora grinned as she moved herself to kneel on her seat and lean over the center. Unzipping his pants, Nora pulled Roman’s cock out before lowering her head and taking him all the way into her mouth.

A few hours and orgasms later, Roman pulled into the Authority and AVL headquarters. Roman had wanted to keep Nora naked for the ride, but before they got to the building, he had given her his button down shirt. It fell low on her. “There you go; now you don’t have to worry about Nan and her boners.”

“Good,” Nora said, as she reached over and squeezed his cock hard before climbing out of the car. “I’d rather think about yours. Want to bet on who objects first?”

“Sure — my money is on Compton,” Roman said, completely aware of the deals that had been made with Nan. Though, he didn’t remember if he had told Nora or not.

“We are betting with money?” Nora asked, jokingly. Their usual stakes were much more interesting. The last bet they had, they had used fingers as the prize. She had lost the bet and Hayes had lost four fingers, Nora recalled fondly. “I’ll put mine on Nan.”

“We can bet with whatever you want. Though I prefer to bet sexual favors than body parts,” Roman said, pinching her ass.

“My mouth vs. yours?” Nora wagered with a saucy grin.

“Deal,” he said, walking with her into the building. They called a meeting right away in the main conference room to alert everyone and tell Dieter about his new responsibilities.

“Oh, they don’t look happy,” Nora remarked, as they entered the conference room. “I think Nan’s about ready to shit a kitten.”

Roman almost laughed, picturing that happening. “Poor kitten. Her ass is so tight she’d swallow coal and shit a diamond.” But he managed to keep his face stoic as they stepped forward, him taking the head of the table and Nora taking the seat directly to his right. Salome was on his left, but would probably be moved soon. She was becoming too overt with her Sanguinista efforts. Roman kept to the policy of keeping friends close and enemies closer. He knew everything that went on in his headquarters. He knew who was fucking whom, who was sharing blood, who got overzealous and killed humans, and who did it for sport.

He nodded to Mary, the member of the AVL who had left him the message on his phone. “We need to replace two monarchs tonight and a Magister. Mississippi obviously needs a new King or Queen since Russell Edgington went off the deep end. The Magister has been missing and is presumed dead. And we have connected his death with the former Queen of Louisiana. Sophie-Anne was found guilty of human slave farming, procuring unwilling humans, and trafficking Vampire blood. She was punished and sentenced to the true death.”

“I take it that is Sophie-Anne’s blood speckled on Chancellor Gainesborough face,” Dieter said, as he ran his eyes over her. He grinned as he took in her disheveled appearance. She reeked of sex, as did the Guardian. It was clear what they had been up to.

“Did I miss a bit?” Nora asked innocently. “She did get everywhere.”

Salome scowled, hating that Roman had fucked Nora, killed Sophie-Anne with Nora. “Are you always so messy?” she asked disdainfully.

“Only when I’m fucked in the remains of dead Queens,” Nora replied with a smirk.

Salome sneered, but remained silent.

“I have taken the time to figure out the future of the states and the Magister’s position on the way back,” Roman said, interrupting any further discussion. He didn’t mention that he had finished figuring it out before he came in Nora’s mouth. “Dieter,” he said, making sure he had the Chancellor’s attention.

Looking to Roman, Dieter swallowed a groan as he guessed where this was going, “Yes, Guardian?”

“You will be the new Magister. I trust you to deal with any inter-state problems or whenever Kings or Queens need your assistance in judging and sentencing their underlings. From now on, in all states anything that can be handled by Sheriffs will be. Anything that cannot be handled by Sheriffs will be handled by the state’s monarch. The Magister’s role will be as the ultimate authority. You will be the judicial branch of the Authority. Second only to the Guardian.”

Dieter nodded at the ruling; he knew better than to argue with Roman. He’d tell him what he thought once they were away from the prying eyes of the other Chancellors. They had been friends for over two hundred years, and Dieter respected the Guardian, but that didn’t mean he liked his new position.

“I will take over as King of Mississippi, and Nora will be Queen and rule Louisiana, with the help of Eric Northman.”

“No!” Bill shouted, disrupting the meeting. This could not be happening. Louisiana was his, Nan had promised it to him.

Nan bit her tongue, drawing blood, and stomped her spike heel into Bill’s foot. She grounded it in slightly, trying to help him get the message to shut the fuck up.

Roman looked to Nora briefly with a smirk. “Do not question me, Compton. Dieter, as Magister, you should consult with Nan and Bill about his role in Sophie-Anne’s court. I hear he was quite successful in his job, despite his orders to avoid what he could.”

“Roman,” Salome said, resting her hand against his thigh. “Any thoughts for your Second?” Under the table, her hand moved to massage his cock, ensuring his thoughts would be focused on her.

“Fuck, I lost,” Nora whispered under her breath. She grinned at Roman as she darted her tongue out and licked her lips. “Yes, Guardian, who will be your second?”

“Sheriff Betty Joe has lived there for decades and was very helpful in keeping order in the state while Edgington was on the loose. While she couldn’t handle the entire state, she can keep her area and be a successful second as well,” he said.

“A fine choice,” Dieter said with a smirk as he flicked his eyes over Salome. It was obvious that wasn’t the response she was expecting.

Salome scowled openly, not caring if others knew her displeasure with being overlooked.

“So, Nan and Bill, why don’t you explain to Dieter exactly how procuring unwilling humans for Sophie-Anne fell within the scope of his assignment,” Roman said, wanting to quickly establish Dieter’s power.

Bill looked to Nan for guidance, his eyes imploring her to help him. What was he supposed to say? He couldn’t tell the truth, or admit he enjoyed doing it.

“Before we do that, Guardian, I’m wondering if we’ll be replacing your and Nora’s seats in the Authority. If not, how do you plan to balance your responsibilities?” Nan asked.

Roman looked at her, staring longer than necessary to establish his authority. “I already outlined that I am reorganizing how these states are run. Sheriffs will have more powers. Kings and Queens will be responsible for financing their states, giving the required payments to the Authority, and dealing with major issues within their states. I will hire a good vampire accountant and give sentencing power to Betty Joe in my stead, if I am unable to preside over a problem. I see no problem with doing that and keeping my duties here. I am sure Nora plans to do the same with Eric.”

“Of course,” Nora said, as she flicked her eyes over Bill and Nan. “Only a fool would not utilize the abilities of the Viking. I know Eric will be more than happy to help me,” her eyes fixed on Bill’s as she continued, “there is no vampire better in Louisiana to assist me. And I shall also have the support of the Guardian and King of Mississippi.”

“Nora and I will marry the traditional way — the Vampire way and ally our states together for additional strength.” Salome gasped audibly, but before anyone could speak he continued. “Now, Bill, please explain.”

“The position of procurer was the only one available,” Bill answered sullenly, all his plans ruined. “I was forced to take it to infiltrate Sophie-Anne’s court. It was decided, though repugnant, I would have to procure certain humans for her if we didn’t want her to become suspicious of me.”

“We decided he should do what he needed to in order to remain in the position, as long as it didn’t involve the death of humans at his hands,” Nan explained further, disgruntled at having to explain herself.

“So it was okay that they probably died after he handed them over,” Nora said.

“Potentially, but it was all we could arrange to keep him undercover in service,” Nan qualified Nora’s statement.

“I see. And what great piece of information did you discover to warrant so many lives?” Nora asked.

“He reported to me and I was the one who report the Queen and Northman’s selling of V,” Nan explained.

“And when did he report this to you?” Nora asked. She had been waiting for them to reveal that little bit of news.

“I didn’t realize you were the new Magister, Nora,” Nan said, bitingly. “Queen, Chancellor, and Magister? Shall we address you as Supreme Leader?”

“No, your highness will suffice,” Nora replied with a smirk. “Maybe the Guardian or new Magister would be kind enough to repeat the question seeing how you’re refusing to answer me.”

“Dieter, he alerted me as soon as he found out, and I immediately notified the Authority,” Nan said quickly.

“And when would that be Mr. Compton?” Dieter asked directly.

“Two weeks after, Magister,” Bill answered promptly.

“So a week after Sheriff Northman reported it to me and I informed the Guardian,” Nora said smugly.

“That’s a lie,” Bill shouted foolishly. “Northman would have never done that.”

“Are you calling a Chancellor and Queen a liar?” Nora snarled, dropping her fangs. “Perhaps you would like to check with the Guardian.”

“It’s true,” Roman said with a respectful nod towards Dieter. He still ranked above his friend, but Dieter needed to be who everyone turned to and respected in these circumstances.

“This is silly,” Salome said. “We knew Bill Compton was acting as a spy. Those of us who have been in that position before know that things take time, especially if it is difficult to get away. Around that time you were kidnapped by Russell Edgington, isn’t that right, Bill?”

“That is true, lady Chancellor,” Bill said, smiling at the biblical chancellor.

“I see,” Nora said, her with a frown as she pretended to think it over. “So you are saying it was your kidnapping at the hands of the former King of Mississippi that delayed your reporting of the desecration of the blood? Nevermind,” Nora added with a wave of her hand before Bill had a chance to reply. “It seems Salome has missed my point. Sheriff Northman reported it to me the same night Sophie-Anne ordered him to sell it, and I in turn informed the Guardian,” she nodded respectfully at her future husband. Turning her gaze to the new Magister, Nora continued. “As you know, Magister, we had been after Sophie-Anne for years, but nothing would stick on her. Our spy,” she cast a disdainful look in Bill’s direction, “was proving useless.” She ignored his huff of outrage, “He had been in her Queendom for over twenty years, and all he had discovered was how Sophie-Anne liked her pussy licked,” Nora paused as she heard Rosalyn cackle at her words. “After informing the Guardian, we decided to use it to our advantage to take Sophie-Anne for good. We have documented evidence, including a few vials of the blood the former Queen was providing Northman, which was actually her own, to sell. Sheriff Northman was in fact working for us. He knew it could have been considered treason, but he thought given what Sophie-Anne was demanding he do, it was a price he could live with. The blood is sacred. A Queen is expendable.”

Dieter nodded as he listened to Nora’s explanation. He, like Roman, was aware of the relationship between Nora and the Sheriff of Area Five. Dieter had known Godric personally, and he knew of the lessons he taught his children. It was not hard to believe Eric would risk a charge of treason instead of selling the blood for a pampered Queen.

“It seems Sheriff Northman managed to do in a month what Mr. Compton couldn’t manage in twenty years,” Dieter remarked. “Northman honored our laws, he reported his Queen’s crimes despite knowing it proved a danger to himself. I see no reason to punish him for doing what any of us here would have done. After all, we all would have reported it, correct?”

Roman nodded encouragingly. “As is required.”

Bill fumed, his anger growing by the second as he realized Eric was going to get away with it. They were practically praising the Viking bastard for betraying his Queen. Glaring at Nora, Bill wondered why she was defending Eric so much. What was her relationship with the Sheriff of Area Five? And why was she made Queen when Louisiana was supposed to be his.

“So, William,” Roman said. “Care to explain why you waited so long to contact Nan about Sophie-Anne’s nefarious activity?”

“The night I found out my home town was under the thrall of a Maenad,” Bill replied stiffly. “Sophie-Anne had the knowledge I required on how to defeat her. I thought saving all the human lives in Bon Temps was more important. It was only a few short nights later that I was kidnapped by Russell Edgington.”

“How do you even know Northman, Nora?” Nan asked, fixated on the point.

“I met Eric not too long after I was turned,” Nora replied. “There’s no vampire I trust more. No offense meant to,” she flicked her eyes from Roman to Dieter and then back, “current company,” she finished with a shrug.

Nan’s eyes narrowed and she looked away with a scowl. “None taken,” Roman said. He, Dieter, and Dieter’s child, Molly, were the only ones in the room aware of her relationship with her brother.

“What is the extent of your relationship with Sheriff Northman?” Kibwe asked, as he joined the conversation for the first time.

“We fuck every time we meet,” Nora replied without an ounce of shame. “Perhaps the question we should be asking, is what Russell Edgington wanted with Mr. Compton?”

“I like that question,” Roman said with a nod. “What did he want from you, William?”

“He wanted to know what Sophie-Anne had me working on,” Bill replied, for once seeing no point in lying. “My maker was residing in Mississippi for a short while and she informed him of me I believe.”

“And what were you working on,” Roman said, getting tired of the delay tactics.

“Sophie-Anne believed there was a telepathic fairy in Bon Temps,” Bill admitted. Sookie was gone, Edgington had her, and keeping her a secret now wasn’t important. “I was sent as her official procurer to assess whether or not she was and if so, to procure her for the Queen.”

“And this wasn’t important enough to alert to the Authority?” Roman questioned at the same time as Nan said, “She was fairy?!”

“It seems Nan was aware of Mr. Compton mission,” Dieter remarked. “And where is this telepathic fairy now?”

“She was kidnapped by Russell Edgington,” Bill replied, he shot Nora a sadistic smile as he added, “with the help of Sheriff Northman’s child.” Let her get Eric out of that trouble.

“What?” Roman said. He turned to Nora. “Can you confirm this?”

“Unfortunately, yes,” Nora admitted. The cat was out the bag, she couldn’t protect Pam, but she would be damned if she let her take Eric down with her. “After Eric killed Talbot, Russell went mad as we all know. He wanted revenge on Eric and in an attempt to save her maker, Pamela handed the girl over to Russell without Eric’s knowledge or consent. All of this happened tonight.”

“I think we have no choice but to charge Ms. Ravenscroft,” Roman said, looking at Dieter for confirmation.

“Yes,” Dieter nodded. “Our rules are clear and she violated them. When we decided to live out in the open among humans, we all swore to uphold the rules we laid down. I shall send a team for Ms. Ravenscroft and want her here by time the next sun sets.”

Roman nodded and his eyes turned to Nora to see what she thought of those circumstances.

“I have no objections,” Nora stated, her tone firm. She had told Eric she would keep Pam’s actions in house, but that was no longer an option. Bill had spilled his guts like the good little shit stirrer he was and it had been taken out of her hands. “My relationship with Eric will not interfere with my duties to the Authority or my new state.”

With a nod, Roman decided he would contact the Sheriff personally. It was nothing against Nora, but he did not know how Eric would react to the news of his child’s trial and sentencing. He would call Northman and tell him, he and his child were expected tomorrow night. “Well then, if there’s no other business, let’s reconvene tomorrow to see the new Magister work!”

Nora sat and watched as they all stood up and started to exit the room, Nora could tell Compton and Nan were far from happy, and neither was Salome with the turn of events, but they didn’t have a say in it. Roman was still the one calling all the shots. Pushing back her chair, Nora nodded at the Guardian. “I seem to have a bet to make good on,” she said, as she slid under the table.

He smirked. He would call the Viking later.


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    Hmmmm…. vampire justice –fucking SA in the blood that she so crassly sold –can’t wait for more!

  2. vamplover669 says:

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    • sunsetqueens says:

      Thank you. I’ll admit I fell a little in love with Nora while we were writing this. She is very different from how she’s portrayed on TB. We turned into someone Godric would find worthy to turn.

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    Looooved this chapter! Anything that makes nan and billy more pitiful is all good by me. Salome is on their shit list and Dieter is on the right side. I’m loving it. Can’t wait for more.

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    • sunsetqueens says:

      Keep in mind this is in the TB-verse. So we don’t get fun, sarcastic, jabby Pam. We get pole-up-her-ass, can’t-figure-out-her-maker, not-nice-and-not-so-fun Pam. -Ashensunset

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