Answer to the Master Chapter Forty


AttM 40

Demon Lover

The next night Sookie rose to a pair of blue eyes staring down at her. “Hey,” she said softly as she smiled up at Eric.

Eric was lying next to her on his side with his elbow supporting his head. He reached a hand out, fingers gently tracing her lips.

Parting her lips, Sookie darted her tongue out and flicked it quickly over Eric’s finger, a laugh spilled from her lips as she heard him growl at her.

Eric’s fingertips trailed down her bare, exposed neck, making small patterns, swirls and circles, especially where her pulse points had been.

“Eric,” Sookie giggled, as she felt his finger brush over a ticklish spot.

“Sookie,” he breathed out softly. His fingers trailed down over her collarbone towards her shoulder, continuing the slow movement of his fingers.

Sookie snaked her tongue out and wet her lips as she felt her body start to react to Eric’s soft touch. His hands became a bit firmer as they came down her side, stroking the outline of her curves. Trailing the curvature of her breast. Sliding along the dip of her waist. Sliding out over her round hips.

“Eric,” Sookie moaned as she pressed her legs together. His hand spread out to cover most of her waist, gripping gently. He then released her and trailed his hand up her ribcage, over her breasts and back up to cup her jaw.

Sookie stared up at Eric, her eyes filled with lust. She could feel her panties getting wetter and she rubbed her legs together trying to get some friction.

“Sookie,” Eric’s voice was deep, gravelly as he spoke her name.

“Kiss me,” Sookie pleaded, lifting her hand and cupping his face.

Eric leaned down, pressing his lips to hers for a quick moment before deepening the kiss. His lips pressed powerfully against hers as she responded.

Sookie parted her lips as she wrapped her arms around Eric’s shoulders and pulled him closer to her. Their kiss deepened, his tongue sweeping over her lips.

Sookie moaned into the kiss as she spread her legs, inviting Eric between them. She remembered the feel of his lips on her sex from the night before and wanted to feel it again. She wanted to feel everything he had to offer. He shifted his body resting mostly on his arms, to lie between her legs grinding against her.

“Eric!” Sookie hissed as she raised her hips and rubbed herself against him. Eric dragged his lips down Sookie’s chin to her neck to suck gently on the thin skin there. Sookie raked her nails over Eric’s back as she threw her head back and gave him better access.

His mouth moved to suck the skin behind her ear before he spoke softly, “I need you, Sookie.” His teeth gently closed around her earlobe as he bit her and pulled.

Tangling her hands in his hair, Sookie pulled on it lightly so he would look at her, “I’m yours,” she said sincerely, offering herself to him.

His eyes snapped up to hers as he stared in them, gauging what she said. His lips pressed down against hers with a grunt.

Sookie returned the kiss with equal vigor, pushing her tongue into his mouth as she gripped his shoulders.

Eric’s hand slipped to her shirt to push his hands under it. He caressed her breasts, rubbing a thumb over her nipples. All the while, his lips pressed hungrily to hers and his tongue stroked against hers.

Breaking the kiss, Sookie moaned against his lips as she felt his thumb brush over her nipple. “Oh God! More!”

Eric pushed himself up on an arm and looked at her, taking in her expression when his fingers clamped gently down on her nipple and tweaked it to cause it to pucker.

Sookie bit her lip as she felt arousal shoot through her and pool low in her belly. She arched her back and pushed her breasts out, silently begging for more.

Eric’s lips went down to her breasts. His tongue swiped around her taut nipple. He backed off quickly, blowing cool air across the damp area before enveloping it in his warmer mouth.

“Oh God!” Sookie cried, as she tangled her hands in Eric’s hair and held his head to her breast. He sucked gently on her nipples as his tongue caressed the taut flesh. His hand reverently stroked down her hip as he ground his hardness into her thigh.

Sookie slid her hands down Eric’s back, her fingers touching every bit of flesh she could reach. A fire bloomed low in her belly as she gave herself over to him.

“Sookie…” Eric breathed out against her flesh. His eyes caught with hers and she looked gorgeous, hair splayed out like a golden halo, face contorted in pleasure. If she was still human, he imagined she’d be pink from her cheeks down her chest. Instead, her skin had a subtle glow that was almost intensified from her cheeks through her breasts. Her lips were parted slightly and he couldn’t resist. He pushed his body upward and caught her lips, sucking her lower lip into his mouth, pressing his lips against the soft flesh of her mouth, feeling it move in response to his incessant kiss.

Sookie moaned into the kiss, her hands once again tangling in Eric’s hair. It wasn’t until she felt the full weight of Eric on top of her did she realize what she had been missing for all those years. Thirteen years and a lifetime of pain had separated them, but in that second none of that mattered. Russell, the Weres, and Warlow, they all faded away as Sookie finally realized where she was supposed to be. Before she was kidnapped, they hadn’t even shared a single kiss, but the connection between them was already there. The years apart hadn’t broken it; they had just made it stronger.

There was a bonus to not having to breathe that Sookie had flirted with but hadn’t used before with another vampire. When neither person needed to breathe, there were no breaks on either end, and the kiss never had to stop. It seemed like it went on for hours when Eric began pulling back. He looked in her eyes briefly before moving his head between her legs, tossing her legs over his shoulders, and diving into her sweet depths.

Sookie fisted her hands in the sheets beneath her as her back arched off the bed. “Oh, Eric!” She hissed as pleasure shot through her.

Eric took a moment to just smell the ambrosia from her core, drinking it in before his tongue swiped out, and he growled again at the delicious flavor that coated his tongue. The rumbling vibrated his chest as he dove in, tasting the sweetness that had to be better than her blood ever could have been.

Cries for more spilled from Sookie’s lips as she thrashed about on the bed. Their brief encounter the night before had only fanned the flames of the desire she felt for Eric and she desperately craved more.

Eric grasped Sookie’s hips, holding her pelvis still against his face, even as she flailed in response to his ministrations. His tongue altered between trilling, shifting, and driving her clit crazy and scouring the flesh inside her for the wetness that resulted from his efforts.

“Fuck!” Sookie cried, feeling her pleasure grow hotter with every swipe of his tongue. In her whole life, no one had ever made her feel like Eric. Thirteen years ago, she had fought the feelings he provoked in her, but no more.

He groaned, unable to get enough, always wanting more, but also needing to fuck her hard. She, however, came first. He would be a patient lover with her, moving away from his selfishness of the past thirteen years. It was like nothing he imagined with her, and since he met her, he had imagined plenty.

“Eric… Please…” Sookie begged, as she moved her hands to his head. She threaded her fingers in his hair as she bucked her hips. White-hot pleasure was spreading through, warming her body in ways it had never done before. She finally understood what passion was. She was locked in it right then with Eric.

Eric knew what she wanted and didn’t bother asking. He wrapped his lips around her clit quickly alternating between sucking hard and making broad strokes over it with his tongue. He slipped two fingers in below his chin, fucking them into her hot pussy. He was gentle with her, slipping them in and out, curling them to stroke her g-spot.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Sookie screamed, as the first tremors slammed into her.

“Cum for me, Sookie,” Eric murmured, watching her face to memorize her loss of control as she fell over the edge.

Sookie’s hips bucked off the bed as white-hot pleasure washed over her. Her lips parted and she let out a loud moan as she broke apart, her body shuddering as Eric prolonged her release with his expert touch.

His fingers and tongue didn’t stop their movement as he pushed her higher, but his eyes didn’t move from her face as she cried out.

“Eric!” Sookie cried, as she went hurtling into another release. Her body felt alive with the sensation Eric was causing in her, and she didn’t want it to ever stop.

A smile played on Eric’s lips as she screamed his name before he slowly backed his face away. His fingers still gently moved within her as he moved his body up hers, offering his lips to hers.

Sookie pressed her lips to Eric’s eagerly, tasting herself. She moaned into his mouth as she flicked her tongue over his lips.

Eric grunted against her mouth. “Fuck,” he groaned out. “I want you, Sookie.”

Lifting her hands, Sookie cupped Eric’s face as she gazed into his eyes. She let him see everything, her want, her need, and even her fear. She had been attracted to him thirteen years ago, before she had been kidnapped and that attraction had only grown in the years that had separated them. Thirteen years ago, she had been scared to act on that attraction, or to even acknowledge it, but not anymore. She was done denying it and she was done fighting it. She wanted this more than she had ever wanted anything else. It was finally her time, their time. “Take me,” she whispered. “I’m yours.”

He took an unnecessary breath before pulling his fingers slowly out of her. One hand caressed her cheek as he looked in her eyes. His lips pressed against hers; his blue eyes didn’t close or move from hers as he aligned his body with hers. He slowly pushed into her body. He felt her stretching around him as he pressed into her. Her body accommodated his length as he pressed forward in short, smooth thrusts. “Sookie,” he groaned out.

Sookie bit her lip as she felt Eric enter her, her walls fluttering around his large cock. Lifting her legs, Sookie wrapped them around Eric’s waist, her heels digging into his ass, as she felt him move slowly in her. Small mewls of pleasure spilled from her as she gave herself over to him completely.

Slipping his tongue between her lips, his hips began thrusting more. There was no denying that this was more. It was more than he had had with Nora or any other vampire, even more than with Godric. He couldn’t move his eyes from her face, watching the pleasure cascade over it with every cry, every moan, and every grunt. Each twitch of her body brought him to new heights as Eric bottomed out inside of her, grinding his pelvis against Sookie’s clit.

“Oh…,” Sookie moaned, throwing her head back in ecstasy. She dug her fingernails into his shoulders as she moved her hips in time with his thrusts. This felt right. Sookie swore this was where she belonged. In that moment with Eric, nothing else mattered. The outside world was just a faded memory, unimportant. All that mattered was then and there. Her and Eric.

Eric thrust in her harder, never rushing, and never trying to race to the end. He loved the look on her face as he pulled almost entirely out of her, just the tip remaining, and then pressed in hard to bottom out again.

Sookie felt her toes curl as her pleasure built again. Her body was a slave to the sensations Eric was causing and she desperately craved more. She wanted everything he had to offer.

He pushed himself up to his elbows, curled his feet under him, and thrust hard, watching Sookie’s eyes roll back in her head. He hitched one of her legs up over his hip and grunted as the new angle pushed him even deeper.

“Oh God!” Sookie cried as she felt Eric sink even deeper into her. Incoherent words spilled from her lips as she was pushed higher, until the feel, the taste, the smell of Eric surrounded her. Until Eric himself consumed her.

“Not God, just Eric,” he teased, thrusting slowly, but hard and fully into her. The wood of the bed was cracking as it rocked with them.

“Eric!” Sookie hissed as she raked her nails down his back.

With every plow forward, his cock rubbed against her g-spot, his pelvis against her clit. “Cum, Sookie,” he grunted as he closed his eyes. His thrusts were jerky as he called out her name, spilling his cool cum inside her.

Sliding a hand between them, Sookie rubbed her clit as she felt Eric cum inside her. Her pleasure building by the second until she followed him over the edge, calling out his name. The bed fell to the ground, banging against the floor. Eric wrapped his arms around her floating them both up in the air as he slowly lowered them down. He looked in her face, eyes wide before he started laughing.

“That’s a first,” Sookie said with a giggle. He pressed a kiss gently to her lips, smirking as he did.

Lifting her hand, Sookie stroked a finger over his cheek as she gazed up at him. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so happy, so content. Eric leaned into her caress as he looked down at her. A sweet smile curled Sookie’s lips as she raised her head slightly and brushed her lips softly over Eric’s.

Eric moved to lie next to her, pulling her body flush with his. Sookie pressed her lips to Eric’s chest before wrapping herself around him. She knew they had things to do. The threat of Warlow was still there and very real, but at that moment, she didn’t care. She was right where she wanted to be. In Eric’s arms.


21 thoughts on “Answer to the Master Chapter Forty

  1. Mindy says:

    Wooo hoo, finally. I like how Sookie realized that her desire for Eric was always there. I’m so glad that she finally gave and told him, ‘I’m yours’. I really enjoyed the chapter and love that there first time was during all this craziness.

  2. Loftin says:

    This is a whole new world of opportunity for them now with their true feelings for each other out in the open. I loved it!

    Healing wishes and lots of hugs VQV.

  3. redjane12 says:

    Perfect just perfect! I am glad they both had this little bit of heaven after all they’ve been through and before they have to deal with Warlow’s crazy shit…

  4. jules3677 says:

    Brilliantly written. The emotions evoked through your words were without par. Their one on one scenes continue to provoke numerous responses. Thankyou.

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