New Chapter!

Answer to the Master

It seems some of you… all of you enjoyed Pam being thrown into the corner for timeout. I honestly loved that as well. You’ll be seeing more of Ailis in the upcoming chapters as well as other stories from us. She is going to be one of our universal characters, along with Nathaniel, meaning they will appear in most, if not all, of our stories.

We have six chapters left after this one. So, I will soon be doubling up on chapters, meaning you’ll get two chapters in one day.

Chapter Fifty-Four


New Chapter!


Yep, that’s right. You’ll be getting daily updates from now on as we wrap this story up. They’ll be an extra bonus chapter or two on a couple of days, and the last chapter/epilogue will be posted next Sunday after that fucking awful show ends… You know the one I’m talking about.

Beta’d by Gyllene and msbuffy.

But for now…

Chapter Fifty-One

Answer to the Master Update

Answer to the Master

Thanks as always to Gyllene and msbuffy for their editing work.

We are creeping closer to the end. I’m happy to say we finished writing the epilogue the other night, and all is left is for it to be beta’d. Once it has been we will start updating daily. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

Warnings: Violence, character death.

Chapter Fifty.

New Chapter!

Answer to the Master

We’re back!

Yes, that’s right. The SunsetQueens are finally back and updating Answer to the Master. I’m pleased to say that we are currently writing the epilogue to the story. They’ll be sixty-one chapters in total, including the epilogue. We will be updating every Sunday again until the story is complete. But fear not, that won’t be the end of us. We already have a side story for Answer to the Master on the go, as well has two brand new stories.

Chapter Forty-Nine

Beta‘d by the wonderful Gyllene and msbuffy.


Hey, everyone, this is VampQueenV here. I’m sure you are all anxiously waiting for an update, but I’m afraid that for the time being Answer to the Master is on hold. Several weeks ago Ashensunset’s Mom was taken ill, and unfortunately she passed away today.

I’m sure you all understand that real life is far more important than fan fiction and Ashensunset has more important things to think about. Feel free to leave your condolences to Ashensunset in the comments, or alternatively in our Facebook group. I’m sure she will appreciate them.