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15 thoughts on “Teasers

  1. msbuffy says:

    Forget Bill…he’s way too easy. Something about Nan – no. Not sure. Both Bill & Nan are in deep shit, for sure, but not for what’s going on with Sookie….still thinking.

  2. jxadams says:

    Can someone pour a block of cement, mix the remainder of Bill with the wet cement then write sweetheart on the upside & place it in the ground outside a male toilet block. Oh look a use for Bill! Great teaser. Looking forward to reading the whole chapter.

  3. accidentalreader says:

    So Sookie grows up away from small town and small minds, and with love and acceptance? That’s gotta change her whole outlook and attitude, hopefully without that boulder of rock on her shoulder….
    I’m so looking forward to this new story.

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